Coming to Bangkok – capital of Thailand, besides the experiences of a day-tour by bus, discovering floating-markets,… shopping at local market is one of experiences fashionistas can’t miss! If you are “a hunter” of Thailand’s fashion, a shopaholic of cheap-unique-different stuff, a culinary follower, you definitely must visit Chatuchak Market once because of its significance about not only dimension but also productive diversity. So, what’s hot in Chatuchak weekend market? Let’s check out our Chatuchak weekend market guide (Chatuchak market guide), Chatuchak weekend market blog and Chatuchak market review on how to go to Chatuchak market, how to shopping with bargain price, what to eat at Chatuchak food market in Thailand? to useful Chatuchak market tips to explore the best of Chatuchak market to find out the answer below.

Chatuchak market or Chatuchak weekend market | chatuchak market guide
Chatuchak Market always leads the ranking of the largest markets in Thailand.

best shops in chatuchak market 2

coconut ice cream-chatuchak
A must-try ice-cream at Chatuchak. | chatuchak market guide
Thailand milk tea
Mango & Sticky Rice-chatuchak-bangkok-thailand7
Mango & Sticky Rice stall
Pad Thai-chatuchak-food-in chatuchak market-bangkok6
Pad Thai | chatuchak weekend market blog

In spite of a bit far from the city center, you can get to Chatuchak Market like a piece of cake by taxi, MRT (Chatuchak Park station) or by BTS (Mo Chit station), pay attention to direction boards and follow the crowd to come to this eleven hectares huge market. If you are afraid of getting lost but want to take photos as much as possible, Klook would like to bring you 4G SIM card – a partner in every corners.

MRT (Chatuchak Park station) | How to get to Chatuchak Market?
| How to get to Chatuchak Market?

Chatuchak market guide: Why I should come to Chatuchak?

Arts | What to buy at Chatuchak Market?

Firstly, taking a look at the general map of all big areas in Chatuchak, you will easily figure out the way and save your time as well as your health.

General map of Chatuchak.
| How to get to Chatuchak?

Secondly, knowing as the biggest outside market in the world, Chatuchak has huge areas for fashion, shoes, accessories, jewelries, souvenirs, home-ware and decor, antique, handcrafts, books, gardening and pet care,… to meet the offers of both tourists and general customers. If you are looking for one of a kind jewelries, handmade crafts, inexpensive Denim or Bohemian fashion style,… Chatuchak is the best choice for you. All you need is spend time looking around hundreds of shops and squeezing into the crowd, you will be surprised at a lot of eye-catching items with a very reasonable price.

Variety of items are sold at Chatuchak Market.
Lovely trees at Chatuchak Market.
With the spacious space, most of the stalls are located outdoors to avoid the feeling of stuffy.
chatuchak market 13
In addition, you can also take a stroll, admire the scenery near the market because it is very close to Chatuchak Park. All create a romantic and exciting scene when coming to this Chatuchak market. | chatuchak weekend market blog
Pet care service.
best shops in chatuchak market 2
| chatuchak market review
Backyard in chatuchak bangkok thailand2
Jewelry shop | chatuchak market review
guate leather chatuchak market in bangkok thailand1
Bag store | chatuchak market guide
Paintings shop | chatuchak market guide
2chatuchak weekend market (2)
Hats shop
chatuchak weekend market (1)
Shoes store | chatuchak market guide

chatuchak weekend market (1)

Chatuchak Market, Bangkok

Ceramics store | chatuchak weekend market guide

Chatuchak weekend market guide: What to eat at Chatuchak Market?

Mango Ice-cream with sticky rice.
chatuchak market food chatuchak food guide chatuchak food blog 2
Coconut ice-cream are ready to serve you | What to eat at Chatuchak Market?

After the journey of exploring the market, especially under the hot weather in Bangkok, you’ll feel like a million bucks again when enjoying wonderful cool desserts. Cuisine paradise located at seventeen – nineteen and twenty-seven with billions of sweets such as banana with chocolate sauce, crepe cake, iced fruit, milk tea, smoothies, ice-cream,… will not only make you full but also take a lot of colorful photos with it. Mango ice-cream with sticky rice, coconut ice-cream and Thai milk tea are three featured dishes you have try once while travelling to Thailand. If you are still hungry, some delicious street food such as padthai, fried chicken wings, roasted pork with honey, grilled meat, sea food,… are ready to serve you continue to energize your Chatuchak excursion.

Surprised at Chatichak milk tea preparation.
Coconut ice-cream at Chatuchak Market
Mango & Sticky Rice-chatuchak-bangkok-thailand6
| What to eat at Chatuchak Market?
Pad Thai-chatuchak-food-in chatuchak market-bangkok3
Pad Thai in Chatuchak.
Paella rice Chatuchak. | chatuchak market guide
Pad Thai-chatuchak-food-in chatuchak market-bangkok7
Pad Thai


Baked quail eggs-chatuchak-market-thailand
Baked quail eggs | chatuchak market guide
Thai donut cake-chatuchak-thailand
Thai donut cakes
Papaya salad-chatuchak-bangkok-thailand7
Papaya salad | chatuchak market guide
chatuchak market food chatuchak food guide chatuchak food blog 2
Roasted pork | chatuchak market review
Papaya salad-chatuchak-bangkok-thailand5
| chatuchak market review
Chicken noodles-chatuchak-bangkok-thailand1
Chicken noodles
coconut ice cream-chatuchak-market (5)
Coconut ice cream | chatuchak market review

Chatuchak market shopping guide: Be a smart consumer at Chatuchak Market!

Chatuchak Weekend Market. | chatuchak market shopping guide
A signal of Thai food stall. | chatuchak market shopping guide

“Bulk buying” and “bargain” are two best ways you should use thoroughly to get the items you want. Therefore, shopping with friends not only can you share money with but they also help you bargain.

| Shopping at Chatuchak Market.
Don’t shopping alone if you don’t want to break the bank. | chatuchak market shopping guide

Prepare (some) bags in advance to carry all your shopping stuff, bring water as much as possible in order not to be thirsty, especially in the hot weather in Bangkok and above all is take money with you ( because only a few shops use card payment, so the safest way is always getting money on anytime and anywhere. All exchange lanes may be found at Exit two and Exit three (opposite the first area).

chatuchak weekend market (1)
A large choice of hats.
Chatuchak – the market area is huge, the mecca of those who love shopping | chatuchak market shopping guide
Must bargain before buying! | chatuchak weekend market guide

If you like any items, buy it right away because it seems “an impossible mission” to get back that shop again especially in this huge Chatuchak market. But if you have a good health, you can go on the journey by conducting a poll on the prices, designs,… before making final decision.

Know exactly what you want to buy.
Masque in chatuchak bangkok. | chatuchak weekend market guide


Keeping in mind some simple Thailand sentences to have the best deal while shopping:

  • “Tao Lai (Rai) kha” = How much?
  • “Neung” = one, “song” = two, “sam” = three, “si” = four, “ha” = five, “sip” = ten, “loy” = one hundred.
  • For example, “ha loy ha sip baht” = five hundred and fifty baht

In a crowed market, it’s necessary to keep an eye on your belongings. In case of being picked-pocket or lose something, calm down and make a quick move to the information desk oppositing the first area for help.

Chatuchak Market is very crowded, you should preserve your assets carefully. | chatuchak weekend market guide
Tourists from all places visit the Chatuchak market.
Keeping in mind some simplest Thai sentences to bargain. | chatuchak weekend market guide

Chatuchak market tips: Some sticking points to bear in mind:

Chatuchak in noon. | chatuchak market tips
Lovely girl in crowded market.

The most ideal time is in the morning (from nine to ten o’clock). Because this time, almost shops have already opened, deserted and fine weather. You’ll have enough time to “discover” every Chatuchak’s conners and make an end shopping-trip before it get dark about six o’clock (It’s time for weekend shops to close).

Chatuchak in the morning. | chatuchak market tips

.Chatuchak Market, Bangkok

Crowded Chatuchak Market.

To explore “thoroughly” and not to get lost in “the maze” of Chatuchak Market, don’t forget to download the online map or get the hand-held map at the information desk.

chatuchak market 1
With an area of more than one square kilometer, this market owns more than 15,000 booths with all kinds of goods: clothing, fashion accessories, shoes, souvenirs, jewelry, essential oil or even Buddha, feng shui rock or amulets, … | chatuchak market tips
Wandering in Chatuchak Market
Mango & Sticky Rice-chatuchak-bangkok-thailand7
| chatuchak market tips

Moving from the airport to Chatuchak market with a lot of stuff, don’t worry, you can hand over them in self service storage in Chatuchak Plaza with dependent prices on size and how long you sent your stuff, with simple steps and clearly instructions in English, so just let it out and have fun.

Self Storage Service | Experience at Chatuchak Market.
Chatuchak Plaza. | chatuchak market tips
Chatuchak market 9
If you intend to explore the market, determine what you want to buy beforehand or when you enter the market you will be mesmerized by myriad goods.

To release your mind after “hard-working” at Chatuchak day, why don’t you try out the advanced spa with inexpensive price (Let’s Relax Spa Experience in Bangkok), or reward for yourself a luxury buffet on ship with the wonderful view of Chao Phraya River ([SALE] Chao Phraya Princess Cruise). With all brilliant tips above, we wish you have a good time and successful trip in Chatuchak Market.

A decoration shops at Chatuchak market.

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