If you are ready to plan a trip to visit Switzerland in the near future but you are wondering how to make a detailed itinerary as well as basic travel costs of the trip, the following summary is for you! So, is 5 days enough in Switzerland and what to do in Switzerland for 5 days? Let’s check out my Switzerland itinerary 5 days from Geneva (Switzerland travel itinerary 5 days, Switzerland trip itinerary 5 days) on how to spend 5 days in Switzerland perfectly as detailed follows!

Aare river in Bern in summer
Winter in the Swiss Alps | switzerland itinerary 5 days
Switzerland tourist map

The best time to go to Switzerland

Jungfraujoch train switzerland
Jungfraujoch train, Switzerland | switzerland itinerary 5 days

Switzerland is beautiful all year round, so you can travel to Switzerland in any month, anytime of the year. The seasons in Switzerland will be winter (mid-December to mid-March), spring (mid-March to mid-June), summer (mid-June to mid-September) and autumn (mid-September) to mid-December). Weather varies greatly by region and altitude.

Zurich | switzerland itinerary 5 days

Below is the detailed of Switzerland travel itinerary 5 days

Switzerland itinerary 5 days — Day 1: Geneva

Geneva boasts one of the most beautiful and culturally oldest cities in the world.

Geneva – the most peaceful city in the world, home of treaties, is one of those places worth visiting at least once in your life. In addition to the bustling shopping streets, buildings of prestigious international organizations, you can also admire the beautiful nature with the vast Lake Leman, beautiful parks and the tallest fountain in the world. gender…

| switzerland itinerary 5 days
| switzerland itinerary 5 days
Old Town | switzerland itinerary 5 days

The tallest fountain in the world. | switzerland itinerary 5 days

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5 days in Switzerland — Day 2: Zermatt

| 5 days in switzerland

Although, Zermatt is a small town but it is a very famous tourist destination of Switzerland. It has the towering Matterhorn peak in the Alps. It can be said that Zermatt is an ideal place for those who like mountaineering and skiing. Besides, when coming to this town, visitors will enjoy the fresh air because to protect the environment, the town strictly prohibits motorized vehicles from operating.

Matterhorn, Switzerland
View of Matterhorn Peak | 5 days in switzerland
A fairy village | 5 days in switzerland

The locals all walk, bike or bus. Exploring Zermatt, visitors will feel like they are lost in a fairyland with a quiet space, surrounded by snow mountains, clear blue streams and along the slopes are lovely wooden cradles.

Train to Zermatt | 5 days in switzerland
| 5 days in switzerland
Snowy Zermatt Streets | 5 days in switzerland
What to eat in Zermatt
Tasty herb fondue in Zermatt | switzerland travel itinerary 5 days

The choice when coming to Zermatt this time, I stayed at the Schwarzsee Hotel on the mountain. When you stay here, you will be served dinner and breakfast, so you don’t have to worry about lack of food on the mountain. The room is very small, but the magic is to be able to watch the sunset and starry sky, as well as wake up early to watch the sunrise. Something that if you don’t stay, you can’t experience it because the cable car ends its operation at 5pm. Even though it’s summer in the evening and early morning, it’s only 5 degrees Celsius, so remember to bring warm clothes like me. A unique experience for those who love nature, try it when you visit Switzerland.

| switzerland travel itinerary 5 days

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Switzerland itinerary 5 days — Day 3: Interlaken

Interlaken was originally a small town, located in the district of Interlaken in the state of Bern, Switzerland. It can be said that Interlaken is a famous tourist destination in the Bernese Oberland. With the advantage of having the river Aare flowing through the city, it is located between the lake Brienz area to the east and Lake Thun to the west in a large area called Bödeli.

Interlaken Town | switzerland travel itinerary 5 days

Interlaken in winter | switzerland travel itinerary 5 days
| is 5 days enough in switzerland

When coming to Interlaken, you can’t miss parasailing & paragliding. I gathered at Interlaken Central Station and was picked up by a van. The van went to pick up 6 more people so that 7 people could fly for a time frame with 7 pilots. The car will take you to Mount Beatenberg, where the pilot will guide you through the momentum and put on your protective gear. When the wind blew up, I was told by pilot Anders, from Norway, said ran, and I ran really fast and lifted my legs to fly. The flight lasts 20 minutes with panoramic views of the lake, mountains, and city below. I like a little bit of risk, so I asked the pilot to rotating for a few rounds, which was very dizzy but very fun.

| switzerland travel itinerary 5 days

| is 5 days enough in switzerland

The first is that you have to book in advance the tour via KLOOK, around 177.52 USD for 1 person. Then, go to Interlaken, a city in Switzerland to fly. During the trip, they will take pictures for you, if you like the photos and want to take them, pay an extra 40 francs, which is around $42.27.

Switzerland travel itinerary 5 days — Day 4: Luzern

old town lucerne travel blog (6)
Old Town of Lucerne | switzerland travel itinerary 5 days

old town lucerne travel blog (6)

The city of Lucerne, located on the banks of a peaceful lake with poetic natural landscapes, is a destination that you should not miss when coming to Switzerland. This place with many attractive tourist attractions has kept visitors’ feet to stay in this city longer. If you have the opportunity to come here, do not forget to explore the landmarks: Chapel Bridge, Jesuit Church, Lion Monument, Glacier Garden…

lucerne boat tour (2)
View of the old town of Lucerne and the church from the boat on Lucerne Lake. | is 5 days enough in switzerland
Jesuit Church lucerne travel blog (1)
Jesuit Church | switzerland travel itinerary 5 days
Wooden Chapel Bridge,lucerne travel blog (1)
The legendry Wooden Chapel Bridge | switzerland travel itinerary 5 days

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Day 5: Luzern – Titlis

Titlis cable car

Titlis, originally a peak of the snowy mountains in the ski area in the village of Engelberg, is the highest mountain in central Switzerland with an altitude of 3,238m and is covered with white snow all year round. Only an hour away from Luzern, this was originally a ski destination for locals, and then suddenly, Titlis became a famous ski destination all over the world.

| switzerland travel itinerary 5 days

Day 6: Luzern – Basel and leave Switzerland


Divided by the Rhine River and nestled between Germany and France, Basel is Switzerland’s third largest city. In Basel, there are many works of the famous architects such as Mario Bota, Renzo Piano… Some attractions that should not be missed are Basel bank, Münster ancient red sandstone, Basel Hilton building, Fondation Beyler. You can also join the Basler Fasnacht festival (a festival before Lent), with three days of masks and street parades in fancy costumes.

| switzerland itinerary 5 days

The trip cost

Visa fee: 211.33 USD

Getting to Switzerland

  • Take the train from France to Geneva 84.53 USD/way
  • Airfare 1,056.64 USD/round trip

Hotel fee: 824.18 USD

  • Lake Hotel Geneva 169.06 USD/night
  • Schwarzsee Hotel Zermatt 232.46 USD/night
  • Interlaken Hotel 126.80 USD/night
  • Luzern Hotel 295.86 USD/2 nights
Hotels in Zermatt
Matterhorn FOCUS Design Hotel | switzerland itinerary 5 days

Traveling: 464.92 USD

  • Swiss Pass 295.86 USD for 4 days (first day not used)
  • The different train fees are around 42.27 USD
  • Zermatt cable car ticket 63.40 USD
  • Titlis cable car ticket 63.40 USD
  • Paragliding fee 169.06 USD

FOOD: 169.06 USD/day/person, 1,014.37 USD in total

Kunstmuseum Luzern TICKET: 25.36 USD

TOTAL SUMMARY: If traveling within Europe: 2,789.52 USD; If you fly from Vietnam directly to Switzerland: 3,761.63 USD.

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Aare River | switzerland travel blog

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