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Kobe Harborland
Kobe city | source: | top things to do in Kobe
Kobe beef, must eat in Kobe | top things to do in Kobe

The dynamic city of Kobe, located on the island of Honshu, blends the contrasting beauty of many ancient temples, shrines, hot springs, and many bustling attractions. Everyone has heard of the reputation of the famous Kobe beef. However, you will be surprised to learn more about the scenic spots and exciting tourist activities here.

Kobe street. | top things to do in Kobe

Not only has the famous its beef, Kobe city also has many worth try experiences for those who like to go to Japan. If you are planning a trip to Kobe on your own, immediately add the suggestions and places to visit in Kobe below to your “wishlist”!

Take in the View from Mount Rokko

Mount Rokko | top things to do in Kobe

Mount Rokko, affectionately known as Rokko-san, is a must-see when visiting Kobe. If you want to challenge yourself, you can climb the mountain yourself or take the cable car to reach the top of the mountain in the shortest time. Whether you choose to hike the mountain or take the cable car, the scenery of Osaka Bay is worth every experience. There is also a rock garden on the mountain. This is a great place for you to breathe fresh air and take “million-like” check-in photos.

Scenic train to Mount Rokko. | top things to do in Kobe
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Rokko Mountain | top things to do in Kobe

Kobe|Mt. Rokko Night View Day Tour|Departure from Osaka

Immerse yourself in Arima Onsen Hot Springs

Kobe: Hot spring stream flowing pass town centre of Arima Onsen in Kita-ku, Kobe, Japan. | top things to do in Kobe

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After a tiring hike in Rokko-san, take advantage of traditional Japanese hot springs to relax your muscles. Take time to pamper yourself at Arima Onsen Taiko no Yu, one of the three major hot springs in Japan.

Arima Onsen is an ancient hot spring with healthy water @shutterstock | top things to do in Kobe

Klook Pass Kansai

Arima Onsen hot springs are said to have been discovered more than 1,300 years ago. During the Edo period, this hot spring was a resort for samurai and nobles. Today, Arima Onsen remains a popular tourist attraction, attracting millions of visitors each year.

“Virtual Living” at Kobe Nunobiki Waterfall

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Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens Ticket & Ropeway Ticket

Although Kobe city is prosperous and modern, it has not lost the pristine beauty of nature. Nunobiki Falls – a convergence of waterfalls pouring down a mountainside near the city center – is a masterpiece that nature bestowed on Kobe. Many generations of artists have been inspired by Nunobiki Falls, creating immortal literature, musical works, and famous painting masterpieces.

Tip for #teamKlook: To get to Nunobiki waterfall, you will need to walk up a 400-meter slope, so prepare yourself with comfortable climbing shoes to avoid blisters!

Kobe Port Tower

Kobe Port Tower | top things to do in Kobe

Kobe Port Tower is a great place if you want panoramic views of the city, skyline, and Rokko port. The 108 meter high tower has a unique tube structure. At night, the entire tower is lit with LED lights, creating a shimmering, magical scene.

Visitors can also enjoy panoramic views of the city, Mount Rokko, Osaka Bay and Awaji Island from above. What are you waiting for? Buy a Kobe Port Tower Entrance Ticket to make your trip to Kobe more exciting.

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Ikuta Shrine (#top things to do in Kobe)

JR West Kansai Area Pass

With an age of about 1,800 years old, Ikuta is one of the oldest shrines in Japan. Nestled in a forest, the temple is surrounded by a peaceful, quiet scene, far from the bustle of the downtown area. You will admire schools of Koi fish swimming freely in the pond or leisurely walking among the fresh forest.

Torri gates | top things to do in Kobe
Kobe shrine | top things to do in Kobe

Kansai Railway Pass

Couples or husband and wife often come here to ask for lucky charms, with the hope that their love life will always be perfect. If you want to visit this ancient temple, book a 1-Day or 2-Day Hankyu Tourist pass for unlimited travel between locations in the area on Klook.

Visit a Traditional Sake Brewery in Kobe

Sake is an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting rice that has been milled and polished to remove the bran. This famous Japanese rice wine has existed for more than 1,000 years and has not been replaced by any other type of wine. Sake is produced with a unique process, following esoteric techniques from ancient times. Take a tour of a sake brewery to discover the secrets of the production of this famous drink.

Take a cruise tour

Do you want to admire the complete Kobe with a view from the water? From Kobe port, the cruise ship will take visitors across the Akashi Strait Bridge then, enter Osaka Bay. Find a nice spot on the boat and look out the window to see the vibrant and bustling atmosphere of the city. Book a cruise now to cruise around Kobe’s coastline and take in some of the city’s most beautiful views, including the Akashi Kaikyo bridge.

Romantic Deluxe Concerto Cruise in Kobe

Travel Back to the Past at Todaiji Temple

Todaiji Temple is one of the largest wooden structures in the world. To admire this ancient and majestic temple complex – also a World Heritage Site – you will have to travel from Kobe to Nara. When coming here, visitors can see the 400-ton bronze Great Buddha statue, built in the 12th century and still standing today. If you are observant, you will realize that Todaiji Temple is an image that often appears in postcards in Nara.

Arima Hot Spring & Mita Outlet & Nara Park & Todaiji Temple | Departing from Osaka

todai ji temple

First-hand see Naruto Whirlpool

As one of the world’s greatest natural phenomena, the Naruto whirlpools off the coast of Shikoku are a sight you cannot miss when traveling to Kobe. These whirlpools are not only beautiful but also extremely mysterious. So how are they born? The main reason is that water currents move in opposite directions from the Seto Sea and the Pacific Ocean, combined with tidal activity. Spring is the best time to enjoy this mysterious phenomena.


Naruto Whirlpools, Awa Odori Kaikan, & Awaji Island Tour from Osaka

Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens


Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens Ticket & Ropeway Ticket

This is a great Kobe tourist place to relax and enjoy nature. The garden is located about 200 meters above sea level, offering visitors with stunning views of the city and Osaka Bay.

The garden has an area of ​​about 20 hectares and is the “common home” of more than 4,000 species of plants, including herbs, flowers and shrubs. The garden is divided into different areas, each with its own theme, such as the flower garden, herb garden, water garden and children’s garden.

Sumiyoshi Taisha Kobe Shrine

Sumiyoshi Shrine,fukuoka travel blog,fukuoka blog (1)

Sumiyoshi Taisha Kobe Shrine is one of the oldest shrines in Japan, built in the 3rd century. It is dedicated to the gods of the sea and trade. Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine is one of the most important Sumiyoshi shrines in Japan, and is a popular tourist attraction. This famous temple not only attracts tourists because of its impressive history but also its unique architecture, a wonderful religious and natural experience for you.

Himeji Kobe Central Park

Opened in 1984, Himeji Kobe Central Park is the only Safari zoo and famous entertainment venue in the Kansai region. The place is divided into two main areas: Safari Park and Theme Park.


Himeji Central Park Ticket in Hyogo


The safari park is home to more than 1,000 animals of about 120 species, including tigers, lions, elephants, giraffes, and many more. Visitors can take a safari bus to see the animals in their natural habitat.

The amusement park has a variety of attractions ranging from free falls and other screaming rides to rides for children. You can go by train to Himeji Central Park from Kobe city. The train runs from Sannomiya Station in Kobe to Himeji Station. Travel time is about 45 minutes.

Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake Memorial Museum


The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake Memorial Museum

This place is not only a historical museum but also a reminder of the power of nature and the importance of disaster prevention. Visiting the museum, you will learn about the causes, developments and consequences of the 1995 Hanshin-Awaji earthquake, and will have the opportunity to experience an earthquake simulation and learn about damages mitigation measures in the future.

The Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake Memorial Museum is a meaningful destination for visitors who want to learn about Japanese history and culture, while raising awareness about natural disaster prevention.

Kobe Animal Kingdom Zoo


Kobe Animal Kingdom Admission Ticket

Kobe Animal Kingdom Zoo is a paradise for animal lovers with more than 150 rare animals from around the world. Visitors can participate in exciting activities such as feeding and petting animals, watching circus performances and exploring the beautiful garden with many species of ornamental plants and flowers.

Kobe Animal Kingdom Zoo is an ideal place for visitors of all ages, especially children.

Felissimo Chocolate Museum


Felissimo Chocolate Museum is a must-see destination for chocolate lovers. It displays a unique collection of chocolate from around the world, along with works of art made from chocolate. Visitors can learn about the history of chocolate, the production process and enjoy delicious chocolates.

Felissimo Chocolate Museum is the ideal place for those who want to explore the exciting and fascinating world of chocolate.

Enjoy Famous Kobe Beef

Kobe beef

It would be a mistake to come to Kobe and not enjoy the famous specialty – Kobe beef. Known as the most expensive food on the planet, what makes Kobe beef so special? The answer lies in the living conditions and “luxury” nutrition of the cows in Kobe. Kobe beef has white fat interspersed with red meat in the perfect ratio, is low in fat and is as soft as melting in the mouth, whether grilled or dipped in hot pot, it is very delicious.
The only drawback of Kobe beef may be its quite expensive price. The good news is that you can enjoy this famous Kobe delicacy at an economical price when you buy an accommodation voucher at Klook. Don’t miss it!

Kobe Beef9

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City port of Kobe

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