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Coconut ice cream

Traveling to Thailand, visitors definitely cannot miss the opportunity to enjoy the unique and rich cuisine, especially street food. At the world’s largest flea market, Chatuchak will bring you food that is only in Thailand. So, what to eat in Chatuchak (Chatuchak what to eat)? Let’s check out our top rated 11+ best food in Chatuchak and food you must eat in Chatuchak including best street food in Chatuchak as follows to help you have a best culinary experience in one of the most bustling and best night markets across Thailand!

Chatuchak market, one of the best markets across Thailand
Bustling scene
| what to eat in chatuchak
You make minor trouble with what to eat at the Chatuchak flea market due to its food variety | what to eat in chatuchak
Food price tags are for your choice at Chatuchak, Thailand
Coconut ice cream at Chatuchak market | what to eat in chatuchak
Choconana at Chatuchak market | what to eat in chatuchak

There are numerous food stalls selling Thai foods, seafood, Thai desserts, fresh foods, dried fruits, and drinks. Let’s check out delicacies must try at this famous market.

Coconut ice cream (#what to eat in chatuchak)

| what to eat in chatuchak

Coconut ice cream is the first on the list you must try while entering Chatuchak market (Bangkok). The coconut ice cream here is voted the best coconut ice cream in Thailand and is the signature dish that makes up the cuisine of this market. It contains the sophistication of Thai cuisine, has a tropical fruit flavor, and is delicious to cool the body.

| what to eat in chatuchak
| what to eat in chatuchak
Coconut ice cream | what to eat in chatuchak
| what to eat in chatuchak

A division of coconut in half is made to filter out all the water, and use half to put ice cream in it. Siamese coconuts are often chosen due to their fitting in the hand for an easy hold. For guests’ comfort to eat while walking, sellers shall grate the pulp of the coconut inside. The layer of cool cream will be contained in a coconut skull with a layer of greasy coconut rice, topped with slices of white grated coconut, and served with jaggery pudding, corn, or pumpkin. Tourists usually hang out the coconut ice cream cart in most to enjoy this special ice cream.

Moo Yang (Honey roast pork) (#what to eat in chatuchak)

Your moo yang experience can be made even better by dipping the pork skewers in Thai peanut sauce or green chili sauce | what to eat in chatuchak

Moo Yang is honey roast pork. Large slabs of roasted pork are not strange and special if they are not seasoned with honey elaborately and roasted on a flaming charcoal stove.

| what to eat in chatuchak

In the bustling atmosphere of buyers and sellers, the taste of roasted meat crept everywhere, stimulating the taste of many diners. When tourists to Thailand choose for themselves a small corner to enjoy sweet and chewy pieces of meat on their lips, it will make the shopping trip more interesting.

Moo yang shops are distinguished by the fragrant smoke emanating from the burning charcoals sizzling with dripping pork fat | what to eat in chatuchak

Garlic bread (#chatuchak what to eat)

| what to eat in chatuchak

In this flea market, there is a unique food, which is garlic bread. The bread skewers are baked as soon as diners order, both soft and crispy with fragrant fresh garlic on top and a layer of greasy butter that permeates the inside of the cake. Whether you are a vegetarian, sweet and vegetarian skewers are here for your choice.

| chatuchak what to eat
| chatuchak what to eat
Soft and fresh garlic and butter bread on sticks, so pillowy soft on the inside and lightly crisp on the outside | chatuchak what to eat
| chatuchak what to eat

Thai popsicles (Tube Ice cream) (#best food in chatuchak)

| chatuchak what to eat

Differing from the image of ice cream carts all over Vietnam, you will find this snack at Chatuchak in special carts, including a pot with small holes to contain ice cream. Each ice cream is long and cool, with all flavors from Miranda, Coke, and Sprite to Thai tea. The new form and delicious taste make Thai tourists want to use every 2-3 ice cream sticks.

Going around the Chatuchak flea market, you can see ice cream carts selling those ice tubes with various flavors and attractive colors | chatuchak what to eat
| chatuchak what to eat

Choconana (#must eat in chatuchak)

You may feel quite strange at your initial hearing of the Choconana name. However, this food consists of ingredients that are extremely familiar to local people’s life. Choconana which is a combination of chocolate and banana is the name of this exotic dish. It is right, the two main ingredients are chocolate and banana. The Banana is one of Asia’s most attractive tropical fruits being both nutritious and cheap.

Choconana | chatuchak what to eat
Chocolate Banana Rainbow | chatuchak what to eat
| chatuchak what to eat
| best food in chatuchak

Choconana recipes are very simple, so most people can easily do them. At first, the bananas are peeled, skewered on small sticks, and set in the refrigerator for a few hours. While the bananas are getting freezing, they begin to melt the chocolate. After completing the preparation step, the frozen bananas from the refrigerator dip into the chocolate. The chocolate is freezing immediately, therefore you have to quickly roll the banana into the chocolate and roll it in the nuts like nuggets, raisins, and more, depending on each person’s taste. Finally, Choconana is completed.

Choconanas sound, especially welcoming on a warm and sunny day | best food in chatuchak

You will not hesitate to choose a frozen banana covered with chocolate and nuggets outside. The banana part is both cold and supple, with the added flavor of nuts or the bitterness of chocolate that will attract you at the first bite.

Chicken noodles (#best street food in chatuchak)

| best food in chatuchak

Chicken noodles are the perfect option for your lunch. With herbs and large pieces of chicken thighs, soft stewed noodles, all make a great and full lunch in Chatuchak. The food is deep-marinated, and you will feel the typical Thai flavor while eating it.

Located at Section 21, Soi 29 facing Soi 47, noodle soup with chicken is filled to the brim with people | best food in chatuchak
Chicken noodles-chatuchak-bangkok-thailand5
| best food in chatuchak

Chicken noodles-chatuchak-bangkok-thailand3


| best food in chatuchak

Paella is a special Spanish seafood fried rice dish with rich flavor and color. It is one of the foreign-originated treats rarely beloved on this famous night market. There are three most popular types of paella such as Valencian paella (including white rice, white beans, green beans, tomatoes, chicken or rabbit, and so on), seafood paella (replaces meat with seafood), mixed paella (using both meat and seafood).

| best street food in chatuchak
Valencia is also the birthplace of paella | best food in chatuchak

The pan used to cook Paella also makes many people overwhelmed. This flat-bottomed round pan can reach over one meter in diameter, and perhaps only strong men can afford to stir such a large amount of rice in the pan.

Red ruby (#best food in chatuchak)

This fragrant sweet dessert is very suitable for visitors after having an interesting shopping time. You can have a cup of sweet and cool ruby dessert while chatting with friends and looking back at your shopping results.

| best food in chatuchak
Red ruby stall with crowded buyers at Chatuchak market | must eat in chatuchak

The main ingredients of a cup of red ruby include crunchy water chestnuts in glutinous rice flour shaped like large pearls. With only 35 Baht, Thai tourists can enjoy a glass of fragrant red rubies with many unique colors.

Cropped red ruby with coconut milk is a perfect treat for any hot summer day | must eat in chatuchak
| must eat in chatuchak

Thai crepe (crispy pancakes)

| must eat in chatuchak

Pancakes originated in Thailand and are the favorite treats of many people. At a glance in Chatuchak market, you will see stalls selling this type of cake. The cake is coated with refined rice flour. You can directly see the dough being stir-fried, it is interesting, especially for those who initially eat this food. After that layer of rice flour, the chefs will spread a broken egg all over the cake. Chicken eggs will enhance the flavors for more deliciousness. Next is a layer of ketchup, chili sauce, and mayonnaise.

Thai crepes, known as sweet Thai crispy pancakes or Khanom Buang in Thai name, They filled with sweet or salty popular desserts in Thailand | must eat in chatuchak
| must eat in chatuchak
| best street food in chatuchak
A stall selling Thai crepes Chatuchak market | best street food in chatuchak

Depending on the preferences of the guests, you can choose any kind of sauce, more or less. The attractive color of the cake will surely attract every visitor’s vision.

Rolled ice cream

| best street food in chatuchak

This is street food in Thailand, hence you can see it everywhere on the street or in the markets. No shop or place is comfortable. The place to make the rolled ice cream is only small stalls or rudimentary trolleys, but this food still has a unique attraction for tourists and locals.

| best street food in chatuchak

This ice cream is made in place, which means that when you come to buy it, the owner will start making it. You also directly see the process to make a glass of rolled ice cream. Therefore, the rolled ice cream stalls are always in a state of packed customers. It is a result that this place is a unique and distinctive feature. The seller will spread a mixture of liquid ice cream on a cold surface, which will quickly solidify into a spongy layer of ice cream people use a flat piece to lift this layer of ice cream, roll it up and put it in the box.

You can find the world’s coolest ice cream at Chatuchak Weekend Market | best street food in chatuchak
| best street food in chatuchak

There are many different flavors of ice cream of your choice under favorites. You also require to mix various flavors with ease.

Thai milk tea

| best street food in chatuchak

Thai street food that captivates young people is Thai milk tea. It comes in orange and blue colors. The signature orange tea is made from red tea with milk. Milk must be powdered milk, condensed milk, and whole milk powder to create a rich taste of milk without losing the characteristic tea taste.

| best street food in chatuchak

To treat thirst, a glass of Thai red or green milk tea dispels the heat and has a rich, milky taste, once you drink it, you will never forget it.

Mango sticky rice

Mango sticky rice dessert is a specialty of Thai cuisine and one of the best places to eat this dish is in this famous open-air market. The attraction of mango sticky rice is the use of a variety of sticky rice to create vibrant colors for the dish.

A heavenly combination of chunks of ripe mango with sweet and glutinous sticky rice that has been cooked in coconut milk. With flowers, banana leaf, coconut milk, and sesame seeds to use to decorate the dish to have a beautiful-looking plate | best street food in chatuchak
| best street food in chatuchak

In particular, the colors of sticky rice are made from natural ingredients, so they are very safe for health. For example, orange sticky rice is made from carrots, red is made from beets, yellow is made from turmeric, blue is made from Pandan, and purple is from butterfly pea flowers.

Mango sticky rice stall at Chatuchak, Thailand | best street food in chatuchak

The greasy taste of coconut milk, the plasticity of sticky rice, and the sweetness of mango make you non-stop eating
| best street food in chatuchak

The mild sour taste of mango adds a bit of sweetness and freshness of fresh mango, mixed with the fatty taste of coconut water, making coconut sticky rice more attractive. You will fall in love with glutinous rice grains that are sweet, fragrant, and fatty coconut milk but not crushed. Eat a piece of sticky rice with a cool piece of mango and that is it for a hot summer afternoon.

Further information

Chatuchak Weekend Market
Address: สวนจตุจักร Kamphaeng Phet 2 Rd, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900, Thailand
Hours: Wednesday, Thursday: 7AM–6PM/Friday: 6PM–12AM/Saturday: 12AM–6PM/Sunday: 9AM–6PM/Tuesday, Monday: Closed

Above are 12 street foods that you must try when you visit a Chatuchak market in Bangkok, Thailand. These delicious dishes will help you partly discover the beauty of the culinary culture. Also the people in the land of the Golden Temple. You will have to be reluctant to return if you visit this place. A quick note is made, this list is to make your luggage for your trip to Thailand.

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