In this article I will share with you the experience of traveling to the ancient, charming city of Bern in the beautiful country of Switzerland. Through this article I will introduce the nostalgic beauty of Bern, the place with panoramic views of the capital Bern and a few restaurants with good reviews here. So, what to do in Bern in one day? Let’s check it out our Bern blog (Bern travel blog) on how to spend 1 day in Bern (24 hours in Bern, a day in Bern) with the detailed guide and suggested Bern one day itinerary to find out the answer!

Bern and the bautiful Aere river
Aare River
Marktgasse Old Town of Bern, Switzerland

I arrived in Bern around 6pm. Thanks to the instructions of Kai – the owner of my Airbnb, just a few minutes walk from the main train station, I found my rented apartment not far away. The apartment is located right on the bustling Aarbergergasse street in the center of the old town of Bern.

Zytglogge Clock Tower – The symbol of Bern
Rathausgasse Street

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After unpacking and resting, my whole family walked around Bern old town for a while. It was 10pm, the streets were empty and all shops were closed. We decided to go back Airbnb to go to bed early to keep energy to explore to explore the capital Bern on tomorrow.

Aerial view of Bern, you can see the charming Aare river below.
Bern Cathedral
The Gurten, Bern’s Local Mountain and its charming
How to spend a day in Bern?

Bern blog — bern one day itinerary: How to spend 1 day in Bern (24 hours in Bern, a day in Bern)?

If you only have 24 hours in Bern like me, this will probably be a pretty good itinerary and schedule for you to follow. Now, let follow me to start a brand new day walking around the old city of Bern!

Wandering around the old town of Bern

Kreuzgassbrunnen fountain on Kramgasse, the main street in Bern, Switzerland

Bern’s Old Town is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. When you come to Bern, you will feel the peace, gentle and ancient, charming of this city. It is completely different from the Zurich or Lucerne I’ve visited.

The people here seem to have a very simple, hospitality, friendly, gentle life and staying close. People often greet each other or simply eyes contact or a smile, nod even though they do not know, or even with strange tourists like me. Many times I received a friendly smile from a middle-aged woman while waiting at the bus stop, or like a smiling nod from a sister on a bus that looks like a working person.

The Old Town of Bern capital

Right at the beginning of the street where my Airbnb is located is the old town center in Bern. That morning there was a bustling market selling handmade vintage/bohemian items, vegetables and flowers.

| bern blog

| bern blog
I was feeling regret because I didn’t buy those bohemian style shirts. But the price is also expensive, not cheap.
| 1 day in bern

There are also stores that sell a variety of flowers at reasonable prices.
| 1 day in bern

| 1 day in bern
The Clock Tower – Bern’s famous Clock Tower.

| bern one day itinerary

Have lunch, enjoy panoramic city view and take pictures in Rosengarten (Rose Garden)

To get to Rosengarten park, from the old town, you can take the bus no.10 to Rosengarten bus stop. Rosengarten is the park with the best panoramic view of Bern city. If you surf Instagram and see many beautiful and stunning panoramic shots of Bern, 90% of them are taken from Rosengarten.

In Rosengarten there is a restaurant called Restaurant Rosengarten, you can have lunch at this restaurant with the best view of Bern city.

Restaurant Rosengarten

After finished lunch + dessert is a great time to take a walk to see the panorama of the beautiful ancient city of Bern and take virtual living photos to “worshipping” facebook + instagram =))

| 24 hours in bern
| 24 hours in bern

| a day in bern

City view when it lights up.
The kids have a picnic.

Bern blog: Shopping in the old town center of Bern city.

To return to the old town center, you can completely walk from Rosengarten park or take the bus number 10 to save energy and prepare for shopping.

In Bern city center has two main shopping streets, Kramgasse and Gerechtigkeitsgasse. The stores here usually close quite early at 6pm, so please remember to watch the time to return to the old town center in time.

Arcade Shopping
A store
Gerechtigkeitsgasse Shopping Street

Arcade shopping

I have bought quite a few things in Bern like Swiss watches such as :P. I also recommend you to go to Central Railroad Station, where there are also a lot of clothing accessories and a lot of food and drink restaurants.

Central Railroad Station

In addition, you should also go to Migros supermarket to take a look, there are many items at Migros supermarket cheaper than other shops outside ;). To save money, you can buy food in the supermarket to bring back the Airbnb to cook dinner like me.


Bern travel blog (Bern blog): Public transport in the city of Bern

I have read somewhere that if you book a hotel / hostel in Bern, you will get free public transport for 1 day here. However, because I stayed in Airbnb so I did not ask about this. If you have a hotel booking, let give a booking bill and ask any staff at the train station or hotel staff for help.

Streets in the old medieval city of Bern Switzerland

As in my experience, when I was in Bern, I spent most of the time to exploring and walking around the city. Because Bern is quite small, the only time I travel by bus is when I go up to Rosengarten.

electric train bern switzerland guide 2
Bern tram
street bern switzerland guide
Walking around Bern Old Town | bern blog

how to get to bern

Although I have only 1 day in Bern, but really Bern left me a very beautiful impression on the people, about the peaceful, ancient beauty of this place. The next day I said goodbye to Bern to coming to the noisy and bustling of Zurich.

See you in the upcoming article about Zurich.

Rathausgasse street

Bern blog: Where to stay in Bern?

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