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If Paris is likened to the world’s most fashionable fashion capital, perhaps Phuket, Thailand is also considered an ideal paradise for enthusiasts to explore. As the Thailand’s largest island, many people who come to Phuket are stunned by the island’s charm, the purity and beauty of its pristine beaches, and its ancient historical sites steeped in traditional culture of Thailand.

Unlike Bangkok with its large and luxurious shopping malls, centers and districts, shopping in Phuket is interesting in diverse local items. | what to buy in phuket
Weekend night market in Phuket Town | what to buy in phuket

So, what to buy in Phuket (Phuket what to buy) and where to go shopping in Phuket, where to shop in Phuket? Let’s check out our Phuket shopping guide with the suggested list of 13+ must buy items in Phuket including top things to buy in Phuket, best souvenirs from Phuket as well as 11+ best places to shop in Phuket, best market in Phuket and best shopping malls in Phuket to help you find meaningful Phuket gifts, Phuket souvenirs for your loved ones!

thai silks
Thai silk in Phuket | what to buy in phuket

Coming to explore Phuket, surely every tourist wants to buy some souvenirs to give as gifts or simply as a souvenir for their trip. We will take a look at a few souvenir shops in Phuket and best things to buy in Phuket that have great attraction for both locals and foreign tourists in the article below.

Phuket shopping guide: What to buy in Phuket?

Traditional costumes

| what to buy in phuket

Traditional Thai costumes are impressively beautiful like women’s style with off-shoulder design Thai Chakkri very popular or elegant when choosing Thai Boromphiman style, modern beauty with traditional Thai Siwalai… with a variety of styles for tourists to choose from for men and women.

You can buy traditional Thai costumes in Phuket at shopping centers, malls and markets in Phuket such as: Banana Walk Shopping Mall, Phuket Weekend Market… at a reasonable price.

| what to buy in phuket

Silk fabric

thai silks
| what to buy in phuket

Silk fabric is a very interesting suggestion! The soft silk fabrics, made from beautiful Thai silk always make tourists like at first sight. Tourists can choose silk fabrics for sewing shirts, scarves… they are all very beautiful! If you have the opportunity to come to Phuket, you should visit the markets and shopping malls, especially the Jim Thompson store that is mentioned above to choose a silk fabric for your loved one!

kinnaree silk and linen chatuchak market-the endless market of Bangkok thailand3
| what to buy in phuket

| what to buy in phuket

What to buy in Phuket: Wind cure oil, massage oil

Thai wind cure oil | must buy items in phuket

The most famous gift in Phuket first, it is impossible not to mention wind cure oils, massage oils. These oils are very diverse in brands, scents, and packaging, so you have a lot of choices to buy for family and friends at home. The price of these oil bottles is also quite cheap, ranging from 1 to 5 USD, so it is not too difficult to understand when this is always a gift that tourists choose to buy as a gift.

Visitors can choose from herbal ginseng roller oil, tiger balm oil, Cheng Cheng oil, very famous Thai raspberry oil.

Tiger balm oil | must buy items in phuket
| must buy items in phuket

Must buy items in Phuket: Tiger bone glue

| must buy items in phuket

Tiger bone glue is probably not too strange to you because of its medicinal effects such as: Increase vitality, cure all diseases, from support kidney to heart strength, decrease high blood pressure… If in Vietnam, It is very difficult to find and buy this medicine, so coming to Phuket, you will be lost in the paradise of tiger bone glue. In Phuket, there are many establishments that are licensed to raise tigers to make tiger bone glue, so don’t be afraid of this illegal trade. Along with good potency and rarity, this item price is also expensive, you will have to spend from from $59.50 to $85 for a small box of tiger bone glue of 2 pieces of 150g. If you want to buy a quality and classy item in Phuket as a gift for a special person like your lover’s parents, this is not a bad suggestion.

If you have more budget, you can choose to buy for relatives and friends a tiger bone glue box weighing 150g, the price ranges from $59.50 to $85. | best things to buy in phuket

Organic soap

| best things to buy in phuket

Soap from organic ingredients is a very popular tourist gift because it is safe, benign, made from natural content such as fruit, honey, etc., which is safe for the skin. Pleasant scent, providing more skin care vitamins at a reasonable resale price.

You can choose from several brands of bath soap: Bumebime white soap in wax form; Soap made from fruit is loved by many people; Handmade soap from rice bran, goat milk at affordable price. In addition, organic cosmetics are also items you should buy.

Bumebime soap | best things to buy in phuket

You can easily choose from brands of natural soaps in local markets, malls or specialized stores that sell these products in stores near major streets.

Phuket what to buy: Electronics

| best things to buy in phuket

Phuket Weekend Night Market is divided into 2 parts inside and outside. Inside the market you will easily find items such as jeans, t-shirts, antiques, exquisitely carved souvenirs and other unique items. Outside the market you will find stalls selling toys, mobile phones, all kinds of electronic devices, DVDs and CDs, shoes, bags, jewelry and fashion accessories, watches…

| best things to buy in phuket

Home appliance

| phuket what to buy

Thai appliance and houseware is well-know for its high quality, durable. There was a time when the whole country of Vietnam was boiling with household goods from Thailand because of their modern designs, diverse products, good quality, and cheap prices (better than Chinese goods according to many people’s assessment). So if you want to buy Thai household items, then Phuket is the capital. Whatever you need, there are all kinds and models, so don’t be afraid of not knowing what to buy in Phuket.

Please choose and “pick” for yourself household appliances such as rice cookers, blenders, juicers… at a preferential price but with quality. Remember to buy household items at shopping centers in Phuket to get quality assurance with the best price.

| phuket what to buy

Fashion and cosmetics products

| phuket what to buy

Thai fashion or cosmetics have long been no stranger to Vietnamese tourists, from clothes, shoes, bags, to cosmetics, all of which are evaluated for quality but the price is only equal 2/3 to the price of similar domestic goods. So if you have a “list” of close friends at home that needs to be distributed, remember to visit Phuket to buy fashion and cosmetics.

What to buy in Phuket? Choose fashion clothes, shoes, sandals or bags, lotion, sunscreen… there are many types with cheap prices.

This market has done its best in offering endless choices for market goers. | phuket what to buy

Best things to buy in Phuket: Silver jewelry products

| phuket what to buy

Thai is also famous for its silver crafts. Among them silver jewelry is a suggestion that you should consider choosing. Products: Keychains, bracelets, necklaces… made of finely crafted silver, beautiful, bright silver material does not tarnish. Jewelry and silver products in Phuket are very popular with tourists.


| phuket what to buy

The next souvenir visitors should choose is a scarf. The scarves with many patterns and colors made from beautiful and charming silk fabric are suitable gifts for grandmothers, mothers, younger sisters or sisters and your lover… This gift, you can easily buy at markets and shops, malls across Phuket.

Handmade and souvenir items


When traveling anywhere, cute little souvenirs are always the first choice to mark a destination. Visiting Phuket to buy souvenirs such as colorful bags, keychains, scarves, mugs, refrigerator magnets, paintings… is always the choice of many people.

Here visitors are down in the rabbit hole of colorful clothing, textiles, and costumes. | phuket what to buy
| best souvenirs from phuket
Phuket souvenir plates | best souvenirs from phuket


A small but meaningful gift | best souvenirs from phuket

What to buy in Phuket as a souvenir? Don’t miss the beautiful little gift of keychains! Keychains, you can buy at any market, with many different shapes and meaning. Visitors can choose to buy gifts for friends and relatives. This is a meaningful gift and is very affordable for many people.

Products from the sea

Even seemingly discarded seashells can become beautiful decorations. | best souvenirs from phuket

Coming to Thailand’s largest island Phuket, tourists cannot ignore tourist gifts originating from the sea. You can choose for yourself a souvenir such as: Beautifully decorated large seashells or an impressive wind chime with beautiful swaying seashells! Or buy specialty dried squid, seafood as gifts for loved ones!

| best souvenirs from phuket

Phuket shopping guide: Where to shop in Phuket?

Weekend night markets

Someone once said: To understand the cultural characteristics of a country, go to the traditional night markets. If you choose Phuket as a stopover on your journey, you definitely cannot miss the weekend night market in Phuket town. This is also considered a prominent place to choose for yourself great souvenirs.

Phuket night market

Souvenirs you should have when visiting this market are woven baskets from many different materials, the most popular being woven bamboo, rattan and water hyacinth fibers. The baskets are quite light, durable with time and bring a completely different fashion style.

Various souvenirs | best souvenirs from phuket
phuket Nightmarket
Delicious foods | what to buy in phuket
Weekend markets not only sell fresh food, but when you come here, you can also enjoy many delicious and rare dishes of the Southeast country. | what to buy in phuket

Not only is the ideal place to enjoy a true taste of life in Thailand, the traditional markets are also home to a wide range of goods, from handicrafts, clothes, shoes to food. The night market is like a vivid picture recreating the cultural beauty of Thailand with the combination, mixing the old and the new, between many colors together. If you do not shop, the weekend night market is also a great place for tourists to visit and learn about the lives of local people. But very few visitors come to the night market without spending money, because it is so attractive, bustling. The price of goods here is also very affordable, visitors can freely choose an item as a souvenir during their trip.

Where to shop in Phuket: Phuket Weekend Night Market (Naka Market)

The market is open only on Saturdays and Sundays from around 10pm. | where to shop in phuket

The most famous traditional market in Phuket is Naka Weekend Night Market, which attracts visitors with its delectable food as well as hundreds of shops and stalls selling trinkets and souvenirs of all kinds. From stylish shirts, electronics such as accessories, DVDs, CDs, jewelry, to picturesque postcards. In particular, a very popular and typical souvenir for Thai culture are simple but delicate and eye-catching woven baskets made of rattan, bamboo or water hyacinth. This knit bag is also very durable, can be combined with many different fashion styles. This night market is located opposite Wat Nakaram Temple, so it is quite easy to find, you can visit the temple in combination with shopping.

Phuket weekend night market or Naka market phuket
Phuket weekend night market or Naka market phuket. | where to shop in phuket
The night market in Phuket selling all kinds of goods. Not only have the opportunity to enjoy delicious food, but you can also find electronics stores, remote control, comics, toys, CD or DVD and clothes. | where to shop in phuket

This weekend market is located at Chao Fa West street, Phuket town. Phuket Weekend Market is quite large, with goods on one side and a local street food market on the other, an ideal place for tourists. Phuket Weekend Market is a shopping place with a fascinating mix of second-hand goods, antiques, live animals, and great local delicacies. This is really a valuable place even if you don’t plan to shop anything. Phuket Weekend Market is open every Saturday and Sunday.

Referring to the busy shopping places in Phuket, you can’t help but mention the weekend market. Visitors to the market can buy a variety of items such as: jeans, t-shirts, jewelry, fake flowers, DVDs, sports shoes and many quality second-hand items.

| where to shop in phuket
Phuket Shopping Phuket Thailand
T-shirt shop | where to shop in phuket
There are also countless things you can find in secondhand stalls. | where to shop in phuket
Everyone here is very friendly and open so you just need to know a few basic Thai words to integrate in this hectic place. | where to shop in phuket
  • Address: ChaoFa West Road, Phuket Town, Thailand
  • Opening hours: from 4pm to 10pm, Saturday and Sunday

Where to go shopping in Phuket: Chillva Market

Chillva Market | where to go shopping in phuket

Chillva Market is located in the center of town, is a famous bustling market on Phuket Island. Compared to other markets, Chillva has a relatively small area, but this is the convergence of the most delicious and quality restaurants, eateries in Phuket town. If you are a fashion enthusiast, you should not miss this Chillva market because there are many bohemian and vintage fashion stalls for you to choose from.

| where to go shopping in phuket

As for souvenirs, it is worth mentioning handmade crafts, daily life items of Phuket people such as mugs, wooden vases, rattan bags, woven bags made of water hyacinth, art paintings, ceramic statues… Visitors can choose from a few items as gifts, the items here are not too expensive, very affordable. A special feature is that the scene of Chillva market at night is very beautiful, with shimmering, fanciful lights, an ideal setting for visitors to take advantage of their camera to produce quality virtual live photos.

  • Address: 41/2 Yaowarat Road, Phuket Town, Thailand
  • Opening hours: 4pm – 10pm daily

Best places to shop in Phuket: Patong Area

Patong beach - Phuket22
| where to go shopping in phuket

If you are a ceramic lover when coming to Phuket, you can’t help but visit Patong – considered as the “capital” of Phuket. Along the streets are a series of shops selling ceramics of various shapes and colors directly made by local artisans. Pottery and pottery items also seem to become a feature, the soul of culture in Patong. You can easily choose for yourself a ceramic product according to your favorite at an affordable and match your pocket.

Patong beach - Phuket27
| where to go shopping in phuket

Banzaan Market

In Patong, the largest market is the two-storey Banzaan market, located behind the Jungceylon shopping center. The market has a fairly large area, at first glance it looks like it has a modern style, but it mainly offers clothes, shoes, cosmetics, household items originating from China. or locally produced goods. Visitors can shop freely and choose souvenirs bearing Thai culture to return as gifts.

| where to go shopping in phuket

Banzaan Market is not only an ideal place to buy souvenirs, but visitors can also experience a different shopping experience than normal shopping malls. A special feature of Bazaan market is that this market is open all day, from early morning until late afternoon, so visitors can come here to shop at any time during the above period. But the most ideal time to shop is around noon, because at this time there are not too many customers. If you come early in the morning, the whole market is cleaning up at this time, so it’s a bit messy and shopping is a bit inconvenient.

Banzaan Market is a famous market in Phuket, the market with airy space, and the price is reasonable, which is the relaxing place where you spend your time for shopping. | best places to shop in phuket

This is a modern looking shopping center but mainly local and Chinese goods, so it seems suitable for Asian tourists who love to explore. Banzaan also has a large food court with many local dishes.

Banzaan is likened to the “brainchild” of Phuket, giving visitors an experience different from a normal shopping area. This popular Phuket shopping spot is open all day, but it’s convenient if you go in the morning.

Food court | best places to shop in phuket
| best places to shop in phuket
  • Address: Sai Kor Road, right of Jungceylon center, Patong, Phuket, Thailand.
  • Opening hours: 7am – 7pm

Shopping malls and centers

Temporarily skipping the markets, let’s visit the trendy and luxurious shopping centers and malls in Phuket town.

Central Festival Shopping Mall

The Central Festival is considered one of the leading shopping malls in Phuket. Located outside of Phuket town, this shopping center is very vibrant, crowded and bustling with more than 120 stalls, selling all kinds of items from clothes, shoes, laptops, cosmetics from many different brands and a culinary paradise. A souvenir item here you should buy is the exquisitely crafted wooden products which were produced from local wood sources, by the skillful hands of the artisans.

This is a shopping mall of more than 120 stores selling products ranging from silk to sushi, from Levi’s to laptops, from books to barbecue. | best places to shop in phuket

This popular shopping mall is equipped with air conditioning, so you can freely choose your clothes without worrying about the weather. To get to the center you just need to take a taxi or tuk-tuk to the central Patong located on your left hand side.

Although the prices here seem to be more expensive than in traditional markets, you can be assured of their quality and design. Central Festival is equipped with a very modern air-conditioning system, so visitors can shop freely without fear of hot weather. Central festival Phuket is a great shopping paradise to discover and buy souvenirs that visitors cannot miss when coming to Phuket.

| best places to shop in phuket

When shopping in Phuket at Central Festival, there’s free underground parking in case you getting to by car, but if you’re arriving by taxi or bus, it’s simpler as just walk in the door main.

  • Address: Bypass Road, Phuket Town, Thailand
  • Opening hours: daily from 10:30AM to 10PM

Jungceylon Shopping Center

| best places to shop in phuket

Another major shopping paradise that is as famous as Central Festival is the Jungceylon shopping center. If Central Festival is popular with many items from popular to trendy, Jungceylon Center is home to a variety of famous international brands, becoming the largest shopping center in Phuket. In this center, there are more than 200 shops and stalls alike displaying and selling products such as cosmetics, perfumes, DVDs, mobile phones, computers,… visitors can freely admire and shop.

This busiest shopping mall in Phuket is located diagonally opposite Bangla Road. The two most important and biggest stores here are Robinson and Big C supermarket. Here you can find everything you need especially foods.

| best places to shop in phuket

The most famous souvenir items here are Thai arts and crafts. Art paintings, jewelry, bags, pottery, and wooden furniture are the souvenirs that many tourists choose the most. In addition to being a famous shopping destination, Jungceylon is also a vibrant entertainment venue with many attractive games and rides.

  • Address: 199 Rat-U-thit 200 Pee Road, near Bangla Road, Patong, Phuket, Thailand
  • Opening hours: 9:30am – 9:00pm

Banana Walk Shopping Mall

This is the newest mall in Patong, just 100m from Soi Bangla Road, right next to Banana Disco. With 4,000m2 of retail space, the shopping center has 3 floors with a simple design in modern style.

  • Address: 124, 11 Thawewong Rd, Pa Tong, Kathu District, Phuket 83150, Thailand
  • Hours: 11AM–11PM

Phuket Walking Street

Phuket Weekend Night Market

When coming to Phuket, you cannot ignore an extremely attractive place, which is Phuket Walking Street. This is considered a convergence of many cultural features of Thailand. The Old Quarter is also a place that attracts many tourists by shopping stalls for handicrafts, souvenirs, and is also a suitable place to enjoy the taste of southern Thai cuisine. If you are a fan of fine arts, don’t forget to stay in the old town of Phuket in your Phuket discovery journey.

Everyone here is very friendly and open so you just need to know a few basic Thai words to integrate in this hectic place. | best places to shop in phuket

This international commercial street is 350m long and is made up of shops of Baba people (Chinese settlers in Phuket), Muslims and Indians. Allowing visitors to visit and shop for items such as handicrafts, souvenirs and especially enjoy the famous specialties of Southern Thailand.

  • Location: Phuket Town
  • Opening hours: Every Sunday from 4pm to 10pm

Jim Thompson Outlet

Referring to Thailand, one cannot help but mention a very famous item, which is Thai silk. Therefore, the products made from Thai silk are very famous and popular around the world. In Phuket, there is a very famous place, specializing in selling silk products, that is Jim Thompson store, mentioning Jim Thompson people will immediately remember high-quality silk products as diverse as shirts, bed sheets to souvenirs. A shirt or a dress with completely Thai silk material with bold Thai characteristics will be an extremely wonderful and meaningful gift during your travel.

| best places to shop in phuket

Address: V9R8+9GM, Wichit, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket 83000, Thailand
Hours: 10AM–9PM

Premium Outlet Phuket

In addition to the shopping areas for ceramics and fine art devotees, Phuket also has a space dedicated to tourists with a passion for sportswear and accessories, which is the Premium Outlet Phuket. Shops at Premium Outlet Phuket are located on Bypass Road. In addition to Thai brands, here also sell a lot of sports apparel and accessories of international brands such as Adidas, Nike, Levi’s, Lee, etc.

Premium Outlet Phuket is one of the biggest shopping destinations in Phuket with an area of ​​18,000 square meters and around 300 brand name retailers and 500 parking spots. | best places to shop in phuket

Coming to Premium Outlet Phuket, you will be spoiled with brands of sports clothing and accessories guaranteed at bargain prices, some products discounted up to 80% compared to the normal price. In addition to the Thai brand, there are many products including Lacoste, Guy Laroche, Hush Puppies, Warner Bros, Pierre Cardin, Van Heusen, Levi, Lee, Nautica, Adidas and Nike. Also, when shopping in Phuket, for those looking for Thai handicrafts and souvenirs there is no better choice than here.

Important notes when shopping in Phuket

To have a comfortable, smooth shopping trip in Phuket you need to master the following important notes:

  • Thailand is known as a shopping paradise, so you will wander all day to shop without getting bored. Therefore, you should wear comfortable clothes, low heel shoes or sandals, sports shoes, bring a large backpack, bottled water. In addition, because the sun here is very hard, do not forget to bring a tube of sunscreen, an umbrella in case of erratic rain and sun.
  • Always bargain to get a good price: Just like the markets in Vietnam, you need to be quick to bargain to be able to buy your favorite items at an affordable price. If you are not fluent in the local language or English, you can ask the guides if you follow the group to help. The people in Phuket are friendly, so you don’t need to worry too much about “Burn a bamboo spill for driving ill luck away”.
  • Take public transport: In Phuket you can choose many means of transportation to the market, but according to shopping experience in Phuket you should travel by public transport to avoid traffic jams as well as no need to park your car to be able to start the shopping trip.
  • Cheerful attitude: A cheerful and loving attitude definitely not only helps the shopping session but also helps the whole trip more fun and memorable impression.
Overcharge is an issue which quite a lot of tourists concern. The price in is quite steep so you need to calmly bargain each time.

Above is a list of the best places to buy souvenirs, and the best things to buy in Phuket and discover the cultural highlights of the kingdom of Thailand. Please add it to your travel diary so as not to miss the best places that we should visit at least once during our journey to discover and enjoy the unique cultural values ​​of the countries. In the world. At the same time, choose for yourself a meaningful souvenir to keep the wonderful experiences in the land of golden temples, Thailand.

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