One of the reasons Xi’an is so popular with tourists is its numerous famous night markets. It will be a great choice after a long day of travel, you can hang out at the night market and warm your stomach with traditional Xi’an dishes. Below are some suggestions for tourists to consider adding to their itinerary when visiting the ancient capital of Xi’an with our Xi’an night market guide with the top 10 Xian night market you should go for food, buying souvenirs as well as enjoy vibrant atmosphere of Xian at night!

Xian, one of the best places to visit in China
Only a 2-hour flight from Beijing, Xi’an is a historical destination for visitors to have exciting and meaningful long vacations.
A corner of the Hui ethnic street market in Xi’an
Barley Street Night Market
Pita bread soaked in lamb soup is a must-try food
Traditional Chinese snacks at North Gate Night Market

Dongxin Street Night Market (top xi an night market)

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This is the most famous night market in Xi’an, which hosts 50 major stalls offering a diverse range of items. There are many types of snacks, including those with local flavors and treats from other regions of the country. Therefore, the Dongxin market is very attractive to the tastes of tourists from all over. Some of the famous delicious choices at the market are fried dishes, stewed meat, rice noodles, Malatang, steamed buns, dumplings, Mutton soup with bread, etc. And the most loved dishes are probably the traditional Cantone’s Dabianlu, Changji snacks, Changji Malatang, Jinan Shuanniudu, Xiaoliu’s barbeque and grilled fish, Xiaoli’s Baozi, Laoluo’s fried dishes, Xieji’s fried rice noodles, and meat sandwiches.

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| xi an night market

Nanshaomen Night Market (best xi an night market)

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Nanshaomen Night Market is also the second-largest night market in Xi’an. The whole street is lit with bright lights radiating from the stalls every night. Upon coming here, tourists always encounter a situation where many customers are standing in a queue in front of most stalls. Many types of snacks can be found here that are made and presented very attractively to satisfy the tastes of customers.

Little Sichuan Malatang | xi an night market

Some foods widely sold here include snacks with various flavors, dumplings, stews, rice noodles, Malatang, Northeast pancakes with bacon, grilled meat and fish, Saozi noodles, Chemian noodles, Mashi, Dabianlu, etc. Recommended dishes for visiting tourists here that are worth trying include Lilaoda noodles, Little Sichuan Malatang, Barbshao barbeque and grilled fish, and Wangji Shuanguo.

Barbshao barbeque and grilled fish | xi an night market

Beiyuanmen Night Market (xi’an night market)

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Beiyuamen Night Market is located on a famous Hui ethnic street. You can enjoy the most authentic Hui ethnic cuisine there and purchase some local products and souvenirs made especially for tourists. Hui Muslim restaurants usually close their stalls during the day and only open at night, so this is a very bustling street at night which is quite different from the day. The nightlife here is vibrant.

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Foods to try at the market include Fengjia Shaoguo and barbeque, Anjia fried dish, Pingwa barbeque, Lijia fried dumplings, etc.

Beiyuanmen Night Market, Xi’an | xi an night market
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Baishulin Night Market

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Famous for its dishes made with carefully selected ingredients, good taste, and reasonable prices, Baishulin Night Market has attracted many tourists and customers for many years with its great reputation and popularity. Various snacks served here include snacks of different flavors, fried dishes, Dapaidang, Malatang, barbeque, dumplings, Shaguo Mixian, Chemian, and Lamian. Besides, there will be dishes that you should especially try when coming to this market to not have any regrets such as Yaxin Dapaidang, Junxin Malatang, and Wangji barbeque. Grilled fish is very delicious and affordable.

Lamian, a specialty in Xi’an | xi’an night market
Chemian | xi’an night market

Jianxi Road Night Market

| xi’an night market

Jianxi Road Night Market offers a list of drinks and you can have a hearty meal with friends here at a very reasonable price during a budget trip where you want to save on food costs. Similar to the markets above, Jianxi Night Market also sells snacks of different flavors, Malatang, dumplings, fried and grilled foods, etc.

| xi’an night market

Top dishes you should try include Liji Malatang, Chenji Shaguo Mixian, and Tanagbayu Dapaidang.

Chenji Shaguo Mixian | xi’an night market

Beixin Street Night Market

Shaguo Mixian | xi’an night market

After walking all day, Beixin Street Night Market is a good place to relax and have a delicious dinner. Fried dishes, Shaguo Mixian, Malatang, barbeque and grilled fish, Shuanniudu, and Mashi will definitely make a savory meal that satisfies tourists’ passion for food.

| xi’an night market
Shuanniudu at Beixin Street Night Market
Mashi | xian night market

Lao Quanmiao Night Market

Shaguo Mianxian | xian night market

Lao Quanmiao Night Market is a miniature model of Xi’an City. You can experience the life of the Xi’an people in the most authentic way here.

Lao Quanmiao’s shuanniudu | xian night market

Special snacks to try when coming here include fried dishes, Shaguo Mianxian, Malatang, dumplings, barbeque and grilled fish, Shuanniudu, and Pita bread soaked in lamb soup.

Pita bread soaked in lamb soup, Lao Quanmiao | xian night market

Barley Street Night Market

| xian night market

Located in the city center in an area with a large population of native Chinese Muslims, this market specializes in halal foods. Not only the food but also the architecture and activities of the area and the costumes of its inhabitants honor their Muslim roots. This is definitely what makes a visit to this particular night market a cultural feast and all the more impressive. With many stores here open 24/7, Barley Street Night Market is very popular with tourists, especially young people.

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Foods tend to have stronger flavors than traditional Chinese dishes, and meat is a prominent ingredient. Among the specialties are lamb and beef, marinated jelly beans, tamales and clysters, fried peanuts, stir-fried melons, and stir-fried beef noodles.

| xian night market
Meat skewers | xian night market

Northern Guangji-style Snack Street

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Especially famous for Zenggao snacks, many people come to North Guangji Street just to visit the Laoma Zenggao King store. However, there are several places here dedicated to a wide range of Hui dishes at very affordable prices and consistent quality. Wander around and pick up dishes like Liu’s grilled chicken, and five-flavor cured beef (La Niurou), lamb, steamed meat buns, and tamales.

Five-flavor beef at North Guangji Night Market | xian night market
| xian night market

Unlike Barley Street Market, North Guangji Street is not open 24/7, but operates from dusk to dawn, making it the perfect place for night owls who are passionate about food and exploration.

Laoma Zenggao King

North Gate Night Market

North Gate Night Market is located in downtown Xi’an, near Bell Tower Square. Not specific to any particular style or region, this is the place to explore a variety of cuisines. Particularly recommended are grilled dishes, spicy hot pots, steamed buns, and traditional Chinese cakes. Shuipen lamb is another dish found here that is worth trying as it is difficult to find elsewhere. The market is open from dusk to dawn for those who want a long and eventful night.

Bell Tower Square

Shuipen Lamb, North Gate Night Market

Discovering the cultural and culinary beauty at local night markets in Xi’an City will definitely bring you a memorable trip to this beautiful ancient capital. Above are the most interesting suggestions that we suggest if you want to have a complete experience at famous night markets. Don’t forget to select and find a suitable location for your trip. We wish you a happy vacation with your traveling companions.

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