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Pai Town

Pai Thailand is a very small and beautiful town and about 130km north of Chiang Mai. If you fell in love with Chiangmai Old Town, when you come to Pai, you will be completely cut down by the sweet, romantic and romantic that Pai gives for you only. Let’s explore Pai Thailand through our Pai Thailand travel guide and Pai travel blog (Pai blog)— The fullest guide to explore Pai Thailand below.

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The container@Pai cafe
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Pai Canyon
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Tha Pai Memorial Bridge (World War II Memorial Bridge)
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The peaceful in Pai
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Pai night market
Explore the Pai night market (1)
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The best time to visit Pai is from January to April. If you are in Loy Krathong with the ideal season, Chiang Mai and Pai are the best.

Pai blog: How to get to Pai Thailand

getting to pai from chiang mai


There is a direct line to Pai, but few visitors go this way because the Pai airport is so small, with one runway only and the price is very expensive. You can pre-book air fares from Wisdom Airways from 1.790 baht (USD 58.84)/person and must book at least 7 days in advance before the depature date.

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You should fly to Chiang Mai and take 3-hours for going by bus.


The twisting mountain road from Chiang Mai to Pai
The twisting mountain road from Chiang Mai to Pai

If you enthusiasm to drive the motorbike, you can not miss Chiangmai – Pai Road. The scenery along two sides will make you wonder and enjoy. The rental rate is from 3 dollars to 5 dollars excluding car insurance. The most reputable car rental company in Chiang Mai and Pai is Aya service. They also provide Chiangmai – Pai bus service.

how to get to pai
You can getting around Pai by motorbike


You can take a bus to Chiang Mai and take the next line to Pai.

The road from Chiangmai to Pai is very simple; you can buy bus tickets at any travel agent or buy at your hotel. The bus price at the hotel is about 5 dollars. Tickets you buy directly at the bus station are 1.5 dollars.



No having the direct train from Bangkok to Pai, you can only take the night train to Chiang Mai and pick up the earliest bus to Pai at 7:30.


getting to pai from chiang mai

In addition to means of transport above, you can rent a Minivan to Pai, with a travel time of 3 to 4 hours for about $6/one way. Book through Klook, KKDay or

Pai blog: Hotels in Pai Thailand



If coming to Pai once, you should definitely experience in the beautiful bungles along the river, the beautiful, romantic and peaceful Pai River, seemingly all busy things will slip into the line of memory.

Bungalow prices in low season are usually ranging from 6 dollars and higher.


The cheapest is bungalow Family’s hut. The price 6 dollars/ bungalow consists of 2 beds with toilet inside. In high season, the price can double to triple.

If you like the beautiful view and good price, you should choose Baan riverside resort. This is the ideal resort which has space to rest and it closes to the river with a large balcony to drink beer with friends or simply watch the sunset on the Pai River. The resort has swings and very nice white tables and chairs.

Baan riverside resort-pai-thailand

The bungalow in low season with price is about 12 dollars/night including simple breakfast with sandwiches and tea. High season, bungalows with river view about 6 dollars



The Dorm in Pai is quite plentiful; the price is ranging from 2 to 6 dollars in low seasons.
3 hostels have dorm crowded and best service is common ground, Spicy Pai, and Circus School.

The Common Ground has quite a wide area for having a rest and relaxation for travelers. If you are traveling alone, you should definitely not miss this hostel. A plus mark in Common Ground is a central location behind Pai Bus Station. Only 1minutes for walking and there are dining areas around. The price at Common Ground is dollars/person/night.


Spicy Pai is a chain hostel located in many famous tourist destinations of Thailand, so the service of Spicy Pai is very well. The dorm area has many beds, is a good place to make new friends. However, the disadvantage of Spicy Pai is very far from the center, walking away at least 15 minutes at night and dark in the night. The price about 4 dollars/person/night

Circus School-pai-thailand

The Circus School, the location is on a hill, enjoy the beautiful sunset. Circus school is a hostel with many relaxing zones, beautiful resort, where teaches circus for guests also. Just spend from 12 to 18 dollars; you can study unlimited with basic circus lessons here. On weekend, School Circus School usually organize BBQ party, circus, fire dance … gather a lot of young people to participate. However, the room in Circus is not good, about 4 dollars/person.


You can find, check rates, availability & booking for Pai Thailand hotels on or or

Pai blog: What to do and things to see and do in Pai

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Pai Canyon

Pai attracts tourists because of unspoiled wildlife like South of Thailand, in Pai you just rent the motorbike for getting to the tourist destinations near Pai within 15km.


Pam Bok Waterfall in Pai Thailand

In Pai, having two famous waterfalls, there are Pam Bok and Mo Paeng Pam Bok
Pam Bok is constructed like a cool stream of cool water which the slope falling down.

Mor Paeng Waterfall in Pai, Thailand

On the way to Pam Bok waterfall on the left-hand side, you will stop at a detention center to eat garden fresh fruit, drink wine, strawberry juice, jackfruit and dried banana … they will serve for you to eat until you full. No, you can pay a lot of money for them if you want
In Mo Paeng, you can play a waterfall game with a huge rocky for you to slide into the lake.

Waterfall in Pai Thailand-place-to-visit-in-pai-thailand

All of these waterfalls have not been touched by human hands, no having entrance fees as are most of the other tourist destinations in Thailand. That is also a unique point in Pai.

Mor Paeng Waterfall-pai-thailand

Hot springs in Pai Thailand

Hotspring- Pai Thailand-place-to-visit-in-pai-thailand

In Pai, there are also 2 hot springs, a very famous, many tourists located in the spa area and is called Tha Pai Hotspring. To enter this stream, you have to pay about 6 dollars/ person.

Hotspring- Pai Thailand-place-to-visit-in-pai-thailand1

There is another stream located on the way to Mae Hong Son, about 10 kilometers from Pai on the big road and turn right about 5 kilometers with the land road, you go up and down a lot, very slippery and easy to fall. The price is about 1 dollar/person, if you drive a motorbike, the charge is 1 dollars/car. This hot spring is located in the middle of the forest, cool water, clear water and very empty. This is one of most special and beautiful hot spring. If you are afraid to travel long distances, you should go to Tha Pai. However, when going to the land line, you should careful, the downhill you should use brake pedal in many times instead of braking one time will be failed immediately.

Grand canyon Pai Thailand

pai canyon-paithailand-best places-to-explore-pai-thailand

If you have heard about the famous Grand Canyon in the United States, in Pai, you will see Canyon similarly; this is the unique place that you can not miss. You do not have to pay any fees to visit that majestic nature masterpiece. But surely in the future when Pai is put into tourism, it will not be free anymore. Let’s coming to Pai before it’s too late. The most beautiful Canyon is sunset, You should choose a good time to see this marvelous moment.

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Pai Canyon
pai canyon thailand (1)
Hot Springs and Sunset at Grand Canyon in Pai

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pai day trip,pai canyon (1)
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pai day trip,pai canyon (1)
| one day in pai
pai day trip,pai canyon (1)
| one day in pai
pai day trip,pai canyon (1)
| pai day trip
pai day trip,pai canyon (1)
| pai day trip

pai day trip,pai canyon (1)

Get a Pai panoramic view from high viewpoint

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