Many people believe that Osaka is the culinary center of Japan, and this is not wrong! You could spend a whole day eating and still not have everything this city has to offer. One of the biggest regrets after leaving Osaka is craving for food. Fortunately, the Japanese have excellent food that can be given as gifts, and so we can bring home a taste of Osaka. Best of all, these can be found at the numerous duty-free shops at Kansai International Airport.

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Dotonbori, Osaka
Osaka is famous as the culinary city of Asia.
Must eat osaka
Osaka street food

So, what snacks to buy in Osaka, what to buy in Osaka (Osaka what to buy), what should I buy in Osaka, what souvenirs to buy in Osaka and where to buy cheap souvenirs in Osaka? Let’s check out our Osaka shopping guide with the suggested best shopping Osaka of 21+ top things to buy in Osaka, things must buy in Osaka, must buy in Osaka (must buy items in Osaka), best things to buy in Osaka including best Osaka gifts, Osaka souvenirs (souvenirs to buy in Osaka) below! Now, let’s read on and learn about some of the best “value-for-money” gifts in Osaka.

Osaka city
Nakazakicho, Osaka
Grand Front Osaka best shopping places in osaka
Grand Front Osaka | best shopping places in osaka

best shopping places in osaka

What to buy in Osaka: Countless of Takoyaki

Takoyaki is considered the national street food of Osaka, it is sold in many shops and stalls as well as at restaurants across the city. Dotonbori is the street that sells the most of these tasty foods, you can stop by there and get tons of Takoyaki packages. Takoyaki are octopus balls that come in convenient snack-like packages. You can find all kinds of flavors, from shrimp, potato…

Must eat osaka
Takoyaki is Osaka’s signature street food that is popular with tourists. | what to buy in osaka

Walking along the streets of Dotonbori, Osaka, you will see many Takoyaki shops. Regarded as Osaka’s “national” street food, these octopus balls are a favorite among convenience-lovers. Luckily for us, the Japanese have invented Takoyaki snack packs with so many different styles. You can find all kinds of flavors, from shrimp and potato flavors to biscuits.

Various types with many flavors of takoyaki to bring back | what to buy in osaka
Takoyaki, one of the most popular dishes in Japan

Jagarico Takoyaki

The famous “Jagarico” french fries with unique flavors are sold in many regions throughout Japan. In Osaka, the brand launched Takoyaki taste, a dish that is famous in this city, and it is considered one of the best flavors of Jagarico.

Price: 864 yen/box
Producer: Calbee
Where to buy: Souvenir shops throughout the city.

Various of Pocky

What snacks to buy in Osaka? Not only Japanese people, but all of us probably know about Pocky snacks. Glico’s Pocky varieties are loved by visitors and are the first choice when visitors wonder what to buy in Osaka. A little suggestion for visitors, now Pocky has a more advanced version that is Bâton d’or.

Pocky has a variety of flavors, making it an ideal gift to buy for family and friends. | what to buy in osaka

Bâton d’or is a deluxe version of Glico’s Pocky. Made from selected ingredients, Bâton d’or has a much stronger flavor than the regular Pocky and of course it costs twice as much than normal ones. This pocky is only sold at Glico stores in HANKYU Department Store Umeda main Store (Address: 8-7 Kakudacho, Kita Ward, Osaka, 530-8350, Japan/Hours: 10AM–8PM) and Osaka Takashimaya (Address: 5 Chome-1-5 Nanba, Chuo Ward, Osaka, 542-8510, Japan/Hours: 10AM–8PM), so don’t be surprised if you have to wait in line for an hour to get this gift.

Baton d’or | what to buy in osaka

Bâton d’or comes in a variety of flavors with eye-catching colors and is only sold in department stores in Osaka. You will surely enjoy this snack and your family and friends will be delighted.

Price: 1,429 yen+tax (30 pieces)
Producer: Glico
Where to buy: Level B1 of Hankyu Department Store Umeda, Osaka Takashimaya

Best things to buy in Osaka: Mochi

Kiyome mochi
Kiyome mochi | what to buy in osaka

Referring to Osaka cuisine, you cannot ignore the most famous Mochi cake in the Land of Cherry Blossoms. Not only selling instant food right on the spot, Mochi in Japan is also widely sold at convenience stores, sweets stalls in supermarkets or stalls at traditional markets.

Mochi are Japanese rice cakes made from glutinous rice and are beaten and kneaded into small balls. This is a famous cake and is also loved by many people. | what to buy in osaka
Strawberry Mochi | what to buy in osaka

The cake has a tough outer layer and a flexible inside with sweet taste and pleasant aroma. Mochi cakes have many varieties with different flavors for you to choose from. The original and popular one with Japanese is red bean paste mochi. In addition, you can enjoy and buy other types of mochi such as raindrop mochi, Hishimochi, Kusa Mochi, Ichigo Daifuku…

Mochi with many flavors sold in supermarkets | what to buy in osaka

This soft cake comes in a variety of flavors. These can be mentioned as Daifuku mochi strawberry flavored cake filled with red beans and a large strawberry. In addition, there are greasy chocolate truffle ones, chocolate filling, and cocoa powder coating.

If you’re looking for “fresh” mochi while in Osaka, check out some of the shops at Kuromon Ichiba Market (Address: Japan, Osaka, Chuo Ward, Nipponbashi, 1・2丁目/Hours: 9AM–5PM/Sunday: Closed). Klook your Kuromon Market Tour and let your local guide take you to the best food stalls.

| must buy in osaka

Top things to buy in Osaka: Tenten Gyoza

Shrimp, mushroom and kujo Welsh onion gyozas
Shrimp, mushroom and kujo Welsh onion gyozas. | must buy in osaka

Gyoza is pan-fried dumplings, is a popular dish in Osaka. And out of all the gyoza shops here, Tenten’s gyoza is the most famous.

Gyoza dumplings from Tenten have long been an indispensable gift when coming to Osaka. Prepackaged gyoza can be pan-fried, steamed or deep-fried, making it a great snack with some beer.

Packaged Tenten gyoza | must buy in osaka

Price: 2,130 yen/45 pieces
Producer: Tenten
Where to buy: Osaka Station, Shin-Osaka Station, Kansai International Airport…

What to buy in Osaka: Nakanoshima Rusk

| must buy in osaka

Nakanoshima is the name of a center of modern commerce and government in the central area of ​​Osaka. This district has a fast pace of economic development and is extremely thriving. The snack Nakanoshima Rusk was born to thank the tourists from all over the world who have come to Nakanoshima.

The snack at first glance is somewhat unique, shaped like a miniature sandwich with the topping of almonds, caramel and sugar after being dried. When biting, it has an attractive crunch and the sweet aroma of caramel. You can find Nakanoshima at the entrance at the Marche Osaka center or at the souvenir shop at Shin-Osaka station.

| must buy in osaka


Tsukigeshou is an Osaka specialty cake with a golden moon shape. This cake has many times won the most prestigious award at Monde Selection — an Olympic competition for delicious food.

Tsukigheshou has the shape of the moon | must buy in osaka

Tsukigeshou cake has an outer shell foam with a filling made from green beans, light sweet taste. Although the ingredients are made mainly of green beans, the smell of green beans is not too strong, giving you the feeling of fully enjoying both the aroma and taste of the cake. Just bite into a piece and the filling and outer layer of the cake melt in your mouth.

| must buy in osaka

Chidoriya’s Mitarashi Komochi

Soft balls of mochi full of sweet and salty soy sauce filling. | must buy in osaka

Chidoriya’s famous soft balls Mitarashi Komochi sticky rice cake has long been a classic gift in Osaka city. Using ingredients made in Japan, this sticky rice cake with full of sweet and salty soy sauce filling is sure to surprise you with its unparalleled taste that you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

Price: 650 yen/12 pieces
Producer: Chidoriya
Where to buy: Osaka Station, Shin-Osaka Station, Kansai International Airport…

Best things to buy in Osaka: Pudding Kui-daore Taro

| what souvenirs to buy in osaka

Kui-daore Taro is Osaka’s iconic cartoon character and this popular character-named pudding comes in a cute package with Kui-daore Taro’s mini hats. Produced by the famous confectionery company Dojima Sweets, this pudding is sure to captivate the sweet tooth.

Kuidaore Doll by Matsuyuki in Dotonbori, Osaka | what souvenirs to buy in osaka

Price: 1,150 yen/1 box of 3 pieces
Producer: Dojima Sweets
Where to buy: Osaka Station, Shin-Osaka Station, Namba Station…

Top things to buy in Osaka: Traditional Castella Sponge Cake

What to buy in Osaka | what souvenirs to buy in osaka

This sponge cake uses eggs as the main ingredient, they are only half-baked. That difference makes Castella cake unique and has a very strange taste. This cake originated in Portugal and makes one of the perfect gifts. So, what to buy in Osaka as a gift? Let me tell you, the Castella sponge cake is half-baked.

| what souvenirs to buy in osaka

Best things to buy in Osaka: Minoh Beer

Minoh Beer has won several international beer awards. This craft beer is brewed in Minoh city, in Osaka prefecture with rich nature. Beer is bottled but still contains yeast, so it has a much stronger taste than usual beers. When coming to Osaka, definitely bring back Minoh beer with the famous snacks of this city.

| what souvenirs to buy in osaka

Price: 410 yen/bottle
Producer: Minoh Beer
Where to buy: Minoh Brewery, Daimaru Umeda, Osaka Takashimaya, etc.

What to buy in Osaka: Kit Kat

| what should i buy in osaka

Kit Kat is no longer strange to everyone, now you can find this candy at many supermarkets in Vietnam. However, only in Japan, Kit Kat is sold in a full range of unique flavors. In Japan, there are more than 300 different types of KitKat by season, by local and by region.

As a famous Japanese sweet dish, Kit Kat deserves to be in the top of the dishes not to be missed. Your travel gifts will become very special with these countless flavors. With over 300 different KitKat flavors, here are some unique flavors in Japan that you should buy.

| what should i buy in osaka

The Tokyo Banana flavored Kitkat is the ultimate gift, combining KitKat and the famous Tokyo banana cake. Some flavors you can’t find anywhere outside of Japan such as Dorayaki (Doraemon donuts), red beans, mustard and sake. No one knows if mustard and chocolate go well together but give it a try!

KitKat is an Osaka specialty that is widely sought after when traveling to Japan. You can find this candy at convenience stores or supermarkets in Japan. | what should i buy in osaka

Must buy in Osaka: Pork Bun and Siew Mai Dumplings – 551 Horai

551 Horai is a very well-known Chinese restaurant in Osaka and its famous dumpling is one of the three best-selling dishes in this city. Every day, 110,000 dumplings are sold here.

| what should i buy in osaka

This dish is sold at the main restaurant 551 Horai located in the Namba area, but you can buy this delicious dumpling in the basements of Osaka’s major department stores. Don’t be surprised by the long lines of customers waiting to buy this gift to take home.

Price: 340 yen/2 pieces
Producer: 551 Horai
Where to buy: Shin Osaka Station, Namba Station, Tennoji Station, Kansai International Airport, etc.

Must buy in Osaka: Matcha-green tea flavored snacks

Matcha-flavored snacks are no longer strange to Japanese people. Look for these matcha snacks when you don’t know what to buy in Osaka. Because Japan is known as the land of green tea extremely famous for this flavor.

Matcha in Japan has its own flavor and is processed in a variety of ways. | what should i buy in osaka

The most famous snacks here are the matcha versions of Kitkat, Pocky, and Chocolate. A very convenient thing when you choose to buy Matcha as a gift. Those are the products you can buy right before boarding at Kaisan airport or Itami airport.

The famous matcha-flavored kitkat in Japan, is the first choice of travelers. | best things to buy in osaka

Peach-flavored snacks

Traveling in Osaka, you can visit the markets to enjoy the taste of fresh peaches. As well as buying peach-flavored snacks as gifts when it is difficult to bring fresh peaches home. Please buy peach-flavored cakes and snacks, it will be great.

Peach products are famous in the land of the rising sun and is loved by diners. | best things to buy in osaka

Some suggestions of delicious peach products for you are: Coca Cola peach flavor, white chocolate biscuits and Glico peach waffles. If you’re wondering what to buy in Osaka as a gift, check out the peach-flavored snacks right away.

Peach is a fruit that comes to mind as soon as we think of Japan. When traveling to Osaka, you can visit the markets or farms to enjoy fresh peaches. However, it is difficult to bring fresh peaches as a gift, so a suggestion for you is to buy peach-flavored snacks instead. Recently, Coca Cola peach flavor is also very popular in Japan. Also, there are white chocolate chip cookies Osaka No Koibito and Glico waffles that are delicious too!

Japan’s peach flavored potato chips | best things to buy in osaka
| best things to buy in osaka

Top things to buy in Osaka: Takobee

| best things to buy in osaka

Takobee Sankyodai (3 Takobee brothers) is a Takoyaki flavored rice cake with 3 different types, you can buy each type or a set of 3 types.

Product: Takobee Sankyodai Rice Cake
Price: 1,080 yen/60 packs
Producer: Chojudo Keika
Where to buy: Osaka Station, Shin-Osaka Station, Tennoji Station,

Pablo Cheese Tarts

Pablo, world's famous cheese tart
Pablo, world’s famous cheese tart | best things to buy in osaka

Did you know that Pablo cheese tarts are very hot in Japan? When you don’t have time to go to the spacious and comfortable stores to enjoy a rich cheese tart, this is an optimal choice for you. Pablo has a chain of takeout gift shops that we just can’t help but go to. Sabrel Cheese Biscuits come in 2 flavors: basic and matcha. There’s also Pablo cheese creme brulee, guaranteed to be delicious!

| best things to buy in osaka
| best things to buy in osaka

What should I buy in Osaka: Fresh Cheesecake (Rikuro Ojisan no Mise Store)

In Osaka, you can eat fresh cheesecake at a great price. The Rikuro Ojisan no Mise store uses advanced technology, imported directly from a traditional factory in Denmark. The cheesecake here has a cheese filling with raisins.

| top things to buy in osaka

Product: Fresh cheesecake
Price: 675 yen/piece
Producer: Rikuro Ojisan no Mise
Where to buy: Shin-Osaka Station, Hankyu Umeda Station, etc.

Must buy in Osaka: Okonomiyaki

okonomiyaki osaka
Osaka is home to Okonomiyaki, must eat in Osaka | top things to buy in osaka

In addition to signature food of Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki pancakes are a must-try dish in Osaka. This savory pancake is made with flour, eggs, thinly sliced ​​cabbage, a protein, and a delicious sauce. You can buy Okonomiyaki flavored biscuit sticks but we strongly recommends you buy Okonomiyaki Senbei! This rice cake is covered with a layer of dried Okonomiyaki, allowing you to enjoy the true Okonomiyaki taste!

| top things to buy in osaka
| top things to buy in osaka

What should I buy in Osaka: Osaka mini banana cake

| top things to buy in osaka

Osaka banana cake (Osaka Petit Banana) is very special, you should not confuse it with the regular banana cake in Tokyo. Banana cake in Osaka is very small, soft and fluffy. The packaging is quite eye-catching and pretty, making it easy for visitors to enjoy this mini banana cake.

Inside is banana cream and wrapped in a square wrapper for diners to easily enjoy. | things must buy in osaka

This banana cake is also known by the common name Osaka Petit Banana. Unlike the Tokyo banana cake, the cake in Osaka has a softer texture and is made with a simple rectangular shape. The cake has a moderate sweetness, the aroma of bananas is extremely attractive.

Lovely cake packaging with bright blue, white and banana tones. The cakes will sell in bulk and come in a small box. This Osaka specialty cake is suitable to buy as a gift due to its delicious taste and easy to carry.

| things must buy in osaka
| things must buy in osaka

What souvenirs to buy in Osaka: Omoshiroi Koibito

Why is Osaka so attractive? One of the reasons is that everything here, from the people, to the scenery, is very interesting. In Japan there is Hokkaido’s famous chocolate, called Shiroikoibito (White Lovers), and in Osaka, the pun version is Omoshiroi Koibito (Funny Lovers).

| things must buy in osaka

Product: Omoshiroi Koibito
Price: 1000 yen/box
Producer: Yoshimoto Kogyo
Where to buy: At souvenir shops throughout the city

Must buy items in Osaka: Matcha

| things must buy in osaka

Did you know matcha comes from the Uji region? It’s only 1 hour by train from Osaka, so Osaka has all your favorite matcha products. You can easily find matcha cookies, matcha mochi, matcha kitkat, etc. that taste great in Osaka! Besides, you can also buy Matcha powder for making drinks and making cakes.

Japan is the land of Matcha green tea and it is no exaggeration to say that Matcha is a “elixir” with many useful uses for health. Matcha, also known as green tea powder, is used in Japanese tea ceremonies. However, today Matcha is used to make confectionery, ice cream or other unique foods.

Matcha Japanese gift
Matcha, a must buy in Kyoto, Osaka and Japan. | things must buy in osaka
best dessert in taipei, best dessert restaurant in taipei,
Matcha Lava Cake | souvenirs to buy in osaka

Matcha has a mild acrid taste with a fragrant aroma. When you buy it, you can mix it with milk to make Matcha Latte or other drinks as you like. Matcha green tea powder is chosen by many people as an Osaka specialty worth buying because they are imbued with Japanese culture.

What souvenirs to buy in Osaka: Osaka Meika Ehmonchi

This famous cake made with butter offers a light aroma, fluffy texture. You will experience the unique taste of delicious black beans. | souvenirs to buy in osaka

These cakes are made with high-quality butter, which will be a very meaningful gift for butter lovers. The cakes are packed in luxurious and eye-catching boxes that make visitors fall in love. This is a premium cake in the top of the famous Osaka souvenirs.

Instant Noodles

| souvenirs to buy in osaka

Japanese culture is associated with famous cartoon characters around the world. Make the most of these advantages, this cartoon instant noodle has unique packaging, printed with Pokemon, Minion or superhero… Osaka specialty gift will be an extremely reasonable choice to give to friends and family, especially those with young children.

These lovely noodles are widely available at Universal Studios Osaka, an international theme park in Japan. While visiting Universal Studios Osaka you can take the time to stop by the unique shops inside the park and choose to buy your favorite ones. In addition to cup noodles, this place also has a lot of other interesting confectionery items that can make you fall in love!

| souvenirs to buy in osaka
| must buy items in osaka

Who is a fan of Pokemon, let’s take attendance! Looking at the bowls of noodles with Pokemon pictures, how can you not fall in love, right? And if you go to Universal Studios Japan, you will also find many cute Minion, Snoopy or Spider Man noodle bowls!

Don’t forget to Klook your Universal Studios Japan ticket so you don’t have to wait in line for your turn to enter. In addition, because this is an open ticket, you can freely choose the tour date that suits you best. With an open ticket, you can change the travel date, avoiding the case of going to the amusement park in the rain or due to an unexpected event that cannot be on time.

| must buy items in osaka

If you want to try other types of instant noodles, you can go to convenience stores 7-11 or Family Mart to choose more. So Japanese cuisine is not as expensive as you think! We recommends that you buy Ippudo Ramen and Ichiran Ramen brands. These are two famous brands that are not only famous in Japan but also around the world, so absolutely not to be missed!

What souvenirs to buy in Osaka: Bertie Bott’s Jelly Beans (Harry Potter Candy)

Bean candy for hardcore Harry Potter fans with a lot of different flavors. | must buy items in osaka

This special candy is sure to delight the little ones at home and is the perfect answer to the question what to buy in Osaka. And anyone who is a fan of Harry Potter will immediately recognize this candy. Candy comes in hundreds of different flavors and in so many different locations. The flavors are very diverse, from fruit flavors to weird flavors like earthworms. Take home these boxes of bean candy to add more fun to the gift shopping trip.

Must buy items in Osaka: Calbee Jagarico Hokkaido Butter Potato Sticks

| must buy items in osaka

Calbee Jagariko is a snack that is no stranger to many visitors to Japan. The potato sticks come in a variety of flavors to choose from, and the our team’s favorite Jagariko are salads and mentaiko (spicy caviar) flavors. If you like sour taste, you should try the lemon Jagariko cake, it’s also delicious!

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Janjan Yokocho Shinsekai-08919
Shinsekai and Tsutenkaku tower

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