Mae Hong Son is a place with beautiful nature, peaceful life, many majestic mountain peaks and extremely hospitable people. Therefore, Mae Hong Son is known by many people and comes here to relax. The following article we will share with you the most worthwhile places to go in Mae Hong Son with Mae Hong Son travel itinerary 2 days 1 night so that you can fully enjoy in the beautiful Northwestern region of Thailand. So, is 2 days in Mae Hong Son enough? Let’s check out our suggested Mae Hong Son itinerary on how to spend and what to do in Mae Hong Son for 2 days (48 hours in Mae Hong Son) perfectly as follows!

Peaceful scenery in Mae Hong Son | mae hong son itinerary
| mae hong son itinerary
Panoramic view of Mae Hong Son town | mae hong son itinerary
Mae Hong Son location on Thailand map | mae hong son itinerary

Overview of Mae Hong Son (#mae hong son itinerary)

Travelers love Mae Hong Son because there are many steep and winding passes with about 1,864 challenging turns. | mae hong son itinerary

Mae Hong Son – the land located at the extreme northwest of the land of the Golden Temples of Thailand. Mae Hong Son wears a green color of nature, every corner of this place is the fresh breath of the mountains. Surrounded by high mountains, 80% of the area of Mae Hong Son is primeval forests covered with fog all year round.

| mae hong son itinerary

In recent years, Mae Hong Son has been attracting more and more tourists with its Burmese-style temples, hot springs, untouched villages, national parks and exciting activities, especially the joyful festivals that take place every year.

| mae hong son itinerary 2 days
Long neck women Padaung Hilltribe, Mae Hong Son | mae hong son itinerary 2 days

Climate in Mae Hong Son (#mae hong son itinerary)

Mae Hong Son is blessed with nature, has a mild climate all year round, fresh and cool air. So visitors can visit Mae Hong Son at any time of the year.

| mae hong son itinerary 2 days

However, to have a great trip to Mae Hong Son, visitors should visit this place between February and June, this is the summer time. Besides, from February to June is also the ideal time for fun activities because this is the time when many traditional festivals take place.

Road to Mae Hong Son | mae hong son itinerary 2 days

Especially in April, from April 13-15 every year is the traditional New Year in Thailand – Songkran or Thai New Year. Therefore, please arrange a reasonable time to have a memorable trip in Mae Hong Son.

How to get to Mae Hong Son?

Currently, there are no direct flights to Mae Hong Son from Vietnam. So if you want to travel to Mae Hong Son, you will have to travel through 2 routes: Vietnam – Chiang Mai and Chiang Mai – Mae Hong Son.

The first trip: Vietnam – Chiang Mai: From Hanoi, you can fly directly with the newly opened route of Air Asia airline from Hanoi to Chiang Mai, the flight time only takes about 1 hour 20 minutes. You should determine the time you will arrive in Chiang Mai and book tickets in advance to hunt for promotions. In addition, you can also fly with other airlines such as Vietnam Airlines or Bangkok Airways.

Mae Hong Son has a small airport where direct flights from Chiang Mai landing here every day. | mae hong son itinerary 2 days

From Ho Chi Minh City, you can take a direct flight to Chiang Mai with airlines like Vietjet Air, Hahn Air.

Second trip: Chiang Mai – Mae Hong Son: In addition to the domestic flight from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son with a slightly expensive cost, there are 2 routes from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son, route 108 going through Mae Sariang and route 1095 goes through Pai. You can catch a bus, it will take a few hours to get here.

Road to Mae Hong Son (c) Tran Dang Dang Khoa | mae hong son itinerary 2 days

In addition, to save time, you can travel from Vietnam to Mae Hong Son by the route Vietnam – Bangkok, Bangkok – Mae Hong Son. On the second trip, you can book a direct flight from Bangkok – Mae Hong Son operated by Nok Air, which takes only 1 hour 30 minutes. Total travel time on this route is 3 hours.

Getting around Mae Hong Son

From the airport to the hotel, or even when exploring Mae Hong Son, you can travel by taxi, with many different prices. In Mae Hong Son, taxi is also a quite popular means of transport so visitors can catch easily. However, the price is a bit expensive. Remember to bargain before getting on the taxi to avoid problems later.

Mae Hong Son taxi | mae hong son itinerary 2 days

Mae Hong Son is located in the mountains, so public transportation here is still not popular, so if you are confident with your driving ability, you can rent and ride a motorbike to go freely and proactively. Also save some money. The procedure to rent a motorbike is a photo passport and a deposit, which they will return to you after you return the motorbike.

(c) Tran Dang Dang Khoa | mae hong son itinerary 2 days

You can register to rent a car in the town center or at your hotel for 150 baht – 200 baht/day. And you should remember that in Thailand, driving on the left hand side is different from Vietnam, do not use the horn when moving, if there is a traffic jam, you should calm down, do not jostle, push, remember to wear a helmet. Be safe and change your international driver’s license in Vietnam before you go.

| mae hong son itinerary 2 days

Mae Hong Son itinerary 2 days: What to do and how to spend 2 days in Mae Hong Son?

Day1: The first day (#mae hong son itinerary)

After resting and storing your luggage at the hotel, let’s start the first day in Mae Hong Son. On the first day, you will explore the attractions and typical architectural works of Mae Hong Son.

Get a panoramic view of the town from Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu | mae hong son itinerary 2 days

Located on a hill to the west of the city, Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu Temple, famous as a sacred temple of Mae Hong Son, Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu is a temple designed in Burmese style, structured in a Burmese style. The structure of the temple consists of two chedis and two viharns.

| mae hong son itinerary 2 days
Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu is a famous sacred temple of Mae Hong Son that you should not miss. It is also an enduring symbol of Mae Hong Son city as well as Thailand. | mae hong son itinerary 2 days

Resting at Little Good Things

| mae hong son itinerary 2 days

Little Good Things is a popular fine dining restaurant located on a trail in Mae Hong Son. The food is made with healthy and organic ingredients. In addition to typical traditional Thai dishes, the restaurant’s menu also serves both vegetarian and vegan dishes for vegetarians.

Address: 40 Charm-naan Satit Rd, Chong Kham, Mueang Mae Hong Son District, Mae Hong Son 58000

Travel back in time at the Mae Hong Son Living Museum

| mae hong son itinerary 2 days

After resting and enjoying a light meal at the restaurant, we will head to the Mae Hong Son living museum. This museum is a place to display and keep artifacts about the lives of local people in the past. Coming to this museum, visitors will have the opportunity to see pictures and objects showing the ancient culture, customs and activities of the people here.

Immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere of the Walking Street Night Market

| 2 days in mae hong son

Before enjoying dinner, enjoy and immerse yourself in the bustling life and outstanding fun activities of the people of Mae Hong Son at the Mae Hong Son Walking Street Night Market. Experience the living culture and local street food.

| 2 days in mae hong son
| 2 days in mae hong son

Dinner at Salween River restaurant

Address: บางหมู 117/1, Chulumprakria Rd, หมู – 5 บ้านใหม่ Pang Mu, เมือง Mae Hong Son 58000
Hours: 9 AM–5 PM

| 2 days in mae hong son

Salween River is another local food paradise next to Mae Hong Son walking street night market that you should try when you come to this city. The space is designed and decorated simply but still exudes an attractive elegance, the atmosphere at the restaurant is also considered friendly and cozy.

Besides local specialties such as khao soi or Burmese tea-leaf salad, this restaurant also has a varied and extensive menu of Western dishes, not to mention pizza and burgers. Salween River also offers diners a wide selection of drinks from local beers, whiskeys, smoothies, fresh fruit juices, milk and coffee.

Have fun at Cross Road

| 2 days in mae hong son

The bar space is quite unique with mainly wood materials combined with yellow lights and old decorations to create a place with a sense of nostalgia. At this bar, guests will enjoy and experience the joyful, bustling atmosphere with exciting music and attractive dances.

Enjoy a drink at sunset

Going to a lakeside bar like Sunflower Cafe or Meeting Bar for a cold beer or refreshing cocktail, chatting with friends and watching the romantic beauty of the sunset is so much fun.

| 2 days in mae hong son

At Mae Hong Son, Jong Kham lake is also an ideal place to enjoy the sunset. This place is a regular gathering place for many locals to relax, practice sports and practice Taichi, coming to Jong Kham Lake, visitors will have many opportunities to chat and experience activities. unique to the people here.

Day 2

Start your day at the local markets

Morning market (c)

Coming to the markets, visitors will experience the unique local market culture, observe and follow the daily life of the people here. The featured breakfast dishes with new and different flavors and eye-catching presentation will make your taste buds irresistible. In addition, the stalls display colorful souvenirs and crafts.

(c) | 2 days in mae hong son

Visit Sutongpe Bridge and Fish Cave

Sutongpe is a bamboo bridge spanning the fields, located in the small peaceful village of Mae Hong Son. The place is surrounded by green mountains and rich rice fields. Characterized by the countryside, this place reminds you of the countryside with the image of rice fields and the “flickering” wings of Vietnamese storks.

Sutongpe bridge | 2 days in mae hong son

If you have visited Sutongpe Bridge, you must also make a trip to the fish cave, to see schools of carp swimming around in the clear water and pray to the Hindu Nara statue – the divine statue that is worshiped by the Buddha. A long-standing tradition, is a god who protects the carp here.

Fish Cave

Visit Wat Chong Kham

Address: 7XX9+74H, Chong Kham, Mueang Mae Hong Son District, Mae Hong Son 58000
Hours: 6 AM–8:30 PM

Wat Chong Kham is a sacred temple located on the shores of Chong Nam Lake. | 2 days in mae hong son

Wat Chong Kham is an important and famous landmark of Mae Hong Son built in 1827. With the old Burmese style, Wat Chong Kham has a unique architecture with elegant beauty. There are many large and beautiful statues that are hard to find anywhere else.

Wat Chong Kham Buddhist temple on the lake, Mae Hong Son, Northern Thailand, Thailand | © Tommy Seiter
Wat Chong Kham at sunset | © Mark Lehmkuhler/Flickr | 2 days in mae hong son

Experience the enchanting village of Ban Rak Thai

Ban Rak Thai, also known as Mae Awa, is a famous tea growing and supplying village in Mae Hong Son, also the settlement of Kuo Min Tang veterans from Yunnan, China. The surrounding space of the village is covered with immense green tea fields.

| 2 days in mae hong son

You can rent a motorbike to drive to and around this village, which will be an extremely memorable experience.

What and where to eat in Mae Hong Son?

Pad Thai

When traveling anywhere, the culinary experience is an indispensable part of our discovery journey, here are some delicious and cheap places to eat in Mae Hong Son where you can enjoy delicious dishes, specialties in Mae Hong Son:

  • 77 House’s Wine, Coffee and Food – 77 Khunlumpraphat Rd. | Jongkham, Mae Hong Son
  • Little Good Things – 40 Chamnan Satit Road, Mae Hong Son
  • Charlie & Lek Restaurant – 234, Moo 4 Wiangtai | Pai, Mae Hong Son
  • Salween River Restaurant – 23/2 Praditjongkam Rd, | T – Jongkam,A – Muang, Mae Hong Son
  • Pizza Primavera – Khunlumprapas Road, Soi 5, near | Mae Hongson Plaza, Mae Hong Son

| 2 days in mae hong son

If you want to enjoy coffee and relax at Mae Hong Son, you can refer to:

  • Coffee For U@Soi 3 – Khunlum Praphat Soi 3 Chong Kham, Mae Hong Son
  • Lung Pala Coffee – Lung Pala Guest House & Home Stay, Mok Jam Pae Sub-District, Mueang Mae Hong Son Distric
  • Coffee Morning – 78, Singhanat Bamrung Road, Chongkham Subdistrict, Mueang Mae Hong Son

Where to stay in Mae Hong Son?

We will introduce to you a few famous and popular hotels in Mae Hong Son so that visitors can spend their vacation here in the best way.

  • Phu Fha Maehongson Resort: The hotel is designed in a simple style with a beautiful view and a bit of an ancient feel. (Address: 143/5 Moo 5 T.Pangmoo, MAE HONG SON, 58000)
  • Family House Zen Boutique Resort: Luxury hotel with quality and modern facilities.
  • The Oia Pai Resort (Agoda, Booking): Features Mediterranean architecture with high-class restaurants on the hotel premises.
  • Pai Village Boutique Resort & Farm (Agoda, Booking): Hotel with relaxing space surrounded by green nature.
  • Lakeside Hostel At Masariang: Cozy, modern, family-friendly space.
Panoramic view of Ban Rak Thai village by the romantic river, where there are many cafes, restaurants and accommodation.

Below we recommend more best budget, mid-range and upscale hotels with good ratings and reviews you can refer to.

Check out more top and best hotels in Mae Hong Son on or

Some notes when traveling to Mae Hong Son

  • Since Mae Hong Son is a mountainous area, the air is a bit cold. You should be careful to bring a little thick clothes.
  • Mae Hong Son has many sacred temple areas. You should also note to wear neat and serious clothes.
  • You should change money before coming to Mae Hong Son. Because exchanging money in Mae Hong Son will have a lower exchange rate.
  • Please buy a 4G sim before coming to Mae Hong Son to travel.
  • Don’t forget to bring sunscreen to protect your skin better.
  • If you participate in walking, trekking or mountain climbing tours. You should contact tour operators for professional guides to assist you.
  • Not destroying the environment should also affect the lives of the people here.

Some best day tours, trips, activities and transfer services, tickets in, from and to Mae Hong Son you can refer to

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