Coming to Sai Kung, you will experience countless water sports such as kayaking and scuba diving to see corals. However, that is not everything you can do here. This destination is also a paradise of seafood dishes and desserts with bold local traditional tastes. Continue with this post to know more details on the best things to see and do in Sai Kung, Hong Kong. So, what to do in Sai Kung? Let’s check out our suggested 15 best experiences and top Sai Kung things to do to maximize your trip to Sai Kung peninsula, Hong Kong as follows!

Sai Kung Town. Photo: Time Out | sai kung things to do
Sai Kung UNESCO Global Geopark, Hong Kong. Photo: Hong Kong Cheapo | sai kung things to do
Join a junk trip in Sai Kung
Sai Kung Island Kayaking
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Explore salt farms in the village of Yim Tin Tsai | sai kung things to do

Explore Sai Kung Town (#sai kung things to do)

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If it’s your first time coming to Sai Kung, try to spend as much time exploring this town as many interesting things are waiting for you. From the pier to the restaurants and cafes, all have their beauty which will impress you and make your jaws drop the whole time.

The Sai Kung Beach
Sai Kung Beach | sai kung things to do

If you are still wondering which restaurant is the best, we recommend Loaf On and Sing Kee – the two best restaurants in Sai Kung. Both restaurants will surprise you with a diverse menu, serving all the tastes of guests even the most demanding ones. Or, if you are not used to the flavors of these local places, try Pepperonis’ Pizza & Café which is a great alternative for you.

Loaf On Restaurant | sai kung things to do
Sing Kee Restaurant in Sai Kung | sai kung things to do

Explore the UNESCO Global Geopark (#sai kung things to do)

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It is one of the most impressive geoparks with deliberately arranged tall stone pillars. However, if you want to admire the beauty of the geopark, you must have endurance. Because it is difficult to move around the area, you need to possess the good physical strength to move on quite rough and steep terrain. Even so, when you reach the destination, you will recognize that your effort is well worth it. You have a chance to admire the magnificence and miracles that nature bestows on humans.

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Photo: Hong Kong Cheapo | sai kung things to do

Junk trip (#what to do in sai kung)

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The next activity you should try in Sai Kung is a junk trip, which consists of a series of fun and entertaining activities such as eating, swimming, sunbathing, and partying. Sai Kung’s secluded waters are the perfect place to spend a day of such activities. However, you need to have durable, resilient health to try all the entertainment activities here. Sai Kung offers boat rentals that vary in price, depending on elective services such as dining and additional amenities you want while on the boat. If possible, you should spend a good amount of money to experience all the services here because as a tourist, it is not economic for you to come back and try them on your trip.

Photo: Hong Kong Living | sai kung things to do
Photo: Time Out | sai kung things to do
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Go scuba diving (#best things to do in sai kung)

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If you are an ocean lover and want to immerse yourself in the blue sea and see with your own eyes the wonder of the seabed, you should put scuba diving on your checklist. Sai Kung is one of the best scuba diving sites in Hong Kong thanks to its coral reefs, variety of fish, and lack of strong currents. Scientists have found more than 300 species of fish living in the coral reefs and more than 80 species of coral in the Sai Kung area. You will be amazed by the beauty of coral reefs of different sizes, shapes, and colors. Probably, you will fall in love with this place immediately and not want to leave. Just as you are self-aware that we need to do something so that this beauty will last for generations to come.

Photo: Time Out | what to do in sai kung
Photo: SCMP | what to do in sai kung
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Walk along the riverbank (#top things to do in sai kung)

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Unlike the impressive skyline of Victoria Harbor which makes us admire, Sai Kung offers a feeling of calmness, inner peace, and an escape from the bustle of city life. The pier is filled with small boats and yachts, with islands dotting the distant horizon waiting to be explored. Or else, you should find yourself a seat on the benches by the river and watch the clouds float by. You and your companion can open up and confide in one another about your life experiences. The sunset on the island and the stories told will live on in you forever.

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| what to do in sai kung

See the night sky

Sai Kung Astropark in Sai Kung East Country Park is one of Hong Kong’s most fascinating and inspiring places to explore. Away from the city center where light pollution hinders people from seeing the beauty of nature at night, this 1,200 square meters astronomical park is far enough for you to see the night sky in all its pristine glory.

Sai Kung Astropark in Sai Kung East Country Park. Photo: Time Out | what to do in sai kung
Photo: Tatler Asia | what to do in sai kung

The park provides comfortable facilities for those who come here to watch the stars most conveniently. So choose a clear evening and enjoy a peaceful night under the stars; it is worth your time to experience it. Especially, this place is free from the noise of a big crowd, so we assure you will enjoy the quality experience of the spectacular starry sky here. Bring some drinks and snacks, or ideally some beer, to take a sip with your companion for more interesting conversations.

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Join the Blue Sky Sports Club

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At Blue Sky Sports Club, you will find the sport of standup paddleboarding (or SUP) taken to a whole new level. Blue Sky Sports Club is the only place in Hong Kong where you can try an independent sailing experience. Rents start at $2,800 for three hours or $4,200 for a full day. However, if you are not a professional yet, one piece of advice is that you should practice with your teammates to support each other. This is also considered a great teambuilding exercise and challenge to your core strength. But at the same time, it also promises a lot of laughter.

Photo: Hong Kong Buzz | best things to do in sai kung
Photo: SCMP | best things to do in sai kung

If you want something more relaxing, Blue Sky Sports Club also offers a different sailing experience with its transparent kayaks, allowing you to look into the water while paddling. These sports cost $300 for two hours. What could be more wonderful than being able to sit comfortably paddling while looking down at the bottom of the sea with a whole lively world there? You will go from surprise to surprise because there are many exotic, never-before-seen creatures swimming around. Or simply kayaking to have more unique travel photos for your album is also great, isn’t it?

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Visit The Bottle Shop

Another equally interesting activity that we would like to introduce to you is visiting The Bottle Shop to sample beers and wines. You will temporarily forget about the ordinary beers, which lack quality and originality, for the craft beer brewery. The place is full of refinement and the brewers are true artisans with creativity and enthusiasm.

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The store stocks a variety of exotic craft beers from across the world on the shelves. The selection of beers for display here is rigorous, everything is meticulously organized and labeled. Whatever your request, the craftsmen here provide the right craft beer and wine for you with various original and fruity flavors classified into alcohol level and storage time.

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Try Camden Town fish and chips

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This deep-fried fish dish is especially famous due to its unusual and delicious taste. This dish was created by a couple who are crazy about British food. Falling in love with the savory fish and chips they often eat in London’s Camden Town neighborhood, the couple decided to bring this iconic dish to Sai Kung. They combine the original recipe with the finest fresh ingredients here to recreate the dish. Rest assured that the fish has been carefully marinated and cleaned. The hot crispy piece of fish will surely make you satisfied more than ever.

Try Circle Muffin dessert

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This dessert shop sells muffins with a combination of custard cream, which comes in flavors like caramel coffee and green tea milk. Even better if you have them with ice cream or yogurt. Circle Muffin also sells “duffins 199” – donut-muffins – and ice cream sandwiches. The store will serve you according to your request. You will be able to choose as many cakes as you want since you may ask the staff there to box them carefully to bring home. You can also order takeaways to have on the way with tea for some relaxing moments. It is also very suitable as a gift for family and friends after your long trip. It is a great choice thanks to the incredible cakes which are difficult to find anywhere else.

Photo: Open Rice | best things to do in sai kung
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Duke of York Pub

This is yet another great place to reminisce. Sai Kung’s oldest pub has been around since 1988 and has a loyal band for those who want to sip their drinks while enjoying their favorite songs. The pub exudes an ancient, elegant European style instead of the ordinary noise and bustle. This pub will be very suitable for those who are looking for good wine with music, as well as a quiet, classic atmosphere. Sometimes you should also relax your mind and start fresh with a new experience. More especially, the pub is perfect for artistic souls as the space influences you to have new ideas.

Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park

Hoi Ha Wan is one of four protected marine parks in Hong Kong, famous for its 60 types of hard corals and 120 species of rare saltwater fish. Head out to the marine park by minibus 7 from Sai Kung Pier, and rent kayaks and diving equipment from a shop in the small village of Hoi Ha Wan when you get there. It takes about 20 minutes of kayaking to reach the coral reefs. However, you will realize that the effort you put in is not wasted because the marine ecosystem here is really beautiful and magical. You will fall in love with the sea and spend hours indulging in the pleasures of diving and seeing Hong Kong’s beautiful marine life.

Photo: Time Out

Honeymoon dessert

Known as mango pudding dessert, this is the best of the best when it comes to relieving the summer heat in Hong Kong. Thick pieces of mango are mixed with tiny sticky red balls. This dessert gives off a sweet scent from natural ingredients. It is the special taste that many people crave after just the first time trying it. That’s why this dessert is so well known to the point that many branches have been established and always selected as one of the most favorite desserts. However, when you enjoy the dessert in Sai Kung, you still find it very different and fascinating.

Lion’s Nature Education Centre

Lion’s Nature Education Centre is a gigantic facility, as large as a park. Going for a walk on a sunny weekend, you may see many families play badminton, train their pets, watch the birds, or simply lie on the grass. The 16-hectare center is also home to a large lotus pond, an insect tank, an academy, a seashell museum, a Chinese medicinal garden, and a butterfly valley. All of them provide great opportunities for curious children to explore nature.

A large part of the center consists of natural forests with pre-marked trails for visitors’ convenience. Here, the small cafe is a perfect place to enjoy an outing with friends and family. You can get away from the smoke and gloom in the city because the green color has dyed this place and filled your soul with refreshing nature and plants. This place will make you just want to stay forever due to the cute animals and the peaceful, tranquil nature.

Explore Yim Tin Tsai

If you love an ancient setting, take advantage of the small village of Yim Tin Tsai, which has been twice recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage. As a village located on a small island, the principal job of the people here in the past was to make salt in the salt fields for a living. Moreover, it is not too far from the center of Sai Kung, which only takes 15 minutes to travel, so it is well worth exploring. When coming here, you will receive special assistance from the local tour guides – the salt farmers.

They will tell you about the history, nature, and people here with warmth and kindness. In addition, you also learn a lot of interesting things from the locals here like how they farm salt, support their families, and a lot of heart-warming stories about the villagers. So, don’t hesitate to spend your time and experience this tiny, lovely village.

Above are our suggestions to explore Sai Kung to the fullest – a place of modern, peaceful, and unique character. Let’s build your schedule for some wonderful experiences. We wish you a great Sai Kung trip!

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