When it comes to the US, we are referring to a “shopping paradise”, especially branded products, goods, items as well as souvenirs or gifts for shopaholics all over the world. It seems that you can find everything in this great country. Because the US offers so many choices, many large malls, stores with many brands with different items, it becomes quite difficult to buy gifts or souvenirs to bring home. If you are in this case and are wondering what should I buy in USA before leaving the United States, then rest assured, because here we will help you find the perfect answer!

Luxury stores in New York City.

So, what to buy in USA, what should I buy in USA, what can I buy in USA, what things to buy in USA? Let’s check out our us shopping guide with the suggested list of top 17+ things must buy in USA including best things to buy in USA, best USA souvenirs, best gifts from USA, what souvenirs to buy in USA, cheap things to buy in USA, top things to buy in USA as well as where to find them to find out the answer!

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Dubbed the capital of shopping of the world, the goods in the US are all genuine brands but the prices are cheaper than in Europe or Australia. Whether it is a genuine domestic product or a processed product from a third country (India, China, etc.), under the strict control process of the US, both product quality and price are rated as very high quality products.

Los Angeles shopping street.

The US is one of the world’s most developed countries. This place focuses thousands of goods from domestic brands to the most famous brands on the globe. Therefore, most of those who have traveled to the US or come to the US on their business trips have a detailed shopping plan for themselves before going. America is known as one of the world’s top shopping paradises with thousands of large and small supermarkets, marts, malls (a complex of many stores), stores, outlets (a selling point of products directly from the factory) with millions of diverse and rich items. Coming to this rich and beautiful America, if you don’t shop, your trip is not really perfect.

A huge American shopping mall | best things to buy in usa
The USA is considered a “shopping paradise” for shopping lovers because here you can find anything in the largest and most developed country in the world. Here, the goods are diverse, ranging from beauty, health care to the most advanced technology in the world.

Best things to buy in USA: Branded clothing and fashion accessories

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The US is home to many world famous fashion brands. This is also considered the “fashion capital”, you can find any brand here from popular to well-known or high-end. Shopping discounts and promotions take place all year round. Especially many items with strong discounts on Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, New Year’s Eve, etc. If you come here on these occasions, you can enjoy shopping with your favorite branded items at the “super soft” price. Fashion items such as clothes, shoes, and bags in the US are very diverse in designs, shapes, sizes and colors… there are many products of famous brands that everyone must love such as Nike, Calvin Klein, Levi’s, DKNY, Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, GAP…

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Prada store on the 5th Avenue and crowds of people back-and-forth.
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In addition to trendy clothes, accessories such as bags, shoes, sunglasses, earrings, necklaces, chains… also have unique designs and are loved much by tourists. These items you can all find at shopping centers, deparment stores, malls or stores in any busy shopping street in any city of this country. The accessories here not only have diverse designs but also have different prices, so buyers will easily find the item they like best.

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Shoes store | best things to buy in usa

One important thing is that stores in the US often sell off: From New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, President Washington’s Birthday, Black Friday, Easter… Every occasion has a sale off from 20% – 70%, so you can shop freely if you travel to the US on these holidays.

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Besides the delicate, model and trendy branded clothes, you can also buy more bags, glasses, scarves, watches, etc. as gifts. Because these products are also regularly discounted and even if the original price is still cheaper than the selling price in European countries, Australia, or UK…

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What to buy in USA: Cosmetics, perfumes

As a female traveler when you have an opportunity to come to the US, you will not be able to ignore beauty products which come from various famous brands that are “hunted” by many shopaholics such as Calvin Klein (CK), Tommy Hilfiger, Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Chanel, Gucci, Versace… In the US there are chain stores specializes in selling high-end fashion items and cosmetics in the same store. This creates a lot of convenience for customers when shopping here. Visiting a store, you can choose clothes and shoes, but you can also choose a perfume bottle with your favorite brand.

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The US is also famous for many perfume brands such as Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Calvin Klein, Victoria Secret… Regarding cosmetics, it also has countless famous brands such as Estee Lauder, Neutrogena, Murad, Clinique, Maybelline, ELF… From high-end to budget brands at many different prices that will suit your pocket.

NYX cosmetic set | best things to buy in usa

If your budget is abundant, you can choose cosmetic and perfumery products as gifts for relatives and your loved ones. Usually, these items are a bit expensive, but they are guaranteed to be genuine and of high quality. You can go to shopping malls, outlet stores, and popular supermarkets to buy these products with slightly cheaper prices but still ensure quality. Besides, these products are always listed with clear prices, so you don’t need to bargain and don’t be afraid to buy expensive but poor quality products. Moreover, if receivers are female, they will be very satisfied with this type of gift.

e.l.f. store | what should i buy in usa

Some gifts that can be bought in the US is perfumes, cosmetics, there are also many cosmetic or perfume brands in the US you can refer to such as follows.

  • MAC: The brand is very famous, the makeup kits and sets of this brand is sure to make any girl fall in love such as MAC Lipsticks, Max Fix+, etc. Besides, it also famous for its cosmetics, skin care products.
  • ColourPop: Lippie Stix, Ultra Matte LIP lipsticks are famous products, good quality, diverse and youthful color palette, price is not too high, the cosmetic lines of this brand are also meaningful gifts for girls.
  • e.l.f: The affordable makeup product lines of the US, there are many products from lipstick, eyeshadow, mascara, foundation, … it is difficult to find in some countries right now because this brand has not been officially distributed in those.
  • NYX: This cosmetic brand may be well known, affordable price and good quality, diverse products suitable for many people.
MAC cosmetics | what to buy in usa

There are many cosmetic brands and other products you can find and buy such as Maybelline, Neutrogena, Murad, Skinceuticals, Clinique,…

The US perfume also has many brands with various fragrances and can be bought at tourist spots, shopping districts, popular stores, if you want to buy products from big brands, you can go to big shopping malls to buy perfume or other products. In the US, you should not bargain because all are listed prices. Some famous perfume brands come from Calvin Klein (CK), Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Valentino…

US perfumes
CK perfumes for women. | what to buy in usa

Best things to buy in USA: American confectionery

Chocolate or American confectionery are items that can be bought as gifts when traveling in the US, dark or milk chocolate, Milk Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts are all popular with everyone, Jelly Belly candy, Idaho Spud candy, pecans… are the favorite confectionery in America.

Sweet shop | what to buy in usa

Miniature versions of the Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is one of those symbols that just need to be mentioned and people know that it is America. With its scaled-down scale, bronze casting and sophisticated shape, the models of this statue give owners the feeling that they’re putting the whole of America on their desks. In addition, this is also a souvenir that many people love and buy as souvenirs.

Surely everyone knows that the Statue of Liberty is the symbol of the USA. The miniature statues are cast in bronze corresponding to the real statue. This gift is chosen by many tourists when traveling to the US to buy as a souvenir.

Statue of Liberty souvenir shop | what to buy in usa

In addition, you can buy other souvenirs such as key chains, refrigerator magnets with images of famous US tourist attractions and postcards (which are pieces of thick papers or thin cardboards printed beautiful scenes in America), $100 USD in Silver on Black Metal Print, Chocolate Passport…

Best gifts from USA: Key chains

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Key chains with symbols of the United States such as the flag, eagle, statue of liberty, pictures of yellow cabs, vehicles, famous tourist spots, movie stars… or images of the US dollars which are souvenirs should not be missed.

Native American Beaded Keychains | what things to buy in usa

What souvenirs to buy in USA: American cure-wind oil

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It seems a bit strange with this gift, because in Southeast Asian countries, there is no shortage of good wind-cure oils, but the item bought from the US will have more meaning, not just a gift to show care of the giver but the quality of American wind-cure oils is really good for health.

American wind-cure oil is always considered a “specialty” gift of the US. American wind-cure oil has very good quality, moderate heat, suitable for many different ages and good for health. Most importantly, this item has a long-standing brand name, so the “coverage” is wider than other common products. American green wind-cure oil is a gift that has become so familiar to everyone returning from the US.

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Best gifts from USA: 22K Gold Plated $2 or $100 Bill Uncirculated

Gold Plated $2 Bill

The gold-plated $2 or $100 bill uncirculated has caused fever among money collectors, not only in the United States. People often use this $2 or $100 bill for lucky money, souvenirs and absolutely no circulation value. According to the concept of many people, this dollar will bring a lot of luck to the owner. Therefore, people are willing to spend $20 to own this $2 with the hope that they or their relatives and friends are also lucky. Therefore, this coin is also one of the most meaningful souvenirs that you can buy to bring back after your trip to the US. You can also buy Gold Plated $5 Bill or $10 Bill if you want.

Gold Plated $100 Bill | what things to buy in usa

Best things to buy in USA: American Whisky

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In addition to wine, American whiskey is also very famous and also loved by visitors. American whiskey is produced from corn, rye, barley or wheat. Depending on the production region, the recipe for whisky production and the composition of the grains used are not the same. The best-selling American whiskeys include Bourbon, Rye whiskey, Tennessee whiskey, Corn whiskey, Maker’s Mark… Because of the wide variety of whiskies, you’ll have more options to choose from. You can buy some to give as a gift to your loved ones or to enjoy by yourself.

Jack Daniel’s | best usa souvenirs

Whiskey is an alcoholic beverage and is fermented directly from grains such as rye, wheat, or corn, etc. Whiskey is quite heavy, ranging from 43 to 48 degrees depending on the type. Whiskey has a passionate taste, and very close. There are many ways to brew whiskey, each brewing method will give a unique taste, creating flavor and variety in each drink. Some top American whisky brands you can refer to such as: Balcones, Buffalo Trace, Four Roses, Jack Daniel’s, Jim Beam, Koval, Uncle Nearest, Westland, WhistlePig, Woodford Reserve, Maker’s Mark…

Must buy in USA: American Wine

With a history of establishment and development of more than 300 years, the US is home to a quite long-standing and famous winemaking industry with many outstanding brands. Among them, the most popular American wines on the market include Carmenet Cabernet Sauvignon (Reserve), Windsor Sonoma Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa 99 Grand Cru Reserve… American wines are not only selling well in the domestic market but also strongly exported to other countries in the world such as Canada, Mexico, Switzerland, Singapore, Japan… In particular, wine is a meaningful gift for those who are passionate about wine.

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American wine has been produced for more than 300 years. Today, produced, spanning all fifty states, in California accounts for 89% of all wines in the United States. And the US is the fourth largest wine producing country in the world after France , Italy and Spain.

Must buy in USA: Wine Glasses

American wine glasses are made from high-quality glass, so they are beautiful and durable. The products of wine glasses in this country are always diverse in design and size, so you can choose according to your needs. The glass has a round oval shape, the bottom is wider than the mouth of the glass, so the wine aroma and scent cannot escape, so when used to sip wine, the wine flavor is still well preserved.

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In addition, the glass has a high base so that the drinker can easily hold the glass to avoid the heat from the palm of the hand from affecting the quality of the wine inside. In particular, people who like to enjoy wine often have the habit of collecting wine glasses, so this will be a very meaningful gift for them.

Must buy in USA: Cheese

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Not only famous for its wine industry, the US is also the country that produces the most cheese with the most diverse variety with more than 600 different types. American cheese is produced with a fairly simple process that includes steps such as harvesting milk, pasteurizing milk, mixing fermentation bacteria and aging to create delicious cheeses that people use. The most special feature of American cheese is that it is produced with a closed process, all techniques are carefully watched to be able to create the best and best quality food. Therefore, cheese is also considered as one of the gifts to buy when traveling to the US.

What should I buy in USA: Coffee

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Referring to American cuisine, it is impossible not to mention the legendary drink that is coffee. This drink is considered a powerful source of energy that Americans often drink every morning, helping them to stay awake all day. If you travel to the US, you will surely realize that there are many coffee shops from small to large, from popular to luxurious. That is why the US has become an attractive market for many coffee brands from other countries around the world to come and find their place. If you want to buy something from the US to take home as a gift, you can choose one of the famous brands such as Café Du Monde, La Colombe Coffee Roasters, Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Sightglass Coffee, Starbucks

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What should I buy in USA: Electronics

This is probably the item we recommend buying the most when coming to America. The US is also known as the electronics paradise of the world. Electronics such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets… are always quite cheap compared to Southeast Asian countries even Europe with very high quality, so what are you waiting for without taking advantage of the opportunity to buy these items. In particular, the Christmas discounts, Black Friday, Cyber Monday… also bring you opportunities to hunt many cheap electronics and consumer goods that you can hardly buy on weekdays.

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People who are passionate about technology often whisper to each other that if they want to buy cheap electronics, they should go to Singapore first, and then go to the US. That said, electronics here are quite cheap compared to markets around the world. Many tourists often buy laptops, phones, tablets, headphones, game consoles, music players, computer mouses, keyboards…

Most of the electronic items such as computers, smartphones… in the US are always known for their best quality and sometimes cheaper prices than elsewhere including Singapore. Although it is said that the electronic products in the US are of high quality, you must also check carefully when buying, keep the receipt and warranty card carefully. In addition, you should also consider the amount of money that must be paid for tax when bringing these items from the US to your home country.

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You should note that when buying electronic goods, you should keep the invoice for yourself, because electronic goods may encounter technical errors due to shipping or other unexpected reasons. The invoice will help you return the product.

Another issue is to note that items may be taxed after purchase and brought back to your country (depending on the type of product as well as the quantity).

What to buy in USA: Vitamins and dietary supplements

Composition with dietary supplement capsules and containers. Variety of drug pills | what souvenirs to buy in usa

In addition to wind-cure oil, vitamins and supplements are also bought by many tourists as gifts. They are very good product for human health and always rated as the best in the world. American vitamins and dietary supplements have very high quality and safety, so they are used in many countries in the world. You can buy these items as gifts for your relatives, especially for the elderly. It will help show your care for the recipient’s health.

In the US, vitamins and supplements are well-known, with the detailed instructions and safe, quality and very good for health. | what souvenirs to buy in usa

In addition to souvenirs, clothes, electronics… Then you can choose vitamins and supplements for your loved ones. These can be mentioned as the joint pain medication Kirkland Glucosamine, Shark Cartilage, Biotin, Multivitamin, Youtheory Collagen Advanced… You can shop on Drugstore.com (also known as Walgreens.com), a site specializing in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements. Product prices are cheaper and there are many promotions and incentives to help you buy quality American products.

Some best vitamins and dieatary supplements brands you can choose such as Thorne Research, Pure Encapsulations, NOW Foods, Ritual, Vital Proteins, Kirkland Signature, Life Extension, Nature Made, Gundry MD, Jarrow Formulas…

What to buy in USA: Books, magazines

| what souvenirs to buy in usa

Buying foreign books or magazines is no longer a problem if you traveling in the US, you can easily buy foreign publications for friends and family members on online shopping sites like Amazon. Buying books on Amazon is not new, because Amazon’s beginning was to sell books online at a cheaper price than buying at a bookstore. Only later did Amazon expand the market to other sections. In particular, university and college publications and documents that may not be found in your country but it can be found here.

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What things to buy in USA: Chocolate

American chocolate is one of the world’s best-selling sweets. Moreover, this sweet always conquers all the senses of even the most demanding customers. In particular, chocolate is a meaningful gift as the desire to express your love for the recipient. Moreover, chocolate itself is so sweet that all ages enjoy it. American chocolate often contains many healthy ingredients such as cocoa, sugar, whole milk powder, vegetable oil, supplements and vitamins necessary for the human body. In addition, the beautiful color with sweet and delicious taste is always loved by many people.

American chocolate bars | what souvenirs to buy in usa

American chocolate comes into many different types such as bitter chocolate, sweet chocolate … the product contains many nutrients to help supplement energy and necessary vitamins. American chocolate is also produced with many unique shapes, eye-catching colors, sophisticated decorations, and is combined with milk and cocoa to bring many impressive flavors. Some famous American chocolate brands you can refer to Hershey’s, Mars, Ferrara, Guittard, Ghirardelli, Scharffen Berger, Tootsie Roll, Potomac Chocolate, Taza Chocolate, Sephra Chocolate, Vosges Haut-Chocolat…

What things to buy in USA: Watches

| what is good to buy in usa

You may be interested in US made and brand watches. This is a gift that shows class and elegance, from young to old people love it. And you can also buy it online on that brand’s sites, or buy it online on Amazon, Ebay… Some top US watch brands you can refer to as Vortic Watches, Brew, Shinola, Autodromo, Pelton, Oak & Oscar, Haven, Monta, Waldan, Keaton Myrick, Weiss Watch Company, RGM, Detroit Watch Company, Talley & Twine…

What things to buy in USA: Chocolate Passports

| what is good to buy in usa

Whether it’s at the airport, or at the shopping malls in the US, Chocolate is very typical product, but if it’s just Chocolate, it’s just normal. The difference is the shape of passports of countries with amazing colors. It can be a passport of the US, or France, Singapore, or New Zealand… Both delicious food and interesting memories. Would you choose this unique gift? You can refer to Trader Joe’s Chocolate Passport.


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Postcards printed with American landmarks, tourist hot spots, beautiful landscapes are also a good suggestion, aren’t they? You can look at these postcards, and tell your friends and family about your trip. New York, Washington DC, Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Las Vegas City, San Diego,.. You have countless choices with these postcards.

US shopping tips

Soho streets, NYC
  • The USA is a “shopping paradise” but the items bought in the US are also quite expensive. Therefore, many tourists often choose to travel to the US during the Christmas season, the big sales occasions of the year such as New Year’s Eve, Black Friday, Cyber Monday. You should go to large shopping centers, so choose carefully the products with clear labels and prices. Items with listed prices will help you balance your budget that you can pay for that item which helps you to choose the items you need soon without having to spend too much time choosing where to buy them. Large shopping centers are places full of diverse items and goods. You can easily choose the right one for your needs.
  • Don’t be afraid to bargain: Bargain is very normal in America. When you find any defects, issues on the product, you should talk to the salesperson and ask for a discount if you want to buy. Another shopping tip in the US is: If you want to buy cheap branded goods, you can search for information about this chain store online first, usually it will be located far from the city center and provide very clear information online.
  • Note with the use of cards and cash: According to the shopping experience in the US of many tourists, for items of USD 1000 or more, you should pay by card, but the bill value is lower, you should use cash. The fact that you do not bring cash, or do not have a card, affects your shopping, sometimes you cannot buy goods because some stores have their own rules about using cards or cash.

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The sandstone pillars of Bryce Canyon National Park.

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