Mega Bangna Bangkok, Thailand
Mega Bangna Bangkok, Thailand

Situated in the heart of Suvarnabhumi International Airport and the heart of Bangkok, Mega Bangna Bangkok is Southeast Asia’s second-largest shopping mall, a haven for shoppers. With an area of 35,000 square meters, this commercial center is known primarily as the home of IKEA and hundreds of other brands. Today we will guide you how to experience Mega Bangna effectively. Let’s discover Mega Bangna Bangkok — The second largest store in Southeast Asia with Living Nomads.

Mega Bangna Shopping Mall
Outside of Mega Bangna Shopping Mall

IKEA Bangna Mega Mall Bangkok shopping pano
IKEA Bangna Mega Mall Bangkok. Of the 5 members of Mega Bangna, IKEA is Swedish-based, established in 1943.
IKANO Megabangna Shopping Center
Inside Megabangna Shopping Center

What does Mega Bangna Bangkok look like?


This site specializes in the manufacture and supply of home furnishings and accessories such as bedside tables and chairs, kitchen utensils, cups, vineyards, fresh flowers, dry flowers ..”All in One Roof” is Mega Bangna’s motto in many aspects, and it’s really effective. In addition to the large distribution centers like Home Pro, Big C, Robinson and IKEA, 450 other stores share the same oval building, which is certainly designed to make sure you keep strolling in a circle.

IKANO Megabangna Shopping Center
The outlook of this site

mega_bangna-bangkok thailand

Uniqlo store

Although not as a luxurious commercial center as Siam Paragon or Central world but Mega Bangna is a paradise for young dudes. Because most of the goods are “durable, beautiful and easy to use”. In particular, there is a large ice rink, a cafeteria, a bowling alley with 24 lanes and a huge cinema complex. All those things are more than enough for you to spend all day to discover brand new experiences.

Opening hours: 10am – 11pm
Shopping Time: 8 – 10 hours (estimated)

Photo by: mega bangna shopping blog.

How to go to Mega Bangna by BTS?

Do not worry about transport fare – it’s on the house!

Although the center is slightly located out of the suburbs, the route is smooth and convenient for people without cars. You can go to Mega Bangna from BTS (Skytrain), Udomsak. Then arrive at the bus stop and wait for the shuttle bus free of charge.
Based on the outer appearance, we can identify the car thanks to its novel look and a noticeable electronic front board called Mega Bangna.

Big mall’s entrance

Mega Bangna shopping: Explore the area (Mega Bangna stores) of Mega Bangna Bangkok.

Compared to the food court in Bangkok, the food here is very good but the price is very reasonable because it’s self-service. Image by: mega bangna bangkok blog.

One of Mega Bangna’s “stars” is the IKEA area. Occupying about one-third of the central shopping zone, IKEA is an ideal spot for those who love home-made DIY from home appliances to beautiful decorations of all sizes. Displayed as an extremely large model house, you will be lost in the journey of capturing photogenic pictures for your own. Think twice before shopping on weekends because you have to queue in a long line.

IKEA Bangna Mega
IKEA Bangna Mega. Occupying a rather large space on the ground floor, IKEA serves its customers with the incredible thoughtfulness.

The second attraction is the long series of cosmetics stores. From popular brands such as NYX, MAC, The Face Shop to well-known brands like YSL, Channel. Most of these shops can be found on the first floor of Mega Bangna. All you need is a lot of … tissues to wipe your hands after trying all sorts of pollen, nail polish, and cosmetics.

American Eagle Outfitters
American Eagle Outfitters
When the guests get down the floor, they joyfully fetch for their own the displayed dishes, vases, flowers, pots, and plants.
Reebok Store Fithub
Reebok Store Fithub
It’s an ideal place to ease off your shopping rush in Thailand. Photo by: mega bangna shopping blog.
No staff there, all you need to do is choose what you need and head to the counter.

The third destination is the long line of clothing and accessories stores. Not as luxurious as the center city and not as dirt cheap as Bangkok Chatuchak market, but you will certainly find the item you like. If you choose, you can find beautiful and durable items at affordable prices.

mega_bangna-bangkok thailand store 4

Finally, if you decide to go to Mega Bangna, be lunch ready here. You can choose the food court on the upper floor or the restaurant adjacent to Mega Bangna. The staffs here understand English well so you do not have to worry about the language or else you can just simply point at the items you want.

Food Republic food court at Mega Bangna bangkok
Food Republic food court at Mega Bangna

Mega Bangna tips and tricks to discover

To successfully explore this place, you need to bear in mind some hacks. Image: mega bangna stores blog.

Unlike other commercial centers, Mega Bangna only has 2 floors, but the area is up to 35,000 square meters, so you will spend at least 1 day at Mega Bangna. Last time we visited this center it took nearly 8 hours just to shop and … walk around in the center. So, the first tip to bear in mind is to look at the signposts on each floor to see exactly where you are going to.

loft store mega bangna
Loft store

The second trick is to eat lunch in the food court. As usual, this place is cheaper and you only have to buy 1 card for a few hundred baht to eat (depending on your preference at which price to opt for). After purchasing the card, go to each store and simply choose the one you like.

Food Republic food court at Mega Bangna bangkok 2
Food Republic food court at Mega Bangna, Bangkok

The third and most important secret is to choose lightweight clothing and shoes. Especially women should have sandals or shoes for your own because you will have to walk all day on the Mega Bangna campus. Also, pay attention to the ubiquitous chairs in the center, they will be a great “savior” for your legs when coming here.

Bulky purchase is highly recommended here. Photo by: mega bangna shopping blog.
Remember to buy lightweight sandals. Image by: mega bangna bangkok blog.
Remember to buy lightweight sandals. Image by: mega bangna bangkok blog.

If you happen to be in transit at Suvarnabhumi International Airport within a day, this is where you can spend a few hours to kill past-time. Then you can easily approach here by taxi within 30 minutes, or catch the bus and BTS to return to the downtown area. One way or another, you should spend a day at Mega Bangna and make sure you have a good day “shopping till you drop”.


A stunning look from outside. Image by: mega bangna bangkok blog.

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