Traveling to Singapore is more economical than you think – especially with the help of the “magic” NETS FlashPay transportation and payment card. So, let’s check out our ultimate guide to NETS FlashPay Card: What is what is NETS FlashPay Card, how to use NETS FlashPay, where to buy, what can it be used for, how to transfer money from NETS FlashPay Card to bank account, can I withdraw money from NETS FlashPay Card as follows?

Haji Lane, Singapore
Marina Bay Sands
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Hello Singapore travel enthusiasts, surely all of us have dreamed of getting lost in the magical Gardens by the Bay, immersing ourselves in the endless entertainment world at Universal Studios Singapore, or exploring colorful food streets at vibrant night markets.

HSBC Rain Vortex, Changi Airport
Clean, modern MRT Singapore | nets flashpay card

But to make your trip to Singapore the most complete and economical, you must definitely “pocket” an extremely beneficial “secret”: that is the NETS FlashPay Card! Let’s explore with us what’s special about this “divine” card!

What is NETS FlashPay Card?

What is the NETS FlashPay card? Where to buy the NETS FlashPay card? Let’s join Find out through this article. | nets flashpay card guide

Singapore NETS FlashPay Travel Card

Simply in words, NETS FlashPay is a smart card, just like our ATM card, but it has more features than that. You can use NETS FlashPay to pay for almost anything in Singapore, from MRT, bus, and taxi tickets, to food at night markets, tickets to famous tourist attractions, and even a morning cup of coffee.

Have you ever imagined being able to travel without having to carry a thick wallet, or struggling to find change every time you buy a train ticket? With NETS FlashPay, it’s possible!

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Kampong Glam | nets flashpay card guide

Where to buy NETS FlashPay card?

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To prepare well for my trip to Singapore, I researched carefully how to buy a NETS FlashPay card. There are many ways for you to own this magical card:

  • Changi Airport: Right after getting off the plane, go to the information counters or convenience stores at the airport to buy a card.
  • Subway stations (MRT): Major subway stations have automatic ticket vending machines and customer service counters where you can quickly buy cards.
  • 7-Eleven Convenience Stores: With a wide network throughout Singapore, 7-Eleven is one of the most convenient places for you to buy NETS FlashPay cards.
Singapore MRT | nets flashpay card guide

Singtel 5G/4G Singapore SIM Card (SG Airport & City Pick Up)

Of course, you can pre-order a NETS FlashPay card in Vietnam and receive it in Singapore through our partner Klook – a “best friend” online travel platform for self-sufficient travelers. The NETS FlashPay card on Klook is on sale with many limits, and comes with a super economical Singapore 4G SIM card combo.

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How much does the NETS FlashPay Singapore card cost?

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A new NETS FlashPay card costs 10 SGD (Singapore Dollar), including 5 SGD non-refundable fee and 5 SGD usage value. You can add money to the card in different denominations, with a minimum of 10 SGD.

How long is the NETS FlashPay card valid?

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Klook Pass Singapore

The great thing is that the NETS FlashPay card is valid for 5 years from the date of activation, so you can freely use it for future trips to Singapore.

Instructions to top up NETS FlashPay card in Singapore

Don’t worry about top up this “divine” card! NETS FlashPay offers you many super convenient top up options, ensuring you are always ready to travel around Singapore without worrying about running out of money midway.

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Automatic top-up machines

If you are a fan of technology and like to experience it yourself, look for the familiar green General Ticketing Machines at subway stations (MRT). Just follow the on-screen instructions and you can easily top up your card in just a few minutes. Don’t forget to keep your receipt to check!

NETS FlashPay card customer service counter

If you want to be more “secure” or have difficulty top up yourself, don’t hesitate to go to the customer service counter at subway stations. The staff here are always ready to assist you with a friendly smile.

7-Eleven stores in Singapore

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7-Eleven is not only a place where you can buy a NETS FlashPay card but also a trusted place to top up the card. Just give your card and cash to the cashier, you will immediately have a “full” card to continue your journey.

NETS mobile application

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With the NETS application, you can top up your card anytime, anywhere with just a few simple steps on your smartphone. It’s convenient, right?

How to Use NETS FlashPay card – Enjoy traveling to Singapore

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NETS FlashPay was truly my “right hand” during my recent trip to Singapore. This beautiful little card has helped me save a lot of time and effort, and also brought extremely convenient shopping and dining experiences.

Travel around the Lion Island with MRT and buses

singapore mrt
Singapore MRT | what is nets flashpay

Singapore is famous for its modern and convenient public transportation system. Thanks to NETS FlashPay, I don’t need to line up to buy tickets or prepare change. With just a light touch on the card reader, you can quickly board the subway (MRT) or bus.

Shop freely at convenience stores

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Are you a fan of cute, unique items or delicious snacks? Then you definitely won’t be able to miss the convenience stores in Singapore. And NETS FlashPay is a powerful “assistant” to help you pay quickly and conveniently. Some locations that accept payment by NETS FlashPay card include 7-Eleven, Buzz Pods, Cheers, FairPrice Xpress, Shell gasoline stations (in case you rent a self-driving car in Singapore).

You can see the full list of places that support payments with NETS FlashPay cards here.

Why do travel devotees love NETS FlashPay cards?

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After experiencing NETS FlashPay during my recent trip to Singapore, I have to admit that I have fallen in love with this magical card! More than just a payment card, NETS FlashPay is also a useful companion. Simply for the following reasons:

Light on your wallet, relax and enjoy

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Do you know how inconvenient it is to have to carry a thick wad of cash in your pocket? But with NETS FlashPay, I can say goodbye to this worry. With just one compact card, I can pay for everything in Singapore, from train tickets to meals to shopping without having to worry about exchanging money or finding locations that accept credit cards.

Super fast payment

| what is nets flashpay

For someone like me who doesn’t like to wait, the quick payment feature of NETS FlashPay is really a big plus. Just a light touch on the card reader is all it takes, no need to count money, sign documents or enter cumbersome PIN codes.

Wide popularity

L’Entrecote, Chinatown

The best thing about NETS FlashPay is its popularity. Almost everywhere in Singapore, from convenience stores to luxury malls, accepts payments with NETS FlashPay. You can freely use public transportation without having to buy tickets for every trip.

Personal information safety and secure payment

One thing I’m always concerned about when using international payment cards is the risk of personal data being leaked or “hacking” my bank account. So the NETS FlashPay card is a great alternative for small payments.

A mural clearly shows Chinese characteristics. @katcaza

With these outstanding advantages, it is no surprise that NETS FlashPay has become an indispensable part in the lives of Singaporeans and tourists like me. If you are planning to go to Singapore, don’t forget to buy yourself a NETS FlashPay card to experience absolute convenience and peace of mind.

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