Osaka is one of the most-visited cities by gourmands from all over the world in Japan. Among the attentions that Osaka offers a great number of chances to dine with the most popular Japanese food, it is sushi. So, where to eat sushi in Osaka and are you finding best sushi in Osaka, best sushi restaurant in Osaka, top sushi restaurants in Osaka and top sushi in Osaka? Let’s check out our top rated 10 Osaka sushi locations and Osaka sushi restaurants you should experience as follows!

Osaka Sushi | best sushi restaurants in osaka
| best sushi restaurants in osaka

Sushi Monji restaurant | best sushi restaurants in osaka
Sushi in Japan
| best sushi restaurants in osaka
Maguro (TUNA) [email protected] | best sushi restaurants in osaka
Yataizhusi cuisine | best sushi restaurants in osaka

The amazing sushi restaurants in Osaka also deliver if you want to eat something more fresh and simple during a local dining experience. Seafood in Osaka has been always of outstanding quality, meaning that of course, the city’s sushi is always exceptional in its standard of freshness and flavor. Where to eat sushi in Osaka and what is the best one for sushi cuisine, here are 10 popular sushi restaurants that are recommended in Osaka City, Japan. Let’s check all of them!

Sushi Monji (#best sushi restaurant in osaka)

Address: 3F Yakushido Building, 1–3–19 Dojima, Kita Ward, Osaka, Japan
Hours: 6:00 pm–11:00 pm, closed on Sundays and National Holidays
Phone: +81 50 3628 0770

| best sushi restaurants in osaka

A sushi restaurant where you can taste exquisite sushi dishes made with fresh, seasonal seafood. The master chef puts the customers’ satisfaction first, so every piece of sushi is carefully prepared, creating the perfect balance of fresh seafood and Shari (seasoned rice)
Aside from Nigirizushi (hand-made sushi), you should try Futomaki Sushi (thick rolled sushi), which is very appetizing with its colorful appearance. The generous fillings of luxurious ingredients like eggs, eel, herring roe, and shrimp is a bigger plus point than others. Sushi Monji also offers new-age cuisine and meat dishes so that guests can enjoy a diversity of flavors.

| best sushi restaurants in osaka
The Futomaki sushi (thick roll) is typically filled with vegetables of different colors and usually doesn’t contain seafood but they accompany each other in terms of visual appeal and flavor | best sushi restaurants in osaka
Sushi made from all fresh ingredients | best sushi restaurants in osaka
Ryukyu, which is a private room with a tatami room, is a space where you can enjoy your meal slowly without worrying about your surroundings | best sushi restaurants in osaka
There are private tatami rooms and table seats separate from the counter
The style of Sushi Moji is to try to meet any request and serve with a smile and attention to detail | best sushi restaurants in osaka

Direction: Three-minute walk from Kitashinchi Station on the JR Tozai Line

Price: Dinner around 15,000 JPY (112.25 USD)

Sushi-Cho HARU (Osaka Tenmangu) (#best sushi in osaka)

Address: 2–14–11, Tenma, Kita Ward, Osaka, Japan
Hours: 5:30 pm–10:00 pm, closed on Tuesdays and holidays
Phone: +81 66356 0440

| best sushi restaurants in osaka

You can fully enjoy seasonal sushi and finely selected sake at a leisurely pace. When selecting the ingredients, the master chef makes sure to get the most in-season and freshest seafood of the day. The sushi is simply seasoned with salt, so the Umami (Japanese savory taste) of the toppings and the sweetness of the rice stand out.

| best sushi restaurants in osaka
Nigiri sushi where the special salt from Europe, draws out the Umami of the ingredients and accentuates the sweetness of the rice | best sushi in osaka
Stewed conger eel sushi | best sushi in osaka

Diners will surely be spellbound by the flavor. The super-mini rice bowls make you crave to order the mild sweetness of the rice. Another favorite is Anago Nigiri (conger eel sushi). The Anago is procured from a well-known shop in the Osaka-Sakai area and grilled until tender before being served to guests.

| best sushi in osaka

Direction: Seven–minute walk from Osaka Tenmangu Station on JR Tozai Line. Go in the direction of Higashi-Tenman along Route No.1, turn right at Higashi–Tenman–Nishi Intersection, then 2 blocks away.

Price: Dinner around 8,000 JPY (60.53 USD)

Edomae Sushi Shionigiri Matsugen (Sakai) (#osaka sushi restaurants)

Address: Royal Court Sanbankan 1F, 2–2–5 Ebisunochonishi, Sakai-ku, Japan
Hours: 5:00 pm–10:00 pm, closed on Mondays and National Holidays
Phone: +81 50 5462 1575

| best sushi in osaka

In a corner of Sakai Ward, there is this classic sushi restaurant, Edomae Sushi Shionigiri Matsugen. When you open the door, you will be welcomed into a relaxing Japanese-style space. From the counter seats, you will see rows of fresh sushi toppings ready. The signature dish, Omakase Nigiri Course, is an Edo-style platter of sushi and Nigirizushi.

| best sushi in osaka
Sushi eaten with salt instead of soy sauce is so delicious | best sushi in osaka

Kombu (kelp) and salt as seasonings are used for this mouth-watering sushi. Therefore, you can eat them as it is without dipping them in soy sauce, savoring the inherent flavor of the ingredients. A food that you cannot miss is Temari sushi with Ochazuke (round sushi over green tea broth), a novel combination you cannot find outside of Japan.

Temari sushi is a dish that a small piece of various ingredients, such as vegetables, egg, or fish fillets colorfully put on a bite-size vinegar rice ball.@klook | top sushi restaurants in osaka

Direction: Six-minute walk from Sakai Station’s entrance gate. From the entrance gate, cross at the crosswalk, turn left at the intersection, and it will be on 1F of Royal Court Sanbankan.

Price: Around 6,000 JPY (45.40 USD)

Sushidokoro Kurosugi (Kitashinchi) (#top sushi restaurants in osaka)

Address: 2F Shindai Building, 1–2–1 Dojimahama, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan
Hours: Lunch 11:30 am–1:00 pm; Dinner: (1st–time slots) 6:00 pm–7:00 pm; (2nd–time slots) 8:30 pm–10:00 pm; Closed on Sundays and National Holidays
Phone: +81 06 6342 0919

| top sushi restaurants in osaka

A restaurant without any menu can be quite inconvenient, but you will feel to be welcomed by its friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere in this upscale restaurant. Guests can enjoy the finest and freshest seasonal ingredients selected from around Japan with an assurance of safety and no chemicals.

| top sushi restaurants in osaka
A 12-piece Nigiri sushi plate (with roe) allows you to enjoy the exhilarating flavor of fresh ingredients delivered the same day | top sushi restaurants in osaka

The 12–piece Nigiri Sushi, which is on the top food list, you should try. The chef is highly selective about the rice used for the sushi. Rather than using sugar as its seasoning, Sushi Kurosugi uses Akazu, well-rounded mild red vinegar made from sake lees with low acidity. It has a soft, sweet flavor and a refreshing taste of Umami, which is not too over-powering, sushi rice that guests will never tire of. A wide selection including Japanese sake is available to provide suggestions for beverages that are the perfect choice to go with the sushi.

A careful selection of rice is accompanied with sushi | top sushi restaurants in osaka
Steamed abalone with sake to showcase the true flavor of the abalone | top sushi restaurants in osaka


  • Seven-minute walk from Kitashinchi Station on the JR Osaka line
  • Three–minute walk from the Ōebashi Station on the Keihan Nakanoshima Line
  • Five–minute walk from Yodoyabashi Station on the Midosuji Line or Keihan Line
  • Ten–minute walk from Nishi-Umeda Station on the Osaka Municipal Subway Yotsubashi Line

Price: Dinner is around 15,000 JPY (112.25 USD), lunch around 5,400 JPY (40.41 USD)

Sushi Hoshiyama (Kitashinchi)

Address: 3F Taniyasu Rowa Building, 1–9–9 Sonezakishinchi, Kita–ku, Osaka, Japan
Hours: 5:30 pm–10:30 pm, closed on Tuesdays and National Holidays
Phone: +81 6 6361 1622

A beautiful view as a picture is from the restaurant’s inside looking out | top sushi restaurants in osaka

Hidden away in the busy district of Kita–ku, Osaka, Sushi Hoshiyam has been well-received by both old and new customers for many years. It is one of the most popular restaurants for new and old things.

A chef is cooking with his sushi love | top sushi restaurants in osaka
Shrimp and Amadai | top sushi in osaka

All their dishes are multi-course meals during which each item is served at the perfect time. As for the toppings, they pay particular attention to where they come from. Their octopus and Amadai (tilefish) are procured from Akashi, while the Kohala (gizzard shad) is from Amakusa. They put a special touch on preparing the ingredients, like parboiling or wrapping them with a combo, to bring out their flavors to the fullest without ruining the original flavors. Aside from the food, their unique tableware, such as the Imari ware and antique glasses, is worth your attention.

They put sushi on Imari, which is a highlight of this restaurant | top sushi in osaka
| top sushi in osaka

Direction: Five-minute walk heading east from JR Kitashinchi Station

Price: Dinner is around 15,000 JPY (112.25 USD)

INASE Zushi (#top sushi in osaka)

Address: Takimi–koji, B1F, Umeda Sky Bldg., 1–1–90, Oyodonaka, Kita–ku, Osaka, Japan
Hours: Lunch 11:30 am–3:00 pm; Dinner 5:00 pm–10:30 pm
Phone: +81 6 6440 5919

| top sushi in osaka

For over 50 years, INASE Zushi has pursued authenticity in serving sushi that is prepared by a hospitable master chef at reasonable prices. This popular restaurant draws a lot of travelers from abroad, as diners love the amicable personality of its master chef.

Nigiri sushi set with salmon grouper eel tuna prawn | osaka sushi restaurants
| osaka sushi restaurants
| osaka sushi restaurants

INASE Zushi ensures that they procure each morning only locally produced seafood, varying according to the season. They use alkaline ionized water for cooking, while the tea served is organic tea. They thoroughly check and assure the quality of their ingredients. A recommended dish is the Nigiri Set, which features a generous serving of Nigirizushi, skillfully made and showcasing flavors that will captivate its diners.

Organic tea | osaka sushi restaurants

Direction: Ten–minute walk from the central north exit of JR (Osaka Station); A ten–minute walk from the Chaya–machi exit of Hankyu [Umeda Station]. In Takimi–koji on B1F of Umeda Sky Bldg.

Price: Dinner is around 2,000 JPY (14.97 USD); Lunch is around 1,000 JPY (7.48 USD)

Sushi Hiromi Kitashinchi Branch (Kitashinchi) (#best sushi restaurant in osaka)

Address: B1F, Bldg. GOA, 1–9–8, Sonezaki Shinchi, Kita–ku, Osaka, Japan
Hours: 6:00 pm–2:00 am daily; Saturday: 6:00 pm–10:00 pm, closed on Sundays and National Holidays
Phone: +81 6 6348 1985

| osaka sushi restaurants

This sushi spot is located on the first basement floor of a building in the Kitashinchi area. The wide array of Nigirizushi is prepared by the proprietor, who professes a deep fascination with sushi. Their sushi is made with wild fish topped on vinegar rice, which uses blended red and rice vinegar, without any sugar so that you can enjoy the natural sweetness and delicious taste of the toppings.

| osaka sushi restaurants

Besides the sushi, they have plenty of dishes that present seasonal seafood, like assorted Sashimi with 8 different seasonal seafood, one piece each. We also serve a wide variety of grilled and side dishes, including Grilled Sable fish Marinated with Saikyo Miso using a white miso paste from Kyoto. The carefully selected drink menu includes Sake and Shochu (Japanese alcohol) that go well with dishes here.

Sake and Shochu | osaka sushi restaurants
| osaka sushi restaurants

The warm Japanese–themed space, with its impressive Hinoki (cypress) wood counter, is where you can relax and enjoy dishes even alone.

Direction: Three–minute walk from exit No.1 of Kitashinchi Station, 1 block to the southeast.

Price: Dinner around 10,000 JPY (74.83 USD)

Suzume Sushi (Nippombashi) (#best sushi restaurants in osaka)

Address: 2–15–29 Masumiso 1F, Nippombashi, Chuo–ku, Osaka, Japan
Hours: 5:00 pm–9:00 pm, closed on Tuesdays and National Holidays
Phone: +81 6 6633 8852

| osaka sushi restaurants

This dining spot uses all natural and unprocessed ingredients purchased at the Kuromon Market, also called “Kitchen of Osaka”. Here, sushi can be ordered once for various customers who wish to taste delicious seafood. They also consider their guests’ budgets and preferences. One dish you should try is Matsumae Sushi, a traditional Oshizushi popularly eaten in Osaka. This dish is made with mackerel and kelp. You can even take some home as a souvenir. Along with their delicious food, you will love the kind reception of the couple who own this well-known place.

| osaka sushi locations
| osaka sushi locations

Direction: Three-minute walk from Kuromon Ichiba Market

Price: 7,000 JPY (52.49 USD)

Sushiman Abeno Harukas Kintetsu

Address: 12F, Abeno Harukas Dining Tower, 1–1–43, Abeno-suji, Abeno-ku, Osaka, Japan
Hours: 11:00 am–11:00 pm, closed under the restaurant’s schedule
Phone: +81 6 6625 2916

| osaka sushi locations

Established in 1653, this long-standing restaurant has continued to preserve the food culture of Osaka. You can delight in a variety of sushi, from the classic ones to the spectacular and creative kinds at this place. Osaka Sushi is their signature dish including Oshizushi and Makizushi (rolled sushi), which are both Osaka specialties.

| osaka sushi locations

| osaka sushi locations
Sushi in the restaurant always maintains its worthy appearance and flavor involving to Osaka sushi | osaka sushi locations

It’s a recommended treat packed with all the elements of Kaiseki cuisine (traditional Japanese multi-course meals). They also have Hannuki Nigiri Sushi, in which the sushi is presented at half the average size so that they are easy to eat. The dishes are served with thoughtful attention, as expected from a well-established restaurant.

Direction: 53 meters from Osaka Abenobashi

Price: Dinner around 3,500 JPY (26.24 USD)

Yataizushi (Sakai)

Address: 1–7–7, Kitanagaocho, Kita–ku, Sakai–shi, Osaka, Japan
Hours: 4:00 pm–2:00 am daily
Phone: +81 72 250 7779

| osaka sushi locations

A sushi Izakaya (Japanese pub) where you can taste fresh and delicious sushi skillfully prepared at an affordable price. Sushi with a standard taste, size, and freshness has a 59 JPY price (tax included) which is the most affordable on the list.

Fried shrimp

Besides the seasonal Nigirizushi, they also have many dishes with creative twists such as the Izakaya staple and fried chicken wings. You will feel you are likely eating at a Yatai (Japanese food cart) from this design. A quiet light provides a calming atmosphere that gives you a pleasant time during being here.

Price: 2,700 JPY (20.24 USD)

This article just shows that Osaka houses a great selection of distinctive sushi restaurants listed among the 10 best sushi restaurants in Osaka for your exploration of signature Japanese cuisine. Make sure to drop by one of these restaurants when you visit the city.

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