Jungfrau is a mountain peak in southern Switzerland, in the Alps, with an altitude of 4.158 meters, this mountain was dubbed the “The roof of Europe”. It is covered with snow all year round, and especially, Jungfrau has a train track running from the foot of the mountain up to an altitude of 4,158 meters – where located of Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe – the highest railway station in Europe. There are two ways to get to the top of Jungfrau: by foot, or by train. So, what to do in Jungfrau (things to do in Jungfraujoch)? Let’s check out our Jungfrau travel guide on how to make a Jungfraujoch day trip from Zurich (Jungfraujoch top of europe day trip from Zurich) and top things to do in Jungfrau to find out the answer! Now, let’s explore Jungfrau – the roof of Europe, the pride of the Swiss.

Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe – The highest station in Europe. | jungfrau travel guide
Jungfraujoch - Top of Europe
Jungfraujoch through the window of a hotel.
Paragliding over Jungfraujoch

The construction of a railway that connects directly to the top of Jungfrau is a feat that more than 100 years ago, the Swiss railway industry always proud of when mention it. Jungfrau railway was built in 16 years, completed in 1912. This legendary route transports about 5,000 visitors every day, earning more than $ 1 million on transportation, this peak definitely be the money maker of Switzerland.

Railway to Jungfraujoch
The railway lead to the Jungfraujoch station
Picturesque scenery in the winter

It is not only owns the breathtaking, magnificent scenery with pristine and peaceful space, but also an ideal skiing spot in the summer. The higher you go, the more beautiful the scenery of the mountain, the more majestic, the snowy white covering the surrounding mountains, the milch cows graze on the green lush meadows, far away are small wooden houses on the hillsides, the two white of the snowy mountains and the green of the trees and flowers blended together – all together to make the path to the top of the mountain as beautiful as a wonderland, dreamlike like in a novel.

Spectacular scenery. Jungfrau Mountain with an altitude of 4,158 m is one of the main peaks of the Bernese Alps. Jungfrau Mountain is located between the north of Bern and south of Valais. | jungfrau travel guide

Jungfraujoch day trip from Zurich: How to get to Jungfrau from Zurich (Jungfraujoch top of Europe day trip from Zurich)?

Switzerland is famous as one of the most expensive places in the world, my travel expenses (by train) in Switzerland are about CHF288 (about $305.99). The living costs in Switzerland is very expensive, so if your itinerary is not planned in advance and calculated carefully, this cost is even more expensive. Traveling by train in Europe is the most convenient way that most people in Europe use, I prefer to travel by train in Europe because it is clean, reliable and the magic is that you can be surrounded by scenery along the journey that the train runs through, immerses yourself in European nature, talking with friendly locals and becomes a true explorer by yourself when you can admire the beautiful European scenery that truly exists around you.


Where to buy Jungfrau tickets?

There are 2 ways to buy train tickets to Jungfrau: Buy online and buy at the counter.


Buy online at SBB.ch website (there is app for IOS and Android) – this is the official website of Switzerland railway. Another website you can buy tickets to get to Jungfrau mountain is https://www.jungfrau.ch/en-gb/ – Jungfrau’s official website where there is enough information such as current weather, live cctv, what to play …

When checking online tickets on the SBB site, the default fare you already have a Half Fare Card, so the checking price is 1/2 compares the list price (real price) of the ticket. In contrast, when checking tickets on Jungfrau.ch, the displayed ticket price is 100% real value without discount.

In my opinion, if you choose to book tickets to Jungfrau mountain online, you should book through SBB.ch because this web interface is friendly, easy to see and book easier.

On SBB.ch, choose the destination is Jungfraujoch to check tickets to Jungfrau mountain

At the counter

Buying at the counter means you completely can buy tickets at the SBB’s ticketing counters available at every train station in Switzerland. At Zurich Airport and Geneva all have SBB’s ticketing offices. I bought tickets at the ticket counter at Lauterbrunnen train station.

There are many trains going to Jungfraujoch from Lauterbrunnen in a day from early morning from 7AM to 5PM is the last one. If depart from Interlaken, Luzern … sometimes, trains even run much earlier. You check the time and ticket price for each different departure location on the two websites that I mentioned above.

Lauterbrunnen train station.

How to buy cheap tickets to Jungfrau?

The round-trip ticket to Jungfrau mountain from Lauterbrunnen at July 2018 is 213.60CHF/person.

To be honest, this price is too expensive even though Switzerland is an expensive country. So how to buy cheap tickets to Jungfrau mountain?

1. Use the Swiss Travel Pass

Swiss Travel Pass

With the Swiss Travel Pass you can buy tickets to Jungfrau mountain at 25% cheaper than normal fares.

The Swiss Travel Pass includes: 3, 4, 8, and 15 days (the valid days of Swiss Travel Pass) so you should buy the exact number of days you intend to travel to Switzerland. For example: If you plan to travel to Switzerland for 5 days, you should buy a 4-day Swiss Travel Pass, which costs CHF270. Thus, within 4 days, you will be traveling for free of most transportation vehicles in Switzerland such as train, bus, ferry, boat…But the Swiss Travel Pass is not free at all, some boats and trains will only offer a certain xx% discount for this Pass. For example, the train ticket to Jungfrau Mountain is only 25% off if you have a Swiss Travel Pass.

Check prices and buy online at here.

Swiss Travel Pass

2. Use Half Fare Card

If you have a Half Fare Card, you will receive a 50% discount on train tickets to Jungfrau Mountain. It is cheaper and more profitable than Swiss Travel Pass.

After research, I bought a Swiss Half Fare Card for CHF120, when I got this ticket, I was allowed to buy transport tickets in Switzerland with half the price within 1 month from the date of purchase (the date of ticket validation, you can choose a validation date) that including tickets to the top of JungFrau. Instead of buying single ticket to get to JungFrau for around CHF190/round-trip, I bought it for half the price of CHF94.80. This ticket allows you go and return at anytime during the day.

You can buy online at Klook or buy at the airports where the SBB office is like I buy a Half Fare Card at Zurich airport.

Swiss Half Fare Card

Swiss Half Fare Card

3. Buy a Good morning ticket with Half Fare Card

This Good Morning ticket costs CHF135, if you already have Half Fare Card, the price is only CHF85.

This ticket is only applicable to those who go to Jungfrau Mountain during the period from May 5 to October 10 every year. And only apply for the train going up Jungfrau mountain from Kleine Scheidegg at 8AM – 8:30AM, return at 1:13PM.

Buy tickets online at: https: //www.jungfrau.ch/shop/en/good-morning-ticket-jungfraujoch/

4. Buy Tageskarte ticket

In fact, there is actually another type of divine ticket, the Tageskarte Ticket, but I didn’t get it because it was difficult to buy, so to buy a ticket you must ask someone in Switzerland buy it for you. This is a day pass type for Swiss residents, the regular fare is CHF48, it allows you to travel on all Swiss trains and get a 50% discount.

A type of Tageskarte Ticket

Buy tickets online and check the availability of tickets for each region at: https://www.tageskarte-gemeinde.ch/en-us/

Ticket price: CHF46

With Tageskarte tickets you will receive a 50% discount on train tickets to Jungfrau mountain.

Jungfraujoch day trip from Zurich (Jungfraujoch top of Europe day trip from Zurich)

From Zurich (Switzerland), I took the train to Lucernce and stayed there for 1 day (ticket price of CHF12.5). Then from Lucerne I bought tickets to Interlaken (CHF16), Interlaken – Lauterbrunnen (CHF3.8), Lauterbrunnen – Wengen (CHF3.4). I stayed overnight in Wengen, then bought the Wengen – Jungfrau ticket (CHF85). I had captured a train timetable to get to the top of Jungfrau from different locations, please refer if you have no Switzerland travel itinerary like me.

Jungfrau train ticket
Jungfrau region map
3 ways to get to Jungfraujoch by helicopter, train and limousine
Jungfraujoch train timetable
On the train to Jungfrau
Train view when getting to top of Jungfrau

Jungfrau travel guide: Top things to do in Jungfraujoch (things to do in Jungfrau) & what to do in Jungfrau?

Playing with snow on Jungfrau mountain

This station is large and has 9 sightseeing places, with signposts for a specific tour, please follow the tour signposts, you will visit through all 9 places here. Among them, the highlights are discovering the ice castle, the tunnels recreating the labor scene of the construction workers of the railway and the sculpture area, amusement park and outdoor skiing area. There is the Sphinx Observatory – one of the highest astronomical observatories in the world, where you can see all three peaks of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau towering on the white snow background, watching the charming Aletsch glacier and the Germany’s Black Forest (Schwarzwald) from far distance. My favorite place is the number 9 area because I can go outside to touch snow, play with the snow and it closest to the top of the mountain.

Jungfraujoch station, the highest station in Europe. | jungfrau travel guide

I was overwhelmed when I saw snow for the first time, there was snow everywhere, the four sides were snow, the white patches of snow reflected in the sun like beautiful sparkling diamonds, very small snowflakes fluttering on my shoulders, weaving through my hair was so … cool. While I was here, I met a Vietnamese family, it was really a feeling of coming here to meet my compatriots who spoke the same language like me, really happy!

| what to do in jungfrau
| jungfrau travel guide
Wengen village seen from the train | what to do in jungfrau
Cable car for skiers | jungfrau travel guide
| jungfrau travel guide
Majestic scenery

If you love thrills, you can take part in adventure sports like mountain bikes, cable car riding, skiing on the paths next to the sparkling glacier or challenge yourself in zipline adventure sport. In addition to visiting and exploring, there are often special outdoor activities and events in Jungfrau such as skiing on the Aletsch glacier, mountain ridge adventure game, mountain bike riding and scooter riding in the Grindelwald valley…

| jungfraujoch day trip from zurich
Jungfraujoch peak
View from Jungfraujoch peak
| jungfraujoch day trip from zurich
The flag that everyone wants to line up to take pictures with at the top of Jungfrau Mountain | things to do in jungfraujoch

| things to do in jungfraujoch
Lindt Chocolate Shop on Jungfrau mountain | jungfrau travel guide
Spaghetti in the cafeteria on Mount Jungfrau – not cheap (Switzerland is not cheap!). But also delicious but also plenty | what to do in jungfrau
| what to do in jungfrau

In addition, to experience all activities here at afforable price, you should consider to buy Jungfrau Travel Pass. With this travel pass you can access the most beautiful excursion destinations and hikes in the Jungfrau region! Discover the must-sees: First – Top of Adventure, Schynige Platte – Top of Swiss Tradition, and more.

Applicable areas for Jungfrau Travel Pass

Jungfrau Travel Pass

what to do in jungfrau

Jungfrau Travel Pass packages and prices

And finally, if I choose to vote for the best place on this journey, I will give all my heart to Wengen – the place where I used to think was just a stop to get to the top of JungFrau. Wengen Village, located in the Alps, is a picturesque and beautiful village without cars (car-free). I finally got a cover photo as I wanted on this trip ^ – ^! And I just do not think that the beautiful picture that stepped out from the fairy is in Wengen.

Green grass | jungfrau travel guide
Peaceful scenery

I spent the whole afternoon to wandering here to enjoy the fresh air, breathing in the chest full of the smell of young grass, the smell of snowy mountains and listening to the ring of the church bell, the chirping of birds among the canopy green trees. The picture I see with yellow flowers on the green grass, far away is the mountains covered with white snow, amazingly peaceful. I love this experience and think it’s worth it on this journey because this is the fastest way for you to experience and have an overview of a countryside of Switzerland.

| what to do in jungfrau
Wengen village | jungfrau travel guide

I stayed at the Bernerhof hotel for CHF90/night/room for 2 people, I think this is a cheap hotel in Wengen, I am also quite satisfied because the friendly staff, coming out the door you will see the snowy mountains. The hotel owns a very nice mountain view and near the train station (5 minutes walk).

My hotel in Wengen, look at me, do you think me like a experience character in a Discovery Channel footage!

(You can check rates, reviews and book on Agoda.com or Booking.com).

Ah, if you intend to go to the top of Jungfrau, buy the ticket as soon as possible otherwise you will have to change the schedule because the ticket can run out anytime, actually I intend to go to the top of Jungfrau in the afternoon, but at about 2PM I went to Wengen station to buy tickets, they said the tickets were sold out that day (they only sold a maximum of 5.000 tickets a day), so I spent the whole that afternoon to explore Wengen. After that, I bought a ticket to go to the top of JungFrau on the next morning. Have a good trip to Switzerland and don’t forget share your experience with us!

Wengen, one of the most beautiful villages in Switzerland | what to do in jungfrau

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