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Have you ever seen a baked Shigaraki Tanuki in house’s decorations stores like this before?

Today, let’s learn with Living Nomads.

This is a kind of handmade terracotta ratel (Shigaraki Tanuki) , which has the origin in Shigaraki village of Shiga province in Kansai region.

Baking all ratels in the manual method and then put into the furnace, for some funny products.

ratel-statue-symbol of lucky-japan Shigaraki Tanuki
Shigaraki Tanuki

Entering this village, going along the road, you will be extremely overwhelmed. Here has full of shops selling baked ratels, also having some manufacture factories inside the village.

Having some ratels with the height from 3m to 4m placed in front of the store.

baked ratel-statue-symbol of lucky Shigaraki Tanuki
Shigaraki Ware Tanuki
ratel-height-statue-symbol of lucky-japan
Shigaraki is a ceramic town of Koka City situated in the southern part of Shiga, and known as the home of Shigaraki ware. It has one of the six oldest kilns in Japan and is known historically for its good clay.

ratel-statue-baked-symbol of lucky-japan

baked- ratel-statue-lucky-symbol - japan
Shigaraki Ware Tanuki

Back to the title of article “Why choose ratel make a symbol of luck in Japan? In fact, there are many Japanese do not know.

In 1951, when the Emperor visited Shiga province. Normally, two sides of the street stand will be a long line of people connected together to welcome the king, but there is a special thing. Instead of using people, they put baked ratels a long queue to greet him.

On baked Shigaraki Tanukis’s hand have Japanese flags.

baked ratel-statue-lucky-symbol in japan

This image shows the Japanese Emperor was deeply pathetic. Through the media, the press, the story is spread everywhere, and making baked ratel in Shigaraki village became famous in Japan.

Tanuki in Japanese word also means “to lift others up,” help others better.

Therefore, it is as a lucky furniture put in front of stores much, to make the store attract more guests, luckier.

Not just a funny picture for omens, it was a very cute animal, right?

If you have the opportunity to come to Shigaraki , you can buy a small baked Shigaraki Tanuki for your family.

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