Not only attracts tourists thanks to modern entertainment and amusement places, beautiful scenery, but Singapore also has attracted a large number of visitors thanks to the extremely diverse shopping centers. In particular, to increase the purchasing power of tourists, the Singapore government has issued policies to tax refund for tourists when shopping in Singapore.

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If you do not know how to tax refund when shopping in Singapore, please take a look at to know about how to tax free shopping in Singapore in the article below.

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How to tax refund when shopping in Singapore

With each over $100 Singaporean value purchase invoice (which can be added to the same day), you will be refunded a 7% tax on goods and services (GST). To find out the store you are shopping has tax refund policy apply, look for the “Tax Free” table at the store or, preferably, ask the shop staff directly.

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Shoppers eligible for GST tax refunds

To qualify for tax refund, you must meet the following tax refund conditions and procedures when shopping in Singapore:

1. Buyers must be foreign citizens.
2. Not a Singaporean citizen or permanent resident in Singapore.
3. Not working in Singapore within 6 months from date of purchase.
4. Not the employees of airlines or marine vessels that are the transportation vehicles to get out of Singapore.
5. Must be 16 years old at the time of purchase.
6. Has performed transactions within 2 months from the date of application for tax refund procedures.

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The steps to tax refund when shopping in Singapore

– Before shopping, ask the staff to issue an eTRS bill or use a credit / debit card to store purchase information.

– Please arrive early before 1 hour before departure to make tax refund procedures at the airport or ship port. Make the GST tax refund at the self-service eTRS machines by using the credit card or eTRS bill you used at the store. Please note that you must declare tax refund procedures before check-in for checked-in luggage, for handy luggage you can check-in before and declare tax refund procedures after.

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Get back your tax refund

Depending on the airport you depart will have the different tax refund methods. If you depart from Changi International Airport, you can get tax refund in cash or via credit card at Departure Transit Lounge. At Seletar Airport, Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore or International Passenger Terminal at HarbourFront Centre, the money will be transferred via credit card.

Time to receive money via credit card within 10 days. The cash you will receive at the airport departure lounge of the airport.


  • When requesting an eTRS claim ticket at Premier Tax Free participating stores, show your original passport (images and photocopies are not permitted) to confirm your eligibility for GST refund.
  • You must present your passport in store
  • Make sure the goods are sealed and unused.
  • At the airport, please allow enough time for Customs approval process before your flight departs.
  • Depart with the goods within 12 hours of obtaining approval of your GST refund.
  • If you are departing by cruise terminals, Tax refund will only be available for purchases made before 1 July 217. The eTRS facilities at the cruise terminals will be removed after 31 August 2017.

With some tax refund tips when shopping in Singapore above, hopes to be able to provide you with useful information on the tax refund processes in Singapore. Wish you have a great trip and shopping and do not forget to share with us the fun of your trip.

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