Bikes are used in Japanese daily life. Photo:

Mount Fuji, cherry blossoms, Shinkansen trains are typically what people may think of when it comes to the Land of the Rising Sun – Japan. These identities have beautified the nation and made it become an ideal destination for many adventures.

However, It is also innumerable striking things about Japanese daily life that have attracted the attention of people all around the world.

The Japanese prefer to use bicycles.

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Japanese people using bicycles in their daily life. Photo:

Living in one of the wealthiest countries in the world with high average income and prosperous car industry, the citizens have no difficulties in getting a car for each household.

What is more, a convenient transport system with various public means of transportation enables the Japanese to move easily. Interestingly, like much another vehicle, there is a considerable amount of bikes and its users.

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Japanese going to work by bikes. Photo:

Statistically, after America and China, Japan has been the third most bicycle-using country with as many as half of the population uses this environmentally friendly vehicle.

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A Japanese woman taking her kids to school by bikes. Photo:

It is easily noticeable that a lot of people ranging from office workers, housewives to students utilise their bikes to go to work or to do their own affairs.

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Japanese students going to school by bikes. Photo:
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Japanese children on their bikes. Photo:

Money is highly valued in Japan.

To Japanese people, money is the result of a hardworking and tiring process which they have to put in a lot of efforts. Therefore, it is understandable that Japanese do not receive tips as satisfying the customers or clients with their best service is considered their responsibility.

One thing you have to pay attention to when playing by the cast is that you would be given a small tray to put your money in. You should avoid giving out money directly as it is disrespectful to do so in this country.

This manner is also applied for passing cash wedding gifts.

Japanese people keep quiet in public places.

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Japanese people keep silent in buses. Photo:

Have you ever thought that Japan which has the leading industry and services must be very busy and noisy? Many people may be surprised when getting to Japan and realising what they see is far from their expectations.

Particularly, although large population fills almost all the streets, loud horns are rarely heard.

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People read books, text and so forth but keep quiet. Photo:

Few people talk about electric trains or in buses even if it is in peak hour. As striking as it appears to many visitors, talking on the phone in these public places is also seen as unacceptable.

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Quiet Japanese space in a metro. Photo:

Most passengers text, sleep, read books or newspapers, and so forth but they seldom make the annoying noise.

japan style interesting facts japanese travel tips
inside a Japanese subway train. Photo:

This is just a part of the story about Japan, the rest are waiting for you to discover!