To answer the question of when is the best time to visit Singapore will depend on many factors and the most important is the weather. Surely everyone wants to ensure that during the days of their trip to Singapore, the weather will be favorable and no natural disasters or bad weather will occur so that traveling, sightseeing, and exploring tourist attractions can be completed to the fullest. Perhaps the weather greatly affects your experience.

Stunning sunset over Marina Bay Sands | when is the best time to visit singapore
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Chilli Crab, must eat in Singapore

So, is January a good time to visit Singapore, what is the best month to travel to Singapore, what is the best time to travel to Singapore, when is the best time to visit Singapore? Let’s check out our suggested best season to go Singapore, best season to travel to Singapore, cheapest time to visit Singapore, worst time to visit Singapore as follows!

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Orchard Road, businest shopping street in Singapore

Singapore always attracts all tourists regardless of season. However, each season brings an its own beauty, making many people confused about when to choose to explore this country. To help tourists choose the good time to visit Singapore, plz read the article below!

Overview of Singapore

Singapore is famous for being the most modern, beautiful and cleanest country in the world. This island nation is shaped like a diamond and is made up of 63 islands of different sizes.

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Although it has a rather “modest” area, Singapore is one of the most developed countries in Asia and is known as the “Asian Dragon”. With bustling and clean commercial centers, Singapore is always one of the best destinations for tourists worldwide.

Located off the southern tip of Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore lies 137km north of the equator and borders the Johor Strait. The south of Singapore borders Riau – an Indonesian archipelago that cuts across the Singapore Strait.

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The name Singapore comes from the Malaysian word Singapura. Singapura is made up of two words: Siga (lion) and Pura (city). That’s why Singapore is known as the Lion Island Nation.

Singapore climate characteristics (# when is the best time to visit singapore)

Singapore climate has many similar characteristics to Vietnam, with a hot and humid climate all year round and temperatures ranging from 22 to 31 degrees Celsius. Therefore, whether you want to travel to Singapore to shop or participate in festivals, you can set off at any time because the weather conditions are stable all year round.

Pulau Ubin, Singapore | when is the best time to visit singapore

Singapore’s weather is characterized by unclear distinct seasons. The weather is relatively stable because this country is fortunately located near the equator (only 137km from the equator).

The average temperature in Singapore ranges from 23 to 31 degrees Celsius. The lowest and highest temperatures ever recorded in Singapore were 18.4°C and 37.8°C.

Haji Lane | when is the best time to visit singapore

Due to the influence of the Northeast monsoon, the rainy period in Singapore usually from November this year to March next year. In addition, due to the influence of the southwest wind from June to September, it brings heavy but very short rains. So if you plan to travel at this time, you need to consider carefully. In general, the temperature in Singapore changes little all year round, and there is a lot of rainfall but it is stable.

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Singapore flyer | when is the best time to visit singapore

In addition, windstorms in this sea lion island nation often occur from April to October. Therefore, this is the worst time tourists should avoid traveling to Singapore. May to June is the warmest period in Singapore, while December and January are the coldest.

However, Singapore’s climate is not too harsh. During the dry season, there are still rains that last several hours. And in the rainy season, the weather is cool and the air is very pleasantly chilly.

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Which season is best to travel to Singapore? (# what is the best time to travel to singapore)

With beautiful natural landscapes, bustling city, famous Asian shopping malls and diverse indigenous culture, Singapore truly has many interesting things that attract a large number of tourists to visit. Before deciding which season to go in, you first need to set a clear purpose for your trip. Each purpose will have its own appropriate time for you to have many wonderful experiences.

Little India Singapore. One of the best places to visit in Singapore.
Little India Singapore. | when is the best time to visit singapore

What season is best to travel to Singapore for ralaxing and entertainment? (# when is the best time to visit singapore)

From February, when the rainy season in Singapore ends, is also the best time for you to travel. In February, March, and April, the weather in Singapore is especially pleasant, sunny but not too harsh, very suitable for participating in outdoor activities or going to the beach.

Marina bay, Singapore | when is the best time to visit singapore

The months of May, June and July are still the time Singapore welcomes many tourists, but the weather at this time can be hot up to 35 degrees Celsius. You need to prepare sun protection tools in advance to be able to fully participate in activities, sightseeing.

Sentosa Island | when is the best time to visit singapore
Mambo Beach | when is the best time to visit singapore
Treetop Walk | when is the best time to visit singapore

Which season is suitable for shopping in Singapore? (# best season to visit singapore)

ION Orchard-singapore2
ION Orchard. One of the best shopping malls in Singapore | what is the best month to travel to singapore

If you want to shop for branded goods in Singapore at discounted prices, June is the best time. During this month, there is a big promotion season, causing both large stores in the city center and small stores in the suburbs to reduce prices, even up to 70%-80%.

Little India Shopping Market
Little India Shopping Market | what is the best month to travel to singapore

This will definitely be the time that shopping enthusiasts look forward to the most. Singapore is famous as a shopping paradise, home to most high-end to mid-range brands and is known as Asia’s number 1 shopping paradise.

June and July every year is the time when most brands start to offer shocking discounts and many tourists choose to make their trip during this time. You will be able to buy many branded items at affordable prices here, so definitely don’t miss this “golden” time of the year!

Top 9 coolest bars near Orchard Road, Singapore
Bustling Orchard Road | what is the best month to travel to singapore
Orchard Road from Ngee Ann City
Orchard Road, one of the most bustling street in Singapore where gathers most famous brands in the world. | what is the best month to travel to singapore
Apple Store | what is the best month to travel to singapore

If you are interested in saving money, July and August are the low season. During this period, with less crowded with tourists, everything is cheaper than during peak season, helping you save a significant amount of money.

Which season is best to visit Singapore to participate in festivals? (# best season to travel to singapore)

Not only do young people love traveling to Singapore for fun, relaxing or shopping, but many middle-aged visitors also choose this place as their top vacation destination as well as participate in traditional festivals. Although the first months of the year are not the peak tourist season, they are a good time for you to experience and immerse yourself in the traditional festivals with the people here.

Except for the rainy season from November to January next year, all times of the year are very beautiful, very suitable for a trip to Singapore.

If you want to take part in the festivals in Singapore, February is a great time. During this month, the Hindu Thaipusam festival takes place, with unique rituals such as using sharp objects to pierce the body.

diwali little india singapore
Diwali festival | what is the best month to travel to singapore

In addition, you can also experience the vibrant atmosphere of Lunar New Year in Singapore, especially during the River Hongbao Festival – one of the country’s largest events. If you come in April, you will be able to participate in culinary festivals, boat races during the Mid-year Festival – 5/5 (Lunar), and the Indian Deepavali light festival in October is no less appealing.

River Hongbao Festival | what is the best month to travel to singapore

Vacation in Singapore

If you are planning a vacation or honeymoon in Singapore, we recommend choosing the end of the year. At this time, the streets of Singapore come alive with lights and flowers, along with diverse music. In particular, at tourist destinations such as Sentosa Island, Marina Bay, and the Singapore zoo, you will be able to participate in fascinating music and dance shows, and enjoy splendid fireworks displays. This will definitely bring you memorable and interesting experiences.

| what is the best month to travel to singapore

If you want to go on vacation to Singapore, December is usually the best time. This month, there are not only spectacular festivals and events, but also cool weather, suitable for visiting tourist attractions and enjoying rest at luxury resorts and hotels. importance of Singapore. However, book early to ensure the best accommodation and price for your trip.

| what is the best month to travel to singapore

What is the best month to travel to Singapore ?

Singapore is located near the equator, so the tropical monsoon climate is quite similar to Vietnam, visitors can easily adapt if they come here. The average temperature is from 22 – 30 degrees Celsius, the weather is cool and pleasant. The rainy season is from November to January every year, but the rain is not much but scattered over a few days. The remaining months are quite hot, so you need to prepare skin protection items if you want to have a comfortable visit.

| best season to visit singapore

In general, the weather in Singapore is quite pleasant, especially this is the cleanest country on the planet so the atmosphere is extremely fresh. So you can go to Singapore at any time of the year.

Depending on your purposes and interests when traveling to Singapore:

  • December to June: This is the peak season in Singapore. December is a great time with festivals, great events, and the best weather of the year. If you want to experience a vibrant festival atmosphere and pleasant weather, December is a good choice.
  • July to August: This is the low season, suitable for those who want to save money. Services and hotels may be cheaper, and traveling during this time helps you avoid tourist crowds.
  • September to November: This is a relatively pleasant time with cool weather and reasonable prices. This is also a relatively peaceful season when it is not too crowded.
Singapore is a multicultural country. In Chinatown, Chinese culture is everywhere. @ayumin3310 | best season to visit singapore

Singapore weather by month

February – January

If you think that January is the rainy season so the number of visitors to Singapore will decrease sharply, you are wrong. In Singapore, even though it is the rainy season, the rains are not heavy at all, but are periodical throughout the month and quickly end, leaving a clear blue sky and bright sunshine. A few hours after the rain is also the time when you can explore and admire the unique architectural works in this lion island nation to the fullest.

Singapore night safari | best season to visit singapore

Weather in January: The lowest temperature is about 23 degrees and the highest is 30 degrees, so when going out, you should bring an umbrella, umbrella and sunscreen to protect your skin. Wear clothes that are not too thin to avoid the sun but also moderate to easily move back and forth between tourist places.

Haji Lane | best season to visit singapore

Weather in February: The rains gradually decrease in February, bringing Singapore’s weather back to a hotter weather, with the highest temperature reaching 31 degrees Celsius at noon and dropping to 24 degrees Celsius in the evening. It’s sunny during the day but still pleasant in general. You should wear skin protection if you want to go out. In the evening, being able to walk around and see the streets and enjoy the cool night air is very wonderful.

In short, January and February are a very good time for you to take a trip to Singapore for the purpose of sightseeing and shopping before the biggest Lunar New Year of Asian people. Due to the high number of visitors at this time, travel costs are quite expensive

March – April – May

Street art, Chinatown | best season to visit singapore

The outdoor temperature in these months becomes higher than in February, sometimes reaching 33 degrees Celsius. However, this temperature is insignificant compared to tourists from Vietnam who have experienced the the peak heat can reach 43-45 degrees Celsius. So you can feel completely secure if you go to Singapore at this time. However, to protect your body, it is best to still wear sunscreen, an umbrella, and dress not too thin.

White Tigers in Singapore Zoo | best season to visit singapore

High temperatures and humidity sometimes cause throat and eye irritation. For people with asthma, you should bring a mask when going out. Children need to be more carefully protected when the weather changes suddenly.

So the weather in Singapore in March – April – May is generally hot but not too harsh. Very suitable for sightseeing and exploring tourist attractions in Singapore.

June – July

The unique Arab Street | best season to visit singapore

For shopping enthusiasts, you cannot miss the period from June to July every year in Singapore. This time in Singapore, there is a festival called GSS – Great Singapore Sale. Stores and shopping centers simultaneously offer discounts of up to 70%. You can freely buy branded items without having to look at the price or worry about quality. Note that when purchasing, you should keep the store receipt so you can complete tax refund procedures at the airport when returning, which is also Singapore’s tourism stimulation policy.

Tiong Bahru is a neighborhood with fresh colors and European style @shutterstock | best season to visit singapore

Thus, June – July is a very suitable time for tourists who are passionate about shopping. Thousands of branded items are discounted at rock-bottom prices, so how can you miss them? Combined with a tour to visit and explore this country, there’s nothing better than this.

August – September – October – November

After the biggest shopping storm in June and July passed, everything seemed to have returned to normal as we entered the last months of this year. If you want to have an economical trip from hotel accommodation, meals and sightseeing costs, you should consider going from August to November every year.

National Museum of Singapore

At this time, the morning temperature can drop, bringing a chilly feeling, but by noon it can rise to 31 degrees Celsius, quite hot. When going out, you should still bring items that protect your skin and eyes.

In general, this is the low season in Singapore, so the prices of services will drop sharply, creating conditions for tourists with limited budgets to explore this small but rapidly developing country. Going in the low season will not have to be crowded, you can freely take pictures and admire the beautiful landscapes in this lion island nation.

Credit: cntraveler

In November in Singapore as well as around the world, Black Friday takes place – the world’s largest sale hunting event with huge prices for famous brands. As a shopping fanatic, you should definitely not miss the Black Friday sale hunt at the end of November.


The last month of the year marks the beginning of the Northeast monsoon, with the highest temperature reaching 29 degrees Celsius. This is the time with high rainfall and maximum humidity. The rains also appear suddenly and stop soon after. In general, the weather is very nice, the atmosphere is fresh and suitable for sightseeing and exploring. Moreover, this is also the time when the Fall – Winter shopping season takes place in December – January every year, so the number of visitors increases. You need to pay attention to the costs of accommodation, meals, shopping, airfare, etc. when coming to Singapore at this time!

In December, the most prominent events in Singapore are the Zoukout music festival, Christmas celebration, countdown festival to welcome the new year,… attracting many tourists, especially young people.

Should I visit Singapore in peak season?

Traveling to Singapore during the peak season usually takes place from December to June of the following year. In particular, December is the most bustling time for tourism, marking the festival season and grand events in this country. Although the service may be more expensive than other times, you will enjoy the best weather and impressive experiences.

Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Singapore by Shangri-La
Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Singapore by Shangri-La

However, you can still visit Singapore during any season of the year, just adjust your plans to reflect each season’s typical events and tourist activities.

Some notes before you go

To have a more complete trip to Singapore, visitors should also note the following tips:

  • You should check the island’s weather forecast in advance so you can prepare your luggage for Singapore appropriately for the trip, especially if traveling during the rainy season.
  • Absolutely do not litter, eat gum or smoke in public places and do not eat or drink on the subway. These things will result in heavy penalties if you violate them.
  • There are some rules when eating in Singapore that you need to pay attention to such as not placing chopsticks on the rice bowl or plate, only placing them on the chopsticks and spoon holders available on the dining table, or most Singaporeans will not eat pork because they follow Islam or Hindus (Indian) do not eat beef,…

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