Issaya Siamese Club. One of the must eat places in Bangkok.

When it comes to dining in Bangkok, only God knows what the limit is. Thai food is literally ominous with widespread eateries everywhere in the city. However, why do you set a limit for yourself? Whether you are hastily eating out at a small street stall or dining at a luxury hotel, gastronomy is a real deal in Bangkok. Try the following places and you can boast to everyone at your homeland why Bangkok deserves to be dubbed the dining capital of the world. Where to eat in Bangkok? Let’s discover top 10 places to eat in Bangkok for 10 best dining experiences in Bangkok with Living Nomads below.

Iconic sour soup in Bangkok,Thailand

Rooftop restaurant – Vertigo at Banyan Tree


The open-air bar cum restaurant is located on the 61st story of the building, far off the bustling ground. It overlooks the magnificent and splendid city of light and movement.

Thai-dining-experiences-vertigo-rooftop-restaurant-4 top 10 places to eat in bangkok where to eat in bangkok
The breath-taking view from this restaurant

The romantic fairy scene blends in with luxury and elegance. You can enjoy Bangkok dining with the world’s top-notch champagne, cocktails, wine or drinks at the bar or have a memorable meal with indigenous dishes.

Thai-dining-experiences-vertigo-rooftop-restaurant-5 top 10 places to eat in bangkok where to eat in bangkok
Restaurant’s simple-but-beautiful menu

Thai cuisine – Issaya Siamese Club

Issaya Siamese Club
Issaya Siamese Club

Issaya Siamese Club is a charming Thai restaurant hidden in a small street in the vicinity of Rama Street 4. Standing in the middle of a lush green garden, this 100-year-old house with debilitated wooden stairs inarguably becomes a perfect place for couples seeking for romantic moments.

Well-trained staffs offer decent service. Credit: top 10 places to eat in Bangkok blog.

People coming there will be treated fairly no matter who they are – a Thai, a foreigner or simply a tourist. The combination of the ancient architecture, special service and talented chef Ian Kittichai makes Issaya stand out among other places.



Thai-dining-experiences-issaya-siamese-club-7 top 10 places to eat in bangkok where to eat in bangkok
It is best suited for tree huggers

River Cruise – Apsara River Cruise Riverside

Drift along the river and taste the best food, ain’t it gorgeous?. Credit: top 10 places to eat in Bangkok blog.

“Drifting” down Chao Phraya River at night with the amazing lights from the temples is one of the bookmark-worthy experiences of the Bangkok dining experience. The luxury of Apsara is a far cry from other boats in this popular spot.

Tourists somehow find out the inner peace among this hectic world

Spending time in the famous sights, visitors are also treated heartily with delicious Thai food on a romantic boat . Although nearly a hundred and twenty years old, the boat has been refurbished into a classy dining home, an intimate venue that can hold up to 64 people.

Bangkok dining at dusk – Arun Residence Riverside

Beautiful view with light and water. Image by: where to eat in Bangkok.

Many visitors to Bangkok have heard of the legendary Wat Arun on the river banks, also known as the “Temple of Dawn,” but the best time to look at its beauty is when we call it a day.

top 10 places to eat in bangkok where to eat in bangkok
This venue from another viewpoint

And the best place to witness the sun gradually bury itself under horizon is from the balcony of Arun Residence – a quality restaurant located right on the Chao Phraya River.

Street Food – Chinatown

Chinatown, or Yaowarat, is home to some of the most expensive Chinese restaurants in Bangkok along with many of the best but not expensive street food restaurant at night.

The skillful artist is performing distinctive Chinese dishes

The pavements covered by all sorts of amazingly appalling cooking performances – witnessing everything from soup to nuts. Our advice is that you should not swelled your tummy in just one stall, go and have other bites from others also.

Locals love this eatery very much. Credit: top 10 places to eat in Bangkok blog.

Masterchef-worthy dishes are waiting for you in most of the small eateries, check them all out or you will regret!


yaowarat street food chinatown bangkok street food

yaowarat street food chinatown bangkok street food

Dinner Show – Sala Rim Naam


Set on the left bank of the Chao Phraya River, Sala Rim Naam serves delectable and interesting dinner sets along with traditional Thai dance and other exciting performances. Thai style is highlighted with elaborate Sala Thai with high ceilings, sweeping roof, and polished shade. Enjoy your meal amidst the elegant surroundings and cool breezes from the Chao Phraya River.

Thai-dining-experiences-Dinner-Show - Sala Rim Naam-15 top 10 places to eat in bangkok where to eat in bangkok
Traditional Thai dance. Credit: top 10 places to eat in Bangkok blog.



Asian Cuisine – Le Du Restaurant

Le Du Restaurant is an emerging star on Bangkok’s dining map. Although the name sounds French, this is not a French restaurant. Le Du here means “season” in Thai.

Thai-dining-experiences-Le Du Restaurant-16
Luxury “season” restaurant. Picture: must eat places in Bangkok blog.

It is difficult to classify food here, but it can be temporarily defined as young and creative cuisine.

Thai-dining-experiences-Le Du Restaurant-17
This beautiful restaurant offers amazing eats. Credit: top 10 places to eat in Bangkok blog.

With ingredients from Thai origin, local folks delicately the quintessence from many sources around the world to bring to life a truly “work” of culinary arts. And “young” here does not mean amateurs, both chefs in Le Du are reputable.

Strange but familiar cuisine – Blue Elephant

Thai-dining-experiences-Blue-Elephant-19 top 10 places to eat in bangkok where to eat in bangkok
Blue Elephant Restaurant look from outside

A trip to the Blue Elephant is not just about food. It is immersed in the experience of enjoying the best of Thailand. Delicate and charming ambiance along with rich and varied food ensures that everyone will be pleased.

Nice interior design. Image by: where to eat in Bangkok.

Whether you are looking for familiar Thai food or looking forward to some amazing surprises, head over to the Green Elephant. Creative and brand new dishes are perfectly made from herbs, spices, and scents.

Brunch for Sunday – VIU in St Regis

Brunch – the mix of breakfast and lunch is available all over Bangkok. With a number of competing restaurants and beautifully garnished dishes, this kind of meal is becoming the latest Bangkok fad. However, there are just a few try-worthy places.

Thai-dining-experiences- VIU in St Regis-21
Brunch = breakfast+lunch. Very creative epithet! Picture: must eat places in Bangkok blog.

And St Regis is where you can find the new, hot and unique Bangkok experience with a brunch set at the 12th floor VIU restaurant.

Thai-dining-experiences- VIU in St Regis-20 top 10 places to eat in bangkok where to eat in bangkok
Who do not want to spend past-time at this place? Image by: where to eat in Bangkok.

Trendy Food Court – Food Loft

The food court is one of Bangkok’s most exciting dining experiences. At Loft, you’ll dine in a red, black and metal-themed theater kitchen that evokes noble feelings for the interior.

Thai-dining-experiences- Trendy Food Court - Food Lofts-22
Spacious venue to dine out

10 abovementioned special cooking areas offers delicacies gathered from the cuisine of the most famous regions in the world. The bonus is the desserts that will make you drool for sure. You will begin to conquer the culinary journey here with only a 1000 Baht credit card to buy many incredible foodstuffs.

Thai-dining-experiences- Food Loft-bangkok
This small place offers more things than you can expect! Credit: top 10 places to eat in Bangkok blog.

The Bangkok dining options listed here are full of different styles and best-suited for all travelers. If you have already known any interesting destinations, please share with us. Wish you have an unforgettable trip and enjoy acclaimed Thai cuisine.

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