If you want to choose a luxury 5-star resort in the Maldives with clear jade sea water, water villas with hammocks and beautiful private pools. Surely Movenpick Kuredhivaru Maldives will have to be on your bucket list. A very new and vibrant resort, coming here will only make you full of energy all day long. The review was done by Mr. An Le – founder of TRAVELPX, experiencing a real vacation at the resort. In this article I will share with you my detail Mövenpick Resort Kuredhivaru Maldives Reviews. Now, let’s check it out!

The location and how to get to Movenpick Kuredhivaru Maldives? (#mövenpick resort kuredhivaru maldives reviews)

Transportation: Located on Kuredhivaru island, Noonu Atoll area – northern Maldives, it took me 45 minutes by seaplane to get to Movenpick Kuredhivaru Maldives. It is also an opportunity to experience a seaplane to see the islands against the beautiful deep blue sky.

| mövenpick resort kuredhivaru maldives reviews
| mövenpick resort kuredhivaru maldives reviews

When guests arrive at Velana airport, there will be resort staff waiting to welcome them, assist with luggage and check in by seaplane. After completing the necessary procedures, you will be taken to the Seaplane lounge about 10 minutes away by car. Here you can rest in a common lounge with many other resorts, with free snacks and drinks.

Taken at the Water Villa area
| mövenpick resort kuredhivaru maldives reviews

Overview of Movenpick Maldives Kuredhivaru resort

This beautiful 5-star resort opened in 2018 and is still quite new, designed by well-known architects from the Poland-based company MOTIV. The roofs of the villa and restaurant areas are all made from organic, environmentally friendly materials.

| mövenpick resort kuredhivaru maldives reviews

| mövenpick resort kuredhivaru maldives reviews

About the name Movenpick Kuredhivaru: Kuredhi means Ironwood in Dhivehi and Varu means Island/environment, Kuredhi is a very evergreen shrub found in the island, the most popular wood in the Maldives. Ironwood is very hard, heavy, strong, durable and resistant to wood mollusks and termites, and is used to make many different wood products.

Overall, the resort has about 100 rooms divided into 3 main categories: Overwater Pool Villas, Beach Pool Suites and Beach Spa Pool Residences. Especially, the price of Water Villa is better than the Beach Villa, so it is very suitable for budget travelers. The roofs of the villas are inspired by Central Asian culture, extremely unique in design with pointed roofs. The furniture is imported from Indonesia, while the toiletries are branded from Australia’s Appelles. The APPELLES collection contains essential oils selected for their beneficial properties, in eco-friendly and recyclable packaging, with an emphasis on environmental impact.

| mövenpick resort kuredhivaru maldives reviews

| mövenpick resort kuredhivaru maldives reviews


Check in at Movenpick – Overwater Pool Villa Lagoon resort

I stayed in the Lagoon Overwater Pool Villa, which is up to 150 square meters wide, has a walkway in the middle with a super large transparent glass floor, and goes straight to the balcony facing the sea. Each villa also has a private swimming pool and a large outdoor porch with a hammock and direct access to the shimmering sea below. The roof is inspired by Central Asian culture, extremely unique design with pointed roofs.

View from the bathroom | mövenpick resort kuredhivaru maldives reviews

My villa is a Lagoon villa so it will have view to the lagoon. In addition, there are other villas with ocean view that will not be blocked by the villas on the opposite side, but the design or area is identical. The villa has 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom, in the middle is a hallway with a direct view to the balcony facing the sea, and the bottom is made entirely of transparent tempered glass that penetrates into the ocean. Occasionally, you will be able to see baby sharks or fish schooling right in my room.

| mövenpick resort kuredhivaru maldives reviews

I noticed that the two doors on both sides are made from seashells from the sea, extremely close to nature. As far as I know, the furniture is imported entirely from Indonesia, combining both tradition and modernity. The bedroom, in addition to a king or twin bed, is fully equipped with a sofa, TV, and minibar. The resort’s complimentary gifts are also extremely good, including a basket of fresh fruit and a bottle of wine, ready for those moments of ultimate chill in this beautiful villa. Do you think these pebbles are chocolate? At first I thought they were decorative pebbles.

The bedroom was quite spacious

And this is my dream area, a large balcony with an infinity pool where I can live virtually. There’s no railing here, so you can jump down at any time. The lagoon view is amazing, even though the front view is a bit obscured by the villas opposite, I still feel completely comfortable and not bothered at all. Although it is not an ocean view, the water area in Lagoon always feels much more magical. This beautiful hammock is extremely sturdy. Lying here at dawn or dusk, holding a glass of chill wine, you probably won’t want to leave.

Absolutely beautiful | mövenpick resort kuredhivaru maldives reviews

One thing I really like about the villa’s bathroom is that there is a bathtub that looks straight out to the ocean, and the glass door can be opened wide as if there were no separation at all. There is no shortage of personal items for guests. At Movenpick, they also have environmental protection criteria so they rarely see plastic items.

Each room also has a villa host who is like a personal butler who takes care of everything for you during your few days on the island. If you need to order meals or have any questions, just ask the villa host. Your job now is just to enjoy, relax, and jump into that seductive clear water!!! Going to Maldives means being freely relaxing and enjoy.

Restaurants and culinary experiences at Movenpick Kuredhivaru Maldives

Onu Marche (All Day Dining)

Serving international and Asian dishes, dinners have different themes. Typical examples of buffet dinners at resorts. Usually every night when making a buffet, resorts will have a “Theme night” with different themes and dishes. But at Movenpick, they do is extremely different. Like this dinner at Onu Mache restaurant with the theme “Jungle night”, they decorated the whole restaurant like a jungle, the staff played the role of Tarzan, and the guests also got to dress up at the party, which was really cool.

| mövenpick resort kuredhivaru maldives reviews

Bodumas – Japanese restaurant

Fresh seafood prepared internationally and a sushi bar. I had dinner at Bodumas, an overwater-style design area, sitting right next to the sea and could observe fish swimming around. The Japanese food here is impeccable, the sashimi is fresh and delicious, and there are many other Japanese dishes.

Latitude 5.5 Restaurant

This restaurant specializes in a selection of wine, seafood, tapas and grilled food. I ate all my lunches here, located right next to the resort’s main swimming pool, so I could come up and eat right after swimming. All my meals include light drinks, so I really like it and don’t have to worry about the cost of drinks. The restaurant has an open, super wide design with a fish-scale roof that looks very stylish. Next to it is a small bar to chill in the evening after eating.

Many virtual living angles

Activities at Movenpick Kuredhivaru Maldives resort

At the resort, there are many fun activities to experience, such as diving to see coral, sailing or taking a boat tour. I mainly hang out around the island, scuba dive, or even taking virtual photos takes quite a bit of time because there are so many beautiful shooting angles at the resort.

Experience the exellent spa services at Sun Spa

| mövenpick resort kuredhivaru maldives reviews

Movenpick’s Spa at first I thought was located on the island, because the reception from the entrance was a row of houses in the middle of the island with dense forests. A staff member greeted me in Thai. It turns out the spa here has a Thai style. Like many other spas, you can sit and rest, fill in some information about your health, allergies and personal requirements for the spa session. I chose the 60-minute full body massage package.

After completing the initial procedures, I was taken to the treatment room by the staff. It turns out that all the treatment rooms are the Overwater Spa located in the middle of the sea, each room has 2 beds so guests can experience a couples massage. After the massage, go out to the balcony with a sea view, enjoy tea and some snacks and cereals. Wonderful feeling.

Snorkeling and kayaking right at the resort

The Sport Center is where people can borrow free snorkeling equipment including snorkeling tubes, fins and freely experience it. The coral reefs at Movenpick Maldives are also quite good, the water is clear and mainly experienced around the Sport Center floating house.

Initially, I planned to go out in the morning, but at this time there were quite a lot of jellyfish, tiny jellyfish that can bite you, making it extremely itchy and uncomfortable. So I waited until early afternoon to play snorkeling. In general, at Movenpick there are not too many live coral reefs, mainly rich and diverse marine creatures and colorful swimming fish.

| mövenpick resort kuredhivaru maldives reviews

Personal feelings and evaluation of service quality

I really like Movenpick Maldives because this resort is very beautiful, modern and youthful. Extremely friendly staff, always taking good care of guests. There are also daily events and theme nights for dinners for visitors to experience. Movenpick Maldives is positioned as more high-end than Movenpick in other places, and is also a high-end in the Maldives, the price is not too expensive, very suitable for couples or families.

| mövenpick resort kuredhivaru maldives reviews

When it comes to “dynamism” at resorts, it’s hard to beat Movenpick Maldives. This resort is a place where I see joy and generosity everywhere I go around the island. It is shown in the quality of service and attitude of each employee at the resort. They always smile and are extremely attentive to guests, remember their faces and create the most familiar feeling.

You can check out reviews, room rates and make a reservation on Agoda.com or Booking.com or Klook.com

The text and some images credit to Anh Le at travelpx.net

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