New York, the cultural and financial capital of the United States, is one of the most visited destinations in the world. Because it possesses the flashy, lavish as well as elegant beauty of a modern, most dynamic city, along with the uniqueness and diversity of its cuisine. Not only that, this is also a bustling shopping paradise with hundreds high-end brands that everyone wants to come here once with a wide range of products, items from meaningful souvenirs, gifts to top-notch technology items of the world.

New York is one of the most populous cities in the United States. Therefore, this is where many shopping centers, malls and stores with all kinds of brands are concentrated. | what to buy in new york city
Brooklyn street | what to buy in new york city
Barneys New York | what to buy in new york city
NYC is a shopping paradise for anyone | what to buy in new york city

So, what to buy in NYC (what to buy in New York city), what should I buy in New York and where to buy in New York? Let’s check out our New York shopping guide with the suggested of 13+ best things to buy in New York city (best things to buy in NYC) including best New York gifts, best New York souvenirs, must buy in New York (must buy in NYC), cheap things to buy in New York as well as best places to shop in New York (best places to shop in NYC) as follows!

NYC, home to headquarters of luxury brands in the world.
The Shops at Columbus Circle | what to buy in new york city

While there are many stores in Manhattan that sell snow globes, clothes with the word-wide famous words of “I Love NY”, figurines, and these items are extremely popular, New York also has its Souvenirs are worth buying even more.

A famous slogan, logo “I Love NY” | what to buy in new york city
New York gift store | what to buy in new york city
Midtown, NYC | what to buy in new york city

Always ahead of trends, New Yorkers are known for innovation, meaning visitors can find unique souvenirs and gifts not available anywhere else. Here are some of New York’s favorite souvenirs, gifts and items worth to buy from stylish tote bags to spirits distilled in Brooklyn.

Coming to New York, especially on sale occasions, you will be immersed in the feeling of owning the branded items you have been aiming for for a long time at extremely “bargain” prices.

| what to buy in new york city

Cosmetics and perfumes (# what to buy in new york city)

If you don’t know what to buy in New York as gifts for relatives and friends, don’t worry, we will suggest you. A great gift that many people choose when buying New York gifts are cosmetics and perfumes.

Absolute New York | what to buy in new york city

This is considered the best gift for the beautiful flowers of the world, those are the mothers, wives, and girlfriends of your life. Because what woman doesn’t like beauty cosmetics and perfume, especially when these gifts are personally chosen, bought and brought from far away by her loved ones, what could be more wonderful?

Especially in New York there are many famous cosmetic and perfume brands from around the world. Most of the cosmetics and perfumes here are famous brands so quality is always guaranteed. However, if you choose to buy cosmetics and perfumes at large and famous shopping centers in New York, of course the prices will be much higher.

MAC Cosmetics store | what to buy in new york city
EMMA | what to buy in new york city

On the contrary, if you join an exciting shopping tour at shopping malls or go to popular supermarkets… the price will be more economical. But in terms of quality, they are not inferior to when purchased at shopping centers and large upscale stores in New York.

Cosmetics and perfumes in New York must be said to be extremely diverse and high-quality, with the appearance of many leading brands in the country as well as in the world such as: Maybelline, E.L.F, ColourPop, Neutrogena, Calvin Klein, Tom Ford, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, D&G, Armani, Marc Jacobs, NEST… Depending on the needs, you can choose from lipstick, powder, perfume, lotion, skincare… to other beauty products.

| what to buy in new york city
Dior | what to buy in new york city
La French New York City Of Dream Eau De Parfum (100ml) | what to buy in new york city
Sunkissed Hibiscus Eau de Parfum (50 mL) | what to buy in new york city

Cosmetics in New York are also sold in many places at a variety of prices. For example, if you want to buy high-end products from luxury brands, modern shopping centers or authorized stores are places you can visit. If you want to buy products at a more average price, you should go to popular supermarkets or shopping malls. In addition, duty-free booths at the airport are also ideal places to buy cosmetics at good prices.

Electronics and smartphones (# best things to buy in new york city)

Apple Store, Fifth Avenue | what to buy in new york city

Traveling to New York, in addition to discover new places, delicious dishes, and memorable memories, but you suddenly realize that you haven’t bought gifts for your relatives back home! So now what to buy in NYC? What is appropriate to buy?

Stop worrying right away, and go immediately to electronics stores to bring back gifts that have both spiritual and material significance back as gifts. It is an option that is considered suitable for everyone from women to men and especially for young people who love technology.

| what to buy in new york city

In the US in general and in New York in particular, the electronic products here are on the list of places selling the highest quality electronic goods with beautiful, modern designs. That’s why these electronic products are loved and chosen by many people when they don’t know what to buy in New York as gifts.

New York’s electronic products are not only known for their world-class quality but also have more competitive prices than when you buy similar products in your hometown. That’s not including discounts, Black Friday, etc. at this time the prices of items are even lower. And there are countless electronic items you can choose from such as laptops, tablets, desktop computers, game devices, cameras to latest smartphones from leading companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Dell, Google, B&H…

Google store, NYC | what to buy in new york city
| what to buy in new york city

So if you have the opportunity to travel to New York, don’t miss the opportunity to bring back these popular gifts. However, don’t ignore this small detail because you like it so much: When traveling, if you buy items worth more than 300 USD, when you arrive at the border gate you will may have to pay tax, so before buying these items, you should consider and calculate in advance to avoid paying too much tax.

Wind cure oil (# must buy in new york)

Besides choosing gifts such as cosmetics and electronics, green wind cure oil is also on the list of most bought gifts. And it’s no wonder that this is one of the gifts often found in the suitcases of any tourist.

| what to buy in new york city

What could be better than a gift that has both spiritual and health significance for loved ones like green wind cure oil but is also very compact and easy to carry, what could be more wonderful? Especially the amount of money you have to spend is not as much as other gifts, so for tourists with limited expenses, this is the best choice.

| what to buy in new york city

Green wind cure oil, a gift that carries both spiritual and health significance for those around you, especially the elderly, will cherish this gift you give more than anything else. Don’t forget to put these bottles of green wind oil in your suitcase as a gift before boarding the plane back home!

Fashion clothing (# what to buy in nyc)

| best things to buy in new york city

New York is not only a shopping paradise with countless perfume and cosmetic stores, but it is also home to fashion boutiques, luxury and high-end fashion brands. There are also many opinions that if Paris is the fashion paradise of France, then New York is the fashion paradise of America. This place gathers many famous fashion brands in the US and the world with a variety of products, designs and colors.

| best things to buy in new york city
Wolf & Badger in Soho | best things to buy in new york city

Therefore, if you are planning a trip to New York, don’t miss the opportunity to own these fashion items. Make a shopping plan and take home the most modern fashion clothes to catch the eyes of the other person. It doesn’t stop there, this is also a great gift to buy when you don’t know what to buy in New York as a gift. Because no one can refuse, especially the women around you. Surely they must admire the gift you give them.

Luxury shop in Madison avenue in Upper East Side of Manhattan | best things to buy in new york city
Bergdorf Goodman store | best things to buy in new york city

You can buy them at boutiques, fashion stores and shopping malls anywhere in New York. Even when walking along the streets around the hotel where you stay, you can come across many satisfactory fashion stores. But most are still in shopping malls or branded stores. Above all, the stores here are very diverse and rich with many beautiful designs for both men, women and children.

| best things to buy in new york city
Armani brand | best things to buy in new york city

If you don’t shop at the above locations, you can also go to flea markets. These are shopping places chosen by many people. Although the clothes here are not from famous brands in the world or top in New York, in terms of quality, the products here are nothing to argue about. They also have good quality, diverse designs, colors and designs so you can choose the type and price that is more suitable for you. If you love vintage clothing you can also find them here with many vintage stores selling all kinds of vintage clothes.

| best things to buy in new york city
HM store | best things to buy in new york city

Known as America’s top shopping city, in New York you can easily find many shopping spots such as shopping centers, outlet stores, flea markets,… Especially here you will also have opportunity to participate in many big sale programs during the year such as: Black Friday, Christmas, New Year,… At these times, most stores and centers will simultaneously discount fashion products from 30 – 50%, even 80%!

Vintage store | best things to buy in new york city
| best things to buy in new york city

Shoes, fashion accessories, jewelry (# must buy in nyc)

Along with fashionable clothes, accessories and shoes are indispensable to enhance each person’s unique style and beauty. Therefore, on this trip, don’t forget to equip your wardrobe with eye-catching shoes or fashion accessories.

Louis Vuitton shop along the 5th Avenue | must buy in new york

Across the US and in New York, there are many stores selling fashion accessories such as earrings, necklaces, glasses, handbags, etc at top quality. These stores are present almost everywhere including big shopping centers or even small fashion shops you can easily see on the street. You can see it everywhere and just take a little time to visit and you can choose the models you like.

| must buy in new york

Besides accessory stores, there are also countless shoe stores around with all kinds of varieties for you to choose from. So don’t waste your time and don’t buy more cute and unique boots, sandals, heels from popular to upscale brands to diversify your fashion style.

In addition, NYC is also the home to luxury jewelry brands from vintage, classic, modern and contemporary such as Tiffany, Sauer, Sophile Bille Brahe, Still House, Harry Winston, Cartier, Erica Weiner, Van Cleef & Arpels…

| must buy in new york
| must buy in new york
| must buy in new york

Unique souvenirs (# best things to buy in nyc)

The unique souvenir given as a gift after a far away trip to New York is no longer strange to many people. But do you know why they were chosen? Not just New York, everywhere a unique souvenir is an ideal choice for any visitor.

Model of NYC skyline | must buy in new york

Coming to New York, you can buy unique souvenirs such as key chains with the American flag, a miniature Statue of Liberty, Postcards, Passport-shaped chocolates, 100 dollar bills made of metal, refrigerator magnets, models of famous symbols of the city, even NYC Lego postcards… Buying any souvenir will always be a memorable memory for your loved ones.

NYC metal magnet | must buy in new york
NYC Lego postcard | must buy in new york
NYC Postcard | what to buy in nyc

Miniature versions of Statue of Liberty (# what to buy in new york)

| what to buy in nyc

The Statue of Liberty symbolizes the peace and friendship between the US and France and is located on an island in New York City. Buying a miniature Statue of Liberty as a gift for your relatives and friends is an extremely meaningful choice as you want to bring the whole of America home. To find and buy these statues, you should go to souvenir shops in the city center to find truly beautiful statues.

Miniatures of Statue of Liberty | what to buy in nyc

100 Dollar Bill Metal Prints (# best things to buy in new york)

| what to buy in nyc

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