For travel lovers, it is certainly impossible to ignore a famous tourist destination that is Hong Kong. It is one of the most developed and vibrant cities in the world. Maybe a trip to explore Hong Kong with just 48 hours is not enough, but check out Living Nomads’s suggestions below to have the most perfect trip in Hong Kong in 48 hours. So, how many days in Hong Kong is enough, how many days should you spend in Hong Kong and what to do in Hong Kong for 2 days? Let’s check out our suggested Hong Kong itinerary 2 days (two days in Hong Kong itinerary) on how to spend 2 days in Hong Kong (2 days in HK, 48 hours in Hong Kong, 48 hrs in Hong Kong) on a budget with the best things to do in Hong Kong for 2 days (things to do in Hong Kong in 2 days) as follows!

hong kong at dusk
Hong Kong at dusk view from The Peak | 2 days in hong kong
Hong Kong street scene
LAN FONG YUEN Central Hong Kong cha chaan teng (1)
People lined up in front of Lan Fong Yuen | 2 days in hong kong
The sacred temple of Man Mo
Manho, Hongkong
Dimsum, must try dish in Hong Kong | 2 days in hong kong

Day 1 (#2 days in hong kong)

Breakfast at a Cha Chaan Teng

LAN FONG YUEN Central Hong Kong cha chaan teng (1)
| 2 days in hong kong

It is meant to be a tea restaurant (Hong Kong-style cafe), where it serves popular food at an affordable price. Here you will enjoy breakfast like the locals with traditional dishes such as pasta in tomato soup or pork sandwiches. You can also combine with drinks like tea or coffee for a more alert and energetic breakfast. A traditional Hong Kong breakfast with plenty of energy and an affordable price tag will be an exhilarating start to your 48-hour journey.

LAN FONG YUEN Central Hong Kong cha chaan teng (1)
Inside Lan Fong Yuen Cha Chaan Teng
Sun Kee restaurant
| 2 days in hong kong
| 2 days in hong kong

Take the outdoor escalator and eat Dim Sum (#2 days in hong kong)

After breakfast, take a stroll to explore the streets of Soho. This is one of the busiest neighborhood in Hong Kong with more than 200 restaurants, high-end bars to trendy areas and art galleries. You can choose from a few of them to experience, but don’t forget to try the famous 800-meter long outdoor escalator called The Central–Mid-Levels escalator, about 2,624 feet, which is an important connection between the residential area and the busy commercial center in the city.

| 2 days in hong kong

For lunch, take the time to enjoy Dim Sum. A trip to Hong Kong will not be complete without eating Dim Sum in Hong Kong. The small sized Dim Sum will make you full of happiness. Dim Sum has many different flavors depending on the type of filling you want to choose, it can be salty or sweet. You can drink it with tea like a real Chinese because it will help you eat more, digest better. One of the most prestigious places to eat Dim Sum, trusted by many diners, is Dim Sum Square, in addition, you can also choose other dishes such as grilled pork sandwiches and crystal shrimp dumplings (Har Gow) to have a more delicious, nutritious and complete lunch.

| 2 days in hong kong
Sun Hing Restaurant hk (2)
Must try food in Hong Kong is dimsum | what to do in hong kong for 2 days
Dim sum - hong kong- street food5
| what to do in hong kong for 2 days

Dim Sum Square
Address: Hong Kong, Sheung Wan, Jervois St, 78號太興中心二座低層地下
Hours: 10AM–10PM
Phone: +852 2851 8088

Explore traditional architecture and contemporary art (#hong kong itinerary 2 days)

To admiring these unique architectures, spend your afternoon strolling along the street called Tai Ping Shan, which translates to Mountain of Peace in Cantonese. In the past, the road was known as a gathering place for gambling and opium and was heavily affected by the plague. Over time, the road has put on a new appearance with unprecedented growth. It is home to shopping malls, fashion boutiques, ceramics, homewares and even art galleries along with chic coffee spaces.

Tai Ping Shan street | what to do in hong kong for 2 days
| what to do in hong kong for 2 days
| what to do in hong kong for 2 days

Nearby, on Hollywood Road is the Man Mo Temple, one of Hong Kong’s oldest and most famous temples. This temple is visited by many people every year because of its sacredness. Parents often come here to pray for their children to have good health, good luck and achieve good results in school. The temple is hidden on a hill, surrounded by modern skyscrapers. Therefore, the temple becomes more and more unique and a tourist attraction.

Man Mo Temple | what to do in hong kong for 2 days
| what to do in hong kong for 2 days

In addition, there is also another unique design building, bold local design and historical beauty. It was the Central School building – one of the first government schools and later used as PMQ headquarters, used to provide accommodation for police officers and policemen to stay with their families. Since being used for residential purposes, the building has been repaired and reborn as an icon of creative lifestyle. In addition to admiring the architecture of the building, you can also take a walk around it, you will surely find many things from studios, cafes or high-end restaurants.

| two days in hong kong itinerary

Take a tram ride

| two days in hong kong itinerary

After feeling a bit tired of traveling by public transport, catch yourself a tram ride. In Hong Kong, trams are also known by another familiar name, ding-ding. Nowadays, ding-ding is more and more popular because it is a cost-effective and environment-friendly transportation method. On top of that, ding-ding is popular with tourists because it’s a great way to see the city as you move from one spot to another. Make the most of use the tram for traveling, for the most enjoyable city tour. Trams usually start their routes from Western Market Terminus in Sheung Wan and finish at Causeway Bay.

| two days in hong kong itinerary
| two days in hong kong itinerary

Dining in Causeway Bay

One of the luxurious, sparkling places that cannot be missed is Times Square in Causeway Bay. This place is always crowded with people, especially on special occasions such as Christmas, traditional Lunar New Year because here will meet all your shopping needs, including products from most famous brands in the world. Each store is arranged and decorated differently, but they all exude a luxurious, upmarket look, making shoppers fall in love, unable to take their eyes off.

Times Square in Causeway Bay | two days in hong kong itinerary

If you have set foot in Causeway Bay, you should take the time to try the typical and famous seafood here. With the long experience of the fishermen here, they will surely know how to catch seafood and prepare it to keep the freshest taste possible. More interestingly, you can also participate in the fishing work of the fishermen to experience their life as well as choose for yourself the seafood you want to eat the most. Otherwise, head to Shun Kee Typhoon Shelter Seafood to enjoy a dinner full of fresh Cantonese-style fresh seafood in a unique setting. It is on the luxury boats, in the middle of Causeway Bay, nothing more interesting than that.

Shun Kee Typhoon Shelter (Chinese wooden boats floating on the bay) | things to do in hong kong for 2 days
| things to do in hong kong for 2 days

Shun Kee Typhoon Shelter Seafood
Hours: 6–10PM/Wednesday: Closed
Phone: +852 8112 0075

Party at Lan Kwai Fong (#2 days in hong kong budget)

After a day of traveling around, end your first day in the way that young Hong Kongers have fun with a night out at Lan Kwai Fong. Lan Kwai Fong is a destination of the liveliest nightlife in Hong Kong. Here you can witness the art of mixing cocktails first-hand, or relax all night on the Play dance floor – 8,000 Square Meters (743 square meters) nightclub. Shout with all your might, to get rid of all the stress in you, to release all the negative thoughts in you, to forget who you are for a moment to immerse yourself in the fun. After that, you will find yourself happier and more optimistic or simply tired enough to sleep better without having to worry about anything.

Lan Kwai Fong-hong-kong-explore the fullest hong kong only 3 days2
| things to do in hong kong for 2 days
Lan Kwai Fong hong kong (1)
Lan Kwai Fong is always crowded and bustling with people going in and out of bars and clubs. | things to do in hong kong for 2 days
happy hour lan kwai fong
Happy hour in Lan Kwai Fong | things to do in hong kong for 2 days

Day 2 (#hong kong itinerary 2 days)


| things to do in hong kong for 2 days

First stop: breakfast at Elephant Grounds. This is a great place to recharge with a healthy breakfast and a cup of coffee to start the day full of energy. Breakfast items include yogurt parfaits and eggs served with avocado, quinoa seeds and toast depending on your preference. If you want a sweet breakfast, we recommend peanut butter toast.

Elephant Grounds (Wan Chai)
Address: 8 Wing Fung St, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Hours: 8AM–9PM
Phone: +852 2778 2700

Next, after satisfying your taste buds with the perfect breakfast, relax your body and watch the sunrise at Victoria Peak. With a height of 552m, Victoria is the highest hill on Hong Kong Island and is one of the best spots to see the whole city. To get here easily, people often use a tram which both save costs while protecting the environment. When you come to the top of Victoria, keep your eyes peeled to see the scenery as far as possible, so that that moment will remain forever in your mind.

Victoria Peak Pavilion. | hong kong itinerary 2 days
Victoria Bay seen from the Peak | hong kong itinerary 2 days

Another place that you should also go is Kowloon by taking the Star ferry. From Central Pier 7, Star Ferry emerges with an ancient and romantic beauty. The ferry will take you from Hong Kong Island via Victoria Harbour to Sao Tsim Sha Tsui Ferry Terminal in Kowloon. You don’t have to wait until you reach the stop to enjoy the view because as soon as you are on the ferry you will also be able to see the beautiful scenery. Those are high-rise buildings close together, you seem to be surprised by the development of this place as well as find yourself about to get rid of the crowd and noise to a more peaceful place.

Star ferry | hong kong itinerary 2 days

Enjoy a peaceful moment at Chi Lin Nunnery (#what to do in hong kong for 2 days)

After the first day of feeling the hustle and bustle, modern and luxurious here, spend more time on the second day to relax in the soul, fully enjoy the deep beauty of Hong Kong. Enjoy your afternoon in a very casual way like walking and having lunch at Chi Lin Nunnery. The majestic Buddhist temple complex at Diamond Hill. It was built with cedar wood in the traditional Tang Dynasty architectural style and is currently the largest handcrafted wooden building in the world. When you come here, you will be overwhelmed by the vastness and sacredness of this place. You feel like you are small with the desire for peace in your soul. In addition, you can also spend time praying for your family and loved ones to have good health, success in career and above all, to live the happiest life to the fullest.

Chi Lin Nunnery | hong kong itinerary 2 days
Enjoy a peaceful moment at Chi Lin Nunnery | hong kong itinerary 2 days

Chi Lin Nunnery
Address: Chi Lin Nunnery, 5 Chi Lin Dr, Sheung Yuen Leng, Hong Kong
Hours: 9AM–4:30PM

Opposite the nunnery is Nan Lian Garden, a beautifully manicured garden where you can take a relaxing stroll before stopping at the popular Chi Lin vegetarian restaurant for a delicious vegetarian lunch. variety. Coming here, you will feel the feeling of returning to the origin. Your soul will become lighter and more peaceful than ever. To get to Chi Lin Nunnery, you can take a taxi or tram from Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station to Diamond Hill MTR station.

Chi Lin vegetarian restaurant | hong kong itinerary 2 days

Nan Lian Garden
Address: Fung Tak Rd, Diamond Hill, Hong Kong
Hours: 7AM–9PM
Phone: +852 3658 9366

Walk in park (#two days in hong kong itinerary)

Kowloon Walled City Park on Tung Tsing Road. It opens from 6.30am to 11pm daily. In addition to the fresh air, this place also attracts people to visit thanks to the stalls and peaceful roads as well as visit the Jiangnan garden of the Qing Dynasty which has a fascinating history. This place is like a shining pearl and a lung providing life for a densely populated area around. Helping people’s lives to be balanced and their souls to be watered brighter.

| hong kong itinerary 2 days

Kowloon Walled City Park
Address: Kowloon City, Hong Kong
Hours: 6:30AM–11PM
Phone: +852 2716 9962

Street art in Sham Shui Po (#things to do in hong kong for 2 days)

Uniquely packed with old, crammed buildings built to accommodate the dense population, Sham Shui Po’s nearby Kowloon neighborhood has an intense vibe, is popular and is a great place to hunt for bargains, including electronics, computer gadgets, children’s toys, antique coins. Explore the stalls and flea market shops on Apulia Street and you’ll find everything from cheap headphones to old TV remotes. Also, look out for the Man Fung Building – a residential building on Tai Nan Road that is completely covered with a large mural painting by street artist Okuda San Miguel with the title is Rainbow Thief.

The Sham Shui Po area in Kowloon has many busy outdoor markets.
The Sham Shui Po area in Kowloon has many busy outdoor markets. | 48 hours in hong kong
You can find so many items at these cheap markets.
You can find so many items at these cheap markets. | 48 hours in hong kong
Sham Shui Po street art | 48 hours in hong kong

Enjoy the world’s largest light and sound show (#48 hours in hong kong)

At 8pm every night, the city perform a 10-minute led laser show called the Symphony of Lights, where iconic high-rises circle Victoria Harbor on both Hong Kong and Kowloon islands project lasers, LED screens and spotlights to create a unique light show. A great way to enjoy the show with the best view is to sit on the Aquauna, Symphony of Lights Dinner & Cruise, where you can watch both sides of the show from a vintage Hong Kong boat sailing along the pier. By the way, after enjoying the light show you can have dinner at a Sichuan restaurant. With a diverse menu of many major cuisines in the world, created by talented hands, many years of experience will surely satisfy your taste buds.

Kowloon West Promenade-Symphony of Lights-hong-kong-explore the fullest hong kong only 3 days
Symphony of Lights | 48 hours in hong kong
hong kong symphony of lights
| 48 hours in hong kong
Image by: hong kong travel blog.
| 2 days in hong kong

No trip to Hong Kong would be complete without a trip to the night market. The largest and busiest night market in Hong Kong is Temple Street in Jordan’s Kowloon area that is home to outdoor stalls selling snacks, fake Gucci bags, watches, homewares, shoes and jewel jewelry, flanges, all at extremely affordable prices. Here you will also find fortune tellers who will read your palm for a very pleasant fee. Although here, you will not find expensive or luxurious items, but you will find things that are extremely unique and bring you interesting experiences.

temple-street night market
| 2 days in hong kong
Temple Street Night Market-hong-kong-explore the fullest hong kong only 3 days1
Temple Street Night Market
Temple Street Night Market-hong-kong-explore the fullest hong kong only 3 days2
Temple Street Night Market | 2 days in hong kong

Relax in a soft nightcap on the Knutsford Terrace (#2 days in hk)

Tsim Sha Tsui is famous for its lively outdoor bars. The highlight there is Knutsford Terrace – the best place to enjoy a sweet evening in a soft nightcap. However, before choosing for yourself a sleep after a long day of experience, if you still have some energy, Joe Hay Billiard & Bar is a perfect place to entertain. To fully enjoy the feeling Relaxing feeling here you need a glass of wine or Bailey and melodious to the music or sometimes blend your cheers into the crowd. Chill with a few glasses of wine and talk to your travel companions about the wonderful experiences together after two dreamy days in Hong Kong before a good night’s sleep to return to daily life.

| 2 days in hong kong

Hopefully the things that we shared above will be useful things for you to fully enjoy the quintessence and beauty of Hong Kong. To remember later, you will feel proud of yourself because you have experienced such happy times. Or more simply, you will have more experience for your next trip to Hong Kong.

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