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Downtown Madrid

Madrid is not only a city, it is a large capital of Europe, with a population of more than 4 million people in the central area and more than 5 million people in suburban areas. People come to Madrid not only to travel, but also to experience the capital of Spain with an extremely vibrant nightlife, “Royal” cultural, lifestyle, the art and unique architectural buildings of this city. So, is Madrid worth visiting? Let’s explore one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe through our Madrid travel blog (Madrid blog) with the fullest Madrid travel guide blog (Madrid city guide, Madrid visitors guide) for a wonderful trip to Madrid on a budget for the first time from how to get there, best time to visit, where to stay, best places to visit and what to do… in Madrid below to find out the answer!

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Madrid is the city of the squares | madrid travel blog
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Streets of Madrid
Dear Hotel Madrid,Madrid blog,Madrid travel blog,Madrid travel guide blog,Madrid city guide,
Dear Hotel Madrid
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Metro in Madrid | madrid blog
Madrid streets 3,Madrid blog,Madrid travel blog,Madrid travel guide blog,Madrid city guide,
Madrid streets
Tapas, typical dishes of Spain
Tapas, signature dish of Spain | madrid city guide
jamon spain
Jamon, one of must try food in Spain
Summer Night in Madrid,Madrid blog,Madrid travel blog,Madrid travel guide blog,Madrid city guide,
Summer Night in Madrid
Gran Via, madrid, spain,Madrid blog,Madrid travel blog,Madrid travel guide blog,Madrid city guide,
Vibrant Gran Via, downtown of Madrid at night

Madrid city guide: When is the best time to visit?

The Malasaña district features small theaters, galleries and bars
The Malasaña, Malasaña, Neighborhood in Madrid that features small theaters, galleries and bars. | madrid travel guide blog

As a city in the Southwest of Europe, near the Mediterranean Sea, the weather in Madrid is hotter than the other regions of Europe. In summer from July to August 8 is Madrid’s hottest time, but still much more pleasant than the hot and humid weather of Vietnam. The humidity here is low so it is not too harsh, the best time to visit Madrid is from April to May or from September to October. Winter in Madrid is also very cold, snow covers many streets in the city. Traveling to Madrid at this time seems unreasonable.

summer in madrid
Summer in Madrid

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Crystal Palace at Buen Retiro Park, Madrid in winter | madrid travel blog

A trip lasting 3-4 days for backpackers or self-sufficient travel is good, visiting some museums, Bernabeu stadium and especially making a day-trip to the surrounding areas, it will be a memorable experience for anyone.

Santiago Bernabeu stadium.2
Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, one of the symbols of Madrid | madrid travel blog

As a young city with a liberal lifestyle, Madrid people love to play at night and drink until morning. The cost of eating, traveling and stay in Madrid is also cheap compare to other cities in Europe. However, because the city is young, the architecture here is very new, most of them were built in the 20th century. In addition, traveling to Madrid you also need to be cautious with the tourist scams of Indigenous people, eating and drinking should learn carefully to avoid high-cost of restaurants but the quality is extremely bad.

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madrid nightlife
Madrid people love nightlife
madrid nightlife.1
| madrid travel guide blog
madrid nightlife.1
Visitors dining outdoor at tapas bar in Madrid

Madrid travel blog: How to get to Madrid?

Fly to Madrid

Madrid Barajas Airport | madrid visitor guide
Madrid Barajas Airport | madrid visitor guide

Most tourists flying to Madrid will land at Madrid Barajas International Airport (MAD), about 12 km from the city center to the north. Madrid Airport is very large with 4 main terminals (in which T1 and T4 stations are the largest) and provide services to dozens of airlines every day. To getting to the city center you can take Metro, Taxi or Shuttle bus, all of which are easy to find from the point where you get your luggage when you land at Madrid airport.

Madrid-Barajas-AirporT t4
Terminal 4

Getting to the city center

Metro (Subway)

Barajas Airport Map
Barajas Airport Map

If you go by Metro, find the way to the station “Aeropuerto” at Terminal 4, the one way ticket to the city center is about €4.5 via about 5 train stations, if more, the price only increases by €0.10 for each station. The commuting between Terminal 1,2,3 stations is quite easy, but Terminal 4 is separate from the other 3 stations and there are buses going between these stations.

The Madrid airport has one train station, located in Terminal 4 (T4), floor -1.
The Madrid airport has one train station, located in Terminal 4, floor -1.
Madrid Metro Map | madrid blog
Madrid subway line 8
Madrid subway line 8

Metro line 8 (pink) will take you to the city center, to the end point you can change the line to line 6 or 10 at the Nuevos Ministerios point to get to the hotel you have reserved. Note that Metro Nuevos Ministerios station will have a lift or escalator for you to go and change line. Here, in addition to continuing to travel by Metro, you can choose to take a bus. Get out of the Nuevos Ministerios station and take a short walk to Paseo de Castellana and you’ll see a bus stop, take the south bus of number 14 or 27 to Atocha (downtown located in the south). Usually small Metro stations will not have elevators and you will have to be careful with your bulky luggage.

Nuevos Ministerios station
Nuevos Ministerios Station | madrid travel blog
Nuevos_Ministerios_Line 10
Nuevos Ministerios Line 10
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Bus 14 to Atocha

Shuttle bus

bus stop ad madrid airport
Bus stop at Madrid airport

This type of airport transfer bus is also available recently, taking you to or from Plaza de Cibeles station or Atocha to Barajas airport (stop at all terminals 1,2, 3,4), the bus fare is 5 Euro/trip, the bus run 24 hours, daytime with every 15-20 minutes/trip, night with every 35 minutes/trip, travel time to the city range from 35-40 minutes.

Express bus waiting on the platform
Express bus waiting on the platform | madrid travel blog


Taxis parked at the Madrid Airport Terminal 4
Taxis parked at the Madrid Airport Terminal 4

There are many Taxis in Madrid, but you should try to find licensed firms, avoid personal vehicles (painted in red and white), ask them to turn on the meter. Taxi prices from the airport to the city center range from €30 and more depending on traffic conditions, you should avoid rush hours.

Train or bus from another city to Madrid

Atocha Train Station | madrid blog

Madrid has 2 large long-distance train stations, Charmartin and Atocha. Charmartin is located in the north of the city, serving trains from the north and east. If you take the night train from Lisbon to Madrid you will arrive at this station. Atocha station is located on the southeastern edge of the city, trains depart here to the south or west of Spain. If you want to take the AVE express train of Renfe or the Alvia Express train, you will have to go to this Atocha station. Some Spanish domestic trains may stop at both stations, so be sure to carefully check the schedule and stops for your train.

Renfe Express Train
Madrid Chamartin Train Station Madrid Spain
Madrid Chamartin Train Station

Eurolines has many long-distance bus routes connecting Madrid with other major European cities. These buses usually depart at the Estación Sur de Autobuses station located in the southeast of the city. From here you can catch the Metro line from Méndez Alvaro station of line 6 to getting to the city center.

eurolines bus
Eurolines bus
Inside | madrid visitor guide
Inside | madrid visitor guide
Méndez Alvaro Line 6
Méndez Alvaro Line 6 to the Madrid dowtown

Madrid blog: Getting around Madrid

getting around madrid
Bustling streets in Madrid at night | madrid travel blog

Madrid’s public transport system is quite clean, safe and convenient. With 13 Metro lines marked with different colors, 3 Tram lines and 10 Cercanias lines (a type of local train connecting the city center and suburban areas). Like Barcelona, Metro fares in Madrid is also quite cheap and can be used for all types of public transport. The single ticket (retail ticket) from €1.5-2, if you buy a type of 10 trips card, the price is only €12.20. However, the city center and Madrid attractions are quite close to each other, you can completely walk, only when visit places as far away as the Bernabeu stadium, you just need to take the train.

Madrid Centre Metro Map | madrid city guide
Metro in Madrid
Inside Metro Tram
Inside Metro Tram | madrid travel blog
Madrid Cercanias Lines
Madrid Cercanias Lines
Cercanías Madrid Map
Cercanías Madrid Map
metro ticket vending machine
Madrid Metro Ticket Vending Machine

With a single ticket, if you change the train in the Metro system, you will not have to pay extra, only need to use the ticket you have bought, but if you want to change the bus you will have to buy another ticket. You buy train tickets at public ticket counters or automatic ticket machines, accept cash, credit cards. In addition to the single ticket if you plan to stay in Madrid for 3-5 days, travel a lot, you can consider buying a Tourist Pass for unlimited travel with means of public transport. Types of daily passes with prices as follows:

The Madrid Travel City Pass
The Madrid Travel City Pass | madrid guide

1-day pass: €8.40
2-day pass: €14.20
3-day pass: €18.40
5-day pass: €26.80
7-day pass: €35.40

Save Money with Madrid Tourist Travel Pass
Saving your money with Madrid Tourist Pass


Mar de Cristal Station
Mar de Cristal Station

Each Metro line has its own color and quite easy to use. Metro’s travel time between stations is not too long, operating from 6:00 am to 1:30 am, on weekends there is a trip in every 15 minutes. There are also screens on the train that provide information about trains, schedule, TV,.. like other modern cities. However, there are also quite old stations and old facilities. You should also pay attention to avoid picking your pocket on the train.

Inside Metro Ligero Tram
Inside Metro Ligero Tram
gran via station
Gran Via station


madrid bus
Madrid bus

Operated by EMT Madrid, running from 6:00 am to 11:30 am, there is a trip in every 5-15 minutes. At night there also are buses that operate on a separate route or called “buhos”, running from 11:45 pm to 6:00 am.

night bus
Night bus in Madrid
City tour bus madrid
City tour bus

If you want to visit Madrid on two-tier buses (2-story buses), Madrid Vision Bus is the right kind of “hop on – hop off” bus. This bus has 2 main routes: Historic Madrid (running in the city center) and Modern Madrid (the northern and central area where there are big hotels, office buildings and busy shopping malls).

Madrid “hop on – hop off” bus | madrid travel blog

Madrid blog: What and where to eat?

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Tapas, must eat food in Madrid

The famous dish in Madrid is still Tapas – of course, the traditional Spanish food, the next is seafood, although Madrid is located in the middle of Spain and is not adjacent to the sea. But seafood is shipped to Madrid quite quickly and is still fresh, but the price will be more expensive than other food.

seafood in madrid

The Madrid people as well as other regions in Spain are famous for being lazy and sleeping a lot in daytime, their lunches usually start at 1pm and also the main meal, and at night, they will eat at 8pm or 10pm for the next meal. The restaurants also serve in this time frame, so if you hanging out and feel hungry, you should buy some snacks in advance and bring them.

Restaurants in Madrid street | madrid travel guide
madrid dinner
Spanish people often have late dinner
A tapas shop
A tapas shop

At some restaurants, if you order beer or wine, they offer you free to eat Tapas. If you order seafood, you can’t help but enjoy Paella, the dish originating from Valencia with rice, chicken, vegetables and seafood is on a large pan. One of the best Tapas restaurants is Tacos & Tapas (Address: Calle de la Redondilla, 7, 28005 Madrid, Spain / Hours: 1–4PM, 8–11PM; Friday: 1–4PM, 8–11:30PM; Saturday: 1:30–4:30PM, 8PM–12AM; Sunday: 1:30–4:30PM; Monday: Closed / Phone: +34 917 29 83 51), this is a Mexican restaurant with good service quality although the staff of the restaurant speak English is not good, the food is rich and very fresh. You should order the outstanding food of the restaurant like Red velvet cakes including cheese and vanilla, fajitas, chicken mole, and cocktail is also very good.

Beef Tacos-Tapas in Madrid

The second dish is a stew named Cocido Madrileno. Its ingredients are made from chicken, pork and beef. They will then be simmered with beans, potatoes and other vegetables.

Cocido Madrileno
Cocido Madrileno | madrid blog

Another dish that you can not miss is jamon. This dish will be served with bread or not with anything also very delicious. Although each region possesses different ways of processing, this dish is generally considered to be a worth try dish of Spain.

Jamon iberico


Madrid city guide: Where to stay?

Only You Boutique Hotel Madrid
Only You Boutique Hotel Madrid ( or

The price of a hostel room in Madrid is also not too high, about €10- €25/night/bed in dormitory room, and if you rent a private room, the room rates from €45-€ 60/night. Usually, hotels or hostels here often raise prices on weekends or peak occasions and festivals. You should reserve in advance via or If you plan to stay in a hostel, you will find a variety of rooms on than Here are some areas that tourists often consider looking for a hotel when visiting Madrid.

ibis budget Madrid Valentin Beato
Ibis Budget Madrid Calle Alcala ( or

Plaza Santa Ana: The most popular is the area around Plaza Santa Ana square, which is located in the city center and close to places of interest, Metro lines and Bus routes are both much and convenient. Here you do not have to worry about the rhythm of life, shopping and dining areas, food shops. In the evening walking here and watching the bustling streets are also interesting.

Principe Santa Ana Madrid Centro
Principe Santa Ana Madrid Centro ( or

Lavapiés: A neighborhood for working class and backpackers. The room rates is cheaper than other areas, but there are also many small shops, eateries and street food.

Lavapiés Classy
Lavapiés Classy ( or

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