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Night markets in Langkawi are held every day of the week, taking place in prominent locations such as Pantai Cenang, Kuah, and Padang Matsirat. Locally known as pasar malam, it is a lively affair with local vendors setting up makeshift stalls along a stretch of road and selling all kinds of local items from 17:00 until late.

Langkawi island

Not only varied in categories and colors, the food at the night market on Langkawi island a.k.a the Eagle Island of Malaysia also surprises the visitors with its very cheap price.

Crispy Squid Langkawi Night Market

Crispy Squid: A box of fried shrimp or squid served with pickled plums costs only 4 RM.

Nasi Kandar Langkawi Night Market

Nasi Kandar offers curry sauce with hot spicy flavors. This dish is great to enjoy with steamed rice and many other foods like beef, chicken, shrimp, fried egg, okra, bitter gourd and so on. Price is up to the amount of food and ingredients.

Pancake Langkawi Night Market

Pancake with thoroughly flavored chicken filling. An adequate dish costs only 1 RM.

Marinated pork ribs Langkawi Night Market

Rice served with marinated pork ribs that have been grilled to bring up a mouth-watering smell is enjoyable to eat with herbs. A box of rice takes you 3 RM.

Koay Mooi Kee Langkawi Night Market

Koay Mooi Kee is rice eaten with curry. Feel free to order some other additive dishes such as fried fish, fried chicken, etc. Price is 3 RM per box.

Char Kuey Teow Langkawi Night Market

Char Kuey Teow: the celebrated stir-fried noodles added fish, vegetables and a plenty of appetite-awakening sauce. 3 RM per one plate of noodles.

Hokkien Mee

Hokkien Mee made from pork, squid and sambal belacan. All bring us a sweet, tasty yet pungent dish. You can enjoy this dish with only 2 RM.

Bee Hoon Langkawi Night Market

Bee Hoon’s ingredients include rice vermicelli and black sauce. Price is 1,5 RM per plate.

Fried banana Langkawi Night Market

Fried banana is a strange variant to the familiar snack in Bazar. Banana used to make this dish must be tough like the wax banana. Thus, it does not have the typical crispness like fried plantains Vietnam. Price is 2 RM per box.

Pickled grapes Langkawi Night Market

Pickled grapes are kind of strange because of its sour and crispy taste. It takes you 1-4 RM to buy.

Satay Langkawi Night Market

Satay: grilled meat skewers featured peanuts and some spicy flavors. It is grilled on the charcoal fire. Price: 1,5 RM per skewer.

Night Markets in Langkawi

Ulu Melaka Market
Every Monday
Opening Hours: Monday 17:30 – 22:00
Location: Jalan Makam Mahsuri Lama, Ulu Melaka, Langkawi

Kedawang Market
Every Tuesday
Opening Hours: Tuesday 17:30 – 22:00
Location: Kedawang (near Pantai Cenang)


Kuah Night Market
Every Wednesday and Saturday
Opening Hours: Wednesday 17:30 – 22:00
Location: Kuah Town

Temoyong Night Market
Every Thursday
Opening Hours: Thursday, 17:00 – 22:00
Location: Kampung Temoyong, Mukim Kedawang, Pantai Cenang

Watching the sellers making their foods is like a show

Air Hangat Night Market
Every Friday
Opening Hours: Friday 17:30 – 22:00
Location: Padang Lalang, Air Hangat, Langkawi

Padang Matsirat Night Market
Every Sunday
Opening Hours: Sunday 17:30 – 22:00
Location: Kampung Raja, Mukim Padang Matsirat (opposite the Field of Burnt Rice)

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