Believe it or not, there is a place in Bangkok, Thailand that “drains your wallet” but you still feel absolutely satisfied with the experience there! That venue is Chatuchak weekend market Bangkok — the largest flea market in the world. Let’s discover what to buy at Chatuchak weekend market Bangkok with Living Nomads through this Chatuchak market blog.


Chatuchak – the market area is huge, the mecca of those who love shopping

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Bangkok travel: ‘Disoriented’ at Chatuchak weekend market

Chatuchak Market, Bangkok
It can be said almost everything about Thailand is sold here. Clothes counters, footwear and textiles are extremely bustling. Chatuchak is really a huge stock of textiles with a wide variety of types and colors, and prices are extremely reasonable. Chatuchak market sells a lot of vintage clothing and accessories. Credit: Chatuchak market blog.

Chatuchak weekend market (Jatujak) also known as JJ market is a paradise for those who would love to bargain. “Shopping until you run out of money” is the best description to describe how you spend a day shopping here. A journey through the labyrinth of alleyways will bring you the works including trendy clothing, accessories, books, souvenirs, handicrafts, silk, furniture, and even pets at cheap prices.

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With an area of more than one square kilometer, this market owns more than 15,000 booths with all kinds of goods: clothing, fashion accessories, shoes, souvenirs, jewelry, essential oil or even Buddha, feng shui rock or amulets, …Credit: Chatuchak market blog.
chatuchak market guide chatuchak market blog chatuchak weekend market bangkok
In addition, you can also take a stroll, admire the scenery near the market because it is very close to Chatuchak Park. You will see the architecture and landscape of this place such as waterfall, clock tower or shopping market … All create a romantic and exciting scene when coming to this Chatuchak market. Picture: chatuchak market blog 2017.

Chatuchak, in Thai it means weekend market, the market only meeting every Saturday, Sunday. Built in the 40s of the last century, after many ups and downs, the market is now located on a land of over 1 square kilometer on Phahonyothin Street in central Bangkok. Chatuchak is really a weekend shopping paradise for those who come to Bangkok. This is a popular shopping destination for both Thais and tourists. Thai people from near and far come here to buy in bulk and resell them in the local shops. It is estimated that at every weekend, there are about 200,000 people coming here, of which 30% are tourists.

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In Region 6 there are Levi’s jeans from the 70s, leather jackets, denim skirts at over 500 stalls. Photo by: chatuchak guide blog.
chatuchak market guide chatuchak market blog chatuchak weekend market bangkok
Each booth will have an individual theme that is very easy to choose: vintage shop, jeans shop, shoes, rockers, etc. There are booths selling only items such as costumes, clothing, and most other stores will sell similar items. Credit: Chatuchak market blog.
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Your best bet is to find yourself a map of Chatuchak market with the guide to the sales area. Or when exploring Chatuchak you should find signs in the market area to determine your location and avoid getting lost. Photo: Chatuchak shopping blog.
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The Chatuchak market can be said as an extremely extensive “warehouse” offering all the goods of Thailand. Credit: Chatuchak market blog.

Chatuchak flea market was built right next to the park of the same name. If you travel on tour, you will surely not be introduced to this market. Most of the visitors do not leave empty-handed. This busy market has many entrances to facilitate shopping. Market’s authority also places information stations, where you can ask for guidelines and receive maps of the market.

At Chatuchak, if you like something with a reasonable price, your best bet is to buy it at once, because you can hardly find the same right place you’ve just left. Operation time of the market is: from 6 pm-midnight in Friday; Saturday and Sunday: 9 am – 6 pm.

chatuchak market guide chatuchak market blog chatuchak weekend market bangkok
Certainly if you are a shopping lover who would love to explore or simply want to see the bustling atmosphere of the Thai market, sure Chatuchak market will be a great destination for you. Picture: chatuchak market blog 2017.
Chatuchak Market is a great place for you to pay for anything you keep an eye on. You can find more tips when shopping in Bangkok for some useful information. Image: chatuchak blog.
Each booth will have an individual style that is very easy to choose: vintage shop, jeans shop, shoes,etc. Each store has a separate wholesale regulations such as 3 items count as bulk quantity.There are booths selling unique items such as costumes, clothing, teen garment… and most other stores sell common items. Image: chatuchak blog.
chatuchak market guide chatuchak market blog chatuchak weekend market bangkok
In addition to shopping, you also should not overlook the opportunity to enjoy a lot of strange-but-delicious dishes which carry Thai gastronomical soul. Credit: Chatuchak market blog.

There are many ways to get to Chatuchak Market from anywhere in Bangkok such as buses, tuk-tuk, taxis, metro, and tram. The most popular and preferred ones are metro and tram. If you choose the subway, please buy a ticket to Chatuchak Park station because when getting out of the station, you will see Chatuchak market across the street. If you take the tram instead, go to Mochit (terminal), descend the stairs, and walk your way along Chatuchak Park (about a few minutes) to the market. Diners can easily enjoy Luk chup everywhere in Bangkok, however, the Luk Chup stalls at Chatuchak Weekend Market are considered to be the nicest. No panhandler existence is a very special point in Chatuchak Market. In lieu of it, there are street buskers earning perks from passengers for their performances.

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Another noticeable thing is that, at this market, there are no bad images of beggars but only street artists render their unique performances to earn bonuses from the guests. Credit: Chatuchak market blog.
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Few visitors to Chatuchak market know exactly what they are going to buy. The variety of items make the journey to explore Chatuchak market as a labyrinth with people first time come here. So if you intend to explore the market, determine what you want to buy beforehand or when you enter the market you will be mesmerized by myriad goods. Image by: Chatuchak weekend market Bangkok blog.
chatuchak market guide chatuchak market blog chatuchak weekend market bangkok
The symbol of the market is the clock tower located in the center. This place is often used as a meeting point because it is easy to spot out. Photo by: chatuchak guide blog.

Further information

Address: 587/10 Kamphaeng Phet 2 Rd, Khwaeng Chatuchak, Khet Chatuchak, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10900, Thailand
Opening hours: 7AM–6PM
Phone: +66 2 272 4813
How to get Chatuchak market: To get to the Chatuchak Weekend Market, you can take the BTS or MRT.

chatuchak market guide chatuchak market blog chatuchak weekend market bangkok
On weekends during your Bangkok trip, if you do not know where to go, please check out the Chatuchak market to “drift” in the largest market in the world and buy a lot of great things! Image: chatuchak blog.

Chatuchak market tips: Things to know before coming to Chatuchak Weekend Market:

  • When shopping, you should wear comfortable clothing and shoes, for you will have to move through many different stalls.
  • Remember to wear sunglasses, hat, and sunscreen when shopping.
  • In addition to merchandise, Chatuchak also has countless restaurants, eateries that provide all good food at reasonable prices.
  • Bargain on what you want to buy for the better price. Remember to carry cash because credit cards are not accepted here.
  • Remember to bring an empty backpack to store the all the things you bought, and when you move, wear a backpack in front of your chest.
  • Be careful with pickpockets and carefully keep your belongings.
  • Go to the market in the morning because it will be very hot and crowded in the afternoon.
  • Fetch for yourself a map of the market free of charge at the tourist information counter.
  • At Chatuchak, if you like something with a decent price tag, buy it, because you almost can not find the right location of the shop you have been through.
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The gathering point of many young people coming here to visit, go shopping and find their favorite item for everyone’s life. It is estimated that over the weekend, about 200,000 people came to this market to shop. This is really a too-goo-to-be-true number for this market. Picture: chatuchak market blog 2017.

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