Laos is a perfect country for explorers, from ancient caves to awe-inspiring waterfalls and idyllic banks of the Mekong to mysterious forests. If you’re looking for an adventure, tourism in Laos is a good place to start.

Laos is packed with glorious natural landmarks and pristine untouched landscapes. The country boasts some of the best waterfalls in Asia, including Kuang Si Waterfalls, famous for its tiers of cascading blue water. It also has no shortage of mysterious caves, such as Pak Ou Cave and the Water Cave, as well as numerous intriguing villages that line the Mekong River.

Kuang Si Waterfalls
Kuang Si Waterfalls |
Pak Ou Cave -
Pak Ou Cave |

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of Laos is the lifestyle. Surrounded by the popular destinations of Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia, it is often overshadowed by its neighbours. However, Laos offers a truly unique atmosphere that much of Asia does not, movement is slow, pressure is non-existent and relaxation is key.

A Guide to Travel in Laos -
A Guide to Travel in Laos |


1. The Capital

Vientiane |

Vientiane is the largest city in Laos and has been the capital since 1563. Unsurprisingly, there is an abundance of historical and cultural attractions to be seen. From Buddha Park, a truly mystifying sculpture park filled with over 200 Hindu and Buddhist statues, to Wat Horprakeo, a 16th century chapel built for the Lao royal family’s personal use. The capital holds many of the most interesting and unusual landmarks in the country.

Pha That Luang temple in Vientiane -
Pha That Luang temple in Vientiane |
Buddha Park -
Buddha Park |

2. The North

The North is home to some of the most popular destinations to visit in Laos, including Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng and Phonsavan. Filled to the brim with waterfalls, caves and hot springs, there is no shortage of natural beauty. Choose from an array of activities, from floating down the Namsong River to diving into stunning waters at Blue Lagoon and exploring the unusual Plain of Jars to soaking in Muang Kam Hot Springs.

Beautiful Nam Song River Vang Vieng -
Beautiful Nam Song River, Vang Vieng |

Although the North has plenty of adventurous attractions, it also has many places to lie back and watch the world go by. Cities are dotted with cafes and eateries equipped with reading nooks, comfort food and spots that are all too easy to fall asleep in. Overall, Northern Laos offers a perfect balance of adventure and relaxation.

Blue Lagoon, Vang Vieng, Laos
Blue Lagoon, Vang Vieng, Laos |

3. The South

Pakse , Laos -
Pakse , Laos |

The Southern portion of Laos has a certain untouched beauty. Despite being home to Pakse, a major tourism hub with regular transport to 4,000 Islands and Bolaven Plateau, the south has not been overcome with Westernization. In fact, there seems to be fantastic forestry, greenery and parks at every corner, to name one, Dong Hua Sao National Biodiversity Conservation Area, is just one of many popular ecotourism destinations.

Dong Hua Sao National Biodiversity Conservation Area -
Dong Hua Sao National Biodiversity Conservation Area |
Bolaven Plateau, Champasak, Laos -
Bolaven Plateau, Champasak, Laos |