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No matter who will go with you, Sapa is always an ideal place to visit and check in at least once in your life. There are many reasons for you to make a decision, and Sapa is very attractive in this year also.

Not only the cold weather will have snow and ice which make the people eagerly looking up the mountain to watch the snow, or the villas, homestays. Coming to Sapa, you also have a fun is sitting with a cup of coffee on the high and then sipping, watching the mountains, terraced fields far away and enjoy the peaceful feeling. But, coming to Sapa, where to enjoy coffee? Note both 5 old and new coffee shops for your entire trip!

1. The Hill Station

The Hill Station-best-cafes-in-sapa5 Sapa cafe
Image Sapa cafe blog.

The Hill Station is a beautiful cafe located on Muong Hoa Road leading to Lao Chai – Ta Van. The shop is not large but offers a warm and cozy feeling for visitors. Especially, vintage space should have a lot of beautiful corners to live virtual.

The Hill Station-best-cafes-in-sapa

The Hill Station-best-cafes-in-sapa1

The Hill Station-best-cafes-in-sapa3 Sapa cafe

The Hill Station has two floors; it is decorated with style “house on stilts” with an airy view. The shop has impressive design inside and outside too. If the outside space is very close to the wall with slag brick or stone stairs, the inside of this cafe more has better points with rustic furniture, beautiful little corner, peace. The weather in Sapa is cold, sitting in a beautiful corner of the shop, enjoy a cup of tea or hot coffee, it is very interesting.

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The variety food and beverage menu and concentrates on European cuisine such as cafes, cocktails, crepes cake… In addition, here also sells spicy, highland products such as silver earrings, honey… they are beautifully decorated, attractive.

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The Hill Station

Address: No.07 Muong Hoa, Sapa, Lao Cai
Opening hours: 7 am – 10:30 pm
Telephone: 0203.887.111
Price: About 5 dollars

2. The Haven Sapa Camp Site

The Haven Sapa Camp Site-best-cafes-in-sapa

The Haven Sapa Camp Site is not a coffee shop, but it is a hostel which combined with a campsite. However, there is still reserve cafe for those who want to find beautiful sights in Sapa. It is located on Vong Canh Hill, from The Haven Sapa Camp Site you can enjoy a panoramic view of Sapa with the beautiful view from any corner.

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The restaurant is on the road leading to Cat Cat village, 1.5 kilometers from Sapa town. The plus point here is the spacious outdoor area on all four sides which is very available for you to enjoy the scenery.


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Behind the Haven is the Sapa town, at the foot of the Cat Cat Village, with majestic Hoang Lien Son range in front. Coming here, you will have a chance to see Sapa in a most fully way. Especially, with its high terrain, it is easy to see the cloud cover, making you feel like you are in heaven.

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With the quiet space, fresh air, the Haven Sapa Camp Site is an ideal site for you and your family or group to come to enjoy, relax after stressful working days.

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The Haven Sapa Camp Site

Address: San Sa Ho Commune Lao Kay, Lào Cai, Vietnam 84
Opening hours: full day
Telephone: 0983231668
Price: From 2 dollars

3. Gem Valley

Gem Valley-best-cafes-in-sapa2

Located at the beginning of Cat Cat Village, Gem Valley is known as a coffee shop that owns the best view corner in Sapa. Gem Valley’s space is easy to make attraction, rustic brick walls, wooden doors and flowers are extremely eye-catching.

Gem Valley-best-cafes-in-sapa

Gem Valley-best-cafes-in-sapa1

Gem Valley-best-cafes-in-sapa4

Gem Valley is a gallery of paintings by a painter of Hanoi who climbed up the mountain for business, so step into the shop, you will be admired countless beautiful paintings. Not only contemplate the pictures, the Gem Valley scene is also super nice with dozens of corners for you to live “virtual” successfully.

Gem Valley-best-cafes-in-sapa3

Gem Valley-best-cafes-in-sapa5

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But the highest price of this coffee shop is desk row along with the balcony, you can possible to reach the top of the Fansipan which is located in the sequence of the Hoang Lien Son in front and the whole scene of the Cat Cat Village. Because of the ideal position so that it is very attractive many guests come to.

Gem Valley

Address: Cat Cat, Sa Pa, Lao Cai
Opening hours: 7 am – 9 pm
Telephone: 091 284 97 53
Price: From 1.5 dollars to 2 dollars

4. Viet Emotion

Viet Emotion-best-cafes-in-sapa Image Sapa cafe blog.
Image Sapa cafe blog.

Viet Emotion is located on Cau May Street, one of the “check in” coffee shops in Sapa. The facade of this coffee shop is not great but very impressive with the baskets of the trees in front of the door. The most expensive place in the restaurant is 2, 3 small outdoor tables while sitting here, you will be watched the daily life at Cau May, and immersed in flowers.

Viet Emotion-best-cafes-in-sapa9

Viet Emotion-best-cafes-in-sapa1

Viet Emotion-best-cafes-in-sapa2

Viet Emotion-best-cafes-in-sapa3
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Space is decorated in Vietnamese style and very poetic. In addition to the tables in the porch is full of flowers, the inside is also decorated lightly and emotionally with colorful lanterns from Hoi An.

Viet Emotion-best-cafes-in-sapa4

Viet Emotion-best-cafes-in-sapa5

Viet Emotion-best-cafes-in-sapa6
Image Sapa cafe blog.

A plus point of Viet Emotion is the diversity of food and drinks menu, Here, you can find many dishes, Vietnamese and European drinks such as cappuccino, cocktail, pizza or salmon hot pot, Vietnamese rice. According to some people’s experience, quality of beverages and drinks is cooked and mixed so good. The price of the Polish Emotion is about 2 dollars.

Viet Emotion-best-cafes-in-sapa7

Viet Emotion-best-cafes-in-sapa8

Viet Emotion

Address: Cau May, Sapa, Lao Cai
Opening hours: 7:30 am – 11:30 pm
Telephone: 0214 3872 559
Price: About 2 dollars

5. Lá Dao Spa

Lá Dao Spa-best-cafes-in-sapa1
Image Sapa cafe blog.

Lá Dao is not really a coffee shop; it is a homestay with 4 bungalows and spas. Unlike the coffee shops in the list, Lá Dao is located in Ta Van village, so the distance to come here will be quite far away. But the long distance makes Lá Dao own a beautiful view with large space, quiet, close to nature.

Lá Dao Spa-best-cafes-in-sapa10

Lá Dao Spa-best-cafes-in-sapa3

Lá Dao Spa-best-cafes-in-sapa4

Lá Dao Spa-best-cafes-in-sapa9
Image Sapa cafe blog.

With a very wide space, unshielded so when coming to Le Dao, almost anywhere, just look at far away, you can see the terraced fields are intermingled with the mountains and the clouds. Besides space, this restaurant has enough menus of drinks and food. The menu of the restaurant is not quite a diversity, but there are enough coffee, tea, fruit juice with the average price from 1.5 dollars to 2.5 dollars per cup, quite reasonable for a beautiful space.

Lá Dao Spa-best-cafes-in-sapa5

Lá Dao Spa-best-cafes-in-sapa6 Image Sapa cafe blog.
Image Sapa cafe blog.

Recently, Ta Van is a favorite destination for many travelers when traveling to Sapa for looking a traditional space with local people. And on this journey of discovery, Le Dao Spa Ta Van is the ideal stop after mountain trekking time.

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Image Sapa cafe blog.

Lá Dao Spa

Address: Ta Van Day, Ta Van, Sapa, Lao Cai
Opening hours: full day
Telephone: 0214 3768 888
Price: From 1.5 dollars to 2.5 dollars

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