India is not only known as the land of major religions such as Hindu, Buddhist, Brahmin… but also famous as the trading center of ​​many countries in the region as well as over the world. Therefore, traveling to this land, you not only have the opportunity to explore its vibrant, diverse culture, visit many scenic spots, sacred religious sites that still standing today, but also have the opportunity to shop for yourself and your loved ones with meaningful gifts. From my own experience, I recommend buying these 29+ items to bring back. As for why you should buy these, and not others, follow the article below!

A souvenir shop in Jodhpur

So, what is the most famous thing in India, what to buy in India, what should I buy in India and what to bring home from India? Let’s check out our India shopping guide with 29+ best gifts from India, best things to buy in India, best souvenirs from India, cheap things to buy in India, good souvenirs from India, things to bring back from India which including top 10 things to buy in India, top things to buy in India as well as where to find them!

India street scene.

India is also a land of fairs and traditional festivals as well as weirdest traditions, almost every day of the year there are always fairs. So, the shopping paradise in India will make you overwhelmed because it is so diverse and rich. This variety will sometimes burn your pocket if you do not choose wisely. Let’s take a look at the unique souvenirs and gifts that you can buy to reduce the difficulty of choosing as follows.

India is known to be one of the most exciting, incredible, intense, chaotic but equally beautiful countries in the world. When coming to India for the first-time, your senses will be overwhelmed by the scents and colors of this place. | what to buy in india

Best things to buy in India: Saffron

Indian Saffron

In recent years, saffron, also known as “saffron pistil” or “saffron crocus”, is very popular in Southeast Asean countries, especially in Vietnam, because it has many good uses for health and beauty. Only new emerging in Vietnam, but in India and Iran — the two countries have long been famous for this “red gold”, they have been using it for thousands of years. Saffron comes from Kashmir with the best quality. You can refer to some best saffron brands in India such as: Baby Brand Saffron, Lion Saffron Kashmiri Lacha, Taj Mahal Saffron, House of Saffron Kashmiri Kesar, KeyNote Kashmir Saffron, Taj Mahal Saffron…

Baby Saffron | what to buy in india
Lion Saffron

Buying saffron in Vietnam is both expensive and you don’t know if it’s real or fake. Therefore, I recommend you to buy it when traveling to India. In India, the quality is guaranteed and the price is also much cheaper than when you buy it in Vietnam. Previously, I bought 1 gram for 300 rupees (300 rupees is about $3.98, and the price in Vietnam at that time was $13.13, nearly over 3-fold). Much cheaper, isn’t it? So, why don’t we buy them as gifts for relatives and friends. I’m sure your loved ones will be very happy to receive this gift dubbed red gold.

What to buy in India: Jewelry

| what to buy in india

You will see when visiting India that women wear a lot of jewelry, from anklets, bracelets, nose rings, hair jewelry, chains and necklaces… Mostly, they will wear all and often all kinds of jewelry at the same time. You can find a lot of silver and gold jewelry at extremely affordable prices.

If you have ever watched an Indian movie at least once, you will have noticed that Indian women wear a lot of jewelry. Traditional Indian jewelry is designed not to be similar to that of Vietnam, China or Europe. Because it is not only a pure jewelry but it also has a religious meaning in it. Products are usually made by hand with great care and attention.

The types of jewelry you should buy in India are items made of silver, gold and other types of gemstones and jade. Super pretty. When I go to the jewelry stores, I just wish I had a lot of money to bring it all back.

But you should not buy plastic earrings, bracelets… in the market, because looking at them stacked next to each other is beautiful, but when you buy it, you don’t know when to wear it. And those types are only suitable when come along with traditional Indian clothes. Therefore, please consider before buying.

Jewelry shop | what to buy in india

Silver Jewelry: There is an incredible range of silver jewelry in India. Jaipur is one of the best places for silver jewelry. You can choose nose rings, bracelets, beaded chains, chains… made from silver.

Best gifts from India: Fabrics & Textiles

Fabrics shop, Manali, Himachal Pradesh | what to buy in india

If you want buy Indian fabrics or textiles with silk-like quality, look for fabric shops hidden in the alleys. There are many amazing fabric shops all over India and be prepared to be mesmerized by its vivid colors and textures, motifs as well as patterns.

India is also the land of the sari (saree), a woman’s dress that is wrapped around the body. Each sari is a great souvenir to take home. Even though you may not wear it as a clothing, but it enhances your femininity.

Sari fabric shop, Jaipur, India | what to buy in india

What should I buy in India: Titan Watch

If you are a lover of watches, including Titan brand, then we recommend you buy a Titan watch while traveling to India. Simply because it is cheaper when you buy a Titan watch in Vietnam or in other countries.

| best things to buy in india

Titan is a world famous watch brand and originated in India. Because this is a brand present in many countries around the world, including Vietnam, they have a global warranty policy. Therefore, if your watch has any problems, you can bring your watch to Titan stores to have it repaired according to its policy. Remember to bring the purchase order to enjoy the warranty and repair policies of the company.

Cheap things to buy in India: Blue souvenir items

| best things to buy in india

In the blue city of Jodhpur, you can find the most beautiful blue souvenir items to decorate, use and very suitable for those who love this color. Jodhpur is called the blue city because almost all the houses are painted a bright blue color. One of the reasons why is explained that the blue color will keep the houses cool in the summer. From beautiful ceramic plates and cups to doorknobs, bricks and lamps… the tiniest things all wear blue color.

What should I buy in India: The Sparkling Crafts of Kutch Embroidery

| best things to buy in india

It is a handicraft and textile signature art tradition of the tribal community of Kutch District in state of Gujarat. All over India you will find lots of pillowcases, blankets, wall decorations, etc. with this Kutch embroidery. This is the perfect and signature handmade gift from India.

| best things to buy in india

Best gifts from India: Ayurvedic products

| best gifts from india

When coming to India, you must try Ayurvedic massage. It’s a traditional and healthy method to relieve stress and relax your body and a great way to relax in this country. But there’s more to Ayurvedic than just massage. It is a system of medicine and healing that has been practiced for thousands of years not only in therapy but also for medical purposes.

| best gifts from india

Ayurveda is a natural system of medicine that originated in India for more than 3,000 years ago. It has become increasingly popular around the world, matching Yoga’s similar popularity. Both Ayurveda & Yoga have Indian origin. The focus is on holistic and natural health & wellness in both Ayurveda and Yoga. Ayurvedic healthcare products do not contain chemicals. They are made from natural herbs and spices. Ayurvedic skin care products like cleansers, moisturizers, emollients, massage oils and hair conditioners… are very popular today.

| best gifts from india

They use ancient herbal and mineral compounds to help with various problems. So you’ll find a great range of Ayurvedic healthcare products that you can take home for your skin care, therapy, relaxation, and more.

What to bring home from India: Clothes

| best gifts from india

India is of course famous for its gorgeous women’s clothing, from elaborately embroidered pashmina shawls and wraps to silk sarees, pure cotton kurtas & kurtis to scarves. Many of these are decorated with beading or hand embroidery and will make you feel like a princess. You can buy Indian clothes at stores, local markets, malls, etc. and choose according to your own preferences.

Things to bring back from India: Books, Music and Movies

A bookstore in Bangalore. | best gifts from india

India publishes a lot of books in English at very affordable prices at the classic bookstores of Connaught Place in Delhi or the bookstores in Mumbai and Kolkata. If you cannot go to India and want to learn about India, you can refer to this list of 10 books about India to understand more about the country.

Indian classical music CDs, religious music (or sacred music) for healing and Bollywood DVDs are some of the great things to bring home from India. Bollywood is of course the biggest movie producer in the world and many of the films they make in Mumbai (formerly Bombay) are top quality as well as appealing to viewers around the globe. If you like, you can choose to buy some CDs to enjoy at home.

Hindi movie CDs, DVDs. | best souvenirs from india

Best things to buy in India: Cashmere Silk (Kashmir Silk)

Cashmere Silk Fabric

Cashmere silk, also known as Kashmir Silk — the land is famous for this fabric. It is no coincidence that this fabric became a commodity on the famous Silk Road. Cashmere silk is made from the fleece of sheep and hair of goats raised in Kashmir region in the state of Jammu and Kashmir — a state in Northern India. This land in the Himalayas is considered a paradise on earth. The wool made of goats and sheep raised in this land is of course the quality is not debatable, right?! It can be said the world’s best. Cashmere silk is soft, smooth, thin but retains warmth very well. Another special feature is the unique motifs, patterns and hand-embroidered. That is why this silk fabric is loved by royalty and nobles.

If you step into the shops selling silk fabrics, cashmere shawls, you will understand why it is so popular. So, remember to buy it when you travel to India.

Pashmina Shawls

Pashmina shawls are colorful and delicately hand embroidered. | best souvenirs from india

Kashmir scarves (or Cashmere scarves) and shawls are made from soft goat hair on the majestic Himalayan highlands. Shawl making is considered one of the main sources of income for people living in Kashmir region. This type of goat hair when made into a shawl or scarf is smooth and very cool to use, so it has become famous around the world. Kashmir shawls are considered the first choice when tourists visit India.

Pashmina shawls are the most wonderful shawls you can buy in India. The Pashmina is a special breed of Asian mountain goat that produces wool known as the Pashmina wool. The wool is extremely soft and light.

Cashmere shawl shop | best souvenirs from india

fTop things to buy in India: Bombay Mix

| top things to buy in india

If you want to choose food as a gift when going to India, you can refer to Bombay Mix dish. This is just a snack in India but has a unique taste. The main ingredient of this dish is dried nuts mixed with typical Indian spicy spices such as peanuts, chickpeas, chickpea flour ganthiya, corn, vegetable oils, puffed rice, fried onion and fried lentils, curry leaves.

Packaged Bombay Mix

It is not too difficult for you to come across places selling Bombay Mix on the Indian streets. This snack is prepared on-site or pre-packaged so you can take it with you easily. Note that because there are spicy spices, you need to consider if you can’t eat spicy!

Basmati rice

| top things to buy in india

This is a typical long rice variety and is used mainly in India, Pakistan. This rice has delicious, flexible, soft, fragrant and very nutritious, good for diabetics and dieters.

If you have relatives or friends who are diabetic or need to lose weight and abstain from white rice, the gift of a bag of Basmati rice will be extremely necessary and useful for them. The rice is cultivated in Himalayas is a good product, the price is also not too expensive in India, so when traveling to India, don’t forget to buy this kind of gift.

Turmeric Basmati rice

Good souvenirs from India: Amrutanjan

| top things to buy in india

Prepared according to the traditional recipe of the ancient Indians, Amrutanjan is an aromatic balm for headache and body pain, a natural medicine that is effective in treating symptoms of headaches, coughs, colds, mild diseases caused by weather changes very effectively. It’s easy to pack and bring in a large quantity.

Best things to buy in India: Tea

Assam black tea

India is one of the world’s biggest tea producers and exporters. The most popular tea fields are in Kerala state, southern India. You can find Indian tea all over the country. With geography stretching across many latitudes, India can produce all types of tea, in which Assam black tea and Darjeeling tea are the most famous. Besides being a major producer and exporter of tea, India is a country that consumes a lot of tea. Indians drink tea a lot. I see them sipping tea every day.

This is a famous tea brand in India, Taj Mahal tea brand. | what should i buy in india

There is one thing you need to know when buying Indian tea, it’s about how to prepare and drink. It is completely different from the way of preparing and drinking tea of ​​Vietnamese or Chinese people. If you buy it and drink it in the Vietnamese or Chinese way, it won’t taste good, except for the Darjeeling black tea.

So, you should follow the way they prepare tea, that is, take black tea and cook it with sugar, milk and herbs. This dish is called Chai. “Chai” is made from a mixture of ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, sugar, and cloves and served with milk. When you come to India, remember to try it, it’s very interesting. A tip for you is: When buying Indian tea, you should buy more some herbs like cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, fennel seeds, etc. to cook together and make “chai” tea as Indian prepare it.

Chai tea served in clay cups.

If you go to India, you must try this Chai milk tea, if you haven’t drank it, you have not been to India. You will notice stalls all over the streets with people selling “chai” tea. It is usually very cheap and easy to find because of its popularity. Be careful you will be addicted to it because it is really delicious.

India shopping guide: Blue Pottery

| what should i buy in india

Making blue pottery is a craft that originated in Mongolian times and China’s glazed tile manufacturing technology. This was first introduced in India by the Mughals. Indigo dye is used for itself. This form of making pottery is widespread in present-day Turkey. Persian motifs are used to make bricks, plates, cups, jars, vases and several other items in India. One of the best places to buy these blue items is Jodhpur blue city.

Best souvenirs from India: Brass Handicrafts

Brass is an alloy widely used to make decorative products especially in South India. They are light in weight compared to copper. Traditional lamps and items for worship are made from brass. It costs about 400 rupees for a small craft piece.

| what should i buy in india

Best things to buy in India: Products made of sandalwood

108 Natural Sandalwood Mala Beads

Sandalwood is called “king of woods” of India because this wood has very high value, in the past was only used for kings. Not only is it a precious wood for making furniture, handicrafts, but sandalwood is also a precious medicinal herb with therapeutic and beautifying effects. Sandalwood has a warm, sweet, light scent, but it lasts a long time.

Sandalwood elephants carvings. | what should i buy in india

And only the climate and soil in India can grow this precious sandalwood tree. In Vietnam, experts have brought back to test but have not been successful. Therefore, I recommend that you take advantage of buying sandalwood products. Some items you can buy such as: Handicrafts (Buddhist statues, Lord Ganesha Hindu Elephant God Statues…), bracelets, essential oils, sandalwood powder…

Sandalwood oil | what to bring home from india

Meaningful things to buy in India: Bodhi Leaf

| what to bring home from india

The Bodhi leaf is not too strange to many people, but the Bodhi leaf brought back from India has a more special meaning. Because this is the land of Buddhism. You should visit the Bodhgaya religious site where there is a Bodhi tree where Shakyamuni Buddha once sat and attained enlightenment.

Bodhi leaves are sold here quite a lot. So you can easily choose for yourself the most beautiful Bodhi leaves to return as a gift or as a souvenir of your trip. You can rest assured that all the Bodhi leaves here are naturally fallen Bodhi leaves that are picked up by local people and then sold to tourists. Therefore, the Bodhi leaf is even more important meaning. This is one of the recommended souvenirs for the question of what impressive gift to buy when going to India!

What is the most famous thing in India: Spices

| what to bring home from india

Referring to India without mentioning spices would be a big omission. Because this is the kingdom of spices from the time of the Silk Road. Indian food is a combination of many spices, not just chili, turmeric and masala as people think. Going into Indian markets, you will see a wide variety of spices with all kinds of different colors.

One of them is the famous curry powder, you can buy them in 2 different flavors depending on the region. For example in the south, curry dishes with more coconut and fish are used than when you try curry dishes in the north.

Indian spices are so diverse, but not all of them should be bought. Because there are many spices you will not be able to eat or do not know how to prepare accordingly. For example, masala (blend of spices), there are many people who cannot eat Indian dishes because of this spice. As for seasoning, I recommend you buy curry powder, pre-mixed seasoning packages for kebabs which often sold in supermarkets, spices shops or any local markets. Those are the types I see brought back that can be used and given as gifts.

Spices and chillie pepper stalls in a local indoor market in Shahpura, Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

Besides, Indian herbs, essential oils with diverse colors and aromas will probably make you fall in love. You are frustrated because the room at home smells bad, try to buy some aromatherapy from the markets in this country.

What to buy in India: Leather goods

| what to bring home from india

When thinking of leather goods, many people often think of famous American or European brands like Dr. Martens, Mont Blanc, CROSS USA, ECCO… But they don’t know Indian leather goods are also very good quality and beautiful as well. Indian leather goods are genuine leather, made from sheepskin, goatskin, cowhide (produced and sold by non-Hindu people). Design and quality are not inferior to famous brands. Especially the very affordable price.

The regions with nice leather goods that I know are Hampi, Chennai, Dehli. With good quality products, genuine leather bought in Vietnam is much more expensive.

Good souvenirs from India: Indian Shawls

| things to bring back from india

This is an indispensable accessory in the dress of Indian women. The large, large-sized shawls both cover the head and cover most of the upper body. You can choose a shawl with a plain fabric or silk. Usually silk scarves or shawls have a nicer look, designs and patterns.

In addition, decorative motifs are also one of the highlights of the shawls here. Holding the shawl in your hand, you will feel the meticulousness of each hand weaving of the Indian woman. Quality products from materials to weaving techniques. To find and buy beautiful shawls you should visit Kashmir. There are many beautiful shawls here for you to choose from.

Embroidered Indian Shawl

Top things to buy in India: Saree (or Sari)

Like the Vietnamese Ao Dai or the Japanese Kimono, the Sari is a type of traditional dress worn by Indian women. Interestingly, based on the color of the sari, we can tell the status of a woman who wearing it. For example, brides often wear red sari with gold embroidered threads, widows often wear simple white sari and wear no jewelry or pregnant women will wear yellow sari to pray well-being for their unborn baby…

Sari will show off the seductive curves and hide the flaws of the wearer’s body. What could be better than a traditional Indian sari as a gift when you come back from travel? | things to bring back from india

Beautiful dress design, helping to enhance the beauty of Indian women. Besides, the motifs are made on a beautiful and unique silk fabric that does not duplicate, creating sari dresses with a very unique beauty.

Shalwar kameez (Salwar Kameez)

Although it is also the traditional dress of Indian women, Shalwar Kameez is more popular in the Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir, Punjab and Haryana regions. Shalwar Kameez is just as popular as Sari. Any dress gives Indian women a beautiful and seductive beauty that is not confused with any other place.

| things to bring back from india

A Salwar Kameez dress consists of wide-leg pants but with neat shin pants. The shirt will be sewn in the style of a knee-length short-sleeved shirt with slits on both sides. Depending on the design, the design of the collar and sleeves are different to beautify the Indian women’s costumes. The colors and decorative motifs of Salwar Kameez’s costumes are also imbued with Indian culture.

Kurta Pajama

The traditional costume for men in India is the Kurta Pajama. As well as women’s dress. Men’s clothing has a similar design but will use more appropriate decorative motifs. The color of the outfit is usually a strong deep color, the texture on the fabric is quite simple and no frills, very suitable for men’s style.

A Kurta Pajama outfit for men will include wide legged pants with neat shin pants. The part of the shirt is sewn to fit the body in the form of a long dress with a slit on the side. Men’s clothing is also focused on decoration. The emphasis is usually on the collar and sleeves. General colors are strong deep colors. Textures on the fabric are simple, no frills.

Best things to buy in India: Kashmir Rugs

| things to bring back from india

Kashmiri rugs are handmade and hand-knit in Kashmir. Rug weaving is a small-scale industry in Kashmir. They can be made of silk, wool, or a combination of both. The higher the knots/square inch in a rug, the higher the price of the rug. Silk rugs with higher knots are prized ones and are often passed down through generations.

God Statues

India has a lot of statues of Hindu gods, they are usually made of bronze or marble for sale to tourists who want to buy.

Miniature Taj Mahal model

Cast bronze statues of the elephant-headed God Ganesh, in dancing shapes of Shiva, Nataraja, etc. are especially popular with tourists. Besides, tourists also often buy marble elephant statues, Taj Mahal Mausoleum models…

Musical instruments

India has a multitude of musical traditions and music lovers can find great locally made musical instruments here.

Sitar | things to bring back from india

Some popular instruments like: Sitar, sarod, veena,.. and most of the instrument vendors in the larger cities can help you figure out the best way to bring the instrument home. Or you can also buy a flute if you love this gentle instrument.

Cheap things to buy in India: Shoes

Jutti | cheap things to buy in india

India is a huge footwear producer, especially in the Taj Mahal’s home town of Agra, where hundreds of thousands of pairs of shoes are produced every day. Although you can choose from a wide range of shoes from office shoes to high heels at Indian shoe stores or some other unique traditional Indian men’s and women’s footwear.

Popular choices include Juttis, mojaris, classic leather roller skates, and more, often embroidered or sequined.

Flip-flops called chappals are another great option and often come with embellishments such as flowers, animals, plants, etc. Kohalpuris, sandal style, handmade flip-flops with extra finger rings for the big toes is also a favorite choice of many female travelers.

Chappals | cheap things to buy in india

What to buy in India: Traditional Flip-Flops

Traditional Flip-Flops are also among the nominees for this list of unique Indian souvenirs that you can buy as gifts. The Indians still use the English term “Flip-flops” to refer to these sandals. These sandals are derived from the Japanese Zori sandals. They were originally made from wood, straw or papyrus, but Today to make these sandals, there are very rich and diverse materials such as leather, rubber, plastic or metal. This type of sandals when worn in the summer is very comfortable and convenient for moving and commuting more convenient. It is the top selling listed souvenir item in this country.

Statue of God Ganesha

India is also known by tourists as “The Land of Ganesha”, the god who symbolizes the love and strength of Hinduism. The god has a strange body with an elephant head and a human body, associated with an interesting religious story. So for Indians, this god is very important in their spiritual life. The shape of the god is also unique to the person with the head of an elephant. The statue of Ganesha is present in life of Indians everywhere under various materials and different sizes.

A brass statue of the elephant-headed God Ganesh.

The statue of Ganesha also has many meanings for business. This god will patronize good business. For the family, when worshiping the Ganesha statue, it is expected to receive protection, warmth and happiness for all family members. You can “bring” the Ganesha statue to worship with the same wishes as the Indians.

Best gifts from India: Pottery

| cheap things to buy in india

Pottery is very popular in India and it is not strange to see street vendors next to piles of giant earthenware pots, sculptures, lanterns and even disposable teapots for sale. If you are looking for something to take home then some traditional pottery might be your best bet. Pottery has green, yellow and white colors… with rich different textures, patterns, shapes and designs as well.

| good souvenirs from india

Madhubani Paintings

The Madhubani paintings were done in Mithila region in Bihar. Often, scenes from Indian mythology are colorfully reproduced in these paintings. They were originally done on floors and on mud walls. Today, it is done on canvas and paper. Rice flour and natural dyes are used. Usually, it is done with fingers or twigs. Madhubani paintings have a distinct style. There is a lot of focus on the eyes & no gaps in the canvas.

| good souvenirs from india

Kathputli Puppets

| good souvenirs from india

Kath means wood & putli means a doll. Kathputli means a puppet in Hindi. Folk tales with puppets form the backdrop at village fairs & festivals in Rajasthan. This is one of the oldest forms of entertainment more than 1000 years old. The dolls are colored in Rajasthani costumes. Therefore, you can also buy these traditional puppets as gifts.

Above are +29 things that I recommend you buy when traveling to India from my actual experience. In addition, I would also recommend you to consider other suggestions for buying handicrafts, marble, refrigerator magnets… Make sure you know you will have a chance to use them. If not, it’s going to cost you money to put it away. Wish you have a happy trip to India and buy meaningful gifts for yourself, family and friends.

Jaipur impresses visitors by its earthy pink color (dusty color, terra-cotta pink).

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