Busan is one of South Korea’s famous coastal cities with beautiful beaches, majestic scenery, and diverse culture. With more than 4 million residents, Busan not only has vast white sand strips and huge beaches but also spanning rivers, one of the most magnificent natural sceneries, and the friendliest people. So, when to visit Busan and when is the best time to visit Busan? Let’s check out our suggested best season to visit Busan and best time to go to Busan (best time to travel to Busan, best time to visit Busan) as well as best months to visit Busan as follows!

Cherry blossom in Busan | best time to visit busan
Haeundae beach
Haeundae Beach – a perfect spot during the summer months | best time to visit busan
Busan International Film Festival
Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) takes place in October

So what is the best time to visit Busan? Join us to find out in this post for a great trip to this city!

Haeinsa Temple busan
Autumn foliage at Haeinsa Temple, Busan | best time to visit busan
Beautiful Busan covered in snow

When should I travel to Busan? (# best time to visit busan)

busan tower night (1)
Skyline of Busan, South Korea at night | best time to visit busan

Busan’s climate is quite humid, with an average temperature of 15 to 22 degrees Celsius. The weather here is also divided into 4 distinct seasons and each season of Busan has its own beauty.

The geographical location surrounded by China and Japan helps South Korea in general and Busan in particular avoid most major storms in the region. Busan is located close to the coast, so the weather is warmer than other regions of the country.


Jinhae Gunhangje Cherry Flower Festival, Busan
Jinhae Gunhangje Flower Festival, Busan | best time to visit busan

Spring (March – May): Despite the humidity, spring is the ideal time for you to travel to Busan during the cherry blossom season. Recreational activities include walking and camping under cherry blossoms. You can look for cherry blossom spots at parks like Haeundae Dalmaji, Taejongdae, and Busan Citizen Park. Along with the overwhelming pink color of cherry blossoms, visitors can also admire the colors of lavender and chrysanthemums, immersing themselves in romantic pathways. There are also festivals such as the Busan International Arts Festival and Youchae Flower Festival.

Busan self-planned itinerary
Busan in spring season with cherry blossoms | best time to visit busan
| best time to visit busan

Summer (# best time to visit busan)

Haeundae nightlife | best time to visit busan

Summer (June – September): Temperature increases significantly and ranges from 25 to 30 degrees Celsius. This season is usually humid, with rainfall possible in June and July. Temperatures at this time are quite high but the clear blue sky and cool sea breeze are suitable for water sports and activities along the coasts. Busan is famous for its beautiful and diverse beaches. Haeundae Beach and Gwangalli Beach are popular places to relax, swim, and even participate in exciting activities like surfing. Summer is also the perfect time for you to enjoy the sea and sunny days.

| best time to visit busan
| best time to visit busan

Autumn (# best season to visit busan)

Haeinsa Temple busan
| best time to visit busan

Autumn (September – November): This is the most suitable time to travel to Busan. The weather at this time is very cool and pleasant. Temperatures begin to decrease from about 25 degrees Celsius in September and reach 10 to 15 degrees Celsius in November. This season has less rain than spring and summer. The entire space is covered with a very eye-catching red and yellowish color of autumn leaves. At this time, there are also many festivals taking place with a large participation of local people and tourists. You can visit parks and flower gardens in Busan such as Daejeo Ecological Park and Geumjeongsan to enjoy the beauty of autumn.

autumn foliage in busan busan attractions in autumn busan autumn2
Fall foliage season in Busan | best time to visit busan
Daejeonsa Temple
| best time to visit busan
autumn foliage in busan busan attractions in autumn busan autumn
| best time to visit busan

Winter (# when is the best time to visit busan)

| best time to visit busan

Winter (December – February): Temperature ranges from 5 to 10 degrees Celsius, and can drop below 0 degrees Celsius in the evening. Winter is usually dry and has little rain. Winter in Busan is frigid, and you will find white snow covering the whole space. Visitors coming here this season can participate in exciting activities like skiing. You’ll also get to see migratory birds and participate in many other winter sports. In addition, winter is also a time of unique festivals and events such as the Dadaepo Island Light Festival and the Haeundae Sand Art Festival.

Gamcheon Culture Village, Busan | when is the best time to visit busan
Check-in with wooden fish wall | when is the best time to visit busan

The weather in Busan is diverse and has all the characteristics of the four seasons. However, the best time to visit Busan is during the spring and autumn. During these two seasons, Busan is usually sunny and dry, with pleasant average temperatures. Busan’s most famous festivals are also held during this time of the year. Busan’s less volatile weather will attract a large number of visitors, making the festival more exciting than ever.

BIFF Square busan food
Odeng (fish cake) stall at BIFF Square | when is the best time to visit busan
Odeng food stall in winter | when is the best time to visit busan

Which month should I travel to Busan? (# best time to travel to busan)

When to visit Busan? | when is the best time to visit busan

Winter months (December – February)


While the two most common religions are Buddhism and Christianity, Koreans don’t have any official religion. However, Christmas is a public holiday in Busan. Coming to Busan in December, you will hear Christmas carols and admire Christmas trees and stunning lights. On these days, Korean office workers are usually invited to a warm dinner by their company.

| when is the best time to visit busan

Although the weather is quite cold, this can be a memorable time for you to visit Busan. You can comfortably enjoy street food all over the place such as hot Odeng or spicy Tteokbokki. Christmas holiday lasts until December 31 when the city comes alive with parties and events to welcome the new year.

Temperature: 2 – 11°C


January is the coldest month of the year in Busan. During this time it is often windy and sometimes snowy. Therefore, at this time, Busan is usually rather quiet, and room prices are also lower than other months.

The first sunrise of the new year | when is the best time to visit busan

Besides, like many other cities in the world, the beginning of the year begins with major holidays, so many foreign tourists often flock here. When you come to Busan, you can participate in the main event of the season which is New Year’s Eve, and watch the first sunrise of the new year. According to Korean people, this activity will bring them luck in the next 12 months.

| best season to visit busan

Specifically, during the major festivals, there will be sculptures representing that year (for example, the Year of the Dog, Tiger, or Dragon,) installed on famous beaches. Although this time is a bit cold, it will be wonderful and memorable if you come here to celebrate the New Year with your family.

Temperature: (-1) – 8°C


Although the average temperature in February is slightly higher than in January, it often feels more freezing due to the presence of cold winds. If you travel to Busan at this time, remember to bring more warm clothes.

Seollal Festival | best season to visit busan

Particularly, the Seollal Festival, also known as the Korean New Year ceremony, will be held in February in Busan. It is a traditional holiday taking place on the second new moon day after the winter solstice, usually at the end of January or early February (usually the same day as the Lunar New Year).

Furthermore, this is one of the biggest holidays in the Korean calendar. On this day, Korean people will take a break from work and perform ancestral rituals at home. That’s why this time is not a good time for you to visit Busan. Because traffic is busier, more crowded and pricey.

Valentine’s Day at Busan Tower | best season to visit busan

In addition, there is another major holiday in February which is Valentine’s Day (February 14). Unlike in the West, Valentine’s Day in South Korea is rather unique. Women will be the ones to give men a gift (usually chocolate) to show affection. And men respond to them on White Valentine’s Day (March 14).

Temperature: 0 – 10°C

Spring months (March – May)


March in Busan is the month that signals the beginning of spring and the weather is very good and favorable for tourists to visit. However, because it is early spring, the weather will not be stable but change continuously throughout the season instead. It may change from bright and sunny to cold and rainy very quickly. Therefore, bring lots of warm clothes and don’t forget an umbrella to travel with convenience.

| best season to visit busan

Especially at the end of March, spring flowers are starting to bloom and there are a lot of green trees around. Therefore, from late March to early April will be cherry blossom season. This is one of the best times of the year for you to visit Busan. You should note that the cherry blossom season in Busan will only last about 10 days. So, you can refer to the weather forecasters to predict when it will arrive and arrange your trip for a real memorable experience.

Temperature: 4 – 13°C


April in Busan is bright, sunny, and warm but not too hot. Therefore, many tourists choose to come to Busan at this time to relax and breathe in fresh air by walking around the park or hills to explore the city.

Dadaepo Beach | best season to visit busan

Furthermore, Busan beaches will also officially open at the end of April. You can comfortably enjoy relaxing moments on beautiful beaches. However, this time of the year will not be as busy as in the summer but will also have exciting events such as the Dadaepo Sunset Fountain of Dream every night. If you want to explore interesting activities during April in Busan, this is the right time.

Temperature: 11 – 19°C


It’s the start of summer in Busan and locals are also starting to hit the beach on the weekends. At this time, the nightlife areas on Haeundae and Gwangalli beaches will also begin to become more bustling and crowded.

Busan Citizens Park | best season to visit busan

Coming to Busan in May, you will be able to participate in the annual Sand Festival at Haeundae Beach and the Busan International Performing Arts Festival held at several locations in the city. Also, you can find the temples and Busan Citizens Park illuminated with hundreds of lanterns to celebrate Buddha’s birthday at the Busan Lotus Lantern Festival.

Sand Festival on Haeundae Beach | best season to visit busan

In addition, the Children’s Day also takes place in early May. Zoos, amusement parks, and cinemas will become crowded at this time as families go out to celebrate their little ones.

Temperature: 15 – 25 °C

Summer months (June – August)


Coming to Busan in June, you will enjoy the steamy, vibrant atmosphere on the beaches. Because this is summertime, lively nightlife is at its height and you can see many tourists from South Korea and abroad.

Beach festival in Busan. Credit: Garry Burns | best time to go to busan

Besides, according to our experience, June is not yet the time for summer vacation so Busan is not as crowded and bustling compared to later months. However, the weather is rather nice, sunny, and warm with a clear blue sky. So, if you visit during this time, remember to bring sunscreen and some warm clothes.

| best time to go to busan

In addition, there will be the June 6 holiday which is Memorial Day for the soldiers and women who fell for the country’s independence in Busan during June. June 1 is also the opening day of the swimming season on Busan beaches.

Temperature: 17 – 26°C


Busan is a coastal city of South Korea so it will not be as hot and humid as Seoul, but it possesses all the characteristics of summer. In July, most schools will be on summer break, so famous beaches in Busan such as Haeundae and Gwangalli will become much more crowded and bustling.

Coastal trail along Songdo Beach, Busan | best time to go to busan

However, if you do not like the hustle and bustle of the atmosphere on big beaches, you can go to one of the beaches outside the city center like Songjeong for surfing or Daedepo for relaxing in a quiet space. Or you can also go to Songdo–a small and cozy beach with a cable car and skywalk.

Temperature: 23 – 29°C


The weather in early August is quite similar to July. It begins to cool down and the humidity decreases eventually till the end of the month. The highlight of this month is the Busan Sea Festival taking place on the first 6 days of the month at five major beaches of the city: Haeundae, Gwangalli, Songdo, Songjeong, and Daedepo. Here, you can participate in musical performances, cultural events, traditional dances, family events, and fireworks shows.

night Gwangalli Beach
Enjoy the nightlife at Gwangalli Beach | best time to go to busan

In addition, many tourists also choose Busan as a destination for vacation and relaxing on beautiful, romantic beaches in August. The reason is this is the start of summer and most schools begin summer break during this time.

Temperature: 24 – 32°C

Autumn months (September – November)


The weather in September is still warm, but it gets a bit chilly at night. The highlight at this time is the Chuseok Festival, also known as the Korean harvest festival, usually held on the full moon day at the end of September (the 15th day of the 8th lunar month). This festival, like Seollal, is tied to the lunar calendar, so the festival date will also change from year to year.

Chuseok Festival | best time to go to busan

During Chuseok, most Koreans travel abroad or return to their hometown to celebrate the holiday with their families. Therefore, flights to and from South Korea will be more expensive at this time. If you have to travel during the days around the Chuseok Festival, reserve your tickets in advance so you can be proactive and arrange a reasonable vacation for your family.

Temperature: 20 – 26°C


The weather in October is colder than in September, but still quite pleasant. This period is most suitable and perfect for those who enjoy hiking, coastal wandering, or outdoor exploration. The reason is you can see the blue sky and feel the gentle breezes while the sun is less radiant.

Busan self-planned itinerary
| best time to go to busan

The special thing that attracts thousands of tourists to visit Busan in October is the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) held at the Busan Cinema Center in Centum City, Haeundae. BIFF is Korea’s largest film festival and one of the most important events among the city’s international festivals. Therefore, you will meet lots of cinephiles and celebrities when coming to Busan during this time.

Firework Festival in Busan

In addition, the Busan Fireworks Festival takes place right after that, with spectacular fireworks shows at Gwangalli Beach. The end of the month is time for Halloween. Although it is not a traditional festival in South Korea, the holiday has taken off in recent years due to the influence of Western countries. You will easily find Halloween-themed parties and events at bars and clubs around town in Busan.

Temperature: 15 – 22°C


November is the month when the autumn foliage turns red and yellow. The weather this month is quite enjoyable for you to visit temples like Beomosa. The scenery is absolutely astonishing and it is a bit chilly with occasional sudden rainfalls.

autumn foliage in busan busan attractions in autumn busan autumn
Credit: wjingyi

If you’re heading to Busan this month, try exploring the city’s nightlife. Since quite a few tourists come to the city during this time, November is the right month for your trip if you want to get some good deals.

Temperature: 6 – 15°C

In conclusion, the best time to visit Busan is around May, June, July, and September. But in case you want to experience other seasons in this country, you can still visit in the remaining months of the year. And if possible, you should avoid two major holidays–Seollal and Chuseok–because transportation and accommodation will be a lot more expensive than other days. Hopefully, the information we have shared above will help you have a wonderful and memorable trip to the Land of Kimchi!

Coastal trail along Songdo beach

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