How much will it cost to go to Korea, how much is it to go to Korea, how much money for Korea trip, how much does it cost to travel to Korea, how much budget for Korea trip, how much does it cost to go to Korea? Get tips how to travel to Korea on a budget today with us!

Busan port city, Korea | how much does it cost to travel to korea
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Autumn in Korea | how much does it cost to travel to korea

Korea is not only blessed by mother nature with countless beautiful landscapes, but also possesses a long-standing culture and cuisine. Along with the most developed entertainment and arts industry, this country attracts millions of tourists from all over the world, including Vietnam.

Coming to Korea, you can experience interesting activities in the capital Seoul such as wearing traditional Hanbok costumes, wandering around shopping paradises and enjoying delicious countless street food. Or visit famous islands like Jeju, Nami, Busan,…

Chuseok Festival | how much does it cost to travel to korea
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Skiing in winter

So do you know how much it costs to go to Korea? This article will reveal the cost of a package trip to Korea and share useful tips to explore the “land of kimchi” on a budget. Plan your memorable trip to Korea with Living Nomads today!

Hwaseong Fortress, Suwon city | how much does it cost to travel to korea
Korea provinces and cities map | how much does it cost to travel to korea

What does the cost of going to Korea include? (# how much does it cost to travel to korea)

Currently, there are many travel companies offering package tours to Korea for about 14-20 million VND (USD 549.76 – USD 785.38). However, to freely explore Korea fully, you should make your own itinerary and budget for travel.

Seoul city | how much does it cost to travel to korea

The costs of traveling to Korea on your own will include visa fees, airfare, transportation cost to food, accommodation, and other entertainment and shopping activities. For a long vacation of about 7 days and 6 nights, you will need to prepare about 30 million to 55 million VND/person ($1,178.06 – $2,159.78). Total costs may increase or decrease depending on personal preferences and actual events arising during the trip.

Royal palace | how much does it cost to travel to korea
Gwangjang market,best street food area in seoul,where to eat korean street food in seoul,where to eat street food in seoul (4)
Odeng (fish cake) and tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes)
Street-Food-Stall in seoul
Seoul street food | how much does it cost to travel to korea

Let’s dive deeper into the basic costs of traveling to Korea on your own that you need to know below!

How much does it cost to get a Korean Tourist Visa?

Visa is a prerequisite for you to be allowed to enter and traveling within Korean territory. You can choose the appropriate visa type for the purpose of visiting, traveling or doing business in Korea.

| how much does it cost to travel to korea

Korean visa application procedures are usually carried out at the Korean Embassy or Consulate General. First, you need to prepare necessary documents such as passport and related documents. Then, you submit your application and pay the fee directly at the registration office.

Below is a list of popular Korean tourist visa types and corresponding fees:

Visa TypeValidity PeriodFees
Single entry visa3 months20 USD ~ 508,950 VND
Short-term tourist visa3 months30 USD ~ 763,575 VND
Long-term tourist visa3 months50 USD ~ 1,272,375 VND
Visa to enter the country 2 times in a row within 6 months1 year60 USD ~ 1,526,700 VND
Urban visa (multiple entry)5 years80 USD ~ 2,035,600 VND


  • Fees calculated in USD are updated according to the latest exchange rate in May 2024.
  • These agencies only accept payments in USD. Therefore, you need to exchange USD in the appropriate denomination. If you want to save time, you can use the full visa service.

How much is airline ticket to Korea?

Modern space inside Incheon airport. @vietsuntravel | how much does it cost to travel to korea


One of the factors that has the biggest impact on the total cost of going to Korea is buying air tickets. On average, round-trip airfare from Vietnam to Korea ranges from 5,000,000 VND ($196.34) to 10,000,000 VND ($392.69) per person, including taxes and fees.

In Vietnam, there are currently three airlines operating direct flights to Korea: Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air and Asiana Airlines. Direct flights between these two countries have been operated with significant flight frequency by airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, Korean Air, Jeju Air, and Asiana Airlines.

Please refer to the detailed ticket price list for popular Vietnam – Korea flights:

Point of DepartureDestinationOne-way ticket price (USD)Flight time (non-stop)
HanoiSeoul78.54 - 333.794 hours 15 minutes
HanoiBusan102.10 - 353.434 hours
Ho Chi Minh CitySeoul98.17 - 353.435 hours 05 minutes
Ho Chi Minh CityBusan90.32 - 353.434 hours 50 minutes
Danang CitySeoul98.17 - 215.984 hours 30 minutes
Danang CityBusan102.10 - 255.255 hours 15 minutes


  • The above prices may change depending on the time of booking and the airline you choose.
  • Take advantage of promotions from airlines to receive more favorable prices.

How Much Does It Cost to traveling in Korea?

Korean train | how much does it cost to travel to korea

Korea is known for its modern and developed transportation system, so traveling within the city and between cities, regions is very convenient. Travel costs in Korea for tourists depend on vehicle you choose and travel frequency. Expected total travel costs in Korea for 7 days are about 3,000,000 VND ($117.81) to 5,000,000 VND ($196.34).

inside seoul subway train
Inside Seoul subway train | how much does it cost to travel to korea

Klook Pass Seoul

Cost of Bus Ride in Korea

  • Ticket price: 1,500 Won/trip (about 28,000 VND)
  • Pros: Cheap, easy to access, nationwide coverage.
  • Cons: Travel time may be longer than other means.

Cost of Subway Travel in Korea

  • Ticket price: 1,000 KRW/trip (about 19,000 VND)
  • Pros: Cheap, easy to access in 5 big cities: Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Gwangju, Daejeon.
  • Cons: Can sometimes get crowded and cramped during rush hour.
seoul subway train
Seoul subway | how much does it cost to travel to korea

Cost of Korea KTX Express Train

KTX train - comfortable ride
KTX train – comfortable ride | how much will it cost to go to korea
  • Ticket price: 24,000 – 60,000 KRW (About 450,000 – 1,100,000 VND). Check out the exclusive combo of KTX train tickets for the Seoul – Busan route.
  • Pros: Save time when traveling long distances, there are many train stations spread out in many big cities.
  • Cons: The ticket price is quite high, however, you can use the Korail Pass to take the train an unlimited number of times in a period of time.

Korean Taxi Cost

Taxi seoul
Taxi in Seoul | how much will it cost to go to korea
  • Cost: About 300,000 VND ($11.78) – 500,000 VND ($19.63)/trip.
  • Pros: Fast and convenient, especially when the destination is far away or need to travel quickly within the city.
  • Cons: Cost is higher than public transportation.

Cost of Private Car Rental in Korea (# how much does it cost to travel to korea)

car rental jeju,4 days in jeju,jeju 4 days 3 nights itinerary,jeju 4d3n itinerary,jeju island itinerary,jeju island itinerary 4 days,jeju itinerary 4 days
| how much will it cost to go to korea

Private Incheon International Airport (ICN) Taxi Transfers for Seoul by International Taxi

  • Price: Depends on vehicle type and rental period.
  • Pros: Flexible, comfortable, suitable for large groups with independent travel plans.
  • Cons: High cost, especially when traveling alone or in a small group.

How Much Does It Cost To Eat In Korea? (# how much will it cost to go to korea)

Korean cuisine | how much will it cost to go to korea

The “Land of kimchi” is an ideal destination for those who love food, because of the richness and uniqueness of their food preparation. From convenience stores and food trucks to long-standing eateries and high-end restaurants, visitors can experience countless delicious dishes.

The cost of eating in Korea for a week ranges from 3,500,000 VND ($137.44) to 6,000,000 VND ($235.62)/person, depending on each person’s taste. Below are some dishes you must try when coming to Korea with average dining costs.

Cost of Bulgogi Beef in Korea

bulgogi korean beef bbq, food to eat in korea, food you must eat in south korea, korean must eat food (7)
Bulgog, must eat in Korea | how much will it cost to go to korea

Both locals and tourists love Korea’s famous beef dish. Fresh Korean beef is marinated with spices and grilled on a charcoal stove or grill, bringing a characteristic sweet and succulent flavor to each piece of meat. Bulgogi creates a unique and unforgettable culinary experience for visitors to Korea.

Reference price: From 20,000 – 30,000 KRW/portion (~370,000 – 550,000 VND).

Cost of Eating Bibimbap in Korea (# how much will it cost to go to korea)

| how much will it cost to go to korea

Bibimbap is a mixed rice dish that often appears in Korean family meals. The ingredients are diverse and colorful, including spinach, mushrooms, stir-fried beef or pork, fried eggs and rich gochujang chili sauce. Each city in Korea often has its own unique style of preparing Bibimbap, leaving an impression on visitors.

Reference price: From 10,000 – 12,000 KRW/portion (~ 185,000 – 220,000 VND).

Cost of Samgyeopsal in Korea

Samgyeopsal (Grilled pork belly BBQ) (1)
Samgyeopsal (Grilled pork belly BBQ) is a favorite dish, also the pride of Korean cuisine. | how much will it cost to go to korea

Whenever you visit Korea in winter, don’t miss the grilled pork belly Samgyeopsal. The most popular is to enjoy it at the barbecue shops on the road. Delicious fresh pork dish is grilled to a delicious aroma, then rolled between layers of raw vegetables, kimchi, garlic and dipped in ssamjang sauce (a sauce made from soybeans and chili).

Reference price: From 15,000 – 50,000 KRW/portion (~280,000 – 920,000 VND).

Cost of Japchae in Korea (# how much does it cost to go to korea)

| how much will it cost to go to korea

Japchae is a traditional mixed vermicelli dish in Korean cuisine. This vermicelli dish uses ingredients such as beef, fish cakes, carrots and spinach then mixed well with soy sauce and sesame oil. The dish’s frugal flavor and eye-catching color will make you remember it forever.

Reference price: From 13,000 – 30,000 KRW/portion (~240,000 – 550,000 VND).

Cost of Eating Tteokbokki Rice Cakes in Korea

| how much will it cost to go to korea

Tteokbokki is a popular street snack in Korea, made from rice cakes, fish cakes cut into pieces and stir-fried in sweet and spicy sauce. You can find street stalls selling Tteokbokki anywhere on the streets or in traditional markets, and enjoy diverse and attractive versions of this dish.

Reference price: From 5,000 – 10,000 KRW/portion (~93,000 – 185,000 VND).

How Much Does a Korean Hotel Cost? (# how much is it to go to korea)

| how much is it to go to korea

Korea attracts millions of tourists every year, so you have no shortage of accommodation options here. Depending on your budget and preferences, you can choose to book hotel rooms from high-end to affordable homestays. The average hotel cost for a 6-night stay in Korea is 8,000,000 VND ($314.16) to 15,000,000 VND ($589.04)/person.

To conveniently visit and experience the vibrant nightlife atmosphere of Korea, you should choose hotels/hostels near the centers of major cities such as Sinchon, Hongdae, Dongdaemun – Seoul, Incheon. If you prefer a peaceful space, traveling to famous islands like Busan and Jeju also have many homestays and resorts with full amenities.

Busan at dusk | how much is it to go to korea

Below are suggestions for 5 well-rated hotels in Korea:

SEOUL N HOTEL Dongdaemun (Agoda, Booking)

  • Address: 21, Jong-ro 66ga-gil, Jongno-gu
  • Reference price: 860,000 VND ($33.77)/night

Hotel Venue G (Agoda, Booking)

  • Address: 117, Cheonggyecheon-ro, Jongno-gu
  • Reference price: 1,500,000 VND ($58.90)/night

OPPA Hostel Sinchon-Hongdae (Agoda, Booking)

  • Address: 18-5 Yonsei-ro 2na-gil, Seodaemun-gu
  • Reference price: 800,000 VND ($31.42)/night

Ventimo Hotel & Residence Jeju (Agoda, Booking)

  • Address: 14, Yeonnam-ro, Jeju-do
  • Reference price: 1,650,000 VND ($64.79)/night

Libentia Hotel & Pool Villa

  • Address: 33, Hanlim-ro, Hanlim-eup
  • Reference price: 1,580,000 VND ($62.05)/night

How Much Does It Cost To Travel To Korea for 7 Days 6 Nights?

bukchon hanok village
Bukchon Hanok Village, one of the best places to visit in Seoul. | how much is it to go to korea

Discover Seoul Pass

Based on the detailed information about the basic spending items mentioned above, the total cost of going to Korea in 7D6N is 30 million VND ($1,178.08) – 55 million VND ($2,159.82). Let’s review the entire cost of traveling to Korea within 7 days and 6 nights with us, so you can have an overview before planning your itinerary:

CostsEstimated cost (USD/person)
Visa fee29.98
Round-trip air ticket196.33 - 392.66
Hotel314.13 - 588.99
Eating137.43 - 235.59
Traveling117.80 - 196.33
Attracion fees196.33 - 314.13
Other costs (shopping, SIM)196.33 - 392.66
Total1,188.32 - 2,150.33

(*) The above costs are for reference only and may vary depending on the number of people in the group, schedule and financial ability of each traveler.

How much does it cost to travel to Korea for 5 days and 4 nights? (# how much does it cost to go to korea)

| how much is it to go to korea

South Korea 4G Prepaid SIM Card (KR Airports Pick Up) from KT

For those who want to explore Korea for a short time, the budget you need to prepare for a 5-day, 4-night trip is about 18 million VND ($706.78) – 30 million VND ($1,177.97). Specifically, the cost table for each expense is as follows:

CostsEstimated cost (USD/person)
Visa fee19.98
Round-trip air ticket196.33 - 392.66
Hotel125.65 - 235.59
Eating78.53 - 157.06
Transportation78.53 - 117.80
Attracion fees117.80 - 196.33
Other costs (shopping, SIM)78.53 - 117.80
Total734.62 - 1,237.22

What is the Korean Currency?

Korea Unlimited Data SIM + T money (LG U+)

The Won is the official currency of Korea, symbolized as KRW (Korean Republic Won). Each 1 Won is divided into 100 jeon, but jeon is not used in daily transactions.

In addition, to accurately calculate and estimate costs incurred when traveling and shopping in Korea, you need to update the latest exchange rates. Up to now, the exchange rate between Korean Won and Vietnamese Dong is about 1 KRW ≈ 18.59 VND and 1 USD = 1,362.59 Won.

If you want to save money when traveling to Korea, Klook offers attractive deals for visitors, from sightseeing tickets, entertainment activities to culinary and spa services. Using Klook vouchers and discount codes helps you save money and enjoy a great travel experience without worrying about your budget.

Tips for Saving Money When Traveling to Korea on Your Own

| how much is it to go to korea

To calculate and balance the cost of going to Korea to fully enjoy the journey to explore Korea, you need to understand some of the cost-saving tips below:

  • Book air tickets and hotel rooms about 1-2 months in advance on online booking websites to get the best prices and options.
  • Look for hotels in good locations, near major transportation routes for convenient travel and exploration in and out of the city.
  • Use buses, subways and trains instead of taxis to save on travel costs.
  • Buy EZL prepaid cards or unlimited train pass Korail Pass for convenient travel and shopping in Korea.
  • Enjoy fast food at GS25 Convenience Store, 7-11, Circle K,… or street food at local markets or small eateries to save costs compared to eating at restaurants.
  • Look for free attractions like parks, gardens, and historical sites to visit without breaking the bank.
  • Free Internet access or purchase a 4G Sim combo with unlimited data, a T-Money card or a pocket Wifi transmitter with unlimited data when traveling to Korea.
Gamcheon Culture Village, Busan | how much does it cost to go to korea

Coming to Korea, you will not only discover magical natural beauty but also have the opportunity to visit a modern, interesting culture. Hopefully through the above article, you have clearly understood the cost of going to Korea and picked up many smart saving tips when traveling.

So you have the answer to the question “How much does it cost to go to Korea?” A self-sufficient trip will be simpler and more comfortable when you clearly understand information about the costs of traveling to Korea.

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