Turkey is known as a cultural and historical bridge between the two continents Asia and Europe. This country is like a collection of many different civilizations, possessing extremely rich culture, unique architectural works, ancient heritage and friendly, hospitable people. Weather plays a very important role in choosing the time and destination when visiting this beautiful, rich in cultural traditions country.

The country of Turkey is like a collection of many different civilizations, possessing an extremely rich culture, unique architectural works, and ancient heritage. | when is the best time to visit turkey
Dreamy cobblestone streets in the city | when is the best time to visit turkey
Ephesus | when is the best time to visit turkey

So, when is the best time to visit Turkey, what is the best month to travel to Turkey? Let’s check out our suggested most affordable, beautiful season, best season to go Turkey (best season to travel to Turkey, best season to visit Turkey), best time to go to Turkey (best time to travel to Turkey), cheapest time to travel to Turkey (cheapest time to visit Turkey) as well as worst time to visit Turkey as we compiled as follows!

Blue Mosque in Istanbul, architectural masterpieces
Turkey is famous for its massive scale, magificent, overwhelming mosques. | when is the best time to visit turkey

If there is any place that impresses and remembers me the most, it is probably Türkiye. The country is transcontinental, located on the Anatolia peninsula of Asia and the Balkan peninsula of Europe. As the crossroads of four great human civilizations: the Hittite, Greek, Roman and Ottoman empires, Turkey is a country with a rich history with magnificent architectural works that still exist today.

Beautiful, majestic nature, dreamy Mediterranean coastlines and amazing cuisine, it’s no surprise that Turkey is the 6th most visited destination worldwide. | when is the best time to visit turkey
Grand Bazaar, a must-visit in Istanbul | when is the best time to visit turkey

Türkiye is a land of unparalleled diversity, weaving a unique tapestry of culture, history, natural beauty and modernity for every traveler. From the vibrant streets of Istanbul to the ancient masterpieces of Ephesus, Türkiye is a wanderer’s paradise.

When is the best time to visit Turkey?

Blue Lagoon, Oludeniz | when is the best time to visit turkey

Spring (April to May) and fall (September to November) are the best times to visit Turkey, the weather is mild and pleasant, tourists are not crowded and costs are moderate. June to August is the peak season, hotel prices and services increase, tourists are very crowded, going to attractions you will have to wait in long lines or squeeze in crowds. In the winter from December to March of the following year, the weather is very cold, making travel difficult in some places.

Spring and fall are the best times to travel to Turkey | when is the best time to visit turkey

Note that May to June is Ramadan. Finding restaurants will be more difficult than usual especially in the East of Turkey so you must prepare a suitable travel plan or avoid going to Turkey during Ramadan.

Ramadan in Turkey | when is the best time to visit turkey

April, May, September and October are pleasantly warm, with temperatures between 20°C and 30°C, so are often the best times to visit Turkey’s ancient monuments, ruins. The summer months (June to September) are very hot. This is perfect for relaxing by the sea or pool, although visiting these locations can be quite uncomfortable.

| when is the best time to visit turkey

The weather begins to cool from late October. November to March can be quite cold and many hotels in coastal areas close during these months. However, despite the cool temperatures, these winter months can be the best time to explore some places. In Cappadocia, temperatures can drop below 0°C, although the snowy landscape is very romantic.

To fully explore Türkiye, you need to arrange your visit perfectly. It needed to fit the diverse landscape of seven distinct regions in Türkiye. Each area is a treasure trove of historical wonders and natural beauty.

| when is the best time to visit turkey
Izmir | when is the best time to visit turkey

For a well-rounded adventure, consider planning your trip during the spring and fall seasons.

  • Between April and late May, Turkey reveals its splendor as temperatures fluctuate in perfect balance and nature lights up in a kaleidoscope of flowers blooming attractively.
  • Likewise, September and October offer a great backdrop for exploration, when the lingering heat of summer remains and popular locations are blessed with fewer crowds.
  • Summer also beckons with its warm embrace, especially for adventures along the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, where gems like Kusadasi and Fethiye await your discovery.
  • Entering winter, the weather cools, giving way to rain and snow covering the entire country. This season is a photographer’s dream, transforming the historical wonders along the Aegean coast and Cappadocia into a picturesque wonderland.
Butterfly beach, Turkey | when is the best time to visit turkey

Which is the best months and best season to visit Turkey?

January – March (# when is the best time to visit turkey)

January, February and March are quite cold months in Türkiye, although temperatures do warm up in March. Snow is not uncommon in January and even February, especially in the hinterland around Cappadocia. Because of low temperatures, this is a quiet time to visit Türkiye, so you can visit more or less places for yourself.

Cappadocia in winter | when is the best time to visit turkey
Turkey is a Muslim country | when is the best time to visit turkey

January and February are the coldest months in Turkey and the warmth of spring only appears at the end of March. Inland areas are covered with snow most of the winter.

This is the least busy time in the country, so visiting cities like Istanbul is great for a quiet trip. You should prepare to avoid the cold and rain.


  • Fewer tourists and smaller crowds. This can help you explore famous attractions and landmarks more easily.
  • Snow-capped mountains, picturesque villages and frost-covered landscapes can be breathtaking.
  • Türkiye hosts a number of festivals and events during the winter, including New Year’s Eve celebrations.


  • If you don’t like the cold, you may feel uncomfortable outside.
  • Shorter days, fewer hours of sunshine. This can make it more difficult to participate in all activities.
  • During winter, some hotels and restaurants may close or limit their operating hours.
Istanbul in autumn | when is the best time to visit turkey

Spring (April and May) (# what is the best month to travel to turkey)

This is considered the most beautiful season of the year in Turkey because the weather is extremely ideal, mild, warm, not too hot, the average temperature is only about 24 degrees Celsius, and flowers are blooming. This is considered the best time to explore all of Turkey’s landmarks, including the famous city of Istanbul, the hinterland, the suburbs or visit the ancient city of Antalya located on the Mediterranean coast, Pamukkale (Cotton Castle)…

Coming to ancient city of Antalya, from the small and beautiful cobblestone streets, the peaceful and romantic coastline to the entertainment services… all make visitors fall in love with irresistible passion. | when is the best time to visit turkey

Which month is best to travel to Turkey, April is the time when sudden rains can occur, but this is the peak season for Turkey’s famous destinations, with a large number of visitors. Ancient and beautiful cities take on new colors after the winter. Tulips are blooming in the vibrant scene of major festivals, there are many experiences to come this season.

Especially in this flowering season, visitors have the opportunity to see a display of tulips blooming with many bright colors along the roadside. In addition, you can enjoy festivals such as singing and dancing with tourists and friendly natives here.

| when is the best time to visit turkey

April and May are the best times to visit Türkiye, especially to explore the ancient cities and landmarks scattered across the country.

Cappadocia has the best views at sunset. Additionally, Istanbul hosts many cultural events during these months. You may want to wait until summer to plan a trip to the south coast.


  • In April and May, many parks and flower gardens in Türkiye bloom with bright flowers and lush greenery.
  • Türkiye hosts a number of cultural events and festivals during April and May, including the Istanbul International Film Festival.
  • With mild temperatures and fewer crowds, April and May are great months to visit Türkiye.


  • April and May can have unpredictable weather, occasional showers and colder temperatures.

Events and festivals

  • Hidrellez Festival (May 5-6): Celebrating the beginning of spring, this festival includes street performances by traditional gypsy bands.
  • Istanbul International Film Festival (April): Takes place every year with the aim of promoting the notable Turkish cinema.

Some places to visit in spring (# best season to visit turkey)

Explore Cappadocia valley

The volcanic sediments left in the rocky city of Cappadocia have created strangely beautiful scenes for tourists every time they have the opportunity to visit this city in the spring. Coming to this place, you should try to experience the feeling of flying with colorful hot air balloons to see the panoramic view of the city and even the peaceful, crowded flocks of pigeons on the cliffs.

| when is the best time to visit turkey

Famous for its unique geological features called fairy chimneys, the Cappadocia valley is formed from layers of sedimentary and volcanic rocks – the result of an eruption that occurred about 3 million years ago. Through the impact of nature, the rock layers are eroded, creating many interesting shapes.

Previous civilizations dug up land to build houses, castles (like Uchisar) and even underground cities like Kaymakli and Derinkuyu, which were used as refuges by early Christians. The stargazing attractions here are villages built on the sides of volcanoes, Byzantine-era stone churches with brilliant oil paintings, and underground labyrinths.
Cappadocia is clearly a magical wonderland filled with everything to satisfy nature lovers and history seekers.

It seems that when spring comes, everything grows, making the rocks bloom. Therefore, Cappadocia is even more brilliant, and the most interesting impression is that you can go by hot air balloon to admire the stunning and impressive beauty of Cappadocia. This experience will make you remember the beautiful country of Turkey forever!

| when is the best time to visit turkey

April, May and September are the most enchanting times to visit Cappadocia, the land of captivating horses and breathtaking sunsets.

With mild daytime temperatures and cool evenings during these months, walks among fairy chimneys and hot air balloon rides become captivating experiences. Additionally, the International Wine Festival takes place in October.

| when is the best time to visit turkey
| when is the best time to visit turkey

Tips for exploring Cappadocia in spring and fall

  • Dress appropriately: Mornings and evenings in Cappadocia can be chilly during these seasons, so bring a jacket or sweater.
  • Pleasant temperatures: Mild temperatures and changing foliage can create beautiful landscapes.
  • Plan activities in advance: Although spring and fall are less crowded than summer, planning for popular activities, especially hot air balloon rides, is still essential.
  • Culinary delights: Spring and fall are great times to try local dishes like pottery kebab, manti and testi kebab.

Go to Istanbul to see Tulip flowers

In spring, don’t forget to visit the famous city of Istanbul to see flowers blooming everywhere like a carpet stretching from streets, parks, walking paths,… Especially at Emirgan Korusu park, everyone wants to come see all kinds of Tulips around the world.

| when is the best time to visit turkey

Traveling to Turkey in the spring, you will not only be able to see the beautiful tulip fields on the roads, parks, and cathedrals, but also have the opportunity to participate in the country’s long-standing cultural festivals in this country, to join the group of people singing, dancing happily and writing good wishes for a prosperous new year.

Tulip Festival – one of the most attractive events in Türkiye that you cannot miss. In April every year, when everywhere in Istanbul city is filled with colorful Tulips from parks, along roads, gardens… it is also the time when the Tulip Festival is held. The Turkish flower that represents nobility, elegance, and luxury has captivated millions of people around the world. On the days of the festival, many tourists flock to the city of Istanbul to participate and watch the colorful flower gardens blooming like in a fairy tale.

| when is the best time to visit turkey

It is estimated that there will be about 10 million tulips showing off their colors on this occasion, dyeing the city of Istanbul more brilliantly than ever. Thanks to that beauty along with the bustle from hundreds of thousands of visitors, the Tulip flower festival becomes one of the most unique festivals in Türkiye.

Visit Antalya old town

Known as a dreamy paradise, come to this city in the spring to see the clear blue scenery of the beach and the mountains above. The villages have ancient architecture with striking blue and white colors. Walk on the paved road and feel the peaceful atmosphere, inhale the scent of orange blossoms spreading in the wind. Or sit at a roadside shop, sip a cup of coffee and enjoy a very relaxing moment.

| when is the best time to visit turkey

The dreamy blend between the blue sea water, the colors of the mountains and forests in harmony with the intermingling of architectural works up to hundreds of years old. The ancient city of Antalya is also one of the most famous tourist destinations today. The gentle space here is also evoked by the scent of orange blossoms floating in the wind, hanging around every corner, giving visitors an extremely pleasant and peaceful feeling.

Antalya possesses countless natural landscapes, magnificent and unique man-made structures that captivate every visitor who comes here, such as the ancient Roman port that is now a yacht harbour with pirate-themed trips. Extremely interesting, the legendary Kaleiçi old town, Hadrian’s gate and many Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman relics are still very well preserved.

Hadrian gate | when is the best time to visit turkey

I don’t know when, indigenous people have been rushing to Antalya, tourists from all over the world are eagerly flocking to Antalya to visit, sightsee and gradually turn this city into a tourism capital with the potential attracting up to 30% of visitors to Turkey, becoming the 5th most populous city of the half-Asian, half-European country with more than 2 million people living here.

Kaleiçi | best season to visit turkey

Entering the center of Antalya city is the old town of Kaleiçi. The most prominent feature of this neighborhood is that the streets are quite narrow, the ancient roofs are close together, and the shops are scattered throughout the street. The path is lined with rustic but delicate cobblestones and is preserved almost intact. When visitors enter this neighborhood, they feel like they have gone through time, returning to the ancient past.

Kaleici Old Town, Antalya | best season to visit turkey

“Cotton Castle” of Pamukkale

Pamukkale located in the Menderes River valley in the city of Denizli, Southwestern Turkey, is one of the world’s most unique tourist destinations. The impressive beauty of Pamukkale is the cascading white limestone terraces, when the water from the stream flows down to form small, clear blue lakes. Looking from a distance, it looks like it is covered with snow, so people also call it the cotton castle. Visitors coming here not only check in with the unique lake but also soak in the fresh hot springs.

| best season to visit turkey

It can be said that Pamukkale is the pride of the people here, a place with a natural beauty that cannot be found anywhere else. Traveling here, you can move down the steps of the pool’s shape. Experienced people have advised that you should try going down the shape of the steps to avoid losing strength and have interesting experiences. Most people walking around the pool must walk barefoot to ensure the best hygiene for Pamukkale. The wonderful space here will definitely help you have the ideal trip with the most beautiful check-in photos.

best time to visit pamukkale seasons
| best season to visit turkey

Summer (June – August) (# best season to travel to turkey)

The weather in Turkey in the summer is quite hot, the temperature ranges from 31 – 34 degrees Celsius. This is also the peak tourist season for Turkey with millions of international tourists. This time coincides with the summer vacations of local people and international tourists, so travel prices are often higher than other seasons of the year.

There are countless interesting things to do if you enjoy summer in Turkey, including a journey to Bodrum, relaxing on the beach of coastal resorts, visiting the Blue Lagoon…

| best season to visit turkey

This is the time when Türkiye welcomes a large number of domestic and foreign tourists every year. Under the summer sun, if you can immerse yourself in the blue water, or freely try adventurous activities at the beautiful beach, the heat is no longer a fear. Or you can also meet to have dinner at coastal restaurants, watch the sunset together and immerse yourself in melodious music, how romantic it is.

Summer is peak season in Türkiye, especially for travel to the Mediterranean Coast. The weather in the south is hot and dry, this is the perfect time for sunbathing and cruises. Sea water temperatures are also warmer than in spring.

Kabak Beach, Fethiye | best season to visit turkey

In Istanbul and inland areas, daytime temperatures can reach 26°C. Places on the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts are crowded, but Cappadocia has fewer crowds.

The summer months, from mid-June to mid-September are hot, making them ideal for relaxing on the beautiful turquoise coast and swimming in the Mediterranean. However, these high temperatures make exploring Türkiye’s ancient heritage quite uncomfortable, as there is little or no shade at many of the ancient sites. This is also peak cruise ship season, making coastal resorts and more popular ancient sites like Ephesus very busy. In contrast, Cappadocia tends to be quieter during the summer months and is carpeted with beautiful wildflowers, making it a great time for hiking.

| best season to visit turkey


  • Great time to enjoy Türkiye’s beautiful beaches, take a dip in the sea and explore outdoor activities.
  • Turkey hosts a series of cultural events and festivals during the summer months, including the Istanbul Jazz Festival, Antalya International Film Festival and Bodrum International Ballet Festival.
  • During the summer months, days are longer and there are more daylight hours.
  • High season in Türkiye means a fun and energetic environment, with plenty of opportunities to socialize and meet new people.


  • Summer can be more expensive than other times of the year.
  • With more tourists and visitors comes more traffic, especially in cities and along popular tourist routes.

Events & Festivals

  • Aspendos International Opera and Ballet Festival (June and July): Housed in the majestic Aspendos Roman theater, the festival hosts a variety of performances by international ballet and opera companies.
  • Whirling Dervishes festival: Whirling Dervishes Festival is a traditional festival of the Turkish people. This festival is held in Konya every December to honor important figures in the history of this nation. During the festival, dancers will move around a circular pole and spin continuously, creating a feeling of dancing. The Whirling Dervishes Festival is a unique and impressive cultural experience that you cannot miss when visiting Türkiye.
Whirling Dervishes | best season to visit turkey

Prominent tourist activities when traveling in the summer in Türkiye:

Experience adventure activities

If you want to satisfy your sense of adventure and self-conquest, you can choose an extremely interesting type of trekking tour such as: trekking on the Lycian way along the Mediterranean coast to explore the continent. forests, mountains, wild rivers and streams, discovering the beautiful scenes of wild, majestic nature. Trekking combined with cuisine is a great idea when traveling to Türkiye in the summer. Because Turkish cuisine is considered a famous cuisine in the world, with much of the heritage of Ottoman cuisine, fusion and selection from Central Asian, Caucasian, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean cuisines. Mediterranean and the Balkans.

Great trekking on the Lycian Way | best season to visit turkey

Summer is also the right time to help you answer the question of which season is best to tour Turkey, especially for those who love surfing as well as watching the blue sea on the Turkish coast. Mediterranean Sea, Cesme Peninsula or the poetic Kizilirmak River (Cappadocia). The Mediterranean coast is a suitable place for tourists who enjoy fun activities such as diving to see coral with small, strange sea creatures or seeing the remains of tanks, Shipwrecks and plane wrecks drift on beaches with endless stretches of fine white sand.

Alacati Bay, Cesme Peninsula | best season to visit turkey
| best season to visit turkey

Visit the ancient city of Ephesus

The ancient city of Ephesus is one of the attractive destinations in Türkiye in the summer. This is a UNESCO cultural heritage site and one of the oldest Roman cities still standing today. When coming here, visitors will explore historical relics such as Celsus Library, ancient theater, Artemis temple,…

| best season to visit turkey
| what is the best month to travel to turkey

Adana flyboarding is also added to the list of adventure sports that you can participate in along with many other tourists. When participating in this sport, you will have a motor attached to your feet, then raised to a height of about 7m above the water surface, from here you can freely demonstrate many beautiful somersaults.

The Kizilirmak River is the longest river in Turkey, because from here you can take a high-speed boat called Jet Boat to experience the feeling of surfing on the surface of the Kizilirmak River or challenge yourself with the game of peek-a-boo as the boat weaves and weaves through narrow ravines along both sides of the river.

Summer proves to be the ideal time to bask in the charm of the Mediterranean coast and enjoy the vibrant nightlife of Turkey’s coastal cities.

| what is the best month to travel to turkey

Despite rising temperatures, this is the perfect time to relax on sun-drenched beaches and paddle in clear blue waters.

Visiting historical sites like Ephesus during this time may be difficult due to heat and long lines.

However, this may be the best time to explore Turkey, admire the ancient cities along the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, and enjoy its unique history.

| what is the best month to travel to turkey

Tips for a summer boat tour along the Mediterranean coast

  • Stay hydrated: It is important to stay hydrated on summer boat tours, in heat and intense sunlight.
  • Protect yourself: The summer sun can be harsh, so protecting your skin and eyes from harmful rays is a must.
  • Swim safely: A refreshing dip in the clear waters of the Mediterranean can be the highlight of your boat trip, but always prioritize safety.
  • Culinary delights: Türkiye’s Mediterranean coast is famous for its delicious cuisine, so don’t forget to enjoy local specialties and fresh seafood.

Autumn (September – October) (# what is the best month to travel to turkey)

September, when the heat of summer has gradually subsided, is also the time when Turkey begins to enter a mild autumn with an average temperature of about 22 – 28 degrees Celsius. Traveling to Turkey in the fall will bring visitors more exciting travel experiences, this is also a great time for you to explore Turkey’s precious cultural heritage.

Early September is still hot, but from mid-month onwards temperatures begin to cool, although sea and land temperatures remain warm, creating conditions similar to the spring months but with shorter days. Again, this is a great time to explore cities and ancient sites, as well as visit the Turquoise Coast for lower prices and fewer crowds. Prices tend to be high for boutique hotels in Istanbul and Cappadocia, although hotels along the Mediterranean typically close by mid-October.

| what is the best month to travel to turkey

Hike along the Lycian Way to experience the most beautiful areas around the Turquoise coast. Visit the village of Alacati in the central Aegean, attracting tourists with its beautiful Greek architecture. Coming to Cappadocia, it appears with undulating rocky valleys, hundreds of hot air balloons in the sky, enjoying the extremely wonderful International Wine Festival taking place at the end of October…

Alacati village | what is the best month to travel to turkey

The weather doesn’t cool down until mid-September, which is a great time to enjoy the beaches of the Mediterranean and avoid the crowds of summer. Similar to the spring months, September and October offer exciting times to visit landmarks across the country.

The weather is warm in Cappadocia and Istanbul and many cultural events take place in these regions. But it’s a good idea to pack for seasonal rains. Fall is the best time to visit Türkiye before the winter cold sets in.


  • During September and October, the Turkish landscape comes alive with beautiful autumn colors. This makes it an ideal time for nature lovers and photographers.
  • September and October are also the months when many festivals and cultural events take place in Türkiye.
  •  Although September and October are still part of the tourist season, they are less busy than the peak summer months.


  • The weather is sometimes unpredictable, with occasional rain or lower temperatures.
  • Some attractions and businesses may reduce operating hours.

Events & Festivals

  • International Wine Festival (late October): Held annually in Cappadocia, with wine tasting events from local vineyards.
  • Republic Day (October 29): Celebrated across the country, but most vibrantly in Istanbul, with many art events and fireworks displays.

Places to visit in the fall

Sumela Monastery

Sumela Monastery (Trabzon) is located in the northeastern region of Türkiye, surrounded by mysterious, ancient, painting-like colors and humid air all year round. The monastery is built on a cliff at an altitude of 1200m, so you have two ways to get here: one is to follow the newly built road from the other side of the mountainside, the other is to cross the forest and climb the mountain slope to get up.

| what is the best month to travel to turkey

From a distance, the monastery does not look large, but the further you move inside, the more you see a massive architectural structure with a total of 72 rooms, including a stone church, chapels, classrooms, reception rooms, 1 large library and kitchen.

The central design of the monastery is dug deep into the mountain, the back yard is built of extremely solid bricks. On the brick and stone walls are engraved paintings with solemn religious themes.

Istanbul – Explore the 2600 year old city

It is the only city in the world located on two continents by the Bosphorus Strait. Istanbul was once the capital of the Roman Empire, (330-395), the Byzantine Empire (395-1453) and the Ottoman Empire (1453-1923). Istanbul was honored by TripAdvisor travel magazine as one of the 10 most attractive destinations in the world in 2014.

Here there are surprisingly rich historical architectural works. It is the Blue Mosque, also known as the Sultan Ahmed Mosque. This is one of the oldest symbols of Istanbul, to the point that many tourists, as soon as they set foot on Sultan Ahmed Square, quickly grabbed the hand of anyone who asked: “Where is the Blue Mosque?”.

Spring and autumn are best seasons to explore Istanbul, the cultural capital of Türkiye. | what is the best month to travel to turkey

Leaving the “Blue Mosque”, Grand Bazaar is where we want tourists to go next to make everyone’s gentle feet stop craving. This place is known as the first complex market in the world with a history dating back to the 15th century, with a remarkable number of shops. The feeling when entering the “infinity” of the Grand Bazaar is that of entering a fairy tale. Magical lamp shops and carpet shops look like something out of the story One Thousand and One Nights.

| what is the best month to travel to turkey

April in particular brings many music, art and cultural festivals, while the mild and occasionally rainy weather during these seasons makes visiting historical sites such as Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace becomes a comfortable experience.

This is also the ideal time to cruise the Bosphorus Strait and indulge in shopping.

Tips for visiting Istanbul in spring and autumn

  • Explore the Grand Bazaar: Visiting in the spring and fall can provide a more comfortable shopping experience at the Grand Bazaar with fewer crowds.
  • Plan in advance: Even though these seasons are less busy than summer, planning ahead is still important.
  • Explore mild weather: The mild weather in spring and fall is perfect for exploring Istanbul’s outdoor attractions, such as its parks and city gardens.

Visit Cotton Castle

| what is the best month to travel to turkey

Also known as Pamukkale, located in the southeast of the Aegean city. This is an interesting attraction with unusually shaped lakes, cascading like seashells with pure white lime patches accumulated over thousands of years thanks to spring water. Traveling here, in addition to enjoying the beautiful scenery, visitors can also use the hot mineral spring water here to cure diseases.

Visit mushroom valley

Cappadocia mushrooms rocks | what is the best month to travel to turkey

Away from the city center, with about 2 hours of jeep driving, the next suitable destination for autumn in Türkiye is to visit the mushroom valleys. To participate in this activity, you need to prepare yourself with a strong spirit of discovery because the ride will weave through cliffs, through deserted roads, and even through many high and rocky outcrops, bumpy, lots of gravel.

Ölüdeniz Beach

The Oludeniz in the Fethiye region is located in Mugla province – a famous vacation destination in Turkey, attracting hundreds of millions of domestic and international tourists every summer. This town is considered by many tourists as a hidden area with a beautiful beach of the Aegean – Mediterranean Sea. Oludeniz Beach has truly become the most attractive and impressive destination in the world since the 90s of the twentieth century.
Oludeniz Beach is often named after the town or the Blue Lagoon – this name highlights the blue color of the sea water.

Getting to the Oludeniz beach area is also very simple, visitors can go by car according to pre-registered tours such as Turkey tour, besides, you can also choose cheap buses from big cities like Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara,…

Here, many tourists have chosen for themselves unique and exciting experiences such as immersing, splashing or swimming in the clear blue seas, immersing themselves in the peace of the clouds, or sunbathing at the beach.

In addition, there is also boating, paragliding at the lush and extremely romantic Blue Lagoon, and exploring the butterfly valley – the approximately 86,000 square meter home of more than 100 different species of butterflies, including butterflies Jersey tigers are extremely rare.

| what is the best month to travel to turkey

Butterflies in Butterfly Valley

To reach the Butterfly Valley, you have to travel by train or boat and start from the lagoons in Oludeniz, arriving in about 30 minutes. Every 2 hours there will be a boat departing. If you want to go quickly, you can rent a boat or high-speed canoe to reach the Butterfly Valley. Boats will stop at caves near the valley, allowing tourists to swim into the cave to observe the beauty here.

Winter (December-March)

The time when Türkiye experiences winter is the period from November to March of the following year. The weather in Turkey at this time is quite cold, the average temperature is only about 4 – 18 degrees Celsius, except for the southeast (close to Antalya), where snow can be seen almost everywhere, including Cappadocia, especially in January and February. This time is also the low tourist season in Türkiye of the year, accommodation will be cheaper and there will be far fewer tourists.

Temperatures drop across the country in November and December, averaging around 10 °C. Precipitation is seen in coastal regions and Istanbul, as snow prevails in inland areas such as Cappadocia.

If you don’t mind the cold, the snow-covered landscape makes for a remarkable photography experience. This is also the least busy time in Türkiye, making visiting Istanbul’s historical sites comfortable and pleasant.

During winter there will be less tourists, so going during this season will be more cost-effective. The weather is now getting colder, the temperature falls around 4-18 degrees Celsius. Of course, with this cold weather, the sea is not a suitable choice. Instead, under the white snow-covered sky, visitors will enjoy exploring ancient relics, conquering the mountains, and skiing here will be exciting experiences.

Also because the weather is quite cold, many hotels along the coast may also close this winter, so this is not a suitable time for a beach vacation at all. Istanbal city also became quieter than usual. For those who like to enjoy the cold and love lighter, fresher, more comfortable experiences but want to save money, this is also a good choice. review is a best time.

So is winter the appropriate answer to the question of which season is best to travel to Türkiye? The answer depends on where you want to go, because the temperature in this country in winter also varies from place to place. While in the East it can warm up to 30 – 40 degrees Celsius, in the West it is only about -1 degree Celsius. Suitable activities when coming here in winter will be skiing, visiting castles and watching heavy snowfall.


  • November and December are often considered the low season months, which means popular destinations and attractions will be less crowded.
  • November and December are festive months in Türkiye, with a number of events and celebrations taking place during this time.
  • When there are fewer tourists around, you may have more opportunities to interact with locals and learn about Turkish culture and traditions.


  • You may need to bring warm clothing and prepare for cold weather, especially if you plan to explore outdoor attractions.
  • Some areas may experience rain or snowfall during November and December. This may affect your travel plans, especially if you plan to explore outdoor attractions.

Events & Festivals

Mevlana and Whirling Dervish Festival (December): Annual 10-day event held in Konya and commemorating Rumi, with various events and ceremonies taking place at outdoor locations around the city

Some prominent tourist activities in Türkiye in winter

Visit Dolmabahce Palace

Dolmabahce Palace
Dolmabahce Palace

A palace built around the 19th century, Dolmabahce exhibits modern and extremely luxurious architecture. Not only in winter but you can visit here in any season of the year, it is suitable.

Skiing at Uludağ

in winter, the mountain peaks in Türkiye are covered with white snow. If you are a skiing lover, come here to skiing. Skiing is one of the most enjoyable activities in Türkiye in winter, especially at Uludağ – one of the most popular skiing destinations in the country. Uludağ is a 2,543 meter high mountain located in northwest Türkiye, about 36 km from the city of Bursa. There are many ski runs with different slopes and lengths, suitable for both beginners and experts.

In addition to skiing, you can also participate in other fun activities such as playing adventure games on the snow, riding a snowmobile, or even making snow shapes. And don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful scenery while skiing on this mountain.

Conquer the peak of Mount Nemrut

If you are passionate about mountain hiking, then Mount Nemrut is a destination not to be missed when visiting Türkiye in winter. This is the second highest peak in the Taurus Mountains with an altitude of 2,206 meters. However, if you do not have climbing experience, sign up for a guided tour for a safe and enjoyable trip.

The main destination of Mount Nemrut is a monument built in the 1st century BC. This statue is a mixture of Roman and Greek cultures. This is also considered one of the most beautiful stone structures in the world.

Most of the country experiences low temperatures, rain and snowfall from December to early March. During these months, the snow-covered landscapes of Cappadocia provide captivating views.

Traveling to Istanbul and other areas can be comfortable if you don’t mind winter weather. Winter is a great time to explore Türkiye’s historical sites without the crowds.

Tips for visiting Türkiye in winter

  • Clothing: Winter temperatures in Türkiye can be quite cold, especially in the evening. Make sure you have warm clothes, including a thick coat, gloves and a hat.
  • City vibe: While coastal areas may be less appealing in winter, cities across the country remain vibrant and alive.
  • Winter cuisine: Turkish cuisine boasts hearty winter dishes such as soups, stews and grilled meats. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy these hot specialties.
  • Natural hot springs: Türkiye is famous for its natural hot springs, which can be especially attractive in winter.

So which season is best to travel to Türkiye? The reason is that each season has its own beautiful scenery and appropriate fun and sightseeing activities. For those who like gentleness and romance, go to Türkiye in the fall. For those who like the freshness and freedom of the beaches, come in the summer. Those who like brilliant beauty, fun and festivals or fresh Tulip season should remember to choose spring. The harsh cold winter with white snowy mountains will be very suitable for those who want to experience skiing.

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