Murren Village

The 4th day in Switzerland, the weather was beautiful with brilliant golden sunshine. The entire valley of Lauterbrunnen shone brightly. In our itinerary today, we will take the cable car to the village of Murren, Gimmelwald village for sightseeing, playing with the snow. So, what’s hot in Murren village & Gimmelwald village? Let’s discover these beautiful villages Murren Gimmelwald of Switzerland in the winter with me to find out the answer!

Murren village
Murren village
Wengen village seen from the train.

Early in the morning at Lauterbrunnen in the midst of the cold, there were a few new groups of visitors come to check-in. Today the weather is warmer and brighter than it was a few days ago. It will be a beautiful sunny day, perfect for skiing.

Morning at Lauterbrunnen

After finishing a delicious breakfast at the Oberland Hotel, our family head to the cable car station next to Lauterbrunnen train station to purchase cable car tickets to the Murren Village.

Murren cable car station and also ticketing point to get to the village of Murren from Lauterbrunnen. | murren gimmelwald blog
Cable car to Murren at CHF5.70/person.

Murren Gimmelwald Itinerary: The village of Murren

Murren Village is located right at the foot of the famous Schilthorn Mountain. This village is compared to a place with surreal beauty, like in the fairy tales that you often hear when you were a child.

The village of Murren has its own distinct beauty all year round. In winter, the whole village is covered with pure white snow surrounded by misty clouds over snowy mountains.

Get off the ropeway and follow this slope and we will begin to explore the village of Murren.
Father and son
Me in a virtual living photo, episode 1 =)))
Looking down from the slope you will see the cable car station.
Sepia wooden houses stand out in the midst of white snow – a feature of Swiss houses in the mountainous villages.
Allmendhubelbahn mountain – a mountain rail.

The Murren Village is a very popular ski spot of the Swiss people.

| murren gimmelwald blog
| murren gimmelwald blog

Many families bring their children to Murren village for playing and skiing. | murren gimmelwald blog

In the village of Murren, there is a small Coop supermarket with ful of bread and drinks. You can buy sandwiches with ham or grilled chicken drumsticks for both delicious and cheap lunch.

The roofs are covered with white snow.
Snow white peaks surround the village of Murren.

The fairy tail village of Murren in winter. | murren gimmelwald blog

If you go in another season with less snow such as Spring, Summer, and Autumn, you should take a trekking from Lauterbrunnen to Trummelbach waterfall, then from Murren village to Gimmelwald village. This is a beautiful trekking trail that you can only say like you are walking in a fairy tale.

Murren Village
Murren, a car-free village, faces the valley in summer.

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Murren Gimmelwald itinerary: Gimmelwald Village

Gimmelwald Village is just over 2km from the village of Murren, which is a very nice trekking trail in Spring-Summer. And if you go in the snow-covered winter like me, the most reasonable way is take the cable car.

The cable car ticket to Stechelberg from Murren at price of CHF5.70/person.

You buy cable car tickets from Murren to Stechelberg. Stechelberg is a cable car station where you will take a free bus back to Lauterbrunnen village.

However, the cable car from the village of Murren to Stechelberg is not a direct cable. You will have to stop at cable car station in the village of Gimmelwald and then switch to another cable car route to getting down to Stechelberg.

Instead of taking the cable car down to Stechelberg, you can take the time to strolling around Gimmelwald to explore this village and then return to take the cable car down to Stechelberg.

Murren cable car station to Gimmelwald village, is also the place to selling tickets. | murren gimmelwald blog

To get to the Murren Village Cable Car station to get to Gimmelwald village, you just look at the signs around the village of Murren. This cable car station is different from the one you come from Lauterbrunnen village.

Revealing more is the view from this cable car station down to the village of Murren is extremely beautiful. Moreover, this Murren cable car station is also the station to reach the top of Mount Schilthorn from the village of Murren.

For those who love skiing like me, I highly recommend you going to Mount Schilthorn. For those who first time try skiing and love to playing with snow, let’s come and play in the village of Murren. When proficient then buy a cable car ticket to the top of Schilthorn to continue playing =))

At Murren Cable Car stations there is a skateboard hold as shown. After skiing, you can send it here (with a fee) and go around without worrying about carrying.
Gimmelwald Village | murren gimmelwald blog
Caught the dreamy fat “Boss Cat” by the window
Seeing me go, it also follows
I was walking, and I met Boss Cat # 2: “Why you take photo without my permission, honey”. | murren gimmelwald blog
| murren gimmelwald blog
Gimmelwald Village | murren gimmelwald blog
| murren gimmelwald blog

| murren gimmelwald blog

The village is really quiet and quite deserted. When I arrived there were only 1 group of Indian guests and my family explored the village of Gimmelwald.

Gimmelwald village is quite small, so within 1 hour, I finished exploring and photographing virtual photos. Return to the cable car station to go down to Stechelberg and from there take the bus (free) back to Lauterbrunnen town.

The feeling of riding the cable car from the village of Gimmelwald down to Stechelberg is indeed the same as playing a game of adventure. The cable car slid down almost along the vertical line. Feel like you are falling straight from an endless snowy mountain peak.

Wow, I also sat at the head of the cable car again, close to the glass window downward. Huhu, looks like I’m falling, then occasionally riding through the cable column make me bouncing and my heart as was thrown from my chest! Oh thinking back, I still feel shivering, but very happy =))

Get off at Stechelberg station and wait for the bus.
Meet some friends playing “paragliding” =))))))))

From Stechelberg you can completely walk back to Lauterbrunnen village if you have enough strength. Or you can wait for bus # 141 to go to the village for free in just 5 minutes.

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We returned to Lauterbrunnen village earlier than expected and decided to buy train tickets to Interlaken town for a walk and dinner. Interlaken is only 15 minutes by train from Lauterbrunnen, so it is very convenient to go out even in a short time.

Interlaken Town

For those who want to go to Wengen village, when you return to Lauterbrunnen, you can take the train from Lauterbrunnen station to Wegen with only 12 minutes by train. Fares are around CHF3.40, buy tickets at the train station or buy online on the website.

Wengen, Switzerland
Wengen village

So, in just 1 day you can go to all 3 places: Murren Village, Gimmelwald Village and Wengen Village.

The next day, entire my family will check-out and goodbye Lauterbrunnen Village and spend all day to going to the top of Jungfrau – the roof of Europe.

The flag that everyone wants to line up to take pictures with at the top of Jungfrau Mountain

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