If you are a big fan of Switzerland, you may have no strange to the word “Zermatt”. Although Zermatt isn’t well known as much as other famous places like Jaufraujoch – Top of Europe, Interlaken or other cities such as Zurich, Lucerne,… this is the must-visit destination you should spend your holidays on. Not only is it a peaceful place but you also explore a lot of fantastic mountains which is the symbolic of Switzerland. So, what to do in Zermatt – the Zermatt’s fairy tale village? Let’s check out our Zermatt travel blog (Zermatt blog) with the fullest Zermatt travel guide on how to get to Zermatt, top things to do, where to stay, places to visit in Zermatt and how to spend 2 days in Zermatt perfectly (Zermatt itinerary 2 days) to find out the answer!

Beautiful snow village

Zermatt in Switzerland

View of Zermatt from the cable car | zermatt travel blog
View from the cable car to Matterhorn Glacier Paradise
View of the magnificent Matterhorn Peak

This small village is situated in a valley, in which you can see the Matterhorn Mount, really like villages in the fairy tales.

A view of fairy tale village
| zermatt travel blog
must-visit Zermatt village
Zermatt’s busy main street in winter, Switzerland
A fairy village

Zermatt travel guide: How to get to Zermatt?

Zermatt is located in the north of Switzerland, near the Italy’s border. Therefore, catching a train is the fastest way to Zermatt. It takes two and quarter hours from Interlaken or Bern or three and half hours from Zurich to Zermatt. All the journeys have to pass the transshipment Vsip, next, get off the train and catch the local train from Vsip to Zermatt.

How to get to Zermatt
| How to get to Zermatt
| zermatt travel blog
The train ride to Zermatt is like an adventure in itself | zermatt travel guide

On the way to Zermatt, in spite of the summer or winter, the views are incredible with some small villages on the cliffs covered by the clouds. What a fantastic scenery!

How to get to Zermatt
Catch a train to Zermatt

Zermatt travel blog: Where I should stay in Zermatt?

Tourism is the main profession in Zermatt so that you can find a lot of budget-hotel here. As I am a solo traveler, I find an accommodation on Airbnb. Incidentally, I’ve already placed at Martin’s Eable’s Nest a lovely tiny apartment locating on the hill with a great view of Zermatt.

Zermatt Valley seen from my Airbnb | zermatt travel guide

The apartment is a single room with a single bed for guest like me and sleeper sofa for host. Martin (my host) is an American Swiss. In spite of the age, he is still healthy and perfectly lucid. Although there are a lot of stuffs inside, this apartment is pretty clean, especially the guest’s bed. Something you should know that the apartment located on a high hill. Therefore, if you bring a lot of baggage and can manage on your own, believe me, it will be very hard for you to carry it to this apartment alone.

A view of an apartment in Zermatt.
| Where to stay in Zermatt
Where to stay in Zermatt
Single bed for solo travelers
Zermatt view
A view from the apartment | zermatt travel guide

In addition, why don’t you consider some hotels follow in Zermatt with captivating views?

Matterhorn FOCUS Design Hotel: You can enjoy the incredible Matterhorn’s views from the Suite room. If you’re not on a budget, just take a hot coffee in the downstairs and you’ll be mesmerized by the view of the Matterhorn, barely taking your eyes off it.

Address: Schluhmattstrasse 131, 3920 Zermatt, Switzerland.

Hotels in Zermatt
Matterhorn FOCUS Design Hotel | zermatt blog
Where to stay in Zermatt?
A view from the room of the Matterhorn FOCUS Design Hotel | zermatt travel guide

You can find, check rates, reviews & availability for this hotel on Agoda.com or Booking.com.

Parkhotel Beau Site: Spacious Four-star Hotel with many kinds of rooms and splendid view of the Matterhorn. Located at a peaceful area, this hotel also has swimming pool and other attractive sight-seeings.

Address: Brunnmattgasse 9, 3920 Zermatt, Switzerland

Zermatt hotel
Four-star Parkhotel Beau Site | Top hotels you should stay in Zermatt
Where to stay in Zermatt
Parkhotel Beau Site with pools and spas | zermatt blog

You can find, check rates, reviews & availability for this hotel on Agoda.com or Booking.com.

Besides, some hotels are not in Zermatt but having beautiful views such as Riffelhaus 1853 and one lies at the top of Gornergrat is 3100 Kulmhotel Gornergrat

Zermatt blog: What to eat in Zermatt?

Restaurant with a view in Zermatt

All my meals in Zermatt are cooked by Martin, of course, I pay for those. My lunch is about 8 – 10 CHF ($ 8.3 – 10.38) and the dinner is 15 CHF ($ 15.57). About those, Martin will contact to you with basic information before you arrive here.

The simplest lunch consists of Spaghetti, Toast (bread is eaten with jam) and a cup of hot tea. For dinner, you’’ll have a plate of mashed potatoes, Swiss sausage and pickles, apple juice and a delicious apple pie. The original text which Martin wrote to me: Roesti with veal sausage and Swiss Apple Juice. It can be said that the meals are pretty good, comfortable stay and beautiful views.

My lunch | What to eat in Zermatt
What to eat in Zermatt
Tasty herb fondue in Zermatt | What to eat in Zermatt
Zermatt's village
For dinner | zermatt blog

Zermatt travel blog: Some activities, things to do as well as best places you should visit in Zermatt

Climb up the Matterhorn Peak

Most people come to Zermatt just because of the Matterhorn, said by Martin. Indeed, the Matterhorn is considered as symbol of Zermatt and you can view at this spectacular mountain in every corner of the town.

Matterhorn peak in background | zermatt blog

If you have mountaineering experience, don’t miss the chance of conquering the Matterhorn. Also, you can join some rock-climbing tours to mix yourself with its nature.

Climb the Matterhorn Peak

The Incredible Matterhorn Peak | zermatt blog
Matterhorn Peak
Stunning views of the Matterhorn from the cable car
The Matterhorn Peak
The Matterhorn at sunrise | zermatt travel blog

Take a walk at Zermatt’s stunning village

Zermatt center is kinda small and just need only an hour on foot to visit. But if you want to take pictures of the whole village, you can get on the top of the hill. A speciality is in the winter when the entire roof is covered by snow, the village appears like in a fairy tales.

Besides, you can take a visit to The Matterhorn Museum where has saved a variety of items of the village since the 17th century. This museum is a place in which you can explore and find out the formation and development of this stunning fairy village.

Zermatt village
| Exploring Zermatt’s stunning village tour
Zermatt's stunning village
Visiting Zermatt in Winter
Zermatt's village
Exploring the old village in Zermatt, Switzerland | zermatt travel blog
Matterhorn Museum
Matterhorn Museum | Where to visit in Zermatt

Let’s ski in Zermatt

You can meet many people bringing along skiing instruments. This area is a good jumping-off point for outdoor activities, especially skiing because surrounding landscapes are mountains covered by snow. Of course, there will have means odd transportation bringing you up to the top of the mountains and pistes from easy to hard level.

skiing in Zermatt once
Harry’s Bar in Zermatt, Switzerland | zermatt travel blog
Skiers at at Matterhorn Glacier Paradise, Zermatt, Switzerland
Skiers at at Matterhorn Peak, Zermatt, Switzerland

Skiing in Zermatt

Skiing in Zermatt
Skiers in front of the Matterhorn, Zermatt, Switzerland

Catching a train to Gornergrat

Normally, tourists are seldom hiking the Matterhorn Mount, but easily catch the views from the far off mountains. And getting on a train to Gornergrat is the best way to have best views and take photos as much as you want about this famous mountain.

The train will start at the Zermatt Station (particular station to Gornergrat and next to the station which go to Switzerland’s cities).

An excursion to Gornergrat is not-to-be-missed in Zermatt
An excursion to Gornergrat is not-to-be-missed in Zermatt
The Gornergrat Mount
The Gornergrat summit is at an altitude of 3 089 m (over 10 000 feet) above sea level, making it Europe’s highest open-air cog railway
The Gornergrat Mount
Gornergrat Bahn

Zermatt itinerary 2 days: How to spend 2 days in Zermatt

Day 1: Around trip from Interlaken to Zermatt

5:00 a.m: Getting started the two-day in Zermatt by catching a train from Interlaken to Zermatt in the early morning. If posible, you may stop at Spiez where is near Interlaken to have a look at the beautiful Spiez Lake. Moreover, you can get the incredible window views, villages on the cliffs, snow under and so on along sides in the train to Zermatt.

8:00 a.m: The train arrives to Zermatt – the famous village of Switzerland and the top of Matterhorn isn’t far as much. Today is a snowy day and all the roads are covered by thick snow that why I’m out of the station and find the way back my apartment.

Making snow angels in Zermatt
Making snow angels in Zermatt | 2 days in zermatt

Top of Gornergrat
In the midst of snowy mountain peaks in early summer (it got so hot when the sun came out so I had to take off my jacket). | 2 days in zermatt

9:00 a.m: At this time, I’ve already contact to my host after my rounding trip to Zermatt. I am got by Martin and we come back to the apartment. This apartment lies at a bit high hill so that it is kinda hard to move around but for the fantastic views, I almost forget all those matter.

Wandering around streets in Zermatt town for a while, I turn back to Martin’s place right after that due to the snowy all day.

Zermatt’s old village
Zermatt’s old village, Switzerland
Snowy Zermatt Streets | 2 days in zermatt

| zermatt travel blog

Day 2: Zermatt – Gornergrat – Matterhorn

7:00 a.m: Getting up early and taking the Zermatt’s sunrise photos from the apartment which is opposite the Matterhorn Mount.

9:00 a.m: Catch a train to Gornergrat. The train will stop at Riffelberg before getting to Gornergrat’s top. By the way, the scenery in this mount is really wonderful.

Buying tickets train to the Gornergrat’s top, you will get a cute tiny Matterhorn chocolate bar. Also, you should buy round-trip ticket because this is hop on hop off ticket which means you can get off anywhere you like with this ticket and the price is also cheaper than buying retail.

Riffelberg, Zermatt, Switzerland
Riffelberg Station
| Zermatt exploring tour
Ticket with the a cute Matterhorn chocolate bar | 2 days in zermatt
Catch a train to Gornergrat
Zermatt to Gornergrat train

11:00 Get on the train to Gornergrat. From here, you can catch incredible views of this whole famous Matterhorn Peak. Hotels, restaurants are available on the top of Gornergrat or if you arrive here in summer, you can visit the beautiful Reffelsee Lake.

the Gornergrat Mount.
Take pictures the Gornergrat Mount. | zermatt itinerary 2 days
There are also restaurants and hotels on the top of Gornergrat. | zermatt itinerary 2 days
Closeup Riffelsee and Matterhorn
Closeup Riffelsee Lake and Matterhorn
After day, let’s get on the train and come back Zermatt fairy tale village. | zermatt itinerary 2 days

12:00 Turn back to Zermatt by train and then I have meal after wandering around the town. Finally, I come back to Martin’s place to get my luggage.

14:30 Saying goodbye to Martin as well as ending two-day in Zermatt’s stunning fairy village, I’m officially out of Zermatt.

Snowy Zermatt, Switzerland
Enjoying the snow in Zermatt, Switzerland
Zermatt in snowy day
Zermatt – Must-visit destination | zermatt itinerary 2 days

Leave Zermatt with all my heart from snowy village to fantastic mountains. There are a lot of things in Zermatt that I didn’t experience yet. If possible in the next time, I will join The Matterhorn rock-climbing tour to explore all the magnificent lake reflecting the mountains and a variety of amazing things in Zermatt.

Switzerland Lake
Exploring some must-visit lakes in Switzerland | 2 days in zermatt
Zermatt, Switzerland
An excited sport you should try in Zermatt | 2 days in zermatt

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