Nestled in a deep valley, and surrounded by high mountains, Mae Hong Son town can be said to be one of those places that has long been isolated from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. The mysterious beauty of Mae Hong Son, Thailand seems to have attracted visitors to come here once to enjoy the distinctive features of this town. Let us show you the top things to see and do in Mae Hong Son! So, are you planning a trip to Mae Hong Son, Northern Thailand and still don’t what to do in Mae Hong Son (Mae Hong Son what to do)?! Let’s check out our suggested 6 top, must do as well as best things to do in Mae Hong Son (Mae Hong Son things to do) for you refer to as follows!

Morning market, Mae Hong Son, Thailand | © Dirk Bleyer
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Trekking in Pai | best things to do in mae hong son
Ban Rak Thai | best things to do in mae hong son

Coming to Mae Hong Son, you must visit the beautiful town of Pai once (#what to do in mae hong son)

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Along the way to Mae Hong Son, choose the town of Pai as a stopover. Although Pai is just a small town in the Northwest of Thailand and about 3 hours from Mae Hong Son by car. It sounds like nothing special, but in fact, Pai is very pretty, peaceful and romantic. The small town of Pai, peaceful and strangely poetic, makes it impossible to miss the opportunity to enjoy and admire the pristine beauty here.

When you set foot in Pai, you will quickly dispel the feeling of fatigue and exhaustion after a long day of traveling in the car. Instead, Pai will give visitors a feeling of relaxation and peace with a very poetic scene that you can hardly find anywhere else. Pai town is also known as the setting of many famous Thai movies. If you have ever been fascinated with movies like “Jod Mai Rak”, “Ruk Jung”, “Pai In Love”, one thing is for sure that you do not miss the opportunity to visit Pai once.

Come to Pai is come to nature. | best things to do in mae hong son
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Pai Town | best things to do in mae hong son
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Pang Ung Lake | best things to do in mae hong son
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The peaceful scenery of Pai | best things to do in mae hong son

Pai impresses visitors by its small and beautiful beauty, a small peaceful town with only a few streets surrounding it. Pai is so small that you can’t get lost in this place. Pai town has only one major main road. The rest are small, winding inner city streets. In the heart of the small town of Pai, the houses and shops that grow up are also small, strangely beautiful.

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Coffee-in-love-Pai-Thailand-perfect guides to explore Pai-Thailand
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In the evening, the main street will become a night market, where locals sell clothes and souvenirs. The night market here is not like in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya or Phuket because everything in Pai is so neat and small as if it was arranged to shoot a movie. The cafes, bars or restaurants, souvenir shops are very small, just enough to display goods or chairs. Visitors can choose to buy these gifts for their relatives and friends.

Explore the Pai night market (1)
Pai night market | what to do in mae hong son

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Vibrant bar | mae hong son what to do
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Discover Ban Rak Thai in the heart of Mae Hong Son, Thailand (#mae hong son what to do)

Ban Rak Thai Village, in Mae Hong Son province near Chiangmai, Thailand. | © Prasit Rodphan

Ban Rak Thai is like a resort open to tourists from 8am to 5pm. Each room here is a separate house with a facade overlooking the tea hill and a large lake located at the foot of the hill. Located in an isolated location and people only communicate mainly in Chinese, so this village is probably quite unknown to tourists. But it is in Ban Rank that is likened to a miniature of Fenghuang town in Thailand. Most of the guests who come to stay here are mainly locals. However, recently, the beauty of Ban Rak Thai attracts more and more tourists. This place has become one of the most unique and outstanding attractions of Northern Thailand.

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| mae hong son what to do

| mae hong son what to do
| mae hong son things to do

This Ban Rak Thai village is located in a rather isolated location of Mae Hong Son province, at an altitude of more than 1,000 meters above sea level. This is also the place where many Chinese people have come to live and build villages and have passed on the profession of tea cultivation for a long time. Therefore, most of the villagers speak Chinese, only a few young people can communicate in Thai.

Coming here, visitors will be able to see the fresh green color of the tea plantations, depositing their emotional souls with a dreamy and magical space. To be able to admire all the pristine and tranquil beauty of nature, heaven and earth, the scenery here, you can rent a motorbike to move. The road is wide and paved with flat asphalt, many sections are still covered by trees, so it is quite cool. The closer to Ban RakThai, the colder the temperature, and foggy in many places. Another small note for visitors is that when you come here, remember to bring a cold shirt, don’t wear thin clothes, it’s too cold to drive.

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| mae hong son things to do
| mae hong son things to do

If you have an opportunity to visit here, you should stop at Coffee Ban Din. The shop is designed according to the Chinese concept. But perhaps what makes visitors excited is the fact that the restaurant is located next to the romantic lake, making people forget the current busy life. This is also a suitable place for visitors to sip a cup of hot tea and have a panoramic view of Mae Hong Son at Coffee Ban Din.

Coffee Ban Din | mae hong son things to do

The shop is open from morning to afternoon, the price is also quite suitable for guests when it only ranges from 30 baht to 40 baht. It must be said that the seats are super nice and cute here, the shop has 3-4 areas for guests to choose from, each area can be viewed with the majestic mountain scenery in front. They also make a suspended net, if you are not afraid of heights, come here to have breakfast and drink coffee.

Coffee Ban Din
Address: 95 หมู่6 หมอกจำแป่ เมือง Mae Hong Son 58000, Thailand
Hours: 7AM–9PM
Phone: +66 85 112 8279)

Experience extremely cheap dining at Mae Hong Son! (#best things to do in mae hong son)

Mae Hong Son does not have many outstanding dishes, with unique flavors and receives thousands of check-ins and reviews from visitors. One of them is the small food court located at the foot of the statue of Phraya Sing hanat Racha, which is enough to beat all previous dining places or any fastidious diners.

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The food at Mae Hong Son is quite cheap. Most are priced at 20 baht / portion, equivalent to about $0.53. However, with a special culinary feature, Mae Hong Son has brought visitors irresistible delicious dishes. Therefore, it is not surprising that Mae Hong is considered a dining paradise. In addition, you can refer to some delicious restaurants in Mae Hong Son with many customers, reasonable prices such as:

  • 77 House’s Wine, Coffee and Food – 77 Khunlumpraphat Rd. | Jongkham, Mae Hong Son, Thailand.
  • Little Good Things – 40 Chamnan Satit Road, Mae Hong Son, Thailand.
  • Charlie & Lek Restaurant – 234, Moo 4 Wiangtai | Pai, Mae Hong Son, Thailand.
  • Salween River Restaurant – 23/2 Praditjongkam Rd, | T-Jongkam, A-Muang,, Mae Hong Son, Thailand.
  • Pizza Primavera – Khunlumprapas Road, Soi 5, near | Mae Hongson Plaza, Mae Hong Son, Thailand.
  • If you want to enjoy coffee and relax at Mae Hong Son, you can refer to:
    Coffee For U@Soi 3 – Khunlum Praphat Soi 3 Chong Kham, Mae Hong Son, Thailand.
  • Lung Pala Coffee – Lung Pala Guest House & Home Stay, Mok Jam Pae Sub-District, Mueang Mae Hong Son, Thailand.
  • Coffee Morning – 78, Singhanat Bamrung Road, Chongkham Subdistrict, Mueang Mae Hong Son, Thailand.

Burmese Temple

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Standing side by side by a small lake to the south of town, Wat Chong Kham and Wat Chong Klang are Burmese-style temples that attract visitors to explore. Particularly noteworthy for tourists is Wat Chong Klang Wiharn, which houses more than 30 statues that were brought to Thailand from Burma (Myanmar) around 1860. With a fresh appearance along with tall spires above. peaks that are visible in many other places stimulate the curiosity of many people about this place.

These Burmese temples are all surrounded by a park that is used by locals for spiritual worship and is also a great place to relax.

Wat Chong Kham at sunset | © Mark Lehmkuhler/Flickr

On sunny days when the sky is bluer, these temples become brilliant with their colors. Immersed in the cool blue sky, the white and yellow wings are decorated alternately, attracting the eyes of tourists. The temple’s campus is also very convenient for relaxation and mind relaxation after the chaos of work.

Wat Chong Kham Buddhist temple on the lake, Mae Hong Son, Northern Thailand, Thailand | © Tommy Seiter

Address: 35/1 Charm-naan Satit Rd, Chong Kham, Mueang Mae Hong Son District, Mae Hong Son 58000, Thailand
Phone: +66 53 611 352

Mae Sariang (#best things to do in mae hong son)

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Pai may be a favorite destination for backpackers in search of a rustic, peaceful experience, but Mae Sariang attracts attention with its own charm for those with a soul that wants to mingle with nature. Not as famous as Pai, Mae Sariang is a small town but still not inferior to Pai in terms of its rustic and simplicity. Exploring this place will give visitors a chance for a truly interesting experience of the culture and people of northern Thailand.

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Here, tourists can hike to the hill tribes of Mae Sariang, cycle through town, buy local crafts and visit the many temples with unique vistas.

Padong Longneck Village (#mae hong son things to do)

About 1.5 hours from Mae Hong Son town, you can visit the village of Padong Longneck, where members of a local hill tribe still stretch their necks with golden rings. Girls who start wearing rings from the age of four and up are added until they are 25 years old. Tourists have to pay a fee to enter the village and take pictures as they please with the beautiful frames or the unique cultural features of the people here.

Padong Longneck Village is surrounded by green fields that bring freshness to the first sight when you arrive here. The fields stretched endlessly and then disappeared on the horizon, making the viewer want to find the exact point it disappeared. At sunset, when the sun is about to go out, the brilliant scenery between the endless fields appears more clearly and together with the wind creates a country music that captivates visitors.

Once you have a chance visit to Mae Hong Son, you will experience a new color in life once. Mae Hong Son is not like the colorful and bustling capital, but it brings a wild look like that of peaceful and poetic Chiang Mai. The land of Mae Hong Son attracts tourists to visit to enjoy and explore a green color of nature, mountains and forests. The name Mae Hong Son sounds very strange and far from it, but you know it’s not only when you miss a visit here, see it with your own eyes, and admire the wild, tranquil but equally dreamlike beauty of Mae Hong Son. In the small town of Mae Hong Son, you have to regret: “If only I knew this place sooner”. Believe us, you will surely have an interesting experience.

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Come to Pai is come to nature.

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