A Jamón Ibérico stall.

Barcelona is a city famous for its attractions, cuisine and especially shopping. Since 2018, Spain has removed the minimum spend requirement of €90.16, giving you the right to claim a VAT refund. This is a rarity in European countries, so enjoy your trip. So, what is Barcelona famous for shopping, what should I buy in Barcelona, what souvenirs to buy in Barcelona, what to buy in Barcelona? Let’s check out our Barcelona shopping guide with the suggested list of 15+ must buy in Barcelona, best gifts from Barcelona, best souvenirs from Barcelona (best Barcelona souvenirs), best things to buy in Barcelona, best things to buy from Barcelona as well as best place to find them as follows!

Barcelona city scape, Spain
Rambla shopping street, Barcelona | what to buy in barcelona
Backstreet, Barcelona with many stores selling souvenirs, gifts | what to buy in barcelona
Espadrilles, instant paella, ceramics or handmade soap are all beautiful, affordable souvenirs that you should buy when traveling to Barcelona. | what to buy in barcelona

What to buy as a gift when traveling in a place is a headache for many visitors. But if you go to Barcelona, you absolutely don’t need to think too much. This is a city famous for its tourist attractions, cuisine and especially shopping for souvenirs, gifts. You will also receive a tax refund when shopping here. So, take the opportunity to buy lots of beautiful souvenirs for your relatives and friends. Below is a shopping list that may be useful when you travel to Barcelona or Spain.

Whether you’re looking for big fashion brands, unique designs or vintage outfits, Barcelona has got you covered. | what to buy in barcelona
| what to buy in barcelona
Boqueria market | what to buy in barcelona

Espadrilles footwear (# what to buy in barcelona)

In Barcelona, there is a “specialty” called ESPADRILLES that is famous for its summer shoes, sandals. ESPADRILLES is a lightweight and environmentally friendly shoe made of natural materials. Visit LA MANUAL ALPARGATERA (Address: Carrer d’Avinyó, 7, Ciutat Vella, 08002 Barcelona, Spain/Hours: 10 AM–2 PM, 4–8 PM/Sunday: Closed) in the center of Barcelona and you can find this type of shoe in a wide variety of designs.

| what to buy in barcelona

Espadrilles are a type of shoe made from environmentally friendly materials, with soles made from Cyperaceae, hemp or jute to provide sturdiness, brevity and flexibility. This type of shoe is popular in the summer because it is light, airy and easy to mix with clothes. If you don’t know, Espadrilles have existed for more than 700 years and are very popular in Spain.

| what to buy in barcelona

Many well-known faces include actress/Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly, former president John F. Kennedy, writer Ernest Hemingway, actor Humphrey Bogart of Casablanca, John Wayne and famous artist Pablo Picasso have worn these shoes before.

| what to buy in barcelona
| what to buy in barcelona

Today, the new class of Espadrilles retains its traditional design but is transformed with fabrics, colors and accents. In addition to above shopping place, you can also visit Zara, Mango, La Manual Alpargatera shops in central Barcelona to buy Espadrilles shoes with many diverse designs and affordable prices.

Spanish fashion brands (# what souvenirs to buy in barcelona)

In Spain, there are many fashion brands with affordable prices and good quality. And often the prices of these brands in Spain will be lower than in other European countries. So you should enjoy shopping when you come to Spain.

MANGO: Famous Spanish fashion brand. Wide range of men’s, women’s and children’s outfits with simple and sophisticated designs.

| what to buy in barcelona

BIMBA Y LOLA: Has unique designs and often has mid-season sales. Additionally, there are their outlet stores in the suburbs of Barcelona and Madrid where you can buy items at a cheaper cost than usual.

DESIGUAL: Stand out with unique and gorgeous colors.

ZARA: Top fashion brand, you cannot miss.

Zara store | what to buy in barcelona

LOEWE: A global luxury leather brand, LOEWE, where you find the best quality leather products with luxurious designs.

MASSIMO DUTTI: Spain’s leading luxury brand with classic and luxurious designs and materials.

OYSHO: A homewear and underwear brand with a gentle design.

CAMPER: A brand famous for comfort.

Accessories (# best souvenirs from barcelona)

| what to buy in barcelona

The sunglasses and handbags at stores in Barcelona always make shoppers worry about their wallets. For sunglasses, you can go to the La Toscana or Kaleos chain stores. For handbags, Santa Eulalia always updates the latest designs from Balenciaga, Loewe and Chloe. Additionally, you can check out the jewelry store that has the best jewelers in Barcelona, her name is Montse Esteve. They sell in-store and also offer online purchases at Colette and Moda Operando.

| what to buy in barcelona
| what to buy in barcelona
Handbag store | what to buy in barcelona
Jewelry store | what to buy in barcelona

Where to buy (# what to buy in barcelona)

  • Óptica Toscana, C/ Provença, 247, 08008 Barcelona, +34 934 67 59 78
  • Kaleos Eyehunters, Carrer de Muntaner, 242, 08021 Barcelona, +34 932 00 74 78
  • Montse Esteve SL, Carrer de Ganduxer, 29, 08021 Barcelona, +34 932 40 41 11
  • Jean Pierre Bua, Avinguda Diagonal, 469, 08036 Barcelona; +34 934 39 71 00

Shoes (# best things to buy in barcelona)

| what to buy in barcelona

For many people, shoes are not an important part of an outfit, but many people think that the first thing they see when meeting another person is the shoes. Their eyes accidentally looked at the shoes. There are many people who have a special love for Adidas, Vans, and Converse sneakers. Some classic style shoes like Dr Martens, Balenciaga, Anya Hindmarch, Gucci… all help make your outfit more perfect.

| best things to buy in barcelona

How you wear shoes also depends on your preferences, your mood that day or on suggestions from others. If you want to buy shoes in Barcelona, there are many reputable shops around that you can see right on the street.

Pottery (# must buy in barcelona)

| best things to buy in barcelona

When you travel to Barcelona and the southern regions of Spain, you can easily see tiled designs on the architecture. The ART ESCUDELLERS store (Address: Carrer dels Escudellers, 23, 25, Ciutat Vella, 08002 Barcelona, Spain/Hours: 11 AM–11 PM) in Barcelona sells a wide range of ceramic designs that reflect the characteristics of each region in Spain. They offer a wide range of home decor items and kitchen appliances.

la boqueria-market- food-good
| best things to buy in barcelona
Spain pottery | best things to buy in barcelona
| best things to buy in barcelona
| best things to buy in barcelona

Jamon (# best barcelona souvenirs)

Jamón Ibérico at La Boqueria, Barcelona | best things to buy in barcelona

One of Spain’s famous foods, JAMON. The dried ham is thinly sliced, the Jamon Serrano is made from white pig and the Jamon Iberico is made from black pork. Iberico is one of the famous names for quality and taste but the price is a bit higher. It’s easy to find at restaurants, bars or markets. Many tourists want to buy them as souvenirs, but for the majority of countries, importing meat products is banned so you need to check before buying.

La Rambla barcelona travel blog trip blog
Jamon shop at Boqueria market. | best things to buy in barcelona

Spain is the country that develops the largest ham in the world, so when visiting Spain, visitors will see restaurants and eateries selling this dish everywhere. There will be many different versions depending on the type of meat used to make the dish. However, Iberico salt pork is the premium version chosen by many people because of its premium meat quality.

| best things to buy in barcelona

If you want to buy Jamon as a gift, you can easily find it at major shopping centers or pork shops in Barcelona. Of course, for many parts of the country, the import of meat products is prohibited so you need to check carefully before buying.

Jamon iberico | must buy in barcelona
A Jamón Ibérico stall. | must buy in barcelona


Red Wine Sangria Cocktail | must buy in barcelona

A special Spanish drink that you must try, made with red wine and fruit. You can also buy them easily at the market or supermarket but there is a famous place for Sangria in Barcelona, CASA LOLEA (Address: C/ de Sant Pere Més Alt, 49, Ciutat Vella, 08003 Barcelona, Spain/Hours: 9 AM–12 AM). If you want to buy a bottle of Sangria as a souvenir, we recommend buying them at duty-free shops at the airport.

Sangria is a very strange drink, made from red wine and fruits like lemon and apple. This is a must-try drink that visitors should not miss when traveling to Barcelona. | must buy in barcelona
| must buy in barcelona
| must buy in barcelona

Visitors often have to go to restaurants and bars to enjoy this drink, however, today there is a bottled version of Sangria that is extremely easy to carry. If you want to buy a bottle of Sangria as a souvenir, visitors should buy it at duty-free shops at the airport to save money.

Olive oil and olive cosmetics

| must buy in barcelona

Spanish olive oil is considered a top quality product. With a history of more than 3,000 years and begins in the southern regions, Andalucia. Spain’s dry weather provides an excellent environment for growing olives. In Barcelona, a brand called LA CHINATA (Address: Pg. del Born, 11, Ciutat Vella, 08003 Barcelona, Spain/Hours: 10 AM–9 PM) is famous for its variety of olive oils with other precious ingredients such as truffles. They also offer olive-based cosmetic products that can be suitable as gifts.

| must buy in barcelona
| must buy in barcelona


Best olive oils | must buy in barcelona
Olive oil bottles

Manzanilla Con Miel

| must buy in barcelona

If you are looking for an affordable item to give to your friends after the holidays, buying a package of honey chamomile tea might be a good idea. Manzanilla means chrysanthemum in Spanish. HORNIMANS is the most famous brand of tea products in Spain. They are usually easy to find in supermarkets but because it is a very popular shopping item, in some supermarkets near tourist locations they can sell out very quickly.

Instant Paella (# what souvenirs to buy in barcelona)

Paella. Image of Barcelona travel blog
Paella, must eat in Barcelona | what souvenirs to buy in barcelona

Paella is one of the most famous dishes you will try during your trip in Spain. But you can easily cook it at home if you have a paella seasoning packet handy. Small and cheap package is suitable as a gift for your friends or family.

Paella is a simple mixed rice dish of ancient workers in Spain, now it has become a specialty dish of the land of gaur. Paella is made from typical Spanish Calasparra or Bomba rice.

Paella rice chatuchak (4)
| what souvenirs to buy in barcelona
Instant Paella | what souvenirs to buy in barcelona

The cook will put the rice in a large specialized pan to cook the rice. When the rice is cooked, add ingredients such as vegetables, meat, shrimp, and fish depending on your preference. When the rice and other ingredients are cooked and the bottom portion of rice is crispy, divide it into small portions for family members.

Paella kit | what souvenirs to buy in barcelona

When visiting Barcelona, you should stop by major shopping malls to buy Paella seasoning packages with Bomba rice so you can cook this dish at home. Instant Paella packages cost only from $2.5 and when you get home, you can make your own version of Paella.


| what souvenirs to buy in barcelona

This is a traditional Spanish snack, sweet and slightly sticky. There are many types of turron depending on the ingredients. Additionally, there are different sizes, from small pieces to very large. If you are traveling in a group, buy a large piece. Because they say that if you buy a large piece and share it with others by breaking them, it will destroy the bad luck. Turron is easy to buy in supermarkets and VICENS is a well-known brand.

| what souvenirs to buy in barcelona

Turron hard candy is a favorite sweet of the Spanish people, and is indispensable during Christmas. Making Turron is quite easy and similar to the way of making Vietnamese peanut candy. The Spanish will heat the honey until it gradually gels, then add sugar and egg whites to cook together, and the final step is to add nuts to the mixture. They can use almonds, cashews, and peanuts to make candy fillings.

| what souvenirs to buy in barcelona

When eating, you will find that Turron is quite sticky, a bit sweet and of course very attractive to eaters. There are many shapes and sizes of Turron candy and you can easily buy them in shopping centers, grocery stores in Barcelona. Vinces is the most famous Turron candy brand in Spain.

Handmade Soap

| what souvenirs to buy in barcelona

Do you know about a soap made by the Sabbatel brothers? You can find SABATER HNOS in Barcelona, one of three branches worldwide. The store is located in an alley that you might miss on the street. As soon as you enter, you can smell the fragrant soaps, products come in many shapes, sizes, colors and scents. The price is also suitable for giving as a gift.

Handmade Soap thailand
| what souvenirs to buy in barcelona
Handmade scented soap bars from Olive.
Lavender soap

Handmade soap is probably a product that few people think about when buying it as a gift. Of course, if you visit the soap shop of the Sabbatel brothers, you will have to think again about this. When entering the shop, the first great thing is the fragrant scent with colorful soaps and attractive shapes. Sabbatel soap is 100% handmade by two of their teammates. All do not use fragrance or any chemical ingredients.

The soaps here only cost from $2.5 – $8, if tourists buy a lot they will get a discount. Of course, preserving soap is not simple, so passengers need to ask carefully before bringing it on the plane.

Vintage items

The most famous vintage store chain in Barcelona is called Le Swing Vintage and Le Blow and they have also opened a new store Casa Le Swing. Here you can find classic furniture, clothes, accessories and many tourists come to this chain of stores every time they have the opportunity to visit Barcelona.

Where to buy

  • Le Swing Vintage, Rec 16 08003 Barcelona; +34 933 101 449
  • Blow by Le Swing Vintage, Carrer del Bonaire, 6, 08003 Barcelona, Spain; +34 933 02 36 98
  • Casa Le Swing, Bruc 148 08037 Barcelona, +34 931 389 049

Interior decorations

Visit MUY MUCHO to shop for home decor at affordable prices. There is a wide variety of items, from small stationery items to photo frames, albums and kitchen utensils.

To choose the best furniture in a classic style, Casa Le SWing is the right choice. For modern furniture, you can go to Luzio, a large store with many unique, strange, and new items.

Where to buy

  • Casa Le Swing, Bruc 148 08037 Barcelona, +34 931 389 049
  • Luzio Concept Store, Carrer de Ferran Agulló, 16-18, 08021 Barcelona; +34 932 09 41 23


Regarding art with photos and paintings, locals recommend Galeria Miquel Alzueta, which stores and updates beautiful works of art. In Santa Monica, Virreina Palace also has lifetime works.

Where to buy

  • Galeria Miquel Alzueta, Carrer de Sèneca, 9-11, 08006 Barcelona; +34 932 38 97 50
  • Virreina Palace, La Rambla, 99, 08001 Barcelona; +34 933 16 10 00
  • Center d’Art Santa Mònica, La Rambla, 7, 08002 Barcelona; +34 935 67 11 10
  • Museu Picasso, Carrer Montcada, 15-23, 08003 Barcelona
  • Fundació Joan Miró, Parc de Montjuïc, s/n, 08038 Barcelona; +34 934 43 94 70


For book stores, you should go to Loring Art, Casa Le Swing, or many people know Fnac and the most typical is still Gustavo Gili.

Where to buy

  • Loring Art, Calle Floridablanca, 65-67 1º1ª, 08015 Barcelona
  • Editorial Gustavo Gili, Via Laietana, 47, 08003 Barcelona; +34 933 22 81 61

Uniform of favorite soccer team

Barcelona is one of the cities that football fans around the world always want to visit. There are many official stores where you can buy souvenirs from Spanish football clubs like Real Madrid, FC Barcelona,… from uniforms, balls, watches, bags…

Barcelona FC’s souvenirs store
Inside souvenir shop

Food and drinks

As for food you can buy it at La Boqueria in Las Ramblas, if you visit here you can find all the typical Spanish dishes like Jamon Iberico, fruit juices, paella and many more other.

La Boqueria
  • La Boqueria, La Rambla, 91, 08001 Barcelona; +34 933 18 25 84
  • Mercat dels Encants, Carrer de los Castillejos, 158, 08013 Barcelona; +34 932 46 30 30

There is a very delicious restaurant in Barcelona called Aspic, the food and wine here is very famous, they have just built a terrace so diners can have breakfast, lunch, dinner while admiring the view of the whole city.

There is a very unique beer store called BeerStore Barcelona, from here you can visit Antiga Fabrica Estrella, a symbol of Barcelona where famous music events often take place.

  • Aspic, Av. de Pau Casals, 24, 08021 Barcelona
  • BeerStore Barcelona, Carrer de Provença, 495, 08025 Barcelona; +34 931 16 87 14
  • Old Factory Estrella Damm, 08025, Carrer del Rosselló, 515, 08025 Barcelona; +34 902 30 01 25

Where to buy souvenirs in Barcelona?

Traveling to Spain in general and traveling to Barcelona in particular is indispensable for shopping during the trip. So if you want shopping here to be simpler and easier, we would like to suggest you reputable shopping places in Barcelona as follows!

Els Encant Vells

  • Address: Avinguda Meridiana, 69, 08018, Barcelona
  • Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 9 AM–8 PM

This flea market is the largest open-air market in the Catalan capital, and shouldn’t be missed! With trinkets ranging from vintage watches to books and everything in between, you won’t be disappointed.

How to get there: Metro stops: Glories (L1) and Encants (L2).

La Boqueria Market

  • Address: La Rambla, 91, Ciutat Vella, 08001 Barcelona, Spain
  • Hours: 8 AM–8:30 PM/Sunday: Closed

After spending the day in the shopping paradise in Barcelona, you should be sure to stop by the famous Boqueria Market and pick up fresh ingredients for your Mediterranean inspired dishes. With over 100 vendors selling bright and colorful fruits, vegetables, seafood, spices and more, a shopping day in Barcelona will be complete with a visit to this ‘Mercat’.

La Rambla barcelona travel blog trip blog
Jamon shop at Boqueria market.

How to get there: Metro stop: Liceu (L3).

Passeig de Gràcia

Paseo de Gracia is where you will find luxury stores with the best brands like Chanel, Prada, Santa Eulalia, Saint Laurent, Miu Miu and more affordable stores like Mango and Zara. A very popular department store in the city is El Corte Inglés. You will find countless different brands from luxury to budget. Another one is L’illa with loads of shops inside and also a place to have breakfast or lunch. For high-end fashion, you have Le Swing or Teresa Helbig.

Barcelona is known as one of the leading cities in Europe in the field of fashion, so it is not difficult for you to buy items from famous brands such as: Gucci, Jimmy Choo and Louis Vuitton…

Passeig de Gràcia and Avinguda Diagonal are among its famous streets and many high-end shops await.

  • Santa Eulalia, Passeig de Gràcia, 93 Barcelona; +34 932 150 674
  • El Corte Inglés, Plaça de Catalunya, 14 Barcelona; +34 933 06 38 00
  • Teresa Helbig, Carrer de Mallorca, 184, 08036 Barcelona; +34 934 51 55 44
  • L’illa Diagonal, Avinguda Diagonal, 557, 08029 Barcelona; +34 934 44 00 00
Passeig de Gràcia station

How to get there: Stop at Passeig de Gràcia (L2, L3, L4), Diagonal (L3 and L5), and Catalunya (L1 and L3) stations.

Maremagnum Shopping Mall

  • Address: Moll d’Espanya, 5, Ciutat Vella, 08039 Barcelona, Spain
  • Hours: 10 AM–9 PM

Located in Barcelona’s Port Vell, this top shopping mall in Barcelona is steeped in Spanish style. When shopping here, you can find for yourself extremely unique and unique self-designed fashion stores with up to 30 stores including famous brands such as: Desigual and Mango…

This shopping center with a view of the Mediterranean, a large movie theater and an aquarium that is extremely suitable for families with young children. So don’t miss the opportunity to come here.

How to get there: Stop at Drassanes (L3) and Barceloneta (L4) stations.

Las Arenas Shopping Centre

  • Address: Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, planta Cúpula, Eixample, 08015 Barcelona, Spain
  • Hours: 9 AM–9 PM
Arenas de Barcelona

This is the most famous mall in Barcelona with an extremely unique design. Here you can buy products from famous brands such as The United Colors of Benetton, Miss Sixty…especially remember to buy the latest winter sweaters. Then to complete the trip, go out to the rooftop coffee area where you can enjoy delicious cups of coffee and a panoramic view of the beautiful city.

How to get there: Metro stop: Espanya (L1 and L3).

El Corte Inglés

  • Address: Avda, Avda. del Portal de l’Àngel, 19-21, Ciutat Vella, 08002 Barcelona, Spain
  • Hours: 9 AM–9 PM/Sunday: Closed

Here you can buy countless household appliances from famous brands in Spain. The store started out as a retailer and was a small family tailor shop that later developed into a chain store like it is now. There is also a large square right near this shopping place, so don’t miss it.

Famous home goods store in Barcelona

How to get there: Metro stop: Catalunya (L1 and L3)

Gothic Quarter (Barri Gotic)

Gothic Quarter Barcelona (Barri Gòtic)
Gothic Quarter Barcelona (Barri Gòtic)

How to get there: Stop at Metro stop: Jaume I (L4).

If you want to find a unique outfit that only you have, don’t miss this famous shopping destination in Barcelona. The small shops in the alleys are where you can choose your favorite things at affordable prices. In addition, you also can find a wide range of other traditional products here such as ha, chocolate, confectionery, wine stores.

La Rambla pedestrian street

  • Address: La Rambla, 75, Ciutat Vella, 08002 Barcelona, Spain
  • Hours: Open 24 hours

Bringing the breath of modern life, when traveling to Barcelona, you cannot miss this street. Coming here you will see performances by street artists. The street has many shops selling all kinds of souvenirs, paintings, gifts… and countless street food stalls. Just mentioning it is enough to make tourists come immediately.

In addition souvenirs above, you also can buy other gifts such as T-shirts printed Barcelona famous tourist attractions, keychains, refrigerator magnets…

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