The Bangkok capital is a breeding place for culinary creativity. It has a plethora of incredible fine dining options. Sometimes, your demands for food are simple or authentic meals. Street food provides all that, which is why it is popular and satisfying for your budget. How to know the best ways to savor the authentic flavors of Thailand, depending on the region although you can get everything in Bangkok. So, let’s check out our suggested 10 best Bib Gourmand Bangkok street food and eateries for 2023 as follows!

Go-Ang Kaomunkai Pratunam (Pratunam) chicken rice | michelin bib gourmand bangkok 2023
Raan Jay Fai street food

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Tom Yum | michelin bib gourmand bangkok 2023

Do not worry! Because we will help you find delicious food in Bangkok. You will find street food that suggests to you the 10 best places that have become Michelin-starred, not missed destinations for food lovers in Bangkok.

Raan Jay Fai (#bib gourmand bangkok 2023)

Address: No. 327 Maha Chai Road, Samran Rat, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok, Thailand
Hours: 9:00 am—9:00 pm
Phone: +66 2 223 9384
Price: $8.48

| michelin bib gourmand bangkok 2023

Roadside hawker Supinya Junsuta, better known as Jay Fai, found fame for receiving a Michelin star two years in a row, but this plucky woman still personally cooks every dish at her Bangkok stall.

| michelin bib gourmand bangkok 2023
Jay Fai is a master chef and well known in Bangkok, now her eponymous food restaurant has received a Michelin star
Jay fai crab omelet
Pad Kee Mao | michelin bib gourmand bangkok 2023

Long before Jay Fai gained international fame for becoming Bangkok’s first street food stall to be awarded a Michelin star in 2018, the eatery was already revered by local foodies for its famous crab omelet. Besides, Thai authentic dishes such as Tom Yum Goong, fried noodles with pad Kee Mao, meticulously turned out by sole chef and owner, Supinya Junsuta.

Come to Raan Jay Fai, a stall that promises an unforgettable culinary experience on the streets of Bangkok.

Jeh O Chula

Address: 113 Khwaeng Rong Muang, Khet Pathum Wan, Bangkok, Thailand
Hours: 4:30 pm—12:00 am
Phone: +66 64 118 5888
Price: $3.39

| michelin bib gourmand bangkok 2023

Has got a Michelin Bib Gourmand, Jeh O Chula contender famous for its Mama Noodles Tom Yum. It has been bookmarked as one of the must-go food/supper eateries. The queue is crazy and can be up to two hours during peak hours, where there is a booth outside the restaurant to put your name down and get a queue number.

The crowd on the scene became more and more exaggerated with a long queue. Therefore, you should be lined up on the spot half an hour to one hour in advance!
Jae Oh (Bib Gourmand , thai street food michelin star, michelin star bangkok street food (1)
| michelin bib gourmand bangkok 2023
Jae Oh (Bib Gourmand , thai street food michelin star, michelin star bangkok street food (1)
| michelin bib gourmand bangkok 2023

Flavorful noodle pot with a mix of sour and spicy tastes. The ingredients include raw egg yolk, roast pork, meatball, prawn, squid, and noodles. Diners can request the level of spiciness when they place your order.

The noodles are tasty and flavorful at affordable prices, with dishes starting from $3.39 and not topping $10 anywhere on the menu.

Chakki (#michelin bib gourmand bangkok 2023)

Address: 1/35 Soi Watthanayothin, Rang Nam Road, Thung Phaya Thai, Bangkok, Thailand
Hours: 11:00 am—3:00 pm
Phone: +66 86 688 9646
Price: $3.39

| michelin bib gourmand bangkok 2023

This family-run Cantonese stall has been for 30 years. This is the place to come for a huge plate of well-cooked noodles. The specialties are Beef Horfun (deep-fried rice noodles and beef topped with gravy) and Wanton Noodles, and the customer has the choice of the type of noodle that goes into the dish. Pick flat noodles when you are hungry and rice noodles for a lighter snack.

| michelin bib gourmand bangkok 2023
The Thai style of Wanton Noodles is generally one with minimal seasonal, added with some pork lard oil, fish sauce, and perhaps chili flakes | michelin bib gourmand bangkok 2023
Beef Horfun | michelin bib gourmand bangkok 2023

A minor piece of advice is that you should come here soon for your reservation because it closes at running out of time. Do not miss exciting culinary experiences.

Yentafo Convent

Address: 36/3 Convent Road, Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok, Thailand
Hours: 7:00 am—3:30 pm
Phone: +66 2 235 0386

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Specializing in pink broth (named Yen Tao Fo), the color said to come from the fermented soybean paste is served with minced pork and crispy fresh vegetables in balancing flavors and textures.

The unique feature about the pink-sauced soup other than its color, and that it was lightly sweet and slightly tangy | michelin bib gourmand bangkok 2023

When Yentafo Convent started in 1977, their recipe was shared with Yentafo Wat Khaek, which is generally considered Bangkok’s Yen Ta Fo street stall. Over time, Yentafo Convent’s recipe evolved into the signature recipe that the restaurant is known for, which uses tomatoes and sweet potatoes in the broth.

Beyond the noodles, the bowl is filled with small bouncy fish balls, crispy wanton dumplings, soft pig blood curd, the crunchy Kang-Kong vegetables. This is a straightforward place serving good food at affordable prices.

Sanguan Sri

Address: 59/1 Witthayu Road, Pathum Wan, Bangkok, Thailand
Hours: 10:00 am—3:00 pm
Phone: +66 2 251 9378
Price: $6.36

Sanguan Sri has managed it just by not being modern since the 1970s. However, Thai dishes make anyone nostalgic when they have only tasted them once. If you are a fan of vintage style, this is the ideal destination for you. Sanguan Sri has an impressive classic look.

It is not the place for polished, efficient, always-with-a-smile, customer service, however, you could expect them to serve fast except during peak hours, i.e. lunchtime
Thai green beef [email protected]
Red curry

Sanguan Sri is a famous curry made with Siamese cassia and Massaman Gai, a chicken curry. In addition, Gaeng Keow Wan Neua, a Thai green beef curry, Gaeng Phet bet yang, or a red duck curry much talked about in reviews. The richness of the green curry paste includes green chilies, kaffir lime leaves, sweet basil, and a hint of cumin.

Ann Guay Tiew Kua Gai

Address: 419 Luang Road, Pom Prap Sattru Phai, Bangkok, Thailand
Hours: 4:00 pm—1:00 am
Phone: +66 2 621 5199
Price: $1.70

Anyone who has been to Malaysia will find the fried chicken noodles served at Ann Guay Tiew Kua familiar. The difference here is that they add bonus extras like cuttlefish and squid. Whether ordering crispy with a fried egg or soft with a runny egg, they retain a soft texture on the inside and a crispy exterior that is not oily.

You can also have your fried egg exactly how you like it, from soft to runny

Thip Samai Pad Thai

Address: 313 Maha Chai Road, Samran Rat, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok, Thailand
Hours: 9:00 am—12:00 am, closed on Tuesdays
Phone: +66 2 226 6666

Pad Thai is unquestionably the most recognized Thai dish throughout the world. Thip Samai Pad Thai, which translates to “Ghost Gate Pad Thai” as it has been more commonly known, is one of the most famous Pad Thai restaurants in Bangkok.

| michelin bib gourmand bangkok 2023

Expect to wait for a little at busy times, but don’t worry, the fresh and spicy flavors of the cooking will erase those memories as soon as you sit down!

Polo Fried Chicken

Address: 137/1-3 Soi Polo, Thanon Withayu, Wireless Road, Lumphini, Bangkok, Thailand
Hours: 7:00 am—9:00 pm
Phone: +66 81 300 4444
Price: $3.38

Polo Fried [email protected]

Forget KFC and the rest, it is fried chicken topped with deep-fried garlic made from a secret southern-style recipe created by the first-generation owner. Other highlights include Som Tam, green papaya salad is the sibling of chicken, and when in Thailand, eating grilled or fried chicken calls for a plate of Som Tam. Gai Tod and Som Tam go incredibly well with sticky rice.

When someone orders, they pull a crispy chicken out of the metal pot and hack it into pieces on the giant cutting board
Golden crisped skin and that garlic piled on top to have a delicious crunchy fried chicken
Fried chicken goes incredibly well with sticky rice


Address: 89 Khet Bang Rak, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, Bangkok, Thailand
Hours: 10:00 am—9:00 pm
Phone: +66 2 234 7968

For a bit of Chinese flair, check out Sanyod with its top-rated roast duck specials. A Cantonese immigrant family who spotted an opportunity to bring a little bit of Peking to the tropics runs this place, and the result is a wonderful fusion of Thai-Chinese flavors.

Even if you are familiar with Hong Kong’s Roast Duck, the versions in Bangkok tend to be slightly different, more to the sweetish side and sauce-heavy
The Egg Noodles and Shrimp Wontons topped with roast duck and pork though looked superbly dry without much sauce, were quite tasty with a light fragrance after being tossed properly

The signature dish is chargrilled roast duck with a sticky, sweet sauce which is well worth the few dollars it costs. Egg noodles get a boost in egg content for extra fluffiness.

Go Ang Pratunam Chicken Rice

Address: 960—962 Phetchaburi Road, Makkasan, Ratchathewi, Bangkok, Thailand
Hours: 6:30 am—1:30 pm, 3:00 pm—9:00 pm
Phone: +66 2 252 6325

Go-Ang Kaomunkai Pratunam (Pratunam) chicken rice bangkok (1)

Go Ang Pratunam Chicken Rice has been opened more than 50 years, this humble chicken and rice stall has drawn a devoted fan base of locals and in-the-know tourists. Unctuous pieces of roasted chicken are dished up on big steaming piles of fluffy white rice. The aromatic rice is cooked with chicken oil and perfectly matches the tender and juicy chicken.

Go Ang Pratunam Chicken Rice serves well-executed Chinese and Thai dishes at affordable prices, which is why it is always crowded
Go Ang Pratunam Chicken Rice has been around for more than 40 years and offers Khao Man Gai, a Thai version of chicken rice that originated in Hainan, China
The Khao Man Gai (or Khao Mun Gai) is best enjoyed with this sweetish-soy sauce provided, drizzled moderately over the chicken if you find it too plain

The soybean with ginger and chili dipping sauce is a flavorful addition. This Hainanese dish has become popular across Southeast Asia and this is a great rendition, with cucumber slices, chicken soup, and a sticky glaze served alongside.

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Known for its flavorsome taste and extraordinary quality, Michelin food offers the top must-try dishes that every food lover should admire in Bangkok. This list of Michelin-starred restaurants in Bangkok has succeeded in the best chefs’ exquisite cooking. This guide to fine dining in Bangkok is a testament to the remarkable food culture found in the city.

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