Date with your best friend in Ipoh with a 3 day 2 night trip, why not? Let Klook tell you a 3 day 2 night itinerary to Ipoh designed specifically for people who love to eat, drink and explore nature!

Ipoh old town | source: gettyimages | Ipoh Itinerary 3 Days
Mural at Concubine Lane | Ipoh Itinerary 3 Days

Malaysia is not just Kuala Lumpur or Penang! This beautiful Muslim country hides countless wonderful mysteries – one of which is the hidden gem called Ipoh. Ipoh – Malaysia’s dream city – is not only famous for its divine white coffee, rich tofu or colorful murals. This place is also a paradise of majestic limestone mountains, mysterious caves and relaxing hot springs!

Hong Kee Weng Seng Coffee Shop Ipoh
Kedai Kopi Weng Seng | Ipoh Itinerary 3 Days
Mural Art (Wall paintings) ipoh (3)
Picture on the wall in a cafe. | Ipoh Itinerary 3 Days
Legendary White Coffee, must-try in Ipoh | Ipoh Itinerary 3 Days

With this self-sufficient 3-day, 2-night Ipoh travel itinerary suggested by Klook, you have the opportunity to enjoy Halal-authentic dishes – a very Malaysian culinary beauty.

Day 1: Start the Day with Specialty Coffee and Explore Ipoh Art

On my first day in Ipoh, I decided to start with a delicious breakfast of egg tarts and Ipoh white coffee at Nam Heong White Coffee. Rumor has it that this is one of the pioneers in creating Ipoh white coffee, and is even the inspiration for the now famous Old Town White Coffee brand! The coffee here is fragrant, both sweet and bitter, combined with egg tart or kaya toast is perfect.

Breakfast at Nam Heong White Coffee | source: | Ipoh Itinerary 3 Days

Ipoh Private Day Tour from Kuala Lumpur

Nam Heong White Coffee | source: | Ipoh Itinerary 3 Days

With my stomach full, I continued my journey to New Hollywood Canning Garden – a place known as the Halal Chinese culinary paradise in Ipoh. The dish that makes the restaurant’s name is Hong Kong rolls with super attractive shrimp or chicken filling. In addition, wonton noodles, quiche noodles and curry noodles are also best-sellers that you should not miss. Oh, remember to come early, otherwise you’ll have to wait in a long line!

New Hollywood Canning Garden | Ipoh Itinerary 3 Days

Maybe you don’t know: Ipoh is also an artistic city with unique murals, imbued with local style by artist Ernest Zacharevic. These works are scattered throughout the city, truly bringing life to the old buildings, making the whole of Ipoh lively and colorful. I have hunted quite a few virtual live photos in those small alleys and behind those buildings!

Mural Art (Wall paintings) ipoh (3)
Ernest Zacharevic artist | Ipoh Itinerary 3 Days

Ipoh Wall Murals

Mural Art (Wall paintings) ipoh (3)
| Ipoh Itinerary 3 Days

Continuing my journey of discovering art and culture, I visited the Yasmin Ahmad Museum in Kong Heng. This beautiful little museum was built to honor and inspire film lovers, just like talented director Yasmin Ahmad did. The small space is filled with nostalgic poems, films and photos, which will surely immerse you in an emotional world of art.

| Ipoh Itinerary 3 Days

Ipoh Private Day Tour from Penang

Right near the museum is Kong Heng Square – an extremely interesting space with stalls selling souvenirs, crafts and beautiful small items. If you feel thirsty, try the cool ais kepal shaved ice from Bits & Bobs!

credit: gina.phillips | Ipoh Itinerary 3 Days

You can’t come to Ipoh without enjoying the famous tofu fah (tofu)! The tofu here is made from Ipoh’s natural spring water, so it has a very special flavor and texture. I stopped by Funny Mountain – a family store with more than 60 years of experience making tofu. You can also buy it to go and enjoy it right in the car!

source: | Ipoh Itinerary 3 Days

To end a long and exciting day, enjoy a delicious chicken rice meal at Lou Wong Bean Sprout Chicken – one of the most famous chicken rice restaurants in Ipoh. If you are a big fan of bean sprouts, don’t forget to order a large plate of bean sprouts to eat with chicken rice. Or you can also choose hor fun (white noodles) if you like. We guarantee you will be full and satisfied with this dinner!

source: | Ipoh Itinerary 3 Days
lou wong ipoh lou wong lou wong chicken rice perak malaysia (1)
| Ipoh Itinerary 3 Days
lou wong ipoh lou wong lou wong chicken rice perak malaysia (1)
| Ipoh Itinerary 3 Days
Meatballs Soup 猪肉丸
| 3 days in ipoh

Day 2: Enjoy Delicious Dimsum & Go to Theme Park (#Ipoh Itinerary 3 Days)

Day 2 in Ipoh kicked off with a delicious dimsum breakfast! Ming Court Hong Kong Dim Sum is my favorite dim sum restaurant, with an old-fashioned atmosphere with old wooden tables, mosaic floor tiles and fragrant dim sum trays constantly brought out by the waiters.

| 3 days in ipoh

Coming here, you will experience the feeling of happily jostling with other diners and enjoying delicious, hot dimsum dishes. But remember to come early, because the restaurant is always crowded, especially on weekends.

If you want to find a Halal breakfast restaurant with a diverse menu, Restoran Mee Kari Kak Yah is a great choice. From curry noodles, noodle soup, rice rolls, nasi lemak to roti bakar, kuih-muih, the restaurant has it all. We guarantee you will leave with a full stomach and a satisfied smile.

| 3 days in ipoh

After filling up my energy with a dim sum breakfast, I continued my journey to Lost World Of Tambun – one of Malaysia’s leading amusement parks, promising a day of unforgettable fun. Here, you can scream on the roller coaster, soak in the hot springs or get to know the adorable pandas at the petting zoo.

| 3 days in ipoh

Sunway Lost World Of Tambun WaterPark Ticket in Ipoh

Don’t forget to stay until dark, as the park will transform into a completely different space with impressive fire shows and a mysterious glowing forest. In particular, if you book tickets through Klook, you will also receive a discount of up to 28% compared to the price at the counter!

If you’re not a fan of amusement parks, why not try relaxing at Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat? This is a peaceful health resort, built amidst majestic nature. Located in a 22.7-acre valley in Perak, the resort is surrounded by limestone caves that are more than 400 million years old.

source: kylieewongg | 3 days in ipoh

The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat Day Pass in Ipoh

You can soak in natural thermal pools, meditate in crystal caves or join Banjaran’s daily yoga classes. Isn’t it wonderful?

Day 3: Try Traditional Malay Food & Explore Every Corner of the City

source: | 3 days in ipoh

On my last day in Ipoh, I decided to start with a typical Malaysian breakfast with nasi ganja (mixed rice) at Kedai Kopi Yong Suan. In fact, nasi ganja is also nasi kandar – a traditional Malaysian dish. This ancient coffee shop has been around for more than 60 years and is always bustling with customers.

Don’t worry if you see a long queue, because the service here is very fast and efficient. I ordered a super filling plate of nasi ganja with red chicken, salted eggs, vegetables and a rich curry sauce. It’s so delicious!

After filling my hungry stomach, I continued to move to Gunung Lang Recreational Park – a beautiful limestone area with unique rock formations, creating a magical backdrop for virtual photos.

source: | 3 days in ipoh

The park has a clear blue lake, watchtowers offering panoramic views of nature, a cascading waterfall and many other amenities such as playgrounds, camping grounds and a mini zoo. Guaranteed you will have a “chill” afternoon here!

My journey to explore Ipoh continues with Kellie Castle – a famous destination with a combination of beauty, mystery and even tragic stories. The castle was built by a Scottish plantation owner for his beloved wife (similar to the story behind the Taj Mahal!), but unfortunately, it was abandoned after his death.

Kellie’s Castle ipoh perak (1)
Exterior Kellie’s Castle | 3 days in ipoh

The castle grounds contain many unanswered mysteries, with three secret tunnels discovered and spooky stories about supernatural phenomena. What a place that stimulates curiosity and discovery!

Kellie’s Castle ipoh perak (1)
| 3 days in ipoh

Kellie’s Castle ipoh perak (1)

Kellie’s Castle ipoh perak (1)
@ynn.b | 3 days in ipoh

If you are an adventurous person, go to Tempurung Cave – one of the largest limestone caves in Malaysia, located in Gopeng, about 24km south of Ipoh. This cave is very popular with caving enthusiasts, and you can participate in many tours of varying lengths and difficulties. Inside the cave, you will admire giant domes, narrow underground rivers, vast rooms and strange rock formations that can only be found in this area.


Tempurung Cave Exploration in Ipoh

Where Is Ipoh?

White Water Rafting with Caving Experience in Gopeng

Ipoh, the capital of Perak state, is a city located in northwest Malaysia, about 200km north of Kuala Lumpur. This place is famous for its ancient beauty mixed with modernity, delicious “forget-your-way” dishes and attractive places such as caves, temples and unique architectural works.

How to go to Ipoh from Kuala Lumpur?

Are you planning a “change of the wind” trip to Ipoh, the peaceful and charming city of Malaysia? At the time this article was published, there was still no airline operating the Vietnam – Ipoh route. Don’t worry about transportation, because there are many ways for you to get to Ipoh from Kuala Lumpur easily and conveniently.

Go to Ipoh By ETS Train


KLIA Ekspres Airport Train Tickets (QR Code Direct Entry)

If you want to enjoy a quick and comfortable journey, ETS (Electric Train Service) trains are the perfect choice. With a travel time of only about 2.5 hours, you will “travel” on modern, comfortable trains and admire beautiful scenery along the way.

ETS has two types of service: Gold and Silver, with different ticket prices depending on class and departure time. You can book tickets online on KTM’s website or buy directly at the station.

Go to Ipoh By Bus

source: klook

Buses are a more economical option than trains, with fares starting from only RM20. There are many different bus companies operating the Kuala Lumpur – Ipoh route, such as Plusliner, Transnasional, Starmart Express,… You can buy tickets online or at major bus stations.

However, travel time by bus will be longer than by train, about 3-4 hours depending on traffic situation. If you are not in a hurry and want to save money, this is still an option worth considering.

Go to Ipoh by Taxi/Grab

source: klook

If you are traveling in a small group or want a private, comfortable trip, taxi or Grab are the ideal choice. You can easily book a car through the Grab application or call a taxi directly at the pick-up points.

Taxi/Grab fares will be higher than trains and buses, but in return you will enjoy privacy, comfort and proactive in travel time.

Self-Drive to Ipoh

source: klook

If you want to explore interesting roads on your own and have plenty of time, driving yourself is a great option. You can rent a car in Kuala Lumpur and drive to Ipoh on your own route.

However, please note that you need a valid international driver’s license or Malaysian driver’s license to drive here. In addition, you also need to learn carefully about traffic rules and routes before departing.

With such diverse options, traveling from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh has never been easier. No matter which means of transportation you choose, remember to book tickets and prepare your luggage carefully to have a fun and memorable trip!

Ipoh is truly a great destination for those who love food, culture and nature. With this 3-day, 2-night schedule, I had a truly memorable and “full” trip both mentally and stomachally.

Mural Art (Wall paintings) ipoh (3)

The post first appeared on Klook Vietnam and was translated and edited by Living Nomads. If you find any images or text that belong to you, please contact us, so we can credit you or give us permission to use them. Thank you very much!

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Jalan Sultan Yusof street, Little India, Ipoh old town

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