Early morning on the 3rd day in Lucerne, my whole family woke up quite early to check-out to go to Lauterbrunnen valley. This is a very small valley, but there are 72 waterfalls. The village in the valley is also very small, mainly hotels and guesthouses serving tourists coming here to go skiing. To reach Lauterbrunnen we caught the train from Lucerne to Interlaken town and from the town to Lauterbrunnen. So, what’s hot in Interlaken town and Lauterbrunnen valley and how to get from Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen by train? Let’s check out our Interlaken Lauterbrunnen blog on our journey in Switzerland for Day 3 to find out the answer!

Interlaken Town

Lauterbrunnen train station.

That day, it was a light drizzling rain in Lucerne, hazy foggy covered the whole walkway. For the first time in my life I saw raindrops mixed with flying snow. Oh, very fun, I love it !!!!! =))) but also too dirty =)).

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Lauterbrunnen Valley
Beautiful Lauterbrunnen in snow.

Right after checking-out and say goodbye to sister Tho family, our family went to the bakery Werner Habermacher near her homestay for breakfast. Before, I saw this shop before when I passed by, it’s so beautiful, and when I came to the homestay, Ms Tho recommended us should come here to have a Swiss-style breakfast.

The shop looks simple but the decoration is gentle, clean and warm. Seems like it’s only has local guests, menu is in German too, staff doesn’t speak English. Fortunately, thanks to the Google translate “professor”, our family ordered a successful breakfast :)). Shouting out to Google! You did an incredible job, LOL!

Swiss breakfast

After breakfast, we took the bus to the main station and then traveled by train to Interlaken. I bought train tickets from Lucerne to Interlaken online before my trip to Switzerland via website SBB.ch. You can read more instructions on how to book Swiss train tickets to buy cheap tickets to save traveling costs.

Lucerne Railway Station inside
Inside Lucerne Railway Station

If you take the train from Lucerne to Interlaken, remember to sit on the right hand side to get the best view.

On the train from Lucerne to Interlaken.

On the train from Lucerne to Interlaken has a special passenger that everyone passing by must wave and take pictures. However, he never waved back. He was busy in cool posing =))

The special passenger with 4-leg :))

Sitting still and watching the scenery on both sides of the way, we suddenly discovered a suitcase of my young sister was missing. The sisters went from the beginning to the end of the carriage but not seeing the luggage. Asking the person who sitting next to my young sister’s luggage, she told a woman has taken that suitcase and brought it away.

Our sisters thought we had lost the luggage or were mistakenly held. We thought Switzerland is safe, turned out to be wrong ?! Asking the train ticket checker, she could not help, and we could not contact the center to claim the lost luggage. All of my young sister’s clothes were in the suitcase, luckily money and papers were always with her.

Huhu, I met a baby prettier than a doll. Snow-white skin, with blue eyes.

On the SBB app has baggage claim area for lost luggage, but since there is no internet, we have to wait until arrive Interlaken. When the train stopped, our sisters split into two sides of the train to find another turn again, hoping the person who picked up the luggage was still on the train.

Huhu, it’s really true, “Do good and good things will come”! My sister was looking sideways the suddenly she saw an Indian woman was pushing her suitcase. Oh, fortunately she was mistaken held, at that time we discovered that she had taken the wrong suitcase of my young sister. Awesome, finally we got back the luggage, an overwhelming feeling of relief, thanks God!

FYI: If you accidentally lost or left your luggage / belongings on the SBB Train or Swiss Train Station, you should go directly to the SBB website via this link to report to SBB. The staff on the train or at the train station will not be in charge of this matter, they will not even help you to report. Everything is reported and updated on SBB website.

Interlaken Lauterbrunnen: Interlaken Town

The train stopped at Interlaken Ost station, luckily we found my young sister’s luggage, our family were excited. Right in the train station there is a locker to send items that can stores from the smallest to the largest suitcase for CHF7/24hrs. After finish store our luggage, my whole family wandered to explore the city of Interlaken.

Interlaken Town

Interlaken is a resort town that was so famous of Switzerland. One of the activities that I find most interested in is hiking The Great Aletsch Glacier mount and visiting the Aletsch River frozen all year round.

However, to climb Aletsch glacier you need to spend 1 to 2 days. My family only stopped by Interlaken for a few hours, before going to Lauterbrunnen valley, so there was not enough time to participate in this activity. You can book a climbing tour online here.

The Great Aletsch Glacier Hike

Great Aletsch Glacier View Point Cable Car Ticket

On this website there are many activities that you can participate in depending on the weather such as summer or winter. I recommend climbing activities to get a panoramic view of the Interlaken and Alps, or take a boat ride on the lakes Thun and Brienz.

Kursaal Casino in Interlaken.

Coming to Interlaken on a gloomy day, this is very unfortunate for my family, when climbing, it is closed and foggy make us can’t take a boat ride.

My whole family decided to spend a little time walking wandering around to explore this small town. Wandering around the shops, strolling along the blue Aare River.

White clouds cover the snowy peaks around Interlaken.
Meet an Indian couple are taking their wedding photos. I really admire his girlfriend with thin dress while I wear 4 layers of clothing but still feeling cold.

The Schlosskirche Church in Interlaken.

Chocolate are everywhere in Switzerland =))). Whoever loves it, Switzerland is truly paradise.

Countless shops selling Swiss-made watches with all kinds of brands. However I find some kinds are more expensive than in Lucerne. If you want to buy a Victorinox Swiss multi-function knife, it is cheaper if you go to the Migros supermarket than to buy it from outside!

| interlaken lauterbrunnen itinerary

| interlaken lauterbrunnen itinerary

| interlaken lauterbrunnen itinerary

After walking for a while, my family stopped at the McDonald’s for a snack before continuing to explore Interlaken City. If you follow my trip to Europe in 2017, you will know how I got addicted to the fried chicken wings at McDonald’s. Yes, that’s true =)).

My most favorite European snack: Fried chicken wings at McDonald’s =))) | interlaken lauterbrunnen itinerary
Aare jade river in Interlaken. | interlaken to lauterbrunnen by train
Sunset on Aare River.
Walking along Aare river in sunset afternoon. Romantic and beautiful !!
| interlaken to lauterbrunnen by train
The summer is comming, flowers grow and bloom everywhere.
| interlaken to lauterbrunnen by train
| interlaken lauterbrunnen itinerary

My whole family have dinner at Interlaken before take the train to Lauterbrunnen valley.

This is Rosti – a must-try traditional dish in Switzerland.

At this restaurant, I ordered Rosti, which is a famous traditional Swiss dish and one of 10 must-try dishes when traveling to Switzerland.

Rosti is a pancake dish, a national dish of Switzerland that including potatoes chip, butter, salt.. with crunchy outside and soft inside. In addition to potatoes, the Rosti dish is also cooked with bacon, onions, cheese … Delicious and greasy!

Interlaken Lauterbrunnen by train: Lauterbrunnen Valley

Lauterbrunnen Valley in winter

After dinner, we went back to Interlaken Ost Railway Station and bought tickets to Lauterbrunnen valley. Lauterbrunnen Valley is a beautiful small valley nestled among the Alps. Located in the middle of the valley is a very lovely small village, the houses here are bold characteristics of the Swiss countryside with wooden roofs.

Lauterbrunnen Valley with its feature of Staubbach Falls.

The reason I chose a hotel in Lauterbrunnen valley instead of Interlaken is because it is a very beautiful and peaceful valley all year round. Lauterbrunnen Valley is also the most convenient place to reach other areas such as Wengen village, Murren, Mount Jungfraujoch…

Lauterbrunnen Valley with its feature of Staubbach Falls.

The hotel my family stayed call the Hotel Crystal (Agoda.com or Booking.com), which is also part of the Oberland Hotel Lauterbrunnen (Agoda.com or Booking.com) shown in the picture above. The Crystal Hotel is located just opposite Oberland, on the second and third floor of a shop selling mountain climbing accessories.

My family rented a large room for 4 people with separate bathroom and included breakfast at the price of CHF480 / 4 person / 2 nights. The room is very large, clean, has a large balcony where you can sit and sip milk tea to watch the snow fall :”>

View from my family room.

The village is so small that everything is within a few minutes walk like Lauterbrunnen train station, supermarket, ticket booth and cable car ride to the village of Murren, Wengen village or Gimmelwald village.

| interlaken lauterbrunnen itinerary

| interlaken lauterbrunnen itinerary

Lauterbrunnen Church

| interlaken lauterbrunnen itinerary
The houses bold Swiss countryside architecture with brown wooden roofs.

White snow-capped slopes surround the valley of Lauterbrunnen. A very beautiful sight!

| interlaken to lauterbrunnen by train

It is said that Lauterbrunnen valley has a distinct beauty in every spring, summer, autumn, and winter. A peaceful, poetic village in the middle of majestic nature. In spring and summer, the whole valley will be dyed with green plants and colorful flowers. At that time, the ice on the mountains melted and the waterfalls poured down again. The whole valley suddenly changed its appereance into a majestic, spectacular, vivid painting. I would definitely return to Lauterbrunnen in the summer to admire that beauty, I told myself.

Lauterbrunnen valley in summer.

After check-in the hotel, my family walked around the valley to take pictures and watch the snow fall. When it was late at night, our sisters present the ready-made meal from the Coop supermarket. Prepare a bowl of spicy and fragrant Korean noodles, served with smoked chicken thighs and a few slices of bacon. Attached with 1 cup of warm milk tea, dessert with 1 cup of chocolate yogurt.

Snow gently falling outside the window!

Switzerland, I love you so much!

Tomorrow we will explore the villages of Murren, Wengen and Gimmelwald! See you!

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