Traveling in Japan is one of the great experiences that any backpacker should have. However, you shall get some worries about what to buy some “omiyage” (Japanese means gifts) for your friends and yourself as souvenirs to Tokyo. It’s not that there’s nothing to buy here, but it’s a gift paradise which you are spoilt for choice in Japan. With a little digging, you can find the item you want, old or modern, classy or kitschy.

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Very bustling and vibrant at Ginza Tokyo
Tax Free Zone at Tokyu Plaza Ginza, Tokyo | what to buy in tokyo
Takeshita Shopping Street
Tokyu Plaza Ginza – must-visit shopping center

So, what is famous in Tokyo, what to buy in Tokyo and what should I buy in Tokyo? Let’s check out our suggested 11+ best Tokyo souvenirs, top things to buy in Tokyo, must buy items in Tokyo, best things to buy in Tokyo including cheap things to buy in Tokyo, things must buy in Tokyo, things to bring back from Tokyo to help you grab meaningful best gifts from Tokyo for your loved ones!

Fushimi Inari Shrine Torii gate souvenir, Tokyo | what to buy in tokyo
Tokyo Banana Cake | what to buy in tokyo
A sweet candy shop in Harajuku, Tokyo | what to buy in tokyo

Let’s explore the best gift ideas, and what to buy the best things for your gift selection when you visit Tokyo in Japan.

Japanese fake food samples (#what to buy in tokyo)

| best things to buy in tokyo

Surfing YouTube daily, you usually see food samples that are likely realistic. If you are stuck on the idea of buying a unique and entertaining gift, Japanese fake food samples will be a good choice.

You can purchase some of the plastic food replicas (also called Samburu) to pick up a souvenir | best things to buy in tokyo
| best things to buy in tokyo
| best things to buy in tokyo

These food samples look so realistic that they can be mistaken for real food. You only distinguish food by touching or smelling it. You can find sushi or tempura (deep-fried seafood) key chains, cute earrings, or anything else that looks like dessert. With a wide variety, you should not be surprised to see many people buying large quantities of them as souvenirs.

Japanese wine and Edo Kiriko glass (#best things to buy in tokyo)

| best things to buy in tokyo

Kiriko is the name of the famous art of cut glass in Japan. It has been traditional craftwork for 1,000 years since the Edo period and has been preferred to date.

Kiriko glasses with intricate designs become the perfect gifts that you must buy in Tokyo
| must buy items in tokyo
| must buy items in tokyo
You can buy Kiriko glasses at Sumida Edo Kiriko Kan in Tokyo | must buy items in tokyo

Among Edo Kiriko products, the cold wine cup or wine decanter is mostly preferred. Thanks to its superb texture and transparent beauty, the Edo Kiriko mug is perfect for pairing with Japanese alcohol, to enrich the meals for guests. Therefore, you should choose a gift with a set of Edo Kikiro mugs accompanied by a bottle of Japanese wine for special recipients.

| what should i buy in tokyo

Edo Tsumami Kanzashi (Kanzashi hair ornaments)

| what should i buy in tokyo

If you want to give gifts that highlighted Japanese culture, the Edo period’s hair ornaments are an interesting choice. Edo Tsumami Kanzashi is thin silk pieces made to be flowers or birds that are then worn as hair accessories. Their elegant beauty is well-known all over the world due to the Maikos’ and the geishas’ frequent use.

A beautiful Maiko with Edo Tsumami Kanzashi, Tokyo | what should i buy in tokyo
Tsumami Kanzashi ornaments are used to add a touch of color to celebratory occasions and events for women | what should i buy in tokyo

| what should i buy in tokyo

They are considered traditional craftwork in Tokyo. Therefore, you can find artisans who have been making in hands with higher-class versions than the Edo Tsumami Kanzashi’s.

Kabuki mask (#best tokyo souvenirs)

| things must buy in tokyo

This mask is designed to look like Kumadori makeup (Kabuki makeup), characterized by traditional Japanese theatrical art. Like other regular face masks, it also has moisturizing essences that penetrate the skin to make the skin softer and more radiant. This is a very useful skin care product.

Actors wear Kabuki masks for their theatrical performance in Tokyo | things must buy in tokyo
| things must buy in tokyo

Bvlgari Chocolates (#must buy items in tokyo)

| things must buy in tokyo

The Bvlgari Chocolates Shop opened in 2007. The design of each chocolate bar is nice and delicate. They look so beautiful that people liken them to the luxury jewelry of celebrities. However, just a few stores in the world are selling them. Hence, if you want to give gifts to important and special people, this is a very suitable item.

Layered with richness and nuanced aromas, Bvlgari chocolate gems represent an indulgent facet of the Bvlgari universe | things must buy in tokyo
| things must buy in tokyo

Funawa Imo Yokan (#top things to buy in tokyo)


| top things to buy in tokyo

Funawa Imo Yokan is a popular food for all ages. It is made from whole sweet potatoes, kneaded with sugar, and then shaped using a mold. Because it’s a popular store, many people make a long sequence to buy food on weekends and holidays.

Funawa Imoyokan shop, Tokyo | top things to buy in tokyo
Traditional Funawa Imo Yokan in Tokyo only | top things to buy in tokyo

This gift is bought as one of the most popular souvenirs in Japan. What could be better than taking your Imo Youkan home and simply grilling it up and enjoying it?

Sweethearts of Funawa Imo Yokan for Valentine | top things to buy in tokyo

Senjafuda (#what should i buy in tokyo)

| top things to buy in tokyo

You should carve or paint your name on a favorite wood piece as a memory for your trip to Tokyo. Senjafuda (literally means “thousand shrine tags”) are votive slips, stickers, or placards posted on the gates or buildings of shrines and Buddhist temples/pagodas in Japan. Because of its popularity and popularity, this is considered a souvenir left by tourists while coming to Japan.

The visitors put Senjafuda on the gates of both temples and shrines to leave a record of their visit at an old Japanese inn in the Arashiyama district of Kyoto | best tokyo souvenirs
A tiny roadside shrine in Nikko covered with Senjafuda, Tokyo | best tokyo souvenirs
The walls and ceiling at the top of the temple tower are plastered with Senjafuda votive stickers, left both as prayers, and as proof to the higher powers that the mendicant really have visited the temple | best tokyo souvenirs

Japanese Banana (#things must buy in tokyo)

Tokyo Banana Cake
| best tokyo souvenirs

Japanese banana is a specialty souvenir in Tokyo and it is extremely popular. Recently, manufacturers have started to produce products with both traditional flavors and limited editions. Surely many customers buy this product.

| best gifts from tokyo

With a plump shape and cream puff filling, it makes you feel happy from the first bite. For those who love Japanese snacks, this must be a very interesting gift.

Nice types of Japanese bananas for your choice | best gifts from tokyo
| best gifts from tokyo

Ukiyo-e Edo Uchiwa (#things to bring back from tokyo)

| best gifts from tokyo

Ukiyo-e is a folk art form from the Edo period, it is considered one of the traditional art forms of Japan.

| best gifts from tokyo

| best gifts from tokyo

Uchiwa is a hand fan made from bamboo and paper. They are a traditional Japanese summer product and are often given as gifts. During the Edo period in Japan, craftsmen who made them were called Edo Uchiwa used the Ukiyo-e technique with printing such as Kabuki actors, landscapes, and portraits of beautiful women. Nowadays, you will see Uchiwa everywhere on the street in the summer.

KitKat, limited edition in only Tokyo (#best gifts from tokyo)

Rum raisin flavor Kit Kat is perfect with a very subtle and sweet taste of white chocolate and rum raisin mix to create a stylish taste like Tokyo | things to bring back from tokyo

KitKat is a famous product of Nestle and it launches many limited editions, each with different flavors in each domain. The raisin flavor sold in Japan is one of the most elegant and delicious KitKat boxes in the world. This is also a limited edition Kitkat only available in Tokyo, Japan. The unique flavors of each region are not only embedded in the chocolate but also in the wafers inside. Each flavor comes from a specific region of Japan and these Kit Kats allow you to experience those flavors and tastes, even if you’re on the other side of the world.

You can pick up various editions which are inspired by a particular region for your gifts with KitKat from Tokyo | things to bring back from tokyo
| things to bring back from tokyo

If you’re traveling in Tokyo, please try some chocolate bars that can only be found in one place worldwide.

Makanai Cosme

Place: Tokyo Skytree Town Solamachi 4F, 1-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
Opening hours: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm
Phone: +81364561552

| things to bring back from tokyo

The Makanai Cosme, a Japanese-style cosmetic brand was founded in 1899 by a woman, who worked for a long-established gold leaf shop in Kanazawa that has been in business for over 100 years. She started researching formulas for skin care products to protect her skin.

Founder & CEO Mayumi Tachikawa | things to bring back from tokyo
These cosmetics are highly recommended for those looking for cosmetics made with natural ingredients and popular with all women who will receive good gifts from Makanai Cosme, Tokyo | what to buy in tokyo
| what to buy in tokyo

Because the products only use natural ingredients such as Konnyaku (made from potatoes) and silkworm cocoons, it is completely safe. This is a popular line of skin care products that remove all impurities, leaving your skin cleaner, and healthier.

| what to buy in tokyo

Here are some good ideas on what to buy in Tokyo, the best gifts you must buy for your great options when you come to Tokyo, Japan. Hope you have a wonderful trip with an interesting experience and show a part of Japanese culture through gift-giving as souvenirs to your friends and family.

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