Kyoto is an ancient capital city of Japan, which attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world because it has a rich history with famous temples, shrines and architectural works such as: Kinkaku-ji golden temple, Yasaka Shrine, Fushimi-Inari Shrine, Kiyomizu-dera Temple… Not only that, this place is also widely known for its unique culinary culture, and more specifically, the shopping places are also one of the best places to visit. So, where to shop for souvenirs in Kyoto, where to buy souvenirs in Kyoto and where to shop in Kyoto? Let’s check out our Kyoto shopping guide with 10 best places to shopping in Kyoto as follows!

Kyoto, the ancient capital city of Japan with rich in both history and culture
Kyoto tea ceremony | where to buy souvenirs in kyoto
Kyoto’s kitchen, Nishiki market | where to buy souvenirs in kyoto
Matcha Japanese gift
Matcha, a must buy in Kyoto and Japan. | where to buy souvenirs in kyoto

Now, let’s explore with Living Nomads 10 best shopping places in Kyoto, Japan in the list below!

Nishiki Market (#where to buy souvenirs in kyoto)

Address: Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, 604-8055, Japan
Hours: 10am-6pm

Known as “Kyoto’s Kitchen”, Nishiki Market, with more than 100 food stalls and numerous restaurants located close together on both sides of Nishiki Koji-dori Street, has attracted many locals and tourists alike by the variety of fresh foods or by the scent of sophisticated dishes prepared by skillful chefs. Nishiki is a market in downtown Kyoto, located on a street one block north and parallel to Shijō Street and west of Teramachi Street.

Nishiki Market Kyoto's Traditional Kitchen
Nishiki Market Kyoto’s Traditional Kitchen | where to buy souvenirs in kyoto
Nishiki Market Header
| where to buy souvenirs in kyoto
Pickles | where to buy souvenirs in kyoto

nishiki market kyoto japan (1)

nishiki market kyoto japan (1)
Dried fish | where to buy souvenirs in kyoto

This is a shopping place in Kyoto that specializes in all things of fresh seafood, agricultural products, kitchen utensils, and there is no shortage of tools. Moreover, Nishiki Market is a great place to find seasonal foods and Kyoto specialties, such as Japanese sweets, pickles, dried seafood, and sushi. Some shops even prepare food and free skewers for visitors to taste. There are also restaurants, or food stalls selling food ready to serve visitors on site. In addition, there are also small food stalls serving visitors with seats even if there are only one or two seats. Nishiki Market has a bustling, airy atmosphere that invites those who want to explore the variety of food here.

Natural light fills the narrow space and the high ceiling makes it feel like you're still outdoors despite being fully enclosed.
Natural light fills the narrow space and the high ceiling makes it feel like you’re still outdoors despite being fully enclosed. | where to buy souvenirs in kyoto

Nishiki-Market-Street-kyoto-things to do in nishiki market kyoto (1)

Nishiki-Market-Street-kyoto-things to do in nishiki market kyoto (31)
Fresh ingredients | where to buy souvenirs in kyoto
Nishiki-Market-Street-kyoto-things to do in nishiki market kyoto (30)
| where to buy souvenirs in kyoto

Rich with history and tradition, the popular market is home to many of Kyoto’s famous foods and goods – most of which are produced locally. You can shop at some famous stores such as: Aritsugu – specializing in hand-made knives, Mochiyaki Senbei – serving fast food, Miki Keiran – offering a variety of dishes for foreigners… With a wide selection of food, this place is sure to satisfy all cravings for Japanese food.

Nishiki-Market-Street-kyoto-things to do in nishiki market kyoto (25)
Sweets | where to buy souvenirs in kyoto

Nishiki-Market-Street-kyoto-things to do in nishiki market kyoto (24)

Nishiki-Market-Street-kyoto-things to do in nishiki market kyoto (20)
| where to buy souvenirs in kyoto
Nishiki-Market-Street-kyoto-things to do in nishiki market kyoto (16)
Fish cakes | where to buy souvenirs in kyoto

Nishiki-Market-Street-kyoto-things to do in nishiki market kyoto (7)

Nishiki-Market-Street-kyoto-things to do in nishiki market kyoto (21)
| where to buy souvenirs in kyoto
Nishiki-Market-Street-kyoto-things to do in nishiki market kyoto (17)
Japanese knives | where to buy souvenirs in kyoto

Nishiki Market opens at 10am and closes at 6pm. Make a schedule and come here to buy yourself “delicious” food and quality items.

Kobo-ichi Flea Market at Toji Temple (#where to buy souvenirs in kyoto)

Address: Japan, 〒603-8346 Kyoto, Kita Ward, Tojiin Kitamachi, 63番地
Date: every month on 21st (rain or shine)
Hours: 6am – 4pm (from dawn to dusk)

| where to buy souvenirs in kyoto

Toji-in Temple is one of Kyoto’s many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, but that’s not the only reason it’s become so popular across Japan. That is the Flea Market. Not only are they fun, but they also have delectable food, and there’s probably no better place to buy a souvenir to remember your trip to Japan! On the 21st of every month, at Toji temple, located just outside Kyoto station, there is a very popular flea market that attracts hundreds of vendors selling all kinds of goods! Flea markets are a great place to find street food, and Japanese street food is some of the best in the world. There is no need to worry about food safety here and you can come here right away because their prices are really reasonable.

| where to buy souvenirs in kyoto
| where to buy souvenirs in kyoto

If you want to buy a kimono as a souvenir, this is the right place to buy it. Textiles and fabrics are also sold at some of these stalls. If you want something smaller, bags with traditional Japanese designs and fabrics are also on sale. Furthermore, the coolest items sold at these flea markets are undoubtedly antiques, which can range from ancient tea kettles to samurai helmets. A smaller antique market is held on the first Sunday of the month. Flea markets are a really fun experience and Toji Temple has one of the best markets in Kyoto. So if you coming here in Kyoto around the 21st, include Toji Temple in your itinerary.

| where to shop in kyoto
image credit: peter-rabbit | flickr

Teramachi and Shinkyogoku Shopping Arcades (#where to shop in kyoto)

Address: Japan, 〒604-8035 Kyoto, Nakagyo Ward, Sakuranocho, 438-1 べんてん堂ビル 3F
Hours: 10 AM–8:30 PM/Tuesday: 10 AM–5 PM/Saturday, Sunday: 11:30 AM–8:30 PM

These two covered shopping arcades are the most famous shopping streets in all of Kyoto. Right in the middle of downtown Kyoto, these two streets form the heart of Kyoto’s main shopping district.

| where to shop in kyoto

The eastern street, known as Shinkyogoku, is an old shopping spot next to Asakusa Nakamise – the oldest shopping place in Tokyo, with restaurants adjacent to each other along the street along with shops so you never “go hungry” if you decide to shop until the end of the day. Shin Kyogoku, this shopping street is mainly for young people. The things on sale are more responsive to the preferences of teenagers and the prices are lower, so in this street you can see many high school and university students in Japan. Here you can also find a shop selling interesting stamps.

Teramachi | where to shop in kyoto

The western street, known as Teramachi, which passes through Nishiki Market, is a more delicate place, with a variety of art galleries, bookstores, clothing and shoe stores, restaurants, drugstores, shops, and more. specialty shops, and many other places, everything is here. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes when shopping in Teramachi as this place is full of shoppers during the weekends. In addition, you will find a number of shops selling religious items such as incense, Buddha images, prayer beads as well as alike things.

| where to shop in kyoto
| where to shop in kyoto

There are all kinds of stores on these two shopping streets, some of which have been in business for two to three hundred years. It is said that if you walk the Teramachi and Shinkyogoku shopping streets, you can find everything you need, and the shopping streets certainly offer a nice line of products for people of all ages. So the shopping streets of Shinkyogoku and Teramachi are an extremely interesting part of Kyoto.

Tozando – The Soul of the Samurai lives in the Katana Shop (#where to shop in kyoto)

Address: 451 Shinhakusuimaruchō, Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto, 602-8205
Tel: +81-75-432-1600 (Japanese & English)

| where to shop in kyoto

You can never say you’ve been to Japan if you haven’t visited a katana maker or Samurai shop. When you think of Japan, you think of samurai. When you think of samurai, you think of the Japanese sword katana. There is a katana maker in Kyoto that has continued the traditional craft of making Japanese swords since its inception. The name of the store is Tozando. Tozando is a joint manufacturer of samurai armor and swords, and has several branches in Tokyo and Kyoto, each specializing in a different weapon. Tozando sells Samurai swords and armor sets, Japanese sword blades and practicing swords with blunt edges.

| where to shop in kyoto

The Tozando store is visited by a large number of international visitors every day. What draws people through the door of a store that only sells expensive katana, armor, and weapons? The products here are so beautiful, they seem to draw people in. Tozando has a great range of weapons such as high quality indoor fake swords, realistic traditional armor sets of the quality that they are sometimes used in historical dramas and movies, and many exquisite accessories for fans of swords. Even in Kyoto, Japan’s cultural capital, there are few specialty shops with such an abundance of samurai products. You can feel Japan’s rich history in the flesh inside the store converted from a traditional townhouse built more than a century ago. In Tozando, you can also see antique swords and weapons made centuries ago during the early Edo and Muromachi periods.

| where to shop in kyoto

If you’re visiting the Heian Shrine, why not visit this samurai culture oasis? Tozando allows you to experience Japanese history in the most authentic way.

Aeon Mall Kyoto (#where to shop for souvenirs in kyoto)

Address: 1 Nishikujo Toriiguchicho, Minami Ward, Kyoto, 601-8417, Japan
Hours: 10 AM–9 PM

Aeon Mall is a large shopping mall located a 5-minute walk from the Hachijo exit south of Kyoto Station. Inside are famous local and international retail stores, some cheap eateries, grocery stores, entertainment areas and cinemas. The mall consists of two buildings connected by a walkway on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Sakura Building has 5 floors and Kaede Building has 4 floors.

Sakura Building (#where to buy souvenirs in kyoto)

| where to shop in kyoto

The first floor of the Sakura Building is notable for its diversity. Here you can find a supermarket, bakery, florist, pharmacy, furniture store, import store and accessory store. The second floor is mainly fashion and clothing stores for men and women. The 3rd floor is for electronics, shoes, and climbing accessories. The 4th floor has Daiso, a store with over 40,000 convenient and unique products. And there are also cosplay costumes for rent. There are also restaurants for guests to dine. On the 5th floor there is a 12 screen cinema showing all the latest Japanese and international hit movies.

| where to shop in kyoto

Kaede Building (#where to shop in kyoto)

| where to shop in kyoto

The Kaede Building is connected to the main Sakura Building on the 2nd and 3rd floors by a bridge. If it rains, take the 2nd floor bridge, as this is a covered walkway. Inside the Kaede Building, you can find a toy store on the 1st floor, a pet shop and bookstore on the 2nd floor, a sports shop on the 3rd floor, and home furniture on the 4th floor.

| where to shop for souvenirs in kyoto

Many stores in Aeon Mall have duty-free services for foreign visitors, so don’t forget to bring your passport! Stores that offer this service will have a duty-free sticker displayed in their windows. To use the service, just ask the staff when making a purchase.

Kyoto Handicraft Center (# where to shop for souvenirs in kyoto)

Address: 17 Shogoin Entomicho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, 606-8323, Japan
Hours: 10 AM–7 PM
Phone: +81 75-761-8001

| where to shop for souvenirs in kyoto

Kyoto Handicraft Center – showcasing traditional Kyoto crafts and the finest quality luxury gifts and souvenirs – your number one destination for luxurious traditional crafts from Kyoto. For special gifts or truly unique souvenirs, such as swords or Kiyomizu wares, the Kyoto Handicraft Center offers the discerning souvenir hunter a unique experience. You will also see various traditional crafts produced by real artisans, a cultural insight that will make your visit more than just a shopping trip.

| where to shop for souvenirs in kyoto
| where to shop for souvenirs in kyoto

The Kyoto Handicraft Center is divided into the West Building and the East Building, with English-speaking staff on each floor. An information counter and souvenir shop are located on the first floor of the West Building. Here you will find a wide variety of luxury items such as decorative swords, samurai armor, beautiful intricate damascene mosaics, stunning pearl necklaces, ornate Japanese dolls, hanging scrolls and prints woodcarving.

| where to shop for souvenirs in kyoto
| where to shop for souvenirs in kyoto

The first floor of the East Building is a bookstore with lots of titles on Japanese history, tradition and culture in English, along with a tour guide and even some examples of manga (Japanese comics). On the second and third floors, various crafts, traditional foods and drinks can be found, such as kimono and yukata, genuine Nanbu ironwork, wooden Kokeshi dolls, exclusive Japanese cosmetics, Japanese tea, sake, paper goods, Wagashi traditional sweets, and more!

Takashimaya Department Store

Address: Japan, 〒600-8001 Kyoto, Shimogyo Ward, Shincho, 52
Hours: 10 AM–8 PM

| where to shop for souvenirs in kyoto

Located in the downtown of Kyoto and just a minute’s walk from Kawaramachi station is this huge shopping mall called Takashimaya. It is said that the history of this shopping center is as old as Kyoto. Takashimaya started making kimonos and clothing stores in 1831. Today, Takashimaya’s imposing building is not only a shopping place but also a tourist attraction and one of the famous landmarks. of Kyoto. What sets it apart from other malls in the city is the basement food court. Wide selection of food, from Eastern to Western cuisine. Many items are on attractive display in Takashimaya’s basement, ranging from local Japanese confectionery shops to wonderfully decorated cakes and pastries.

| where to shop for souvenirs in kyoto
| where to shop for souvenirs in kyoto

There is also a food concierge service where you will be assisted with a tablet to help find the right souvenirs to buy for a loved one or even for yourself. 8 floors of shopping and dining located inside Takashimaya Kyoto make it a great place to shop with friends, family or alone. You will find clothing stores for all ages. Tax refund counters are equipped with currency exchange machines, and foreign visitors can enjoy a 5% discount service at some stores. The language barrier won’t be a problem when shopping here as there are English or Chinese speaking staff at each location in the building and Takashimaya’s first priority is for shoppers to have an enjoyable shopping experience. taste as possible. You can feel it through their service.

| where to shop for souvenirs in kyoto

Higashiyama District

The Higashiyama district located along the slopes of the eastern mountains of Kyoto is one of the city’s best preserved historic districts. This is a great place to experience Kyoto’s long tradition, especially between Kiyomizudera and Yasaka, where narrow streets, wooden buildings and traditional merchant shops evoke a sense of the ancient capital. It has undergone several renovations to further improve the traditional feel of Higashiyama.

| where to shop for souvenirs in kyoto

| where to shop for souvenirs in kyoto

The streets of Higashiyama are lined with small shops, cafes and restaurants that have catered to tourists and pilgrims for centuries. These businesses keep their traditional designs, despite being renewed over the years, and they continue to serve their customers. Local specialties such as Kiyomizu-yaki pottery, sweets, pickles, crafts and other souvenirs are sold here. Shops and restaurants in the area usually open around 9am or 10am and close fairly early around 5pm or 6pm, except in Hanatoro – meaning “flower and light street”, which is a series of illumination events taking place in the Higashiyama district of Kyoto lasts 12 days in March.

| kyoto shopping guide

Shijo-dori (# kyoto shopping guide)

| kyoto shopping guide

Shijo-dori is the main street that runs through downtown Kyoto in an east-west direction. It has flourished as a business district since ancient times. Shijo-dori, near Shijo Station, is always bustling with domestic and international tourists. This is the largest downtown area in Kyoto that houses various department stores, shops, and financial institutions. Initially, this neighborhood was too small to cater for the number of domestic and international tourists, but in 2015 the street was widened, making it much more convenient to move around. In particular, the shops concentrated there are located between Kawaramachi-dori and Karasuma-dori.

| kyoto shopping guide

There are established department stores Daimaru, Takashimaya and Fujii Daimaru along with everything else from fashion, food, Kyoto style clothing (Kimono) to general merchandise in one place. Coming here, you can also enjoy the typical dishes of Kyoto and all kinds of Japanese dishes such as cakes, crackers, dango dumpling, plum jam… And when you come here, you can buy souvenirs for your family and loved ones.

| kyoto shopping guide

Kyoto BAL Shopping Mall

Kyoto BAL is located at Kawaramachi, a main street of Kyoto. The Kyoto BAL is a commercial building that has long been beloved and familiar to the people of Kyoto, a hotbed of trends and culture. Kyoto BAL is a place to stay up to date with many of Kyoto’s trends, as well as a shopping mall that both local and international visitors enjoy. Like stepping into a hotel in the heart of the city, this chic Kyoto BAL makes shopping a breeze.

| kyoto shopping guide

It offers shops aimed at people of all generations. Spaciously laid out, Kyoto BALL allows shoppers to look around with ease. From stores like KOTOSHINA which offers organic cosmetics using Uji tea leaves to American fashion brand, Theory, each store exudes personality and quality in keeping with the style of Kyoto BAL. What makes this shopping building enjoyable to stay for hours is the variety of cafes and stands on most floors. On the first floor you will find David Otto Juice and Hawaii Island Coffee. When you go upstairs, you’ll find a clothing store equipped with a cafe such as Margaret Howell Shop & Coffee, Café & Meal MUJI, or RH Cafe.

| kyoto shopping guide

| kyoto shopping guide

There are so many places to experience when you want to go shopping in Kyoto, it’s a great experience. Not only is it a pleasure to buy food, clothes and souvenirs but also for the hospitality of the Japanese people. The staff here are very friendly. They will guide you through everything, let you try on shoes and clothes and feel fine even if you decide not to buy the item. And what makes shopping in Kyoto easier is that some of the shop owners can speak English. So, do not forget to visit the interesting shopping places that we has just suggested for you to discover and buy many unique items.

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Arashiyama Bamboo momiji bridge
Arashiyama Bamboo momiji bridge. Credit: Kyoto travel blog.

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