Jamón Ibérico at La Boqueria, Barcelona

Spain not only has beautiful, famous, historic attractions, the vibant Flamenco dance along with delicious cuisine. Spain is also one of the world famous destinations with its signature Mediterranean architecture, rich in history and culture and stunning beaches, vivid, picturesque islands of Ibiza, Mallorca, Canary as well as some unique souvenirs, gifts various from handheld craft fans and guitar (Spain is the birthplace of this instrument) to the first green wine in the world and the scent of Ibiza. Besides, there are countless budget, beautiful and quality shopping centers, malls for you to satisfy your shopping passion.

Mercado de San Miguel Market, Madrid
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El Rastro, one of the bustling and largest flea markets in Europe
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Jamon shop at Boqueria market. | best things to buy in spain

So, what to buy in Spain, what is Spain famous for shopping and what products is Spain known for? Let’s check out our suggested 18 best things to buy in Spain and must buy in Spain including what is cheap to buy in Spain and famous things to buy in Spain to clear the answer!

What to buy in Spain: Spanish Handheld Fan (Spanish Abanico)

One of the most famous souvenirs and famous things to buy in Spain is a Spanish handheld fan – Abanico. They are not only used by Flamenco dancers but also widely used throughout the country. Colorful handheld fans with eye-catching patterns are invited to buy by the middle-aged people, especially in Barcelona is a typical image you will not forget after leaving Spain.

With elaborate crafted with a long history, especially used by the elite as well as the Flamenco dancers since this dance was born, these handheld fans were quite popular to buy as gifts for relatives and friends.

When walking around the streets in Spain’s cities, you will see that most Spanish women are holding theses fans for all day to get a little cool atmosphere when needed.

Moreover, although a handheld fan may not be something new, the Abanico hand-held fan is special because they have a lot of kinds from silk printing or lace, with many fancy images and patterns, sophisticated designs with all colors with different designs, so they are also great decorations for your house.

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El Rastro flea market

Best things to buy in Spain: Pottery

| what is cheap to buy in spain

Pottery is a not bad suggestion. Spanish craft ceramics impressed visitors by diverse colors, sizes and shapes.

You can find them in all shapes and purposes: From dish, bowl, cup, jar, pot to flowerpot, vases… with colorful, eye-catching colors. They are not only useful, safe but also help your home more vivid and brighter. Rest assured that you can easily buy them throughout markets or souvenir shops everywhere of Spain.

What is Spain famous for shopping: Castanets (Castañuelas)

Among souvenirs of Spain, one of the most interesting things is Castanets (Castañuelas) also known as clackers or palillos which means “little chestnuts” – a handheld percussion instrument is made with wood from hard wood of chestnut tree, which widely affect Flamenco’s music and dance art of Spain.

It is known that before being used in Flamenco art, Castanets was used as a instrument in the Spanish classical music. Today, Castanets is not simply an art tool but also part of the Spanish folklore culture, so this is a meaningful souvenir item.

Famous things to buy in Spain: Flamenco skirt

| what is cheap to buy in spain

You know, Flamenco is a famous traditional art across the world of “the land of bullfighting”. Even music or Flamenco dance is also an important part of Spanish culture. So, what is Spain famous for shopping as gifts? – The answer for you is the Flamenco skirt.

Flamenco costume (dress) is designed with a slim fit, beautiful colors and features a flared skirt and sleeves to add to the effect of the dance. Because the dresses are quite expensive, most souvenir shops also offer popular versions for children with a “softer” price for visitors to consider.

Los Gallos Flamenco Show
| what is cheap to buy in spain

Of course, you won’t use it every day, but a good idea, you should have it for Halloween – I am sure you will have the most unique and exciting outfit in the party.

Best things to buy in Spain: Olive fruit and olive oil

Speaking of olive oil, maybe everyone immediately think of Greece or Italy, but very few people know: New Spain is really one of the largest olive oil producers in the world and it It’s very delicious, premium quality.

Olive oil bottles

Olive oil is definitely the most essential ingredient in Spanish cuisine. It is used in a lot of dishes, to fry, bake bread for breakfast, in salads and even grilled meat… So it will be a regret if your list of Spanish tourist gift lacks it.

In addition, olive fruit grow in Spain also have a very delicious taste, with more than 200 different type of olive fruits. You can stuff this fruit with anchovy, the slightly bitter of the olive along with the salty taste of anchovy is a great combination.

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Pickled olives

Although you can buy olive oil all over Spain, but if you want the best gift one, go to the region’s largest producer, Andalusia and the best oil that many people recommend is olive oil called Extra Virgin.

Extra Virgin

Must buy in Spain: Saffron

Did you know that Spain is one of the major saffron producing countries in the world and it is very quality and quite cheap. Spanish saffron is used as a spice for flavoring, coloring food and for its medicinal benefits.

Kiva Spanish premeium saffrom

Saffron is a familiar spice of Spanish and is used in many dishes of this country, paella rice is a typical example. With its characteristic red color, Saffron has many health benefits and can be processed in a variety of ways such as cooking, making tea, etc. You can take avandtage of visiting this country to buy saffron because its price is much lower than other countries.

Saffron is an indispensable ingredient in paella rice dish.

What is cheap to buy in Spain: Ensaimadas (Mallorcan Spiral Pastry)

When traveling to Spain, remember to buy some local Ensaimadas pastries as gifts. Ensaimadas is a very attractive pastry and a specialty in Mallorca, very popular with the local people here. This cake is made with a variety of other ingredients such as butter, cream, pumpkin, chocolate to create a delicious taste full of the traditions of this land. People here believe that Ensaimadas will help you have a life as sweet as the taste of the cake itself. Although this cake can not store for a long time, it is still a meaningful gift, worth buying for relatives and friends.

What to buy in Spain: Cheese

Spanish cheese

One of the most familiar tapas in Spain is sliced ​​cheese. When traveling to this country, you should buy Manchego or Idiazabal gazta cheese from the Basque country or flower cheese (Flor de Guía cheese), a specialty from the Canary Islands.

Tapas platter with chese

Key chains and others

Among the most popular Spanish souvenirs you will find vintage jewelry that is both useful and beautiful such as: fridge magnets, key chains, posters, t-shirts, snow globes and more, in all the souvenir shops in every city.

Spainish T-shirt

What to buy in Spain: Fridge magnets

Fridge magnets | best things to buy in spain

Spanish fridge magnets have eye-catching shapes, depicting famous tourist attractions and landmarks of cities, or flamenco dances and bizarre images but often humorous, moreover being small and compact, so it will definitely become the perfect souvenir to bring back.

Famous things to buy in Spain: Flamenco Dolls

| best things to buy in spain

If you can’t afford a flamenco dress but love it too much, an equally great alternative is flamenco dolls, delicately and beautifully designed in eye-catching in traditional flamenco costumes.

Best things to buy in Spain: Cava (Spanish wine)

Cava (Spanish wine) is also a smart choice, because Spanish wines taste great. The region of Catalonia is famous for Cava – this is a sparkling wine made according to the traditional method. This traditional wine can be made from white wine or rose wine and is blended with Xarel-lo, Macabéo, Parellada and other grapes to enhance the fruity flavors of Cava.

| best things to buy in spain

Cava is quite similar to French Champagne, but it costs you only a third to bring back a bottle of Cava and the taste is not inferior to Champagne.

Especially, the wine as a gift is not only an ordinary bottle of wine, but the bottle is also contained in a special leather bag used to store wine and is real leather. All are sold in specialized wine shops throughout Spain.

| what is spain famous for shopping

Sherry Wines

Sherry wine tasting, selection of different jerez fortified wines from dry to very sweet in glasses.

Sherry, also known as Vinos de Jerez (the wine of the city of Jerez) is one of the most famous and typical wines in Spain, with a taste completely different from the usual wine.

What to buy in Spain: Boxes and Jewelry

Decorative boxes, jewelry, watches… are also interesting gifts to buy when traveling to Spain. They are not expensive and take up very little space in the suitcase. Therefore, this is a gift that should be given priority to bring back.

| what is spain famous for shopping

Bracelets, necklaces, anklets, earrings, rings are beautiful and eye-catching jewelry which are sophisticatedly designed. Therefore, they are very popular gifts. If you have doubts about the style, you can ask the salesperson for advice. You might consider to buying them, because the jewelry is inexpensive and lovely, cute. In particular, when looking at them, you will see them inlaid with gold and silver. Therefore, it looks very sparkling, attracting the viewer.

Vintage Spain Map Jewelry | what is spain famous for shopping

We recommend you to buy at some places such as: Toledo City, Madrid shopping malls or gift shops on Prado Avenue.

Taracea boxes, Granada-Spain | what to buy in spain

Best things to buy in spain: Jamón ibérico (Iberian ham)

Jamon Iberico

This is what is Spain famous for shopping, famous things to buy in Spain and best things to buy in Spain. As a dish that can “defeat” even the most fastidious diners, Jámon Iberico always appears in most luxury and high-class to casual restaurants. You will see each piece of fresh ham, sliced ​​into small pieces, so you can eat it directly or buy it as a gift. It will be better when served with premium wines and bread tapas and pickled olives.

Jamón Ibérico at La Boqueria, Barcelona | what to buy in spain

Leather handbags

Visitors should not miss the opportunity to own a lovely bag in Spain. Unique leather bags in Spain will sell a lot with extremely diverse designs.

Best things to buy in Spain: Rabitos Royale Chocolate Fig Bonbons

| what to buy in spain

Spain also has a very popular delicacy, Rabitos chocolate. Compared to Ensaimades pastry, Rabitos chocolate has a very its own taste. If you have tried it once, you will definitely not be able to refuse the irresistible attraction of Rabitos.

What to buy in Spain: Handicrafts

Surely, handmade items are the choice of many tourists when buying Spanish souvenirs. Because their advantages are compact and show the Spanish culture.

In Spain, traditional craft villages are also extremely developed, so handicrafts are also famous, widely sold in large quantities. The items that sell the most are jewelry, souvenir ceramics, etc.

| what to buy in spain
Segovia pottery

Best things to buy in Spain: Guitar

| what to buy in spain

Spain is the birthplace of the guitar, so if you have a trip to Spain, this will be a gift worth buying to giving to a loved one that will be very meaningful. The guitar is not only valuable as a souvenir, but it also has a very meaningful spiritual value for those who love art and are passionate about music. You will bring back a touch of traditional Spanish culture if you buy a guitar here. If you want to own a colorful guitar in Spain, you should buy it in Madrid with a chain of stores that are very famous and good quality, so you can rest assured to buy them.

What is Spain famous for shopping: Gifts for football fans – Gifts from legendary football clubs in Spain

Barcelona FC’s souvenirs store | famous things to buy in spain

Spain is the home of the world famous football clubs like Real Madrid or Barcelona. For those of you who are passionate about football, you can come here to see the football fields, where Spanish players enthusiastically practice. Or go to the museums of the clubs so that you can both visit and buy yourself souvenirs associated with the names of these clubs as gifts such as printed shirts or balls with the signatures of the players, the porcelain cups with the club logo,…

Souvenir shop at Camp Nou

Where to buy? Popular shopping places in Madrid, Spain

Mercado de San Miguel – Top Shopping Center in Madrid

A 2-min walk from the Plaza Mayor
Address: Pl. de San Miguel, s/n, 28005 Madrid, Spain
Hours: 10AM–12AM/Friday, Saturday: 10AM–1AM

Mercado Central Market | famous things to buy in spain

This is one of the colorful and extremely popular shopping places in Madrid, Spain. Guests will be surprised with the picturesquely decorated stalls, where you can shop for all kinds of specialty fruits in this country. An indispensable part of the shopping center is the stalls selling traditional food and local dishes.

Mercado de San Migue
Mercado de San Miguel | famous things to buy in spain

Matadero Madrid – Outdoor shopping place in Madrid

Address: Pl. de Legazpi, 8, Entrada 1, 28045 Madrid, Spain
Hours: 9AM–10PM

This is an outdoor shopping center that is extremely popular with tourists in Madrid. This is also a great gathering place for families with young children. Coming here, visitors can not only enjoy shopping for typical souvenirs of this country but also participate in fun activities and interesting auctions. The kids will definitely love coming here.

Gran Via – Top shopping street in Madrid

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Gran Via, downtown of Madrid | famous things to buy in spain

This is one of the major and most important shopping streets in Spain. This street is extremely bustling with many interesting shops and famous hotels, so it has a great attraction for tourists.

Centro Comercial ABC Serrano – Famous fashion shopping mall in Madrid

Address: C. de Serrano, 61, 28006 Madrid, Spain
Hours: 10AM–9PM/Sunday: Closed

This is a famous shopping mall with 8 floors in Spain. The majority of this mall specializes in selling designer fashion, jewelry, and crafts. Especially a ground floor cafe and gym.

Capas seseña – The most special shop in Madrid

| must buy in spain

Address: C. de la Cruz, 23, 28012 Madrid, Spain
Hours: 10:30AM–2:30PM/Sunday: Closed

This is the most special store in Spain because it is the only retail place of famous robe brands such as: Pierce Brosnan, King Juan Carlos and Nicolas Cage. If you are a shopaholic, you can’t miss this place.

In addition, there are other famous shopping places in Spain that visitors can visit such as:

  • El Corte Inglés Callao (Address: Pl. del Callao, 2, 28013 Madrid, Spain/Hours: 10AM–10PM)
  • Mercado San Antón (Address: C. de Augusto Figueroa, 24, 28004 Madrid, Spain/Hours: 10AM–12AM)
  • El Rastro Flea Market (Address: C/ de la Ribera de Curtidores, 28005 Madrid, Spain/Hours: 8:30AM–8:30PM/Monday: Closed)
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| must buy in spain

Some things to keep in mind when shopping in Spain: Should bring US dollars, then exchange money at the airport for convenient shopping when coming to Spain. Before buying, you should compare the price of the item you need to buy in Your country currency because the selling price will be different. When buying at a supermarket or market, remember to bargain because the price will be much lower and the seller sometimes say overcharge.

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