safe city, tokyo, japan
Tokyo is famous as one of the safest destinations for visitors. Photo:

Nowhere in the world can you find such impressive cat cafés, such a fashionable street of electronics, such unique hotels, and such infinitely mouth-watering sushi as you get to find out in Tokyo. But these of Tokyo are not enough to make itself deserve to be one of Asia’s coolest cities. There are much more than that and here we list top 10 reasons why Tokyo is one of the coolest city in Asia.

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Kawai fashion store at Harajuku

1. So cool cat cafés to chill out

Japan is the original country of cat coffee idea that quickly spreads worldwide later, so it is easy to understand why Tokyo boasts many impressive cat cafés. These coffees will a paradise for you, an animal lover. Or even if you are not, it is really worth trying such quirky ambiance.

cat cafes, tokyo, japan
Cat coffees make Tokyo a very special Tokyo, nowhere to be found. Photo:

According to statistics, particularly in Tokyo there are more than one hundred cat cafes, where customers can come to enjoy coffee and have fun with a lot of cute cats. Customers are also welcome to bring their cats to shop for them to play and make friends.

cat cafes, tokyo, japan
Check them out, you are free to take selfies and fascinating shots with such pretty kitties and cats. Photo:

Some famous cafes in Tokyo can be recommended here: Shimokitazawa’s Cateriam cafe, Nekobukuro in Ikebukuro, Curl Up Café in Haramachi, and Nyafe Melange. Tokyo also has handy maps to help visitors conveniently find their way to these cafes.

2. Akihaba – electronics streets are like an anime fashion show

Akihabara is a very special neighborhood of fashion in Japan. Here you can freely dress and wear in your creative way. As glorious as you want! As weird as you like! Here, visitors will also encounter a lot of unique fashion dresses, young people look really eye-catching in special makeup style.

electronics store, anime, Akihabara, tokyo, japan

Many of the devotees of comics and anime dress like their favorite characters and the confidently show people their weird style in Akihabara.

electronics store, anime, Akihabara, tokyo, japan

In addition, this neighborhood is also well known for plenty of candy, cake, jam and electronics stores in Japan, where you can find some souvenir.

3. Streets are surprisingly clean

The first thing visitors get to notice immediately at the first sight of Tokyo is that this city is incredibly clean.

clean street, tokyo, japan
The streets are always clean. Photo:

Everything on the streets is very clean and tidily arranged. You will rarely find pieces of junk on the road, even if that area has no public wastebaskets.

clean street, tokyo, japan
Hardly can you find a piece of rubbish on streets. Photo: Takayuki Miki

4. It has the best of old and new.

Tokyo is an exotic city in the world. While the old houses are interspersed amidst the modern architecture, you will not feel something wrong, but a wonderful harmony. In the East of Yanaka of Tokyo is kind of a typical place for this harmony.

architecture, tokyo, japan

The quiet streets here are strewn with dozens of temples and shrines. Here retain many works from the early years of the 20th century.

Yanaka, tokyo, japan
Cycling is very popular in Tokyo. Photo:

In the spring, the old town is highlighted by the pink gem of cherry blossoms, creating a captivating scenery like landscape painting which should deeply entice you all – travel lovers. Book a tour of Japan on Samurai Tour to have a great Tokyo experience!

5. The food is really outstanding

Tokyo is the best city in the world for fine cuisine — it has more 3-star, 2-star, and 1-star Michelin Guide restaurants than any other city in the world, with approximately 80,000 restaurants (while New York City has only about 15,000 restaurants). So this suggests that food is a great strength of Tokyo tourism.

food, tokyo, japan
Japanese cuisine focuses on nutrition and decorations. Photo:

B-class gourmets scour the city looking for the best cheap restaurants. When a restaurant is good — word spreads. Tokyo people are willing to line up for long hours for decent food (especially if the price is right).

food, tokyo, japan
Gourmets are everywhere so you can find themselves with fast food with reasonable prices. Photo:

6. Trendy capsule hotels

Nicely designed exclusively for tourists on a budget style to Tokyo, capsule hotels are small rooms which look like boxes 1 meter wide, 1m high, 2m long, fully equipped with televisions, radios, blankets and mattress. They are sure an exciting place to experience a night in a very Japanese style.

capsule hotel, tokyo, japan

7. Awesome music live shows

Although Tokyo is famous for karaoke bars, but the music live shows gain a lot of tourists’ favor. Jazz fans should go to the Blue Note in Aoyama, where soothing love songs are flying and you are welcome to do them a favor.

music live concert, tokyo, japan
The bar “live music” always packed every night visits. Photo:

If you like lively music, Quattro club in Shibuya will then be an interesting recommendation. The club-cum-concert performances in Tokyo are almost full of people in every night of the week.

8. Shop and shop in Ginza

Ginza district is home to many fashion stores for those who desire for shopping.

shop, shopping, Ginza, tokyo, japan
Bustling Ginza shopping street. Photo:

There are many stores with many styles, from the traditional clothing stores (kimono) of Mitsukoshi brand to the famous brands such as Cartier, Chanel, Dior, etc.

9. World’s best sushi in the world’s biggest fish market – Tsukiji

Given Japan’s penchant for seafood, it’s not surprising the world’s largest fish market – and one of the largest wholesale markets, period – has its location in Tokyo.

sushi, Tsukiji, tokyo, japan
A row of stores selling sushi at the Tsukiji fish market. Photo: martinbaileyphotography

Handling more than 2,000 tons of seafood each day, Tsukiji market is a haven for fisherman, auctioneers, and buyers for Tokyo’s best restaurants.

sushi, Tsukiji, tokyo, japan
Numerous tourists queuing to enjoy sushi here. Photo:

As an added bonus, here the freshest sushi and most delectable grilled fish lunches can be had at reasonable prices – assuming one can stand the mad rush of patrons.

10. Tokyo is one of the safest cities, anywhere!

Tokyo is a quite hustle and bustling but you will never encounter any problems about safety when wandering on the street and traveling here. And no doubt, you can freely walk around the streets of Shinjuku with your map at ten o’clock at night.

safe city, tokyo, japan
Tokyo is famous as one of the safest destinations for visitors. Photo:

Guest unsettled state and fraud are also rare. If you lose the map or get stuck, just feel free to ask for help of the people, they are very friendly and polite to help tourists.

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