Switzerland is said to be one of the most beautiful and picturesque countries you can’t miss while traveling in Europe. And there is also a saying about this country: You may unable to see the horizon in Switzerland because of its mountainous landscape. Truly, thanks to all those, Switzerland is becoming mesmerizing from the nature to every places you go in this country, barely taking eyes off. So, what to do in Switzerland for 8 days perfectly? Let’s check out our 8 days in Switzerland blog to explore the most beautiful places and top things to do in these day in switzerland by train and bus to find out the answer! Now, check out the recommended self-traveling trip to Switzerland for 8 days 7 nights with the following suggestions!

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Lucerne lake
Winter in the Swiss Alps | switzerland itinerary 8 days
Zermatt, Switzerland
The fairytale village in Switzerland
Beautiful villages and sunbeams in Swiss Alps | switzerland itinerary 8 days
Interlaken, Switzerland
Let’s go paragliding in Interlaken, Switzerland | switzerland itinerary 8 days

If you are in an Europe explore journey, you can spend a few days discovering some famous Switzerland’s cities. However, traveling with itinerary is always the most perfect way, not only spending time in nature but also wandering around big historical cities. Especially, transportation in Switzerland is well known for having some of the most panoramic train rides. Therefore, let’s find out how to go as well as having a perfect itinerary to Switzerland.

Arosa, Switzerland
The majestic of Alps
The historic centre of Lucerne, Switzerland, has some beautiful painted buildings - Luxury Columnist
The historic center of Luzern, with some beautiful murals art. | switzerland itinerary 8 days
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Grocery shop in Luzern


Switzerland itinerary 8 days — Day 1 – 4: Interlaken, Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe, and some nearby villages

Day 1: Interlaken

Two Lakes Bridge Viewpoint at Harder Kulm

About at noon, catch the train to Interlaken, check-in and then have a walk in Interlaken. Next, wander in the center for a while and go on taking train to Interlaken Ost Station to get to Harder Kulm Peak.

Either you can go to Interlaken Ost or Interlaken West Station, it’s up to where you stay at. It just takes a couple of minutes to cross over two stations. Moreover, you can visit Harder Kulm Peak at twilight to catch the most fantastic sunset of Interlaken valley.

Interlaken city | switzerland itinerary 8 days
A quiet night in Interlaken
A view of Interlaken
Harder Kulm
View from Harder Kulm – Top of Interlaken | switzerland itinerary 8 days

After that, you can come back to your hotel in order to take a rest for the next visit-day including Interlaken nearby villages such as Lauterbrunnen, Murren, Wengen, Grindelwald and Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe.

Interlaken, Switzerland
Harder Kulm Peak, Interlaken, Switzerland

Day 2: Lauterbrunnen, Murren, Wengen villages

7:00: Get up early a bit so that you can catch on time the bus from Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen valley. This tiny village is in a bit lower location than other villages. It can be said that it is a small valley with its incredible mountainous landscape.

Some breathtaking views in Lauterbrunnen valley like waterfalls, churches and the railway lines.

Lauterbrunne Valley
Arrive at Lauterbrunne Valley
Lauterbrunne Valley
Lauterbrunne Valley in summer | switzerland itinerary 8 days
Lauterbrunnen Valley
Lauterbrunne Valley in winter | Top magical valley in Switzerland

12:00: Get on the bus which go to the cable car station so that we can get to Murren Village. I’ve visit this tiny village in a snowy day so I hardly see much in Murren.

Murren village
A walk via Murren Village
Murren Village
Murren, a car-free village, faces the valley. | switzerland itinerary 8 days

15:00: Return to Lauterbrunnen again and take the train to Wengen village. Highlight of this exquisite village is focus on these house-to-house style. Wander every nook and cranny of village and then follow the stair-step to the highest place in which you can catch the panoramic view of whole Wengen village.

Wengen, Switzerland

Wengen, Switzerland
Wengen railway | How to get to Wengen village

Day 3: Grindelwald and Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe

| Top must-visit places in Switzerland

As I take a trip to Switzerland in winter, I must consider carefully how the weather was to visit Jungfraujoch. And luckily, today is a fine day.

7:00: Catch a bus to Interlaken Ost station and then get on the train which goes to Grindelwald village. However, due to the bad weather, all the trains from Grindelwald to Jungfraujoch are delayed and so do my trip to Jungfraujoch. Therefore, I turn back to Lauterbrunnen as soon as wandering at Grindelwald village for about 30 minutes in order to get another way to the top of Europe Jungfraujoch.

Grindelwald, Switzerland
Grindelwald – Escape City’s Hustle Bustle
Grindelwald, Switzerland
Tourists on the lookout platform, First Cliff Walk by Tissot, Grindelwald, Switzerland | switzerland itinerary 8 days
A view of Grindelwald
Grindelwald town

10:00: Take a train from Lauterbrunnen to Jungfraujoch . During the journey to Jungfraujoch by train, you can catch a lot of incredible window views like the Wengen village and snow-capped mountains.

Railway to Jungfraujoch
Continue the trip by catching train to Jungfraujoch

12:00: Arrive in Jungfraujoch after passing some transshipment terminals, I bring myself to enjoy the feeling of being on the Top of Europe and have a look at huge buildings which are built by the Swiss in their land. It takes at least an hour to explore here that not including food and drink.

Jungfraujoch - Top of Europe
Jungfraujoch through the window | switzerland itinerary 8 days
Paragliding Jungfraujoch
Jungfraujoch - Top of Europe
Inside the Ice Palace at Jungfraujoch

14:00: On the way back to Lauterbrunnen, you can stop at Kleine Scheidegg station to take some pictures with its exquisite views. I arrive at Lauterbrunnen at about 16:00 and then catch the bus which back to Interlaken.

17:00: Continue to explore other attractive places Interlaken village such as streets, souvenirs shop,…

8 days in Switzerland — Day 4 – 5: Zermatt – The fairy tale village, and the Matterhorn Peak

Zermatt in Switzerland

Day 4: Around trip from Interlaken to Zermatt

5:00: Getting started the two-day in Zermatt by catching a train from Interlaken to Zermatt in the early morning. If possible, you may stop at Spiez where is near Interlaken to have a look at the beautiful Spiez Lake. Moreover, you can get the incredible window views, villages on the cliffs, snow under and so on along sides in the train to Zermatt.

The fairytale Zermatt village | switzerland itinerary 8 days
Spiez lakeside
A day in Lakeside Spiez | 8 days in switzerland

8:00: The train arrives to Zermatt – the famous village of Switzerland and the top of Matterhorn isn’t far as much. Today is a snowy day and all the roads are covered by thick snow that why I’m out of the station and find the way back my apartment.

9:00: At this time, I’ve already contact to my host after my rounding trip to Zermatt. I am got by Martin and we come back to the apartment. This apartment lies at a bit high hill so that it is kinda hard to move around but for the fantastic views, I almost forget all those matter.

Snowy Zermatt Streets
Snowy Zermatt, Switzerland
Enjoying the snow in Zermatt, Switzerland
A fairy village
| 8 days in switzerland

Wandering around streets in Zermatt town for a while, I turn back to Martin’s place right after that due to the snowy all day.

Zermatt - the fairy tale village

Day 5: Zermatt – Matterhorn

7:00: Getting up early and taking the Zermatt’s dawn photos from the apartment which is opposite the Matterhorn Mount.

9:00: Catch a train to Gornergrat. The train will stop at Riffelberg before getting to Gornergrat’s top. By the way, the scenery in this mount is really wonderful.

The Incredible Matterhorn Peak
The Gornergrat Mount
Gornergrat Bahn
Top of Gornergrat
In the midst of snowy mountain peaks in early summer (it got so hot when the sun came out so I had to take off my jacket). | 8 days in switzerland

11:00: Get on the train to Gornergrat. From here, you can catch incredible views of this whole famous Matterhorn Peak. Hotels, restaurants are available on the top of Gornergrat or if you arrive here in summer, you can visit the beautiful Reffelsee Lake.

There are also restaurants and hotels in | 8 days in switzerland
Matterhorn Peak
Stunning views of the Matterhorn from the cable car
Skiers at at Matterhorn Glacier Paradise, Zermatt, Switzerland
Skiers at Matterhorn Peak, Zermatt, Switzerland

12:00: Turn back to Zermatt by train and then I have meal after wandering around the town. Finally, I come back to Martin’s place to get my luggage.

17:30: Land in Lucerne and do the check-in.

Matterhorn, Switzerland
View of Matterhorn Peak

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Switzerland itinerary 8 days — Day 6 – 7: Lucerne and Burgenstock Resort

Day 6: Lucerne Centre

8:00: Let’s check out some famous destinations in Lucerne such as Old Town, Chapel Bridge, Lakeside Lucerne or Lion Monument,…

Lucerne, Switzerland
Lucerne Lakeside and Chapei Bridge | Where to go in Switzerland
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| lucerne blog
The city of lights in a dark night… Lucerne and the Chapel Bridge and Water Tower | 8 days in switzerland
Lion Monument
A beautiful spot in Lucerne if you get a chance drop by

12:00: Return to hotel to take some necessary items along and get ready to travel by ship on Lucerne River to Burgenstock Resort. One special thing is anyone who is check-in this resort are all free with round-trip on this ship.

14:00: Check in and walk for while at the resort which is located in a mid-high mountain and has not only Lucerne’s incredible views but also great green valley. Inside Burgenstock Resort are a lot of different types of hotels including shopping malls and clock shops with all most famous brands of Switzerland. In addition, you can check out some more about Burgenstock Resort here.

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Murals art | 8 days in switzerland
Musegg Wall lucerne travel blog (1)
The famous clock
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Chapel Bridge, a must visit place in Luzern
Spreuerbrücke Bridge
Spreuerbrücke Bridge

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Day 7: Burgenstock Resort

8:00: Let’s have breakfast and continue the journey in this resort.

Day 7 in Switzerland
Burgenstock Resort | 8 days in switzerland
Bürgenstock Hotels & Resort Lake Lucerne
Burgenstock Hotels & Resort Lake Lucerne
Burgenstock Resort
First class dishwashers at Lake Lucerne

You can check rates, reviews and book this hotel on Agoda.com or Booking.com.

12:00: Check-out (at the hotel) and turn back to Lucerne center. Then, take a rest and enjoy your lunch here. After that, catch the train to Zurich. Moreover, you can explore the Pitalus Mount if you have more extra time.

Pitalus Mount
Take a ride on the Pitalus Mount equipped with panoramic windows for the perfect viewing experience
Pitalus Mount
Bask in the breathtaking views of Lucerne 2,132 meters above sea level

16:00: Arrive in Zurich, check-in baggage at the hotel and walk around the Zurich quaint city.

Switzerland itinerary 8 days — Day 8: Zurich

Zurich quaint city
Zurich – one of the top must-visit cities in Switzerland

9:00 After enjoying your breakfast, let’s go on wandering at Zurich. This quaint city is quite small but kinda modern thanks to its surrounding which is not covered by mountain like Lucerne or other cities in Switzerland.

zurich city
A fantastic view of Zurich quaint city
Zurrich city
Early morning stroll in Zurich

Zurich the old town

12:00: Check-out and after that, you are officially say goodbye to Switzerland.

About traveling, I’ve brought the Half Fare Card and then completely booked ticket on SBB which is installed on phone. Normally, after booking within 45 days, you’ll have Supersaver ticket or Half Fare Card which gives you 50% off. Don’t book too close with the time you go because of its high price. Last but not least, it’ll be cheaper and more convenient to buy round-trip tickets when explore every each mountain. Finally, enjoy your trip!

A view of Grindelwald Village
Zurich city
Enjoying scrumptious chocolate with a gorgeous view of the city

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