Traveling to Okinawa for 3 days and 2 nights will bring you many memorable experiences on the green pearl island. Explore the detailed itinerary that suggested by Klook below!

Iriomote Island, Okinawa, Japan3
Iriomote Island, Okinawa, Japan | Okinawa itinerary 3 days
Eisa Dancers Parade
Eisa Dancers Parade | Okinawa itinerary 3 days
Okinawa cusine | Okinawa itinerary 3 days

With impressive natural beauty compared to Asia’s Hawaii, Okinawa is not only a great tourist destination for Japan, but also a floating island paradise that attracts global tourists. Countless islands stretching in the middle of the turquoise sea, along with white sand beaches create breathtakingly beautiful scenery. Not only does it have spectacular beauty, Okinawa also attracts tourists with its own culture, ancient architecture and signature cuisine. Enjoy the cool and fresh nature, and explore an Okinawa full of charm through the Okinawa itinerary 3 days with Klook Vietnam!

Okinawa islands map

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What’s Hot About Traveling to Okinawa 3 Days 2 Nights?

Panari Adası, Okinawa, Japonya
The sea paradise of Japan | Okinawa itinerary 3 days

Okinawa is an archipelago located at the southern tip of Japan, famous as a paradise for nature and culture lovers. With the central city of Naha and many surrounding islands such as Kerama, Kume, Miyako, and Yaeyama, Okinawa is an ideal destination for both leisure and exploration travel. Besides, this island is also a unique cultural experience point because of its long history of development and cultural interference with countries in the region. To conveniently explore this attractive tourist destination in 3 days and 2 nights, Klook gives #teamKlook a few notes:

  • Okinawa is in the subtropics, so the ideal time to travel here is spring, summer and fall. #teamKlook can watch cherry blossoms, watch flocks of whales migrating in the spring, and participate in fun water activities in the summer and fall. Note that in September Okinawa will be affected by storms, #teamKlook should avoid this period!
  • Regarding transportation, #teamKlook can book airport shuttle and luggage transportation services for convenient travel to the hotel. Next, you can travel by bus, taxi, or rent a car with a driver to get to the attractions. If you want convenience and savings, you can buy JR Pass, Klook Okinawa Pass, and Okinawa Fun Pass.
  • To travel like a local, #teamKlook should also carefully research destination information about activities, services, and utilities. To facilitate searching or communication, you can prepare a 4G wifi transmitter, 4G eSIM.

Okinawa Fun Pass

Standup paddleboarding | Okinawa itinerary 3 days

Okinawa Travel Itinerary 3 Days 2 Nights

Day 1: Enjoy the Blue Sea on the Pearl Island of Okinawa

Okinawa | source: canva

Klook Pass Okinawa

The first day’s schedule, #teamKlook will depart for Okinawa and land at Naha airport. From the airport, you continue to travel to the hotel, pack your luggage, rest, have lunch and begin your exciting exploration of Okinawa.

Go Scuba Diving and Parasailing at Kerama Island

source: | Okinawa itinerary 3 days

Kerama Island, a peaceful beach paradise in Okinawa, is the perfect destination for exciting trips. This archipelago has up to 22 islands, large and small, but most of them are pristine, giving #teamKlook memorable discovery experiences.

Kerama island | source:

Tokashiki Island – the largest island in the Kerama archipelago, owns two clear blue beaches, Aharen and Tokashiku. This is where giant sea turtles live and is also an ideal scuba diving spot. You can combine scuba diving, explore the ocean to find gentle sea turtles and swim with them. Besides, you can also participate in the extremely impressive parasailing activity. From the air, you can see a beautiful “blue Kerama” with clear blue sea water and colorful coral reefs.

Tokashiki Island | source: | Okinawa itinerary 3 days
Parasailing | source:
the coral reef in okinawa
The coral reefs in Okinawa | Okinawa itinerary 3 days

In addition, you can also go to the Kubandaki observatory to admire the view of the Kerama sea, hike on pristine islands, and watch wild Ryukyu deer on Zamami island. In particular, if you come here from January to March, you will also have the opportunity to participate in an impressive humpback whale watching tour.

source: | Okinawa itinerary 3 days

Stroll Kokusai street at night

In the evening, #teamKlook can explore the vibrant vitality of downtown Naha at Kokusai street, stretching 1.6 km around the city center. Here, visitors will experience sightseeing, shopping, dining, and entertainment.


Kokusai not only has familiar brand stores but also brings together local shops, sidewalk eateries, and wholesale markets. If you want to enjoy Okinawan specialties, visit the cafes, restaurants, and bars on Kokusai to enjoy awamori, a typical local wine. Or go to Heiwa-dori, where there are many shops selling traditional clothes, ceramics, fresh meat and fish and shisha statues – the symbol of Okinawa. #teamKlook also can Experience Kokusai Street Crafts in Naha to understand more about the culture and people here!

source: | Okinawa itinerary 3 days

Day 2: Explore Famous Okinawa Tourist Places to visit

Cape Manzamo

Manzamo Cape in Okinawa

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium & American Village Tour from Naha/Chatan

Cape Manzamo, a sight not to be missed by #teamKlook in Okinawa. This place attracts visitors with the majestic beauty of the 20-meter high Ryuky limestone cliffs, along with the border adjacent to the blue sky.

With a wide, sprawling lawn, visitors can relax on wooden benches, enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and enjoy romantic sea views. At the Manzamo tourist base, visitors can also shop for local specialties and enjoy delicious meals. At the same time, the third floor here is a free observatory. From here, you’ll have great views over the Motobu mountain range and the iconic Onnadake mountain. Visit Manzamo Cape and famous Okinawa attractions with Klook.

Pineapple Park

source: | Okinawa itinerary 3 days

Nago Pineapple Park, is a great destination in Okinawa for you to learn about the local specialty fruit. Coming to Nago Pineapple, visitors will experience a journey around the park on the Pineapple Go electric car, and visit more than 2,000 rich pineapple varieties.


Nago Pineapple Park Ticket in Okinawa

There are also a statue of Shisha animal, a sacred symbol protecting Okinawa, a pineapple garden in a greenhouse and a pineapple field with a giant pineapple statue. Each place is a great virtual living spot for you to create lovely photos. After the tour, visitors can enjoy pineapple specialties at the cafe in the park such as pineapple juice and delicious pineapple ice cream.

Kouri Bridge and Kouri Beach (#okinawa itinerary 3 days)

bridge Kouri Island
Bridge Kouri Island | Okinawa itinerary 3 days

Kouri Bridge, an architectural wonder on Kouri Island located in northeastern Okinawa, opens a wonderful journey through the emerald sea. Since its inauguration in 2005, visitors can drive their cars across the bridge to explore the natural beauty of the island. Crossing the bridge, you will seem to be gliding on the clear blue sea with cool sea breezes blowing.

Kouri island

Kouri Ocean Tower Observation Deck Ticket in Okinawa

Below the Kouri Bridge, Kouri shallow beach is famous for its pristine beauty and is an ideal destination for swimming. This is also a great place to watch stars at night, with a clear sky sparkling with stars and ocean waves gently lapping the shore.

Warumi Bridge

source: | Okinawa itinerary 3 days

Warumi Bridge, with an impressive length of 2,000 meters, is a highlight not to be missed when exploring Okinawa. As the longest concrete bridge in the locality and the third in Japan, the bridge gives riders the feeling of being on a journey along the seabed. Connecting the mainland with Yagaji Island, Warumi Bridge creates an open space with immense views, without any obstructions. This is not only a wonderful architectural work but also a majestic picture, inviting visitors on a magical journey to explore this land.

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium


Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium Ticket

With 77 aquariums divided into 3 areas, Churaumi is a destination not to be missed when visiting Okinawa. In the large ‘Kuroshio Sea’ aquarium, with 7,500 cubic meters of water, visitors have the opportunity to admire manta rays and whale sharks – giant creatures that are difficult to find in any other aquarium. This place is also a colorful paradise of coral reefs of more than 800 types. Not only can you watch fish swimming, #teamKlook can also participate in activities such as observing staff feeding rays and sharks, creating a unique sea travel experience.

Shop Okashi Goten

Okashi Goten, a shopping place in Okinawa, is a unique destination that incorporates the proud history of the island of Okinawa. The store’s architecture is designed with a red roof and meticulously sculpted details, which is a miniature version of Shurijo castle.


Entering the store, you will be like entering a castle of pastries made from Okinawan ingredients. In particular, the experience of making red sweet potato tarts is an interesting activity, helping you create a meaningful gift for your loved ones. In addition, Okashi Goten is also an entertainment venue with the experience of making Beni-imo tarts and enjoying local cuisine from Okinawa. Don’t forget to visit the shop to observe the cake production process through the glass windows.


Okinawa Hip Hop Bus Tour: Kouri Island , Cape Manza and More

In addition to pastries, the store also offers many unique products such as Okinawa soba, shisha, and Ryukyu glassware. Okashi Goten is the perfect stop for #teamKlook to explore and bring back unique gifts from the culturally rich island of Okinawa.

American Village

Mihama American Village

Exploring Mihama American Village in Okinawa is an exciting journey between classic American style and the unique culture of Okinawa Island. Located in a large entertainment and shopping complex in Chatan, this is an ideal meeting point for both locals and international visitors. There are stores offering a variety of American and Okinawan products at very reasonable prices. In addition to shopping, #teamKlook can also enjoy food from diverse cuisine restaurants from Japan, Okinawa and America. The highlight of the village is the giant Ferris wheel and the Dragon Palace, which welcomes you to a vibrant entertainment atmosphere.

There are several areas in American Village and here is “Carnival Park Mihama”.
There are several areas in American Village and here is “Carnival Park Mihama”.
credit: canva

Day 3: Experience Okinawa’s Unique Culture

Shurijo Castle

Shurijo Castle, located on a hilltop with panoramic views of Naha city, is an important historical and cultural symbol of Okinawa. This was once the palace of the Ryukyu emperor with traditional Japanese architecture harmoniously combined with Chinese architecture, creating a unique and impressive space.


Shurijo Castle Park Paid Area Admission in Naha

With a large area, the castle has now been restored into a historical park, with famous works such as Seiden and Shureimon. Kankaimon Gate and Houshinmon Gate open up impressive spaces, while Shureimon is considered a typical symbol of Okinawa. Exploring the castle, visitors will be immersed in Ryukyu culture through paintings and calligraphy at Nanden and learn about history at Hokuden.


Shurijo Castle with its splendid palace and lush green garden is not only a destination not to be missed when exploring Okinawa but also a journey in time that takes visitors back to the magnificent past of this island.

Chinen Park

source: canva

Southern Okinawa Half/One Day Trip

Chinenmisaki Park in Okinawa is not only an ideal destination for nature lovers but also a vivid picture of this unique land. The east side of the park is a vast Pacific sea wall, with brilliant coral reefs under clear blue sea water. At the beginning of the park is a lush green lawn, an ideal place for #teamKlook to relax and breathe fresh sea air. Not only has natural beauty, Chinenmisaki Park is also a place of worship for the Okinawan guardian god – Shisha. The red tiled roofs stand out against the blue background of the sea and sky, creating a unique picture, blending with the natural and spiritual beauty of Okinawa.

Okinawa World

Okinawa World Admission and Culture Workshop Experience in Nanjo

Only 30 minutes from Naha Airport, Okinawa World is the ideal destination for #teamKlook to experience the traditional values ​​of the emerald archipelago. Here, visitors will enter the classic Okinawa street space, where traditional houses and dyeing workshops create a vivid picture of the ancient Ryukyu period. At the dyeing workshop, visitors have the opportunity to experience making handmade products from the ryukyuan plant, creating charming gifts. Not only that, you can also enjoy shamisen music and participate in traditional-style pottery making.

Where to stay in Okinawa for 3 days 2 nights?

Hotel Grand Consort Naha (agoda, booking)

Located in the heart of Naha city, this hotel offers you a luxurious and comfortable resort space.

  • Address: 1-18-25 Matsuo
  • Reference price: From $72.21/night

Tabinoteitaku Okinawa Naha 2nd (agoda, booking)

With comfortable rooms and modern amenities, this location is a great choice for you to explore Okinawa.

  • Address: 3-chome-7-5 Maejima
  • Reference price: From $61.21/night

Tokyu Stay Okinawa Naha (agoda, booking)

Combining modern style and complete amenities, this hotel is convenient for both leisure and business travelers.

  • Address: 3-2-1 Tsubokawa
  • Reference price: $65.06/night

STRATA Naha(Hotel Strata Naha) (agoda, booking)

Outstanding with unique architecture and professional services, the hotel is an ideal place to stay for your vacation.

  • Address: 1-19-8 Makishi
  • Reference price: From $59.48/night

Hotel WBF Matsuyama (Hotel Cocktail Stay Naha) (agoda, booking)

With its harmonious design and cozy atmosphere, this hotel offers a unique and comfortable experience for guests in Naha.

  • Address: Matsuyama 1-34-3
  • Reference price: From $36.26/night

Okinawa Travel Cost for 3 Days 2 Nights Reference

  • Airfare: For a trip from Vietnam to Okinawa, round-trip ticket prices can range from $510.71 to $628.56/person.
  • Hotel: The average hotel in Naha, the central city of Okinawa, costs from $78.57/night.
  • Food costs: If self-catering is not included in the hotel cost, the food cost will be about $39.29 to $58.93/day/person.
  • Transportation: Cost will vary depending on your means of transportation, about nearly $39.29/person/day.
  • Sightseeing costs: Depending on the number of places to visit, this cost can range from $98.21 to $117.86.
  • Other expenses: Depending on personal preferences and level of shopping, you should spend about $39.29 to $78.57 for specialties and personal items.

In total, the estimated cost for a 3-day, 2-night trip to Okinawa can range from $785.70 to $982.13/person.

Best cafes in Okinawa Fuyu Café (1)

Traveling to Okinawa 3 days 2 nights is an exciting trip that will bring memorable memories to #teamKlook. The emerald island with cool clear sea, white sand, lovely turtles and whales will bring impressive experiences connecting with nature. Besides, you can also experience the unique culture here through parks and castles.

Yonaha Maehama Beach, Miyako-jima Island, Okinawa, Japan

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