Young tourist couple shopping in in Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey

For those who love to travel, perhaps Turkey is a country should not to be missed because of its charming landscapes, unique culture and not too much touristic yet. As a mysterious land with a long and rich history, diversity in culture, Turkey offers to tourists with many unique handicrafts, souvenirs and gifts. It is difficult for visitors to come here to refuse the stalls at the outdoor markets or vibrant indoor bazaars. One of the biggest “difficult things” for those who traveling to Turkey is what to buy in Turkey as gifts for relatives and friends, what souvenirs are worth choosing?

Grand Bazaar | what to buy from turkey as a gift
Spice Bazaar, Istanbul
A souvenir shop owner in Istanbul | what to buy from turkey as a gift

So, what to buy in Turkey, what to buy from Turkey as a gift, what to buy in Turkey for souvenirs and things you must buy in Turkey (things to buy in Turkey)? Let’s check out our suggested top 26 gifts from Turkey, Turkey souvenirs and best things to buy in Turkey including best gifts from Turkey, cheap things to buy in Turkey and famous things to buy in Turkey as well as best places to buy them to find out the answer!

Famous things to buy in Turkey: Turkish Blue Evil Eye Amulet

Evil Eye Amulets

Turkish evil eye amulets are also known as blue evil eye amulets. This souvenir is very typical everywhere in Turkey, so visitors can find them everywhere in souvenir or gift shops, markets, tourist places,… This item is so popular is not simple because it is a souvenir because you can see them on bracelets, earrings, necklaces of women, or they are hung in the homes of locals, offices and even cars, children’s clothes, … To explain this, it is said that amulets when carried with them will bring good luck and protect the owner from bad luck or unlucky. Evil eye amulets are usually dark blue in color with many different sizes, mainly round shapes, attached to key chains, chains,… for convenient carrying.

Nazars (charms against the evil eye). | what to buy from turkey as a gift

The Turks believe that just bring or wearing these amulets will bring you good luck and ward off all evil. The amulets are made from many materials in the form of jewelry, key chains are very delicate. Not only have spiritual meanings, they also have a very mysterious appearance, which can be worn or decorated.

What to buy in Turkey: Handmade rugs (carpets)

Carpets and rugs are a world-famous “specialty” of Turkey, with prices ranging from a few tens of dollars to thousands of dollars. The price depends on the size, material (traditional like cotton, silk, or modern like bamboo fiber…), handmade or industrial, and especially… the bargaining of guests. | what to buy in turkey

One of the unique items that tourists often buy when coming to Turkey is handmade elaborate rugs. Due to handmade, the quality and design of the rugs is sophisticated and hard to find fault with. Especially, most of the sellers here can speak English well, so it is easy for visitors to choose and buy a rug they like.

Carpets and paintings in an antique shop in Kaleici old town, Antalya coastal city

The history of rug weaving by the Turks dates back to about 3000 BC. In the Cappadocia plateau, there are still folk songs praising the girls who weave rugs. Handmade rugs here have a lot of eye-catching colors and patterns. Usually the seller will tell you quite a lot of fascinating stories around the rugs that make it almost hard for visitors to refuse.

If you want to own a rug printed with extremely sophisticated, delicated patterns bearing bold Turkish style, you should remember to visit the stores of the most famous chains, Ethnicon and Dhoku in Istanbul. And you should go to the Grand Bazaar if you want to buy typical Turkish fabrics.

Rugs are used in most home and restaurant spaces in Turkey, from wall hangings, tablecloths, chair covers, floor coverings…, bringing a very cozy feeling. | what to buy in turkey for souvenirs

Turkish handmade rugs come in a wide variety of sizes, materials and colors. The main material of the carpet is cotton, silk or bamboo textile… The patterns on the carpet are mainly typical motifs of Turkish culture. You can use Turkish rugs for floor coverings, chair covers, tablecloths or wall decorations.

The antique markets of Turkey are the ideal place to buy rugs, carpets, because the carpets are handmade, so the quality is quite same. The price of the product is high and low depending on the type, size and your wallet.

| what to buy in turkey for souvenirs

| what to buy in turkey for souvenirs

What to buy from Turkey as a gift: Jewelry

Turkish jewelry | what to buy in turkey for souvenirs

Exploring Turkey, you can see many kinds of bracelets and rings at the shops, they are both beautiful, sophisticated and very unique. Some products also have spiritual meaning, which is said that whoever wears it will have good luck in life such as Evil eye amulet.

What to buy in Turkey for souvenirs: Turkish lamps

Coming to Turkey, visitors seem to be lost in a fairy tale world with colorful lamps, diverse in shape and size.

If you come to the old markets in Istanbul, you will be dazzled by the world of colorful decorative lamps shining day and night here. Decorative lamps are also souvenirs in Turkey that you should buy. Unlike simple Vietnamese oil lamps, Turkish decorative lamps have artistic designs with many vibrant colors, so the light is extremely enchanting.

A shop selling lamps in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul | must buy in turkey

The sophisticated design of these lamps will leave you spellbound, every detail is meticulously crafted. The price of each Turkish decorative lamp is about hundreds of dollars, but with its sophistication and beauty, the above price must not be too expensive.

| must buy in turkey

Cheap things to buy in Turkey: Pashmina Towels

Although it is said that Pashmina towels in Turkey are mostly not of origin in this country, the beauty of these towels still makes many people fall in love and become a Turish souvenir has great attraction to women.

Pashmina has a lot of types, with normal types their prices are only about 10 – 20 lira. However, you can also buy towels made of higher quality materials such as wool sheep and goat hair for around 100 euros.

Turkey souvenirs: Handicrafts

Handicrafts in this country attract tourists because they have both Middle Eastern identity and European style, harmony and uniqueness. Suggested items not to be missed are flower vases, ceramics of all kinds, handmade jewelry, etc.

| must buy in turkey

Must buy in Turkey: Kusadasi Leather

Jackets | must buy in turkey

Turkish leather goods are sold everywhere, so it is easy for you to find them. Leather products here are highly appreciated for their luster and durability, the accompanying products that can be purchased are genuine and durable fashion men’s shoes, bags, jackets, etc. The best place to buy leather goods is in Kusadasi, a large resort town on Turkey’s Aegean coast.


Best gifts from Turkey: Ceramics and pottery

| must buy in turkey

Turkish ceramics have quite a special multicolor, diverse patterns. From about the 16th century to the present, Turkish pottery has been famous all over the world. Their colors and textures are all excellent and are often used for decorative purposes. Currently, some regions here still use old traditional methods of making pottery.

Pottery is a souvenir item with very high cultural value and is loved by many tourists. Porcelain items are considered Turkish treasures. Pottery in Turkey was born in the 8th and 9th centuries and flourished in the 11th century. By the 16th century, Turkish pottery had become a well-known “brand”.

Avanos Cappadocia valley turkey1

Avanos Cappadocia valley turkey2
| must buy in turkey
Turkish pottery is extremely sophisticated, with a long history, from the 8th and 9th centuries, flourished on the peninsula of Asia Minor (Anatolia) from the late 11th century. | cheap things to buy in turkey

Turkish ceramics have very eye-catching designs, impressive patterns with high-quality textures and colors. Many products are also handcrafted and very finely hand-painted.

On the streets of Istanbul you can see many shops selling these ceramics, from decorative ceramics, cups, glasses, cups to ashtrays, plates… Price of these items are also very reasonable, so you can shop comfortably.

A row of shops selling pottery in the Grand Bazaar. Right on the streets of Istanbul, you can also easily see many hand-painted ceramic products, from coasters, to candle holders, cups… with affordable prices. Don’t miss it, because maybe on the whole journey, you won’t be able to find the same product again. | cheap things to buy in turkey

At the Grand Bazaar, you can find a wide variety of dishes, cups or ashtrays that are both easy to use and to decorate the house.

Images of vases, plates, cups with colorful patterns, stone stripes have made many visitors feel like they are lost in a fairyland. Turkish ceramics has enjoyed a strong position in the world from about the 16th century to the present. Each ceramic item always contains colors, textures and decorative patterns that reach perfection. Along with the rugs, the ceramic items will indeed make the house of the tourists turn into a “fairy space”.

Traditional Turkish ceramic vases often have extremely splendid and artistic Iznik motifs. Finding and buying authentic hand-painted ceramic vases today is difficult and very expensive, but at least when we go to the Grand Bazaar, we should touch and admire them.

Turkish vases

Best things to buy in Turkey: Organic Turkish Towels (Turkish Peshtemal Towels)

| what to buy in turkey

You should not underestimate the importance and usefulness of an organic bath towel because it is extremely soft with 100% organic cotton fibers. They are woven with the traditional Turkish weaving technology, so they are both soft and protect the skin and health.

Jennifer’s Hamam shop | what to buy in turkey

Anyone need a bath towel and if you want to choose a souvenir as a towel, choosing a organic bath towel at Jennifer’s Hamam shop at Arasta Bazaar market, Istanbul is a very wise decision.

Soft, organic cotton bath towels are gentltly takecare your skin, long-established supplier, the owner prouds to be one of the last families to maintain the tradition of hand-weaving in Turkey, what are you waiting for with this gift anymore, right?

What to buy from Turkey as a gift: Abdulla Natural Products

Abdulla natural products | famous things to buy in turkey

Abdulla Hamam shop sells products including towels made from raw silk, cotton, linen or soap bars, and especially, they are all handcrafted from nature. You can go to Grand Bazaar in Istanbul to buy these items.

What to buy in Turkey: LC Waikiki multi-cultural fashion brand

| cheap things to buy in turkey

I would like to be the media ambassador for the largest fashion brand in Turkey, named LC Waikiki. I am an avid fan of the brand, have bought a lot of items here. As the biggest fashion company, they have stores in most supermarkets or department stores. With the brand identity logo and traditional blue color, it is easy to recognize the appearance of this brand. In addition, I also saw an LC Waikiki shop in the Duty Free zone of ​​Istanbul airport. Every time I come back, I wander around here to buy socks, skirts, clothes for both adults and children.

| famous things to buy in turkey

Best gifts from Turkey: Fridge magnet stickers

| what to buy in turkey istanbul

This is a nice little gift as a very reasonable souvenir to give to friends every time you have the opportunity to visit Turkey. Most of the stickers are blue as the main color with embossed images above the famous scenery in Istanbul and Turkey.

Best things to buy in Turkey: Olive oil

| famous things to buy in turkey

Turkey is one of the leading countries producing olive oil in the world with good quality and very reasonable price. It is also the largest olive oil provider for the European Union and the United States. The government here has invested heavily to build a high-tech production process of excellent quality. Before you leaving Turkey, don’t forget to buy bottles of olive oil.

Famous things to buy in Turkey: Bilgeoglu Baklava (Bilgeoğlu Baklava)

Baklava | famous things to buy in turkey

Baklava is a specialty dessert of the Turkish people, and especially, can be preserved for a long time to buy as a gift. The baklava is considered the best when they are made from pistachios and skim butter and are sold in regions bordering Asia.

| what to buy in turkey istanbul

Best gifts from Turkey: Turkish apple tea and tea set

| best gifts from turkey

Tea in Turkey is also considered a signature cultural feature and teas are also a popular souvenir. The types of tea here are very diverse, with flower tea, pomegranate tea, black tea and especially the most famous is apple tea. Enjoying tea is also a great experience that almost no tourists miss when coming to Turkey.

This apple tea is brewed with apple powder and then made into tea. This powder is made from natural ripe apples without the use of toxic additives. Therefore, when drinking, visitors will feel the sweet and sour taste, very fragrant. Visitors can enjoy this drink everywhere, even when participating in tourist shows, visitors are also invited to enjoy this delicious tea.

Serving tea in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. Black tea, apple tea, pomegranate tea, rose tea… are very popular drinks in this country, also affordable souvenirs for tourists. | best gifts from turkey
Tulip-shaped tea cup, often used to serve black tea. At Grand Bazar, there are many kinds of tulip cups from basic as shown above, to more diverse designs, with colored flower patterns.

Apple tea has a sweet and sour taste, which is great if you can enjoy it with sweets. Canned apple tea is sold throughout the region and is easy to find everywhere.

The Turks use a separate type of cup and kettle to make tea, especially the cup in tulip-shaped, it is a very popular cup. The design and pattern on the cup or tea set is also very diverse, so this is also a souvenir in Turkey that is worth buying.

A tea set for two, with removable decorations for easy cleaning, a sugar tray or a little lokum (Turkish Delight) to be served with. | best gifts from turkey

You can find the above items at the Grand Bazaar market. Experience for you is to bargain down from ⅓ to ½ compared to the listed price to avoid being overcharge.

A flower tea stall with a listed price of 50 – 250 lira/kg. However, most of the listed products can be bargained, and you should pay 1/3 to half. | best things to buy in turkey

Famous things to buy in Turkey: Turkish Delight (Lokum)

Turkey is also the land of the famous Turkish Delight sweet candy (Lokum), which is a very attractive souvenir for tourists. This candy is made from flour, sugar and added nuts such as pistachios, hazelnuts, almonds, floral flavors, and lemon flavors.

Lokum – Turkish specialty candy known as Turkish Delight – made from flour and sugar, flavored with rose, lemon or nuts such as almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios…

Turkish Delight candies with rich, vibrant and beautiful colors always attract sweet lovers. You can visit candy shops and try before you buy, even if you don’t like this Turkey souvenir, no need buy it. However, they have a very special taste, so you will be mesmerized when you taste them.

Pictured is candy mixed with fresh rose petals. Visitors are comfortably to choice in these sweets in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, or at the shops of the Koska system. | best things to buy in turkey

What to buy in Turkey: Nuri Toplar Coffee and coffee set

This traditional Turkish coffee is roasted over wood fire, so it is very fragrant and enjoying this drink is not difficult, because it is available in many places in this country. But the most famous cafe that attracts tourists is Kurukahveci Nuri Toplar, which has been operating since 1890.

Although there is a lot of types of coffee in Vietnam, with a variety of processing methods, but if you want to taste the traditional taste of Turkish coffee, you should definitely buy it at the Nuri Toplar store, located next to the Brand Bazaar. Established in 1890, this coffee until this day is still full of flavor as at first, the coffee beans were still roasted on a traditional wood stove, giving a super seductive and attractive taste.

A shop selling typical Turkish coffee pots and trays. In addition to the popular Western-style black coffee, Turkey’s specialty is whole-ground coffee, boiled on hot sand. The price of a typical cup is about 5 lira. | best things to buy in turkey
A coffee set with separate ceramic cups on the side. These items will be neatly and firmly packed with foam paper, safe in checked luggage, so these are very popular items for tourists from all over the world when coming to Turkey.

Famous things to buy in Turkey: Spices

| best things to buy in turkey

If you like the Turkish cuisine, as well as the flavors of Turkish cuisine during your trip, a sincere advice is to buy some spices to enjoy again when you come home. These spices have a big difference compared to in your country spices.

Spice bazaar Misir Carsisi

Sweets at Haci Bekir

Turkey is in the top 21 best countries in Europe to visit thanks to its special cuisine. In particular, Haci Bekir is an extremely old and famous traditional sweets shop and you can also buy Turkish Delight candy, macaroons, pistachios, …

Only at Haci Bekir, it have a traditional Turkish taste, when tasting it feels like going back in time, thanks to the Haci Bekir shop that has kept the way it has been prepared since its founding in 1777 to the present.

Sweets at Haci Bekir | best things to buy in turkey

In addition to this candy, you can also buy hard candies with pistachios, macaroons as gifts are also great.

What to buy in Turkey: Taze Balikci Caviar

What to buy in Turkey as a gift, but can store for a long time, Taze Balikci’s caviar with a rich flavor and rich in nutrients is a food not to be missed. The caviar can be eaten for a long time without worrying about spoiling.

Going to the Spice Bazaar, stop by Taze Balikci, visitors can choose to buy caviar as a gift. This shop is very reputable, they maintain a long-term fishing operation, so the products are always appreciated by customers for quality.

The caviar is salted, specially preserved by wrapping it in a waxy shell, so it can be kept for a long time.

Must buy in Turkey: Şekerci Cafer Erol Marshmallows

| what to buy in turkey

Şekerci Cafe Erol marshmallows are considered one of the delectable Turkish snacks. However, we should buy it when we prepare to return home because it is not so easy to preserve.

Şekerci Cafe Erol marshmallows are extremely famous, not only love by locals but also by tourists around the world who love to choose to buy or use as a gift.

Famous things to buy in Turkey: Marmaris Pine Honey

| what to buy in turkey

Another popular Turkish specialty is 100% pure pine honey. In Marmaris, honey is very thick, fragrant and delicious than other regions, so this is a potential choice to bring back to friends and relatives.

What to buy from Turkey as a gift: Turkish Chocolate

Turkey is a country with a very developed confectionery industry and the Turks love to eat very sweet, super sweet. Among them, chocolate is my favorite product, because I can choose the bitter ratio according to the cocoa ratio from 30 to 90%. Either pure chocolate, or chestnuts, hazelnuts….all very delicious. I often buy in 100g squares for convenience as gifts, the price is super cheap compared to chocolate in Vinmart.

Ulker ( is the largest chocolate and confectionery company in Turkey. Chocolate products are widely sold on Walmart, Amazon or Alibaba, but it is difficult to find (not even found) in Vietnam.

What to buy in Turkey: Turkish Pistachios

| what to buy in turkey

It sounds funny, but when you come to Turkey, you definitely have to try pistachios here. Packed in small packages from 100g, pistachios are not white as beautiful as in Vietnam but slightly gray in color, smaller but more fleshy, more fragrant than pistachios in Vietnam. After eating, I feel like I can’t eat any other pistachios.

Cheap things to buy in Turkey: Turkish Golden Apricots

| what to buy in turkey

This fruit is especially popular in Turkey, the price is also quite cheap compared to Vietnam. Especially supporting the treatment of constipation for pregnant and postpartum mothers.

Best things to buy in Turkey: Dried fruit to make tea

Every time I go to the market in Turkey, my eyes are dazzling because of the colorful colors of dried fruits. One of the unique traditional cultures of Turkey is drinking tea, and the way the Turks make tea is also very different from other countries. You can buy some dried fruit as a gift. In the afternoon, sitting and relaxing, brewing a pot of fragrant and sweet fruit tea, watching the sky, the earth, and the clouds is also very elegant.

Some shopping tips in Turkey

When shopping in Turkey, to buy things from this country, you must have Turkish lira (TRY) (reference rate 1 USD = 8.61 TRY). In addition, at large stores and supermarkets, payment in Euro currency will also be accepted.

Turkey is a land full of cultural features, so there are many interesting items to buy as souvenirs, gifts or use in daily life. Besides shopping at large commercial centers or supermarkets, specialty stores, European markets are also an interesting experience that should be considered. In particular, sometimes these locations are even cheaper. When shopping at the market, you should bargain a discount of about 20% to 40% to buy the desired product at a reasonable price. Do not forget to keep the receipt carefully to get a tax refund at the airport.

Turkish Spices, must buy in Turkey.

The most famous markets in Istanbul are Grand Bazaar, Laleli, Beyazit, Sultanahmet, Mahmutpasa with a variety of quality leather goods. When you come to Bursa, you will find a lot of fabrics and crafts for sale in shops throughout the city. While in Cappadocia, there are prominent concentrated handicraft pottery markets.

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