Langkawi is well-known as a Jewel of Kedah for those who prefer visiting the beaches with clear blue water, soft white sand, and sparkling sunshine. It consists of 99 different-sized gorgeous islands belonging to an archipelago off the northwest coast of Malaysia, making a stunning nature view of green forested hills, long stretches of soft white sand coastline, bunches of swaying coconuts, and charming sunset. Now, joining us to discover 9 best beaches in Langkawi, Malaysia as follows!

Langkawi, Malaysia
| best beaches in Langkawi

A panoramic sunset view

Let’s discover the splendid beaches in Langkawi!

Cenang Beach (#best beaches in Langkawi)

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Cenang Beach or Pantai Cenang is the most beloved beach in Langkawi. It is lively and full of watersport activities such as windsurfing, parasailing, kayaking, water skiing, and more.

Experience the thrill of banana boat rides to bring you an exciting water activity
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| best beaches in Langkawi

Located on the western shoreline of Langkawi, many restaurants, duty-free shopping areas, luxury resorts, relaxing spas, and even Langkawi Underwater World (Malaysia’s largest aquarium) as a miniature ocean world are operated in Cenang Beach.

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Enjoy tasty cocktails and watch the beach sunset at Kalut Cafe N Bar to perfect your travel day. @theculturetrip.com

Cenang Beach has stunning sunset scenery. Bars and coffee hubs along the coastline offer delicious cocktails and great visibility for visitors to the sea sunset. The nightlife at the beachside bars, pubs, and restaurants in Cenang Beach becomes more lively and bustling backdrops.

Tanjung Rhu Beach

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Tanjung Rhu is more peaceful and uncrowned than Cenang Beach. The beach has crystal blue water, ivory white sand, and a mild, cool breeze and swaying coconuts, Tanjung Rhu is an ideal destination for leisure during your visit to Langkawi.

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Tanjung Rhu Beach is a perfect place for picnics and staycations, equipping preferred books and a little snack for leisure. However, due to its tiny shades, you should wear a hat and sunscreen to avoid sunburn. In addition, you can spend your few hours in the spa after a long sunbath day.

Tengah Beach

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Situated near Cenang Beach, Tengah is the longest beach in Langkawi. It is not a place where you mingle with the crowd of tourists like Cenang Beach, however, you can enjoy all activities from many luxury resorts, restaurants, spas, massage parlors, and local tour counters offering water activities such as diving, windsurfing, fishing, speed boat rides, paragliding, etc.

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Luxury meals are served in Ambon Pool Villas. @optionstheedge.com | best beaches in Langkawi

Tengah’s coffees offer a variety of drinks including coconut water, and cool cocktails for beachgoers who then stroll and watch the sunset. In the evening, there are also many restaurants providing a lot of food from seafood to Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Iranian, and Malaysian cuisine for your various favorites.

Datai Bay

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Beyond the northwest of Langkawi, Datai Bay is home to some of the most luxurious and high-end resorts such as The Datai and The Andaman. Datai Bay blends into the natural surroundings, a magical view of blue water, and the beach’s soft white sand.

The Andaman resort. @paradises.com
Coral Reef Walk, a marine biologist takes you on a journey to see amazing reef creatures and learn about their habitat, revealing the beauty and fragility of this ecosystem. @facebook.com
A peaceful view of The Datai Langkawi

Furthermore, Datai Bay is secluded, even noiseless compared to other public beaches. Note that Datai Bay is located far away from Kuah town, you spend a 45-minute drive from Pantai Cenang.

Kok Beach


Limestone mountains and lush tropical rainforest surround a 15-minute drive from Langkawi International Airport, Kok Beach. It offers beautiful attractions such as Telaga Tujuh Waterfall, Telaga Harbour Park, Mount Mat Cincang, and the Langkawi Cable Car near Koh Beach.

Telaga Harbour Park.@Anletravel

Another attraction is Langkawi Cable Car, it takes you a 15-minute ride into the mountains with panoramic views of the majestic mountains, deep blue ocean, and stunning Langkawi scenery, then explore the enchanting Telaga Tujuh Waterfall, a hidden gem home of fairies.

Your stomach is filled with freshly baked bread and some tasty dishes including thick toast and chicken curry in a romantic space at the Loaf Langkawi. @klook.com

Later, you can have dinner at Telaga Harbour Park, which provides charming restaurants serving mouthwatering dishes to cozy cafes offering aromatic coffee and delectable pastries.

Paradise 101 Island

Situated on an artificial island near Kok Beach, Paradise 101 is a private day-resort island via boat shuttle from Telega Habor to access. It is surrounded by a white sandy beach and tall casuarina trees swaying in the middle of the stunning Andaman Sea, it is an ideal destination to relax, play, and enjoy the sunny paradise.

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Experience the exhilarating adventure of parasailing to soar through the crystal-clear waters and take in breathtaking views of the island from above. @facebook.com
Try a thrilling banana boat ride at Paradise 101 Langkawi. @facebook.com
The OMG offers various delicious handcrafted beverages for tourists. @naam.bz

Paradise 101 offers full-filled experiences for water sports such as inflatable water park, banana boat rides, windsurfing, parasailing, ziplining, kayaking, and more. If you want to relax, please chill with cocktails or mocktails at bars and restaurants, lie on the comfortable sun loungers, or watch the vast blue sea.

Shark Bay Beach


Shark Bay Beach is not a real shark and is named after a few stone sharks presented along the sea promenade. In the middle of Black Sand Beach and Pasir Tengkorak Beach, Shark Bay Beach offers calm water, cozy beach huts, and a scenic promenade.


Shark Bay Beach is especially popular with families with young children as the water is shallow and calm, making it safe for children. There is also a restaurant on the beach with food and snacks when you get hungry.

Black Sand Beach


Regarding the name of the beach, there are many stories about the origin of black sand on the beach, while the locals have believed that the legend relates to a mermaid or even a queen, scientists claim unique minerals give rise to the black color. However, the truth has been verified up to date.


Although the sand is not as black as imagined and swimming is not recommended, Black Sand Beach is a must-visit destination for your curiosity.

Pasir Tengkorak Beach (Skull Sandy Beach)


Pasir Tengkorak is also known as Skull Sandy Beach with numerous legends involving its name. The origin is made from a local legend and nasty story. This is a reticent public beach with shallow and serene water for safe swimming but keep away from strong water flow of deep locations.

Sandstone beds of limestone formation at Pasir Tengkorak. @gsmpubl.wordpress.com

The majestic limestone formations have an over 500-million-year history that holds secrets from ages. This destination is a priority for families and groups of friends as it is fully equipped with facilities, including free parking, toilets, dressing rooms, and more.


Langkawi is a paradise of splendid beaches. Therefore, don’t hesitate to put this place on your wish list for an island experience. Langkawi is truly Malaysia’s coastal gem that offers exciting possibilities to tourists. Whether you plan to visit Malaysia for the first time or have already visited the country, you would want to go here.

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