Penang has long been considered an interesting tourist destination, chosen by many tourists as an ideal getaway, a “must go” when coming to Malaysia. Dubbed by many magazines as the second Singapore of Asia, Penang is increasingly developing with diverse nature, rich places to visit but still retains the inherent “healing” quality in both material and spiritual nature. Not only that, Penang also has extreme new innovations which makes travel experiences even more interesting. The green nature and the settling time make Penang the number one familiar healing place in my heart.

Georgetown, Penang | penang in a day
Poetic streets in George Town’s old quarters | penang in a day
Penang, the healing place of Southeast Asia. | penang in a day
where to eat in penang (1)
Penang street food | penang in a day

So, what to do in Penang in 1 day (Penang in a day, one day in Penang, 1 day in Penang) perfectly? Let’s check out our suggested Penang 1 day itinerary (Penang itinerary 1 day) with the Penang one day trip blog (one day trip in Penang, Penang one day trip) on how to spend 24 hours in Penang as follows!

penang beautiful street
Georgetown street | penang in a day
penang streets
Beautiful ancient houses | penang in a day
penang street art (1)
Penang street art | penang in a day

The last time I came back, I had the opportunity to rest more, to explore this land slowly and gently. Here are some very interesting “new” places that you should note when visiting Penang in a day!

How to get to Penang? (# penang itinerary 1 day)

penang international airport
Penang International Airport | penang in a day

There are many ways to get to Penang. You can take direct flights from Hanoi to Penang or Saigon directly to Penang with a round trip ticket of about $149. You can also take a bus or KTM train from Kuala Lumpur with a ticket of about $8.5, it takes about 6 hours to reach the beautiful island. Tickets you just book on Klook are the cheapest, there are no hidden fees and there are many discount deals. This trip, I booked a round-trip ticket for only $125 on Klook.

Super fast KTM train is ubiquitous in Malaysia. | penang in a day

The day time in Penang will be longer than the night time, people will often get up very late, so you can choose the early morning trip to noon to arrive to go out is suitable. If you go at night, the shops will not open in the morning, most hotels in Penang will not allow you check in early, so choosing to go in the morning will be the most reasonable.

Highlights I went in 1 day in Penang (# penang in a day)

Weekend picnic at Miami Beach in Batu Ferringhi, Penang (# 1 day in penang)

One of the things that makes me excited about coming to Penang is that it has beaches that are not only clean but also extremely lyrical, very different from the places I’ve been to. Is it that the ancient features have been deposited for a long time, feeling that what is the freshest, most comfortable and most relaxing will be complete when you stand in front of the bay on this small island. The most beautiful and indescribable space I have ever seen.

| penang in a day

To get to this beach, you can book a taxi, Grab or take a bus from the center of Penang. The price will fluctuate around $3.5 if you take a taxi or only $0.9 if you choose a bus. The day time in Penang will be the day is longer than the night, so 7pm is the sunset time, you should go around 5pm will be the most suitable time, just cool without worrying about the sun going out to have a good time and have stunning virtual photos.

I choose to sit at a cafe called “Miami Cafe Beachfront”, the shop looks very popular but the “view” is super nice, coffee and drinks are very cheap, watching the most beautiful rocky beach of the sea!

A view from Miami Cafe. | 1 day in penang
| 1 day in penang
The shop has a very suitable backyard for chilling. | 1 day in penang

If you want to see a larger area, you can walk around the sea, the upper part will have more private and beautiful beaches.

| 1 day in penang
The great beauty of nature is beyond words. | 1 day in penang

Indeed, the nature of Southeast Asia still has so many wonderful destinations that we have not yet discovered. I believe, this is the perfect place for you to come when you visit Penang, where all your worries can disappear as you silently look at the ocean.

  • Location: 19 Mk 17, Beach St, 11100 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.
  • Price: Only around $0.85 for coffee cup and $4.5 for wine cup.

Jio Ba Restoran – a popular small restaurant in Penang (# one day in penang)

I have to admit that I don’t appreciate food in Malaysia, almost all the places I went, experience food, I find Malaysia is not really unappetizing or boring food! I believe it’s definitely because we haven’t found the “right” place, but the food, depending on each person’s taste.

The shop is located near an area that is also very “artistic”! | 1 day in penang
| 1 day in penang
The space is simple but full of greenery. | penang itinerary 1 day

I like Jio Ba because this shop is really “organic”, surrounded by green trees and gives me a cool and clean feeling. I ordered a delicious, flavorful Hainanese noodle soup with a Malay-style coffee in a plastic cup. This flavor makes me nostalgic forever, because until I write these lines, I still make myself “floating”.

A breakfast full of flavors. | penang itinerary 1 day

It’s not the perfect taste, all in all, everything suits me. You can choose noodle dishes, or other “homefood” dishes, the restaurant cooks like home but has to admit it’s better than other places I’ve tried.Malay-style coffee in real plastic cups It’s an experience worth trying.

  • Location: 63, Jalan Gurdwara, 10150 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.
  • Price: About $1.67 each dish, coffee only costs about $0.63.

Visit the exhibition at the complex “HIN BUS DEPOT” with a new look (# what to do in penang in 1 day)

The complex “HIN BUS DEPOT” is certainly no stranger to tourists when they come to Penang, the complex has just been upgraded and reopened, so it has been visited by many “travelers”. Previously, this place used to be an old bus depot, but it was transformed into a diverse complex, combining indoor and outdoor exhibitions for young artists from all over the world.

| penang itinerary 1 day
HIN BUS DEPOT is a complex that has never stopped being “hot”. | penang itinerary 1 day

With an upgraded interface, HIN BUS DEPOT has more exciting new spaces for all visitors to Penang to visit. In addition to the rich art space, there are also many areas for outdoor activities, weekend markets, coffee shops, and meeting areas that are much larger and newer than many years ago.

| penang itinerary 1 day
The outside area is suitable for many outdoor activities. | penang itinerary 1 day
| what to do in penang in 1 day
You will easily have a virtual live picture with art at Hin Bus Depot. | what to do in penang in 1 day

I just went in June 2023 and saw a lot of free exhibition activities. This is a place that can definitely heal you by the spirit of art and the quiet, open space, a familiar place that is always refreshed and worth visiting every year when you return to Penang!

  • Location: 31A, Jalan Gurdwara, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
  • Price: Open to visit for free.

Famous Hidden Bar Penang – Good Friend Never “Bojio” – Good Friends Club (# penang in a day)

Tucked away on Jalan Gurdwara Road, this hidden bar made me very hard to find. Indeed, everything is beyond my initial imagination, this is one of the top “top” bars in Malaysia as well as a cocktail bar that gathers extremely talented bartenders. “Good Friend Never Bojio” is also the local name of this place. And I myself, too, “coming uninvited”.

The bar brings nostalgic look but very friendly. | what to do in penang in 1 day
| what to do in penang in 1 day
Menu and space are designed delicately. | what to do in penang in 1 day

The bar is hidden in the neighborhood, but it is not ordinary when it is chosen to decorate with Chinese Fujian details in the style of “Nostalgic Penang”. The two tones of green, pink and red are also the highlight at the restaurant, with the menu with extremely “indigenous” drink style, making me feel wide open.

Exquisite drinks, bold nostalgic aftertaste | what to do in penang in 1 day

The bartender of the bar is extremely talented when being a guest at the most famous bars in Singapore, he chose to spend his time in Penang, making me admire their efforts. Think about it, it’s really “healing”, isn’t it? With a great space, this island gradually becomes an interesting place to live, without the hustle and bustle, with a gentle sound, why do we have to “crash our heads” into the boring city?

The bar’s talented bartender! | what to do in penang in 1 day

Regarding drinks, I think the bartender and the bar staff have a lot of stories around, they are also very open to ask where you are, do you have any troubles? The fee is also extremely cheap, ranging from $8.35 – $12.35 for a special cocktail that is hard to forget. Each glass of cocktail will have interesting stories about local culture, the bartender will explain it to you, so don’t worry about “confusing”.

Come here once, I believe you will not be disappointed.

  • Location: 39, Jalan Gurdwara, George Town, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
  • Price: $8.35 – $12.35 for each drink.

Tasting Mookata buffet at the island’s hottest restaurant “The Pink Elephant Thai BBQ & Steamboat”

It’s strange that eating Mookata buffet in Penang is much better than in Thailand, this is a bit of a subjective opinion but I find it completely true with “The pink elephant”. Each serving is about $10.5 – $12.35 but extremely worth the money, in addition to the line counter full of “excellent” hot pot balls, the shop also has a lot of fresh food to eat forever.

| penang one day trip blog

Some of the best hot pot drops, the side dishes only available in Malaysia are the best, green mussels, squid and shrimp are also extremely fresh and delicious hotpot sauce, bringing Thailand ”vibe” for those who don’t know where to eat.

Many delectable hot pot balls. | penang one day trip blog
Rich line counter… | penang one day trip blog

The shop located in the complex is also very crowded, right next to the shop is a shopping center, so there is no shortage of places to play after eating.

Both freshly grilled and hot pot… | penang one day trip blog
  • Location: 71-54 & 72, 56, Jln Kepong, Jinjang Selatan, 52000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Price: Around $10.5 / each adult meal.

Your Local Club – where to stop near Penang Street Art

Surely anyone who comes to Penang will also stop by Penang Street Art as a familiar place to see Malaysia’s most famous mural street. Right next to it is a very prominent coffee shop – Your Local Club, the cafe is like a very suitable resting station for believers who like to live virtual.

| penang one day trip blog
Near the art street, there is such a love shop. | penang one day trip blog

With an elegant white appearance, the shop is like a yacht watching the whole flow of people going in and out of the mural street. Moreover, the drink menu is quite diverse, the shop also opens quite early compared to other places, you know how “lazy” Penang is.

| penang one day trip blog
The sunny shop is the ideal place for virtual live photos.

What I like about the restaurant is the open courtyard space, even though it’s crowded, it doesn’t feel suffocating, the area is also convenient to travel and rest after visiting.

A place worth keeping in mind when visiting Penang!
  • Location: Near Penang Street Art. 264, Beach St, Georgetown, 10300 George Town, Penang, Malaysia
  • Price: About $1.67 VND – $2 / coffee drink.
Penang has always had magical charms…

Penang Island will always be a place I will go to continuously for many years to come, not only has many beautiful places that are constantly renewed, Penang has a rich cuisine, the island has a pleasant weather that brings gentle healing breath. This place is very suitable for solo travel, couple travel or with a group of friends, spending time to rest in Penang is an experience you definitely should not miss.

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Georgetown penang hotel
Inside a house in Georgetown

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