Kowloon, where you an find various souvenirs in Hong Kong

The Kowloon Peninsula is considered the primary urban area of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and also one of the port city’s most attractive tourist destinations. It is a blend of ancient and modern culture with a variety of interesting attractions. So, what to do in Kowloon (Kowloon what to do) and Kowloon what to see? Let’s check out our top rated 12 best things to do in Kowloon and top things to do in Kowloon as follows to discover unique places to visit, eat, and hang out in Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Colorful neon lights in Kowloon, Hong Kong
Mong Kok District, Hong Kong | best things to do in kowloon
Wong Tai Sin Temple | best things to do in kowloon
Space Museum in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong | best things to do in kowloon
Visit Victoria Harbor by the Star Ferry | best things to do in kowloon
Nan Lian Garden has architecture in the Tang Dynasty, China.
Nan Lian Garden has architecture from the Tang Dynasty in China

Experience street food in Mong Kok (# best things to do in kowloon)

Street food in Mong Kok | best things to do in kowloon

Mong Kok is known as a street food paradise, so when traveling to Hong Kong, don’t forget to visit the roadside snack stalls in the night market areas. Mong Kok shopping area is a true maze of narrow streets filled with shops and food stalls. Here, you can enjoy all kinds of street food at budget-friendly prices. The most famous is stinky tofu – a special dish of Hong Kong people characterized by a “stinky” smell. Fermented, strong-smelling tofu seasoned with the spicy flavor of roasted chili or curry powder increases the appeal of this street food.

Credit: Time Out | best things to do in kowloon

Try stinky tofu in Mong Kok | best things to do in kowloon

Some other dishes that are very popular among tourists include curry fish maw, siu mai (pork and shrimp dumplings), egg waffles, and tarts. If you feel thirsty after having these street snacks, try pearl milk tea here. The familiar drink here has a unique flavor of fragrant tea and a milky taste with chewy tapioca pearls, which is downright addictive. Street food stalls are scattered on the streets of Sai Yeung Choi, Dundas, Fa Yuen, and Soy. Take a walk around the Mong Kok District and fill your craving for street food.

Pray at Wong Tai Sin Temple (# top things to do in kowloon)

Sik_Sik_Yuen_Wong_Tai_Sin_Temple hong kong (4)
Wong Tai Sin Temple | best things to do in kowloon

Wong Tai Sin Temple is a place to worship and pray for luck and blessings. The temple is a synthesis of three main Chinese religions: Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. The deities representing the three faiths worshiped here are Guanyin (Bodhisattva of Compassion) of Buddhism, Yu Di (Jade Goddess) of Taoism, and Confucius of Confucianism.

Sik_Sik_Yuen_Wong_Tai_Sin_Temple hong kong (4)
| best things to do in kowloon
Sik_Sik_Yuen_Wong_Tai_Sin_Temple hong kong (4)
| best things to do in kowloon

Wong Tai Sin Temple is said to be the place where all wishes come true, which is why this place welcomes countless visitors every day. Those who come to worship and pray at the temple can try their luck by drawing lots. People seeking to draw lots first need to go through all the rituals and prayers, then shake the tube until a bamboo tag falls out. Then they brought the lots to ask the monks or abbots for an explanation of their destiny. Why not come here and try your luck?

Play with monkeys at Kam Shan Country Park

Kam Shan Country Park | best things to do in kowloon

Many people think Hong Kong is just a sprawling metropolis with high-rise buildings packed close together, but few people know that the area is mainly made up of vast, pristine countryside. That’s what makes Hong Kong a great place for hiking. Located in the north of Kowloon, Kam Shan (also known as Monkey Hill) is famous not only for its picturesque scenery but also for its huge population of monkeys. It only takes 1.5 hours to climb to the top of the mountain where you can see the cute monkeys and diverse flora of the Country Park.

| best things to do in kowloon

Credit: drone & dslr | best things to do in kowloon

Visit the museum in Tsim Sha Tsui (# what to do in kowloon)

Space Museum in Tsim Sha Tsui | best things to do in kowloon

Tsim Sha Tsui is a very famous place for tourists, but not all tourists know about the numerous interesting museums here. The Hong Kong Science Museum, Hong Kong Space Museum, Hong Kong Museum of History, and Hong Kong Museum of Art are all located in Tsim Sha Tsui. Those who love to explore and learn new things should choose the Hong Kong Space Museum or the Hong Kong Science Museum – inside the two museums are countless activities and playthings for eager souls to investigate extraterrestrial space. Meanwhile, the Museum of Art and Museum of History are the perfect places to recreate culture and a peaceful space for those who enjoy relaxation and calmness.

Hong Kong Museum of Art | best things to do in kowloon
Hong Kong Historical Museum-hong-kong-explore the fullest hong kong only 3 days
Hong Kong Museum of History | best things to do in kowloon
| top things to do in kowloon
| top things to do in kowloon

Climb to the top of Hong Kong’s tallest building

International Commerce Centre | top things to do in kowloon

Skyscrapers are considered symbols of Hong Kong. Hong Kong has about 300 buildings over 150 meters high. In particular, the International Commerce Centre is the tallest building in Hong Kong with a height of 484 meters consisting of 118 floors, completed in 2010 in West Kowloon. Inside the building is the Hong Kong Hotel and the Sky100 observatory. Admiring the panoramic view of the city from the observatory on the 100th floor is a memorable experience that you must try once in your life. The 360-degree observatory has a panoramic view, from here you can see the symbols of Hong Kong such as Victoria Harbor, Kowloon Peninsula, and Tai Mo Shan.

| top things to do in kowloon

| top things to do in kowloon

Discover a taste of local life in Sham Shui Po

A taste of local life at Sham Shui Po | top things to do in kowloon

Sham Shui Po is where you can find the last vestige of old Hong Kong. If you are familiar with the image of a magnificent and brilliant Hong Kong, then coming to Sham Shui Po, you will see a completely different Hong Kong with ancient buildings, behind which there is a whole rich history. Not the lavish, expensive meals, the noodles and snacks that have received the prestigious Michelin star here will certainly surprise and delight visitors.

| top things to do in kowloon

You only need to pay about $50 for a delicious and wonderful meal at Sham Shui Po. And if you plan to shop, make sure you have plenty of time because flea markets are famous for their wide variety of affordable items that will make you never want to leave once you step foot in them. At the Apliu Flea Market, visitors can buy electronics and antiques at startlingly low prices. Don’t miss the chance to visit the wet markets at Sham Shui Po where traditional dishes like salted fish, eggs, and dried shrimp fill the stalls.

| top things to do in kowloon

| top things to do in kowloon

Visit Victoria Harbor by the Star Ferry

| what to do in kowloon

You won’t be able to say you’ve visited Hong Kong if you haven’t enjoyed the sights and experiences on the Star Ferry. Star Ferry rides have become a typical “specialty” of Hong Kong since 1888, transporting tourists from the center of Hong Kong Island to the Kowloon Peninsula. From the ferry terminal, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of Victoria Harbor and the port city with a 10-minute ferry experience. It costs you less than US$1 (HK$7.85) for a memorable activity at one of Hong Kong’s most impressive photography locations.

| what to do in kowloon
| what to do in kowloon
| what to do in kowloon

Explore Temple Street Night Market

Temple Street Night Market | what to do in kowloon

Just a 15-minute walk from Mong Kok subway station, Temple Street is a bustling night market. By the time the sun goes down, the vendors have finished setting up their goods for sale, and opera singers and fortune tellers begin to appear in the market. Welcome to Temple Street Night Market, a famous street market in Hong Kong. This night market is a great opportunity for you to experience local culture and learn about traditional crafts by purchasing a variety of souvenirs such as antiques, jade, clothes, tea tools, and electronic devices.

| what to do in kowloon

| what to do in kowloon

Chi Lin Nunnery and Nan Lian Garden

| what to do in kowloon

Chi Lin Nunnery was built in 1934 and is the largest handcrafted wooden building in the world. The nunnery is an intricate architectural complex, consisting of interwoven wooden beams, golden statues, and a green lotus pond. The lotus pond here is surrounded by lush foliage, creating a peaceful environment for relaxation and meditation. Visitors can also stroll in Nan Lian Garden, a public park located on the grounds of the nunnery built in the Tang Dynasty style. There are a few vegetarian restaurants and tea shops around for visitors to stop and rest.

Chi Lin Nunnery near Nan Lian Garden, Hong Kong | kowloon things to do

Nan Lian Garden | kowloon things to do

Stroll along Hong Kong’s Hollywood Walk of Fame

Avenue of Stars-hongkong
Hong Kong’s Hollywood Walk of Fame | kowloon things to do

Avenue of Stars is to honor the names who have helped Hong Kong become the “Hollywood of the East”. This is one of the world’s most beautiful seaside walking paths with many symbols dedicated to big stars with special contributions to the Hong Kong film industry. Hong Kong’s Avenue of Stars is nearly 500 meters long and attracts many tourists from around the world. If you cannot go to the United States to visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame, then right in Asia, you can absolutely visit a version that is no different from Hollywood. Visiting the Hong Kong Avenue of Stars, you will be able to check in with a beautiful ocean view.

| kowloon things to do
The statue of Bruce Lee in Kowloon is also worth a place to visit | kowloon things to do

In addition to the romantic and charming ocean view, one side of the Hong Kong Avenue of Stars is the city center with high-rise buildings. Especially, from this avenue you can see the tallest ICC building in Hong Kong, which is exceptionally ideal for young people who like taking photos. Besides checking in with the ocean view, visitors can also admire realistically designed bronze and cement art statues of all different sizes, simulating the faces of the Hong Kong cinema stars here. When dusk has just fallen, the Avenue of Stars campus will be lit up in a colorful palette, looking like a sparkling galaxy mixed with melodious music that sounds very pleasant.

Visit the infamous Kowloon Walled City Park

The infamous Kowloon Walled City Park | kowloon things to do

Kowloon Walled City was originally a military fortress of the Qing Dynasty. The fortress’s fate changed in 1898 after the Qing Dynasty ceded the New Territories to the British Empire. Kowloon Walled City Park was geographically separated from the Mainland and fell under almost no management from the official authority of the government.

From the 1950s to 1970s, the place was controlled by local gangs with high rates of prostitution, gambling, and drugs. In 1987, with China’s consent, the colonial government finally took control of the area, resettled it, and replaced the slums with a beautiful stone-walled park. Most notable is the Yamen – the royal administrative building. The Jiangnan garden-style park also allows visitors to admire the beauty of nature in a place where the dark side of society once flourished.

Enjoy a cocktail in West Tsim Sha Tsui

A cocktail in West Tsim Sha Tsui

All of the best bars and clubs in Kowloon are gathered in West Tsim Sha Tsui. Each bar and club has its own unique character and style. Some are decorated with Shanghai’s vibes in the 1980s, some are famous for their live music performances, while others recreate amazing views of the Hong Kong skyline at night. Eyebar, Aqua Spirit, and so on are places like that. Come here and enjoy a chill evening with your friends.

Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Aqua Spirit bar from above

Above is our detailed guide for a journey to explore Kowloon. We hope you have a memorable trip to Hong Kong!

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